Agamemnon Fletcher

Age- 2017+, born in 1700
Species- full wizard
Status- Alive
Relationship status- assumed single


Unnamed parents

Duggie Fletcher- old brother

Kristine Fletcher- sister in law

Zora Fletcher- little sister+

Niece- Ruby Fletcher


Andi Cruz


The second member of the council- formerly

The headmaster of W.I.T.S Academy- currently


Magic Realm


In the first book, Aggie was introduced as the second member of the council. In the second book, Aggie had for some reason left the council and became the headmaster of the Academy. As the book went one he became more a good person and started thinking for himself instead of just believing whatever the council believed.  Background At sixteen he turned his brother in for creating the first zombie after that zombie had eaten their little sister Zora. In the first book, Aggie was on the council and took part in Phillip's capture.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“Miss Webber you cannot treat the children this way, let go of them this instant,” Aggie- Ruby

Being the headmaster

In chapter one, it was revealed that former council member Aggie was now the headmaster of the Academy. The reasoning for him leaving the council was unknown at this time. Aggie greeted his students on the first day and paired up new guardians with new magic students. He also warned Andi to keep her nose clean or she'd have to deal with the council.

In chapter two when learned Jessie's powers were gone, he informed Andi he hadn't taken them. He also said the council would have written to him if they were going to take them, and his guess was a student had stolen them. He said he would contact the council and inform Jessie's parents, and told Andi to keep Jessie with her at all times until the issue was resolved. He never did find out it had been Ruby who stole Jessie's powers as he had been fed Emily's lie.

In chapter four Agamemnon hosted the first test. He later on scolded Andi after Ben and Jessie failed the test. Then when Jessie decided to drop out Aggie said that was her choice. He later welcomed Jessie back as a student once again. Later on, he let some of his students off with a warning after they caught out of bed after hours, and told Jessie she could keep Hex at the academy as long as she didn't use him to cheat because she had her mother's permission.

Later in chapter four Agamemnon scolded Ruby for holding two children by the collars of their shirts. He then decided Ruby's complainant about what the children had done wasn't worth his attention. He allowed the guardians to serve the punishments.

In chapter five Agamemnon caught his guardian student Ruby using magic when she wasn't supposed to have magic. He expelled her but after hearing Ruby's lie about wanting to be a guardian, he allowed her to stay. He did tell her she would have to give up her powers if she wanted to be a guardian after graduation.

The zombie rescue mission

On the first day of school at the academy, Aggie told Andi he knew she was attending the academy to find her zombie lover. Andi denied and Aggie replied he didn't believe her. He then warned her she would have bigger problems with the council if she planned on rescuing her zombie. In chapter two Aggie instructed Cameron to keep an eye on Andi and Ethan. He ordered Cameron to report anything suspicious or any talk about Ethan's father.

In chapter seven Agamemnon was worried when there were rumors going around that Andi had been at the zombie homes in the dark river and may have learned too much about her zombie. At the end of the chapter, he expelled Cameron from the academy after Cameron confessed to sending Andi to the zombie homes in the dark river. He was also told Andi hadn't learned anything, which is most likely why he didn't inform the council.

In chapter nine Agamemnon had his brother interview his students on what they knew about Luke. He also switched up the teams- and it was later assumed it was to keep Shawn and Gracie away from Luke. However, this more did more damage than good, so he switched them all back. In Chapter twelve Agamemnon didn't appear he to know Andi and Ethan had discovered the council and turned Phillip into Luke.

Every witch student: Remember me

You better have an explanation for turning me into a statue!” Aggie- Ruby

Being the headmaster of the Academy

In chapter one, Agamemnon greeted his students on the first day of school. He then took care of pairing first year guardians in training with their witches and wizards. In chapter two he hosted the first test for the second years and later the first test for the first years. Agamemnon welcomed back two formerly expelled students- Cameron and Emily in chapters 8 and 9

The mission

In chapter five Agamemnon was said to be getting to suspicious about how much time Luke and Ethan were spending together. His brother told Ruby something had to be done about him. With Cameron's help, Ruby broke into the office and took what she thought was a memory potion. She used it on Agamemnon only to realize she had grabbed the one when Agamemnon was turned into a statue. She left him this way for two weeks. Agamemnon only came to deal with it two months later and decided to let her off the hook.

In chapter eight Duggie told Aggie he would forgive him for what had happened in their youth if he switched sides and talked to the council about allowing Andi and Luke to be together. At first, Agamemnon refused to talk with the council but then came to realize that he no longer agreed with the council that Luke and Andi shouldn't be together. He did talk to the council which only angered them, but he said he didn't care because he was no longer on their side as he was now on Andi's side.

In chapter nine Agamemnon tried stopping the council from expelling Emily from the Academy for illegally sharing her magic with her, however the council didn't listen to him insisting that rules were rules. It wasn't known if Agamemnon knew that it hadn't actually been Emily who had committed the crime as it was Jessie who had shared magic with Ethan.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, struggles

Yeah I figured I'll stick with that, though have to say it's not the same without you and Andi and Luke and the those five children making things...interesting.” Agamemnon- Ruby

Agamemnon appeared in the eleventh chapter when he visited his niece Ruby to meet her newborn twin sons. Aggie informed his niece that he had continued his job as the headmaster of the Academy and would stick with it.

Aggie's Quotes- Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"And somehow I don't believe you." Aggie- Andi

“Oh and Miss Nova, don't think I don't who it is you are holding in your arms. Since you have the chosen one's permission to have him here and as long as you don't use him to cheat, he is permitted to stay.” Aggie- Jessie