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Andrea Archer

Basic information

Birthdate: July sixth, 1990

Magical species: Powerless-Witch

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: Married

Known as

Andrea Cruz- maiden name

Andrea Archer- married name

Andi- nickname

Miss. Cruz- by Aggie


Kira Cruz, deceased 

Liam Cruz, deceased 

Maria Alonso, deceased (foster mother, formerly)

Francisco Alonso (foster father, formerly)


Jean Cruz, deceased (biological paternal aunt)


Emma Novoa (foster sister, formerly)


Ethan Archer 

Kira Archer 


Hope Archer

Phillip Archer

Chance Archer


Luke Archer aka Phillip (Husband.)


Diego Rueda

Emma Novoa

Kaitlyn Rice 

Jax Novoa

Gigi Ryland

Madelyn Rueda

Kimberly Sander

Daniel Miller, formerly

Ruby Fletcher, semi-friend


Iridium elementary school (1994-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)

W.I.T.S Academy (2016-2020)

School team

Swim team


Employee at the Seven (in high school)

Stay at home mother, currently

Mortal realm residence

Miami, Florida, U.S.A (currently)

Magic realm residence

W.I.T.S Academy, formerly

the forbidden land, formerly

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Andi was born to Liam and Keria Cruz who both died of cancer when she had been three years old. She was placed in the care of family friends known as the Alonso family- Francisco, Maria, and their biological daughter Emma. She lived happily and loved with them until the age of ten when Maria's death occurred. With her foster father being unable to provide and care for her- Andi was placed in the care of her late father's sister Jean Cruz.

Every witch pregnancy

"We set ourselves up for bad things, we don't mean too, but we do" Andi- her friends

Andi's underage pregnancy

Andi hadn't bothered with birth control since her boyfriend was a zombie. In the first chapter, Andi was shocked and confused when she found out she was pregnant. She also gained the news that her child would be the first of a new species since no other zombie had ever reproduced before. She didn't know what to make of this.

In the second chapter, Andi had to tell her aunt about her pregnancy after Phillip randomly blurted out she had a zombie baby. Jean said she believed Andi was mature enough to handle this on her own and would support her choice.

Andi's relationships

Phillip was originally a virtual zombie Andi had created in her video game. She had grown found of him and freaked out when Emma's boyfriend Jax was about to accidentally kill him. To save him, Emma brought him to life and had allowed Andi to keep him because Andi had fallen in love with him. Andi was keeping him hidden from the council.

In the first chapter, Andi tried to explain with Phillip that she was pregnant but he thought she was talking about Pizza. Andi got up to get him some more pizza and Phillip stopped her. In just a few words, he clearly showed he did understand enough that he and Andi were having a baby together. Phillip tried making-out with her at the club but Andi stopped knowing Phillip thought making-out meant they were going to sleep together and she didn't want him to take his or her clothes off in public. In the second chapter, Andi asked Phillip if he still wanted the baby and if he knew what it meant. Phillip replied yes and explained what being a father meant.

In the first chapter, Emma had wanted to get her pregnancy confirmed with Andi by her side, but couldn't because she had promised her cousins to support them while they supported her as they got their pregnancies confirmed. When Emma did find out about Andi's pregnancy, she was just as shocked as Andi was. Emma told Andi she was also pregnant and when Andi said she was sorry, Emma jokingly replied that she had nothing to be sorry for since she hadn't been the one who knocked her up.

It wasn't often that Emma and Andi fought or even argued, in fact, it was extremely rare. In the third chapter, they had an argument. Andi shared with Emma that she was keeping her baby and Emma agreed she'd be a good mother. Emma then told Andi that she was keeping her unborn child as well and was shocked that Andi didn't instantly agree. Emma was then offended by Andi when Andi pointed out that being a single mother wasn't going to be easy and that for Emma's dad it had been different because he had only become a single dad when Emma had been old enough to look after herself. Emma started giving Andi a hard time about who would look after her baby and that Phillip might try to eat the baby. They then quickly let go of their argument when Emma pointed out the risk of the council finding out about Phillip and the baby. Emma promised to help Andi keep him safe and Andi replied that she already was.

