Andrea Archer

Basic information

Age: 31

Birthdate: July sixth, 1990

Magical species: Powerless-Witch

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: Married

Nicknames and other names

Andrea Cruz- maiden name

Andi- by everyone 


Kira Cruz+ (Real mother) 

Liam Cruz+ (Realm father)

Maria Alonso+ (former foster mother)

Francisco Alonso (former foster father)


Jean Cruz+


Emma Novoa (former foster sister)


Ethan Archer 

Kira Archer 


Hope Archer

Unborn grandchild


Luke Archa aka Phillip (Husband.)


Diego Rueda

Emma Novoa

Kaitlyn Rice 

Jax Novoa

Gigi Rueda

Madelyn Rueda

Kimberly Sander

Daniel Miller- formerly

Ruby Fletcher- semi-friend


Iridium elementray school (1994-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)

W.I.T.S Academy (2016-2020)

School team

Swim team


Employee at the Seven (in high school)

Stay at home mother- currently


Mortal realm- Miami- currently 

Magic realm- W.I.T.S Academy- formerly

Magic realm- the forbidden land- formerly


Being the biggest main character who has played with our emotions several times- Andi Cruz was first introduced in the first book, chapter one titled “the start of the story.” Throughout the first five books, all Andi had wanted was to reunite her family and live with them in peace wherever she pleased. She finally gets what she has been wanting for years and doesn't waste one minute.


Andi was born to Liam and Keria Cruz who both died of cancer when she had been three years old. She was placed in the care of family friends known as the Alonso family- Francisco, Marah, and their biological daughter Emma. She lived happily and loved with them until the age of ten when Marah's death occurred. With her foster father being unable to provide and care for her- Andi was placed in the care of her late father's sister Jean Cruz.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy--------------------------------------------------- "I had one little meltdown ok, I'm allowed!" Andi- Jessie


Andi showed many of her personality traits. She showed she was capable of getting very frustrated and that she was also very determined. She also showed she could easily lose sight of her mission when something suspicious caught her eye. She proved she was willing to fight through all obstacles to achieve her biggest desire. And after feuding with a friend or a family member- she always apologized and made it up to them. 

​​​​Being a guardian in training

In chapter one Andi was given her students- Jessie and Ben. She spent the day getting to know Ben and of course had already known Jessie inside and out.

At first, Andi didn't much of a relationship with Ben but was kind and helpful towards him. Andi screwed up the first day of training when she got Ben and Jessie to copy everything Gracie and Shawn were doing. This caused Ben to injure his hand because he was asked to do something his magic wasn't strong enough to handle. Andi corrected the problem by having Jessie cast a healing spell on his hand. 

When Andi found out Jessie's powers were stolen, she reported it to Agamemnon. Andi later convinced Jessie not to drop out of the academy and to give her a chance to get her powers back. She also had to stay by her side at all times until Jessie had gotten her magic back. 

Andi did help Ben and Jessie prepare for the first time a little. Due to her obsession with Ruby, Andi neglected to trail her students and they failed their first magic test. Towards the end of chapter four, Andi dealt with Jessie and Ben's involvement in the spy against Ruby by letting them go with just a warning.

The mission

Andi was horrified that she would get arrested when Agamemnon called her into his office. She managed to remain casual and died that she was at the Academy to find Phillip. Agamemnon didn't believe her but simply gave her a warning that she'd have to deal with the council if she did have plans- which she did.

At the start of chapter two, Andi told Ethan it would be harder to find his father now that a former council member was in charge at the academy. She also promised her son that they weren't going to give up. Ethan was growing impatient about when he and his mother would start looking for answers. Andi said they should wait and make sure no one was watching them or was suspicious about them.

Andi and Ethan mostly looked for answers by reading books in the library which never helped. Towards the end of chapter five, Andi was too oblivious to the fact that Mrs. Fuller (aka Kristine Fletcher) was giving her hints about her zombie. She instead feared Kristine was trying to bust her.

In chapter six Ruby and Emily tel-transported Andi and Duggie to the dark river to the zombie homes. Here Andi learned that Duggie was trying to help her solve the mission and bring Phillip home. However, she didn't learn the information Duggie had wanted to tell her because they were to be attacked and then were saved by Ben.

Being Ethan's mother

Andi loved her ten-year-old son Ethan very much and desperately wanted to give him his father back. In chapter one Andi didn't have to go through the sadness of leaving Ethan at the academy since she was staying as a student as well. She also did mention to Emma that she was worried about letting Ethan down if she failed to find and rescue his father.

In chapter two Andi was informed by Emily that she and Ethan were being mistreated by Ruby. Andi said she would have a talk with Ruby which she did do. In chapter six Andi told Luke to stay away from Ethan on Halloween because Luke had been turned mad. She then had to rush Ethan to the hospital after he was hit by magic trying to protect Jessie from Emily during a magical battle.

In chapter nine Andi sent Ethan to therapy after finding no proof that Ethan could be feeling his father's presence. She did later question if this had been the best move. It turned out great because Ethan learned he had a power he could use to find his father. In the last chapter, Andi learned that Phillip had been turned into Luke, but she had never gotten the chance to tell Luke because he had gone home early for the summer holidays.

The Ruby obsession

Andi had hated Ruby pretty much since they had first met because she knew that Ruby was mistreating Ethan and Emily. Her obsession over Ruby began in chapter three after learning that it actually been Ruby who had stolen Jessie's powers. She told Kim that she didn't believe Ruby was actually sorry about having committed the crime and agreed with her that Ruby was up to something. She made it her mission to find out what it was Ruby was up to and expose her.

