Andrea Cruz

Age- 26

Born- July sixth, 1990

Species- powerless witch

Relationship Status- single

LIfe status- Alive

Nickname- Andi


Father- Liam Cruz+

Mother- Kira Cruz+

Paternal aunt- Jean Cruz 

Former foster father- Francisco Alonso

Former foster mother- Maria Alonso+

Former foster sister- Emma Alonso 

Son- Ethan Cruz


Phillip- boyfriend


Emma Alonso

Diego Rueda

Daniel Miller

Jax Novoa

Maddie Van Pelt

Katie Rice

Gigi Rueda






Iridium high school (2004-2008)

Program- guardian in training

Year- one 

Students: Jessie Novoa, Ben Sanders 

School team

Swim team-formerly


Waiter at the seven


Mortal Realm


Events she took part in 

Phillip coming to life

Keeping Philip hidden from the counci


Being the biggest main character who has played with our emotions several times- Andi Cruz was first introduced in the first book, chapter one titled “the start of the story.” Throughout the first five books all Andi had wanted was to reunite her family and live with them in peace wherever she pleased. She finally gets what she has been wanting for years and doesn't waste one minute.


Andi was born to Liam and Keria Cruz who both died of cancer when she had been three years old. She was placed in the care of family friends known as the Alonso family- Francisco, Marah, and their biological daughter Emma. She lived happily and loved with them until the age of ten when Marah's death occurred. With her foster father being unable to provide and care for her- Andi was placed in the care of her late father's sister Jean Cruz.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy--------------------------------------------------- "I had one little meltdown ok, I'm allowed!" Andi- Jessie Being a guardian in training

In chapter one Andi was given her students- Jessie and Ben. She spent the day getting to know Ben and of course had already knew Jessie inside and out.

The mission

Andi was horrified that she would get arrested when Agamemnon called her into his office. She managed to remain casual and died that she was at the Academy to find Phillip. Agamemnon didn't believe her but simply gave her a warning that she'd have to deal with the council if she did have plans- which she did.