In the fourth chapter, Andi was staying with Phillip at all times while he was in hiding. Eventually, Emma had to step in and convince her to go to school before she lost her mind in that small cabin waiting for disaster to happen. After Phillip was captured and Andi was brought to Emma's house, Andi yelled at Emma for having insisted she attend school that morning.

Diego and Andi became friends when they became teammates. In the first chapter, Andi confided in Diego about her pregnancy and about her fears of the council finding out and capturing Phillip. Diego ensured her she had an army behind her that included him. In the fifth chapter, Andi asked Diego about any openings at the club he works at. Diego got Andi an interview with his dad and dropped by her house to tell her.

In the eighth chapter, Andi asked Diego if they were still friends despite no longer being teammates. Diego tells her that even though they became friends by being teammates, they don't have to be teammates to be friends. Andi then learns that Diego gave up his automatic spot on the following school year's swim team so she could have it because he knows how much being on the team means to her and why. Andi was so happy she even squealed and hugged him.

In the sixth chapter, when helping Andi move into her new apartment, Maddie noticed she looked down and asked her if she was okay. Andi told her about what she had pictured her life being like when she had told Phillip she was pregnant. Maddie told her that what happened wasn't okay because no one should have the person they love most ripped away from.

It didn't seem like Jax and Andi were even friends. However, after Andi lost Phillip it became clear that these two were a lot closer that we had thought. Jax looked after Andi for Emma and managed to convince her to eat by serving her chocolate cake with strawberries knowing this was her favourite desert. He tried cheering up her up by playing her favourite video game with her not realizing it was the game Phillip is from. He then comforted her with a hug when she started crying. Andi confined in Jax about about her fears and Jax ensured her the council would leave the baby along and Phillip would be reunited with her. Jax later on helped Andi move into her new apartment.

Andi's relationship with the group

The first time the whole group hung out was in the second chapter during a school lunch period. Maddie was already going to eat with Katie- along with Sophie- and Diego had asked her to invite Gigi to join so she did. She bumped into Emma and Andi outside the cafeteria and decided to invite them to her lunch party and they accepted. Andi talked with the girls about their so far baby decisions and got to see Gigi punch a girl in the nose for calling Maddie a slut. Gigi said she had done it for them all.

In the third chapter, Katie had invited all of the pregnant girls to her house. They hung out in her bedroom and talked about who the temporary guardians of their children would be. In the next chapter, Emma hosted a sleepover with the pregnant girls at her house but there wasn't a whole lot of talking as they went to sleep pretty early on.

In the fourth chapter, Emma helped Maddie and Andi hide Phillip in an abandoned cabin in the woods and stayed with him while Andi attended a swim meet or practice. After being informed by the council that Phillip had been captured, Emma along with Maddie went looking for Andi who they found in the cabin unconscious. Emma and Maddie brought Andi to Emma's house where she'd be safe.

In the sixth chapter, Emma along with Maddie, Jax, Diego, and Daniel, helped Andi move into her new apartment. Also in this chapter, she attended Maddie's sleepover with the other pregnant girls and they talked about personal things. Gigi said they were becoming connected but not exactly as friends. In the seventh chapter, the girls started hanging out in order to become friends. In the next chapter, Emma broke into the council building with the other girls in an attempt to steal Phillip's case file which she didn't find. They were caught by Ramona but Emma managed to talk them out of trouble. Later in the chapter, Emma and the other girls had a sleepover and they each said something about their newfound friendship. Andi said, “You make me feel like I'll always have something,”

Loosing Phillip

In the fourth chapter, Andi is told by Lily that the council know about Phillip and she needs to hide him. Andi bumped into Daniel and told him what was going on. She was told by Daniel to hide Phillip in an abandoned cabin the woods to be extra safe. She did this with the help of Emma and Maddie. Andi was later told by the council that Phillip would be captured. When Andi got a bad feeling she couldn't shake off, she went to check on Phillip and discovered he had been captured. She cried hysterically and screamed for him. She then passed out.

Andi was found by Maddie and Emma and was brought to Emma's house where she was woken up by Francisco when he poured a glass of water on her face. Andi quickly fell into a depression that last a couple of chapters (months.) She was staring at walls and she wasn't eating anything or talking to anyone.

The birth of her son

Andi gave birth to her son Ethan in the final chapter. It had been a very long delivery that had ended in an emergency C-section. She made him a promise to love him and to reunite their family.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.” Andi- little Ethan


Andi could be considered as the most important character in the second book. The main plot of the second book focuses on her and her mission.


Andi still had her tomboy style. She was still kind and wise. Andi was very patient and cautious as well. She proved she could be easily distracted and could become obsessed with tasks she gave herself. Andi was quite out-going and friendly. She could also be a little dramatic and sarcastic too.

Being a guardian in training

Andi started her guardian training in the first chapter. On her first day, she was given her students Jessie Novoa and Ben Sanders. Andi happily received a hug from Jessie whom she had known forever but was disappointed she hadn't been paired up with her son. She shared her disappointment with Aggie while making sure Ben knew she meant no offense to him. She was told guardians are given specific charges for a reason. She was then told to shut up by Jessie who informed her that the council was in charge of making the pairings.

During her first training session, Andi had her students copy what Luke's students were doing which lead to disaster. Ben ended up breaking his wrist and Andi had Jessie perform a healing spell. Andi told Jessie she was just like her father after she proudly announced that she was awesome for being able to heal Ben's wrist.

In the third chapter, Andi brought Ben and Jessie to her dorm room and had them practice transformation spells on action figures that belonged to Ethan. She dismissed Jessie after her first try seeing that she didn't need the extra practice, and praised Ben for his effort as well as reminded him he was just practicing and ensured him that he would get there.

In the fourth chapter, Andi was too focused on Ruby to feel up to helping her students prepare for the first test. However, after being bugged by her students during an entire lunch period, she brought them to the library to red up on Human-animal transformation, that way they could study for the first test while she went back to spying on Ruby. Later on in the chapter, Andi was scolded by Aggie because Jessie and Ben had both failed their first magic test.


In the second chapter, Emily told Ethan's mother that she and Ethan had been caught making-out and were being expelled. She had told Andi this to embarrass and trick Ethan into admitting to his mother about Ruby's mistreatment towards him and Emily. Andi was completely shocked and Ethan highly embarrassed. Ethan cleared up straight away that it wasn't true and told his mother about Ruby's mistreatment Andi told them she would talk with Ruby about it. Also in the second chapter, Ethan took part in Jessie's revenge against Ruby.

At four in the morning, Jessie woke Andi and informed her that her magic was missing. Andi was now on high alert and wanted to call Emma and tell Aggie but Jessie pointed out her mother would just cause a scene and wake everyone, and Aggie would ask how Jessie had realized it at four in the morning. If she told the truth she would get in trouble. Aggie could also think she was sneaking around after hours trying to help rescue Phillip because she's best friends with Andi's son and Andi. Andi agreed they would speak to Aggie first thing in the morning. Jessie let Andi handle talking to Aggie. Andi greed with Aggie on contacting the council and informing Jessie's parents and sticking to Jessie like glue.

In the third chapter, Andi was visited by Emma. Emma asked Andi for an update on the mission and reinsured her she would find Phillip. As planned, in the sixth chapter, Duggie and Aggie were transported out of the Academy by Ruby and Emily and sent to the dark river. During their time there, they found the zombies homes and went inside. Andi learned that Duggie had created the first living Zombie 300 years ago and that his mission was to save Zombies. The only one he failed to save with Phillip. She also learned that Ruby was there to help her as was Kristine who she knew as a guest teacher by the code name Mrs. Fuller. Duggie had been about to tell her what had happened to Phillip but they were interpreted by someone outside. They were saved by Ben and some others.

The mission

Andi enrolled at the Academy as a guardian in training to continue her search for her zombie lover/baby daddy Phillip who had been captured by the council before their son was even born. On her first day at the Academy, she was called into headmaster Agamemnon's office before the pairings started and was given a warning that she'd have to deal with the council if she brought Phillip back. Andi denied being at the Academy for anything else than her guardian training but Aggie didn't believe her.

In the fourth chapter, Andi blew Ethan off twice when he asked her to work on the mission with him. The reason was she had become focused on busting Ruby and only cared about achieving that goal. In the fifth chapter, Andi and Ethan read another book to look for answers but found nothing once again.

In the eighth chapter, while snooping around in Agamemnon's office, Ruby came across an envelope containing information on zombies captured in 2006. She brought it to Andi hoping it would help her with the mission. The paper said all zombies but one had been destroyed but there was no information on the who and what of the non-destroyed one. Andi recalled Duggie had told her some zombies were turned into humans and asked how she'd find out who he was now if this was the case. Ruby told her that Duggie believed he was at the Academy. Andi pointed out that Luke was the only guy here that she and Ethan had gotten to know personally and that Aggie didn't stop them from talking or from hanging out. Kim suggested Aggie just didn't want to bring up suspicion. Andi disagreed because Aggie could have easily made a new rule that guardians couldn't befriend other guardians and teammates. Ruby agreed with Andi. Ruby also pointed out some of the information was false as none of the zombies had been destroyed but instead saved by her dad. She said the council may have written false information on the case file not wanting to admit the zombies had been rescued under noses.

The Luke and Ruby obsessions

In the third chapter, Ruby confessed to Andi that she had stolen Jessie's magic having been under the impression Emily had already told her. Andi told Kim that she didn't believe Ruby was sorry and agreed with her that Ruby was up to something. She also told Kim that she was going to find out what Ruby was up too, and that was the start of her Ruby obsession. Andi spied on a curious conversation between Ruby and Cameron about how Emily and Ethan were doing later in the chapter and was caught by Cameron afterward.

In the third chapter, Luke asked Andi how everything's been going and at first, Andi was scared he knew about the mission. Luke saw she looked confused and clarified he was asking about Jessie and Ben's training. Andi replied it was going much better. Andi then gave Luke permission to take Ethan to a care race in the mortal realm despite having an unexplained feeling about him.

In the fourth chapter, Andi was caught spying on Ruby by Cameron and walked away. She must have returned later because Emily told Jessie, Shawn, and Gracie that Ethan was yelling at her thinking she was spying on him. Also in this chapter, Andi asked Luke to let Ethan hang out with his friends more than with him. This did embarrass Luke a little. Luke apologized and told her he totally understood and would back off.


In the second book, Andi was still very close friends with Emma, Jax, Maddie, Diego, Gigi, and Katie. In the first chapter, she and Ethan joined Maddie, Diego, and their daughter Emily for breakfast at their house on the day Ethan and Emily were heading off to the Academy. Maddie told her to come get the food while it was hot and Andi replied that was why she kept Diego around (referring to Diego's Kanay power to heat things up.)

Emma and Andi were still as close as sisters in the second book, except for in the fourth chapter. Andi's son Ethan had been writing letters to Emma about his mother's obsession with Ruby and how it was causing her to neglect Emma's daughter Jessie's magic training and magic education. When she came to the Academy to pick Jessie up on the day Jessie decided to drop out, she chewed Andi out and questioned her about her priorities. She didn't take her excuses and put her in her place, she went as far as telling Andi that she had not only broken Jessie's heart but had also broken hers too. Emma shot her a bunch of looks before leaving the Academy. The good news was they were able to patch things up instantly after Andi apologized to Jessie.

Throughout the second book, Jax and Andi did seem to still be relativity good friends though didn't see much of each other nor did they talk much through letters. In the fourth chapter, Jax told Andi that parents don't easily forgive others for hurting their children. This confused Andi about whether or not she had been forgiven for neglecting Jessie's magic training. Jax replied he did forgive her and clarified he had just been explaining to her why Emma had been so mad at her. It wasn't very clear if Jax had been angry with her as well, though he mostly likely had been since he was mentioned be quite protective of his daughter Jessie.

Andi met Luke in the second chapter and felt there was something about him that she couldn't explain. She didn't know if it was a good something or a bad something. Yet, she remained polite to him and introduced him to her son and Emily.

Andi and Kim met in the first chapter as roommates. They introduced themselves to each other, and when Kim asked her if she was Ethan's mother, Andi seemed to have been a tad annoyed and offended, as she replied with, “yes, everyone knows I was a teen mom.” Kim told her she understood how it was being known for being a teen mom because she had become a mother at the young age of fourteen. Andi then learned that her student Ben was Kim's son, and she told Kim this. Kim's reply was, “cool, it looks like he's in good hands.”

In the fourth chapter, Kim was quite pissed off with Andi for neglecting Ben's training causing him to fail his first magic test. She waited for Andi in their dorm room and began chewing her out. Andi simply apologized to her not wanting to endure another lecture from another mother she had pissed off. Kim told Andi she had believed she could be trusted but had been wrong.

In the fifth chapter, Andi couldn't stop thinking about what her son had told her about connecting with Luke. For some reason, it just really bothered her. Eventually, Andi gave up attempting to sleep her troubles away and talked to Kim about her concerns. Kim shared she had gone through something like this with Ben the second time his dad left. Kim had found out the adult Ben had connected with was actually his uncle on his dad's side. She shared that he had passed away about a year ago. Andi didn't tell Kim that her parents had passed away the same way when she had been small because she didn't feel close enough to her. Kim advised her to listen to the little voice in her head. Andi replied there was no way Luke was Ethan's uncle because she didn't have any siblings and was and may have been able to reveal something about Ethan's father but quickly said he couldn't possibly have siblings instead. Later in the chapter, with Ethan's permission, Andi finally told Kim and Ben about Ethan's father Phillip and the mission to find and bring him home. Kim and Ben wanted to help, but Andi said it was best if they pretended like they knew nothing about it.

In the second chapter, Andi and Ruby didn't have a good first meeting. Andi told Emily and Ethan to give Ruby time to warm up to them because some people have trouble connecting with other. That was before Andi met her. Ruby was introduced to Andi by Ethan and rudely asked how it was possible that she had a kid Ethan's age but she didn't look old enough to be the mother of a tween. Ruby was informed that Andi was a teenage mother and didn't respond, she just walked away from the awkward conversation. After meeting Ruby, Andi told Emily that she could see what Emily had meant by “she hasn't been the most welcoming so far.”

In the third chapter, Andi scolded Ruby for her mistreatment towards Emily and Ethan. Ruby tried to play it off as though Emily and Ethan were too advanced to need her help. Andi told her to start being nice and to start helping them like she was supposed to.

Despite not having been excited about being paired up with Ben instead of her own son, Andi was kind to him and made an effort to get to know him in the first chapter. She asked him to tell her about himself. Ben had been very shy but did tell her some basic things about himself. In the second chapter, Andi gave Ben the offer to join her for breakfast but Ben rejected it. Andi was hurt until Kim explained Ben's a shy kid and needed time to warm up to her. Ben was forced by his mother to have lunch with Andi. Ben waited until Jessie and Andi had finished their conversation to ask Andi if she thought he was going to be an under-average wizard. Not wanting to make assumptions before even seeing him use magic, Andi told him it was too early to tell but she was sure that he was at least average.

In the third chapter, Ben was starting to feel more comfortable around Andi and Jessie. He also seemed to spend more time with them. In the third chapter, Ben was starting to feel more comfortable around Andi and Jessie. He also seemed to spend more time with them. In the fourth chapter, despite having neglected Ben's training causing him to fail his first magic test, Ben told his mother not to ask the headmaster to give him a different guardian because Andi had only screwed up once and therefore deserved a second chance. It was a hint that he had finally been starting to bond with her.

In the fifth chapter, Ben had slowly been warming up to Andi again after the obsession with Ruby fiasco. Andi got on his case about a bad grade and Ben agreed he'd make it up just get her off his back. Ben told Andi he was glad he had given her a second chance, and Andi replied that she was happy she had been given one.

Andi seemed to have a good relationship overall with Emily- the daughter of her friends Diego and Maddie. In the first chapter of the second book, Emily lied to Andi by telling her that Jessie's missing magic had been an accident caused by a bad removal spell for a shirt stain by a dorm mate. Though she hadn't fully believed Emily, she took her word for it.

In the third chapter, Andi found out by Ruby that Emily had lied to her about what had happened to Jessie's magic and confronted her for lying about it. Emily replied that she was surprised that she hadn't figured it out on her own after she and Ethan had gotten Ruby's revenge, and Andi told her not to be smart with her. Emily apologized and pointed out that Jessie didn't even hold a grudge about it anymore and that it was in the past now. Andi told her she wasn't going to turn Ruby in but that next time Ruby committed a crime, she needed to be honest about it.

Andi and Ethan had a very strong mother-son bond and relationship. In the second chapter, it was mentioned that Ethan normally agreed with his mother and didn't question her decisions knowing she was usually right and knew more than him.

In the fourth chapter, Andi Andi blew off Ethan twice when he asked her to work him with the mission. Ethan was hurt and confused and even asked her if she still thought his dad was important. When Andi asked Luke to let Ethan hang out with his friends more than with him and Luke agreed to back off, Ethan could not believe his mother had done that and was hurt. Later on in the chapter, Andi asked Emma about what Ethan had written to her in the letters and how bad it was. Emma offered to let Andi read the letters between her and Ethan, but Andi rejected the offer stating she would never again invade Ethan's privacy. So, Emma simply told her he wasn't doing well in his classes and in his training.

Further into the fourth chapter, Andi asked Ethan to give her an update about how he was doing. Ethan proudly told her about winning second place in the first test along with Emily, and Andi told him she was proud of him. Ethan then asked her if he could start hanging out with Luke again. Andi admitted she had just been jealous of the amount of time they had been spending together and told him he could hang out with Luke as much as he wanted as long as he didn't forget about her. Ethan replied it wasn't possible to forget about her. Andi pretended to be offended by that and they both laughed.

In the fifth chapter, Ethan asked his mom if she would have gone through all this trouble to find Phillip if she had never had him. Andi told him she wasn't sure if she would have if she hadn't gotten pregnant with him. Ethan replied that he understood that.

It was very clear that Andi and Jessie were extremely close and had known each other for a long time. In the second chapter, Andi told Jessie she was just like her father after she proudly announced that she was awesome for being able to heal Ben's wrist. Also, Jessie turned to her when freaking out about her missing magic. She told Andi that when she was afraid, she put her trust in her, and Andi promised to keep her safe.

However, in the fourth chapter thing between them were not good at all. Andi started neglecting Jessie's magic training and education to obsessively spy on Ruby. This caused Jessie's magic strength to weaken and she failed her first magic test. Pissed at Andi, Jessie decided to drop out of the Academy. While Jessie was packing in her dorm room, Andi was knocking on the door but it was no use, she was being ignored. So, she decided to let herself in since. Jessie asked her if she had ever heard of privacy and Andi told her to just add “letting herself into the dorm room” to the list of things she was mad at her for. Jessie chose to ignore her.

Later in the chapter, Andi returned to the mortal realm and met with Jessie at the Seven. Jessie hadn't wanted to meet with her and had previously ignored her when she had shown up at her house, but her parents had forced her to hear Andi out. Jessie told Andi she had five minutes to talk in a snippy attitude. Jessie admitted she had screwed up as her way of apologizing. Jessie easily let go of her grudge and told Andi how excited she had been to have her as her guardian because she had always been there for her throughout her life. Jessie also informed Andi she had been hoping she'd be her permanent guardian after graduation. Andi was so touched by this that she almost cried. Andi asked Jessie if she would return to the Academy with her if she promised to never neglect her again. Jessie replied she would always give her a second chance because she'd know she'd always deserve it. The two then shared a hug and Jessie did return to the Academy with Andi to continue her magic education and training.

Andi and Shawn didn't communicate much with each other but seemed to get on okay. In the fifth chapter, Andi asked Shawn to spy on Ruby and catch her using her magic on Camera. Shawn wasn't able to and told Andi it was like Ruby knew he was watching her, Andi did get upset with him over this and understood. Shawn then attempted to help Andi break into the council computer records to help her but was unable too.

Every witch student: Remember me

One wrong move and we all go up in flames.” Andi- Ethan.

Being a guardian in training

Andi returned to the Academy in the first chapter as a second-year guardian in training.

The second mission

The second mission referred to getting Luke his zombie life memories back permanently. The second mission was the real reason Andi and her son Ethan had returned to the Academy. In the first chapter, Andi told Luke that he was Ethan's father and that he was Phillip, and as expected Luke didn't believe her. Andi took his hand and transferred some of her memories of them to him making him realize he was, in fact, Phillip and he really was Ethan's biological father.

In the third chapter, Andi had hoped to spend Christmas with Luke and their son but Luke pointed out to her that he needed to spend the holidays with his parents as usual to avoid suspicion. Andi was disappointed but understood and they made plans to meet after the holidays. When Andi joined her friends and their children for supper at Emma's place to have supper, Andi didn't agree with her friends that it was too easy how fast Andi had been able to restore Luke's memory of being Phillip. She was in denial, and Gracie told Ethan this Andi was smart enough to know deep down that it had been to easy and that more problems would eventually arise.

In the fifth chapter, Andi waited for Luke as planned in the agreed place for an hour but Luke never showed. Luke had instead taken Gracie and Shawn out to the small field. Andi found this out by Jessie and joined them. Luke appeared quite confused as to why Andi believed they had been supposed to meet to make sure he was safe. Andi went to Ruby for answers. Ruby went with Andi to ask Luke what he remembered about his conversation with Andi from before Christmas break and in September. After talking with Luke, Ruby informed Andi that Luke had again lost his memory of being Phillip because they had been apart from each other too long.

Following Jessie's advice, Andi spent some quality time with Luke to train for an upcoming race. She asked Luke if he's ever felt like he's known someone longer than he has. He replied he feels like he's known her and Ethan longer than he has but that in reality he hasn't.

In the fifth chapter, Luke told Andi he remembered that they knew each other when they had been teenagers and they had been close, and he know realized Andi may have been right about him having a past life. He remembered who Andi had been friends with in high school as well.


The morning after finding out he was Phillip, Luke became worried he'd hurt Andi by not being in love with her anymore because Phillip's romantic feelings for her hadn't come back. When Andi joined him and Ethan for breakfast, she hadn't been nervous at all to see Luke. It was mentioned perhaps Andi wasn't nervous about Luke being Phillip now because she hadn't yet realized she didn't know what her relationship with Luke was.

Andi really showed how important her son and his wishes were to her in the second chapter. Ethan talked to his mother about being unable to get past his dad being stuck in Luke's body, and despite desperately wanting Phillip back, Andi decided it was up to Ethan to decide what to do. They could have their memories and Luke's memory erased so none of them remembered Luke was Phillip, or Ethan could learn to accept that Luke has two lives. Andi told him to chose what he wanted, not what she wanted.

Andi's quotes

Every witch pregnancy

"I try to remember younger Maddie and how she wasn't so bad, but sometimes your cousin makes it impossible." Andi- Em

"I've kept some of it in the back of my mind, buried the rest deep down." Andi- Emma

"My dad used to tell me when there's a problem, fix what I can control and leave what I cannot." Andi- Gigi

"We set ourselves up for bad things, we don't mean too, but we do" Andi- her friends

"I just have this feeling that he's going to be the one who helps Phillip find his way home" Andi- Emma

"Phillip used to call everyone Ethan if he didn't know them, that's why Ethan's the perfect name for our son" Andi- Katie

"You make me feel like I'll always have something" Andi- friends

"My mom said she loved me, Maria said she loved me, both are gone. Now, I'm going to love you, my son, even if it kills me" Andi- Ethan

Welcome to the Academy

"Behave you hear me. I'll be checking up on you." Andi- Maddie

"I really hope I'm not too late, I don't want to let Ethan down." Andi- Emma

"Ok you are way too chipper to be up this early." Andi- Ethan

"Can I have like a coffee or twenty minutes more of sleep before talking about him?" Andi- Ethan

"Oh no, you are in deep trouble, now... which one of you would like to come clean about the ketchup?" Andi- kids

“Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.” Andi- little Ethan

"No she didn't, but that's very interesting, please, share more." Andi- Ruby.

"Don't be smart with me." Andi- Emily

“How do you know how long I've been out here? Hang around Ruby's dorm room a lot do you?” Andi- Cameron

“Just add it to the list of things you're mad at me for,” Andi- Jessie.

"To be honest, I'm not sure I would have went through all this trouble to find him if I hadn't gotten pregnant with you" Andi- Ethan

"How could I have strayed so far away from my mission just because of one person?" Andi- Gracie

"Yea, to what do I owe the pleasure of a personal conversation with the headmaster's big bro?" Andi- Duggie.

"Don't go near Ethan until Halloween is over. Don't test me Luke!" Andi- Luke

"I did my homework and it's just not possible." Andi- Jessie

"I had one little meltdown ok, I'm allowed!" Andi- Jessie