Andi spent most of chapter four spying on Ruby and it affected her life. She neglected her students and was no longer paying attention in class. What was even worse was she even started ignoring her own son. She also stopped focusing on her mission which really upset her kid.

The obsession caused Andi to neglect Jessie and Ben's training which led to them failing their first magic test. This made Jessie and Emma furious with her viewing it as a betrayal. It also made Kim pissed off at Andi since Ben is her son. Andi realized what she had done and quickly made things right with everyone. She made a promise to drop the Ruby obsession and did follow through on that promise.

The Luke Concerns

Andi had felt there was something off about Luke from the moment they met in chapter one. Her concerns about him started in chapter three when Luke asked her for permission to take Ethan to the mortal realm to watch a car race with him and Shawn. Andi gave Ethan permission to go after having thought about it a moment. Both Kim and Ben couldn't understand why Andi had allowed Luke to take Ethan when she had mixed feelings about him. Andi stated that her gut feeling wasn't telling her that Luke was bad, but they hadn't exactly told her he was good either.

Andi started to really get concerned in chapter four. She didn't like how much time Luke and Ethan were spending together- Luke was in his mid-twenties and Ethan was only ten. At first, she chose to ignore it not wanting to overprotect her son, but it really bothered her that they had become like best friends. Eventually, Andi talked to Luke and asked him to back off, Luke felt awkward but he understood and promised to leave Ethan alone. Andi hadn't known that Ethan and his friends had overheard the entire conversation.

Later in the chapter, Andi gave Ethan permission to be friends with Luke after Ethan expressed how much they had connected. In chapter five it was still bothering Andi that Ethan and Luke were friends. She decided to snoop and tried finding Luke's school records in the headmaster's office only to discover he didn't have one. Andi sneakily asked Ethan about it and Ethan pointed out that the headmaster could have simply taken it out.

Every witch student: Remember me

I know it's small, but sometimes the smallest spaces can store the greatest memories.” Andi- baby Ethan.

Being a guardian in training

Andi returned to the Academy in the first chapter for her second year of guardian training. Through-out the third book, Andi was often seen helping her student- Ben and Jessie- prepare for magic tests and races as well as taking part in them.

The mission

In the first chapter, Andi told Luke that he was Phillip as expected he didn't believe her. Andi suggested he held her hands in order to regain some memories of his zombie life. Luke agreed and took Andi's hands. Andi projected some of her memories of them from the time Luke had been Phillip. This had restored Luke's memory. In the second chapter, Andi learned that Ethan was bothered by the fact that his father was in Luke's body. Andi was willing to have Luke's memory erased if Ethan decided he couldn't live with only part of his father. However, Ethan had chosen differently.

In the third chapter, Andi refused to believe her friends and even her own soon that it had been to easy how fast and simple it had been to restore Luke's memory. Andi was convinced she had won and that would go wrong. In the next chapter, Andi learned that because she and Luke had spent the Christmas break away from each-other, Luke had lost his memory of being Phillip all over again. Andi soon became very stressed with trying to restore Luke's memory permanently.

In the sixth chapter, Andi took Jessie's suggested. She had Luke hold people's hands but instead of having memories projected onto him, he regained his own memories. Andi had taken part in returning some memories to him. Afterwards, Luke's memory was finally permanently restored and there was a very emotional reunion.

Every witch teen; Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

Don't make count to three little miss!” Andi- Kira


Andi was finally able to live the life she had been dreaming about. Though raising a Superior toddler often caused her a lot of stress, Andi was really happy with her life. She no longer had to constantly watch her back and worry about being attacked in the middle of night with no warning.

Family life

Throughout the book, Andi was seen having trouble raising her Superior toddler. She once even recruited Duggie to teach her and Luke how to raise their daughter.

In the third chapter, Andi met her granddaughter Hope on the day she was born. In the eleventh chapter, Andi went to the graveyard to visit her deceased parents, deceased aunt, and deceased foster mother. In the sixteenth chapter, Andi wasn't happy to learn her teenage son was expecting his second child.

Personal life

In the first chapter, Andi confronted Daniel about turning Phillip in to the council. She told him off and didn't care about his reasoning. She told him to stay clear of her and her family. It wasn't known how she reacted when Daniel moved out of Miami or if she even knew.

In the seventh chapter, Andi married Luke Archer in front of their family and friends. In the ninth chapter, she found her former foster parents had planned on adopting her before Maria's tragic death. In the tenth chapter, Andi thought her daughter had been kidnapped and put Jessie on the case only to find out Jax had taken Kira to help Jessie's chosen on training. She didn't seem mad at Jax but did tell him to never do it again.

Andi's relationships

Andi and her parents 

“My dad used to tell me, when there's a problem fix what I can control and leave what I cannot.” Andi- Gigi 

Andi lost both of her parents, Liam and Keria, when she had only be three years old because they passed away from cancer. Due to this she has little memory of them. She does hold a memory of spending time with her father one summer when she was two, and she can also recall the last moment she shared with her mother. Loosing her parents had made Andi confused and sad. Unlike Emma with her late mom, Andi throughout the first book didn't appear to think about her parents very much. This could be because she only had them for the first three years of her life where as Emma had her late mother for the first ten years of her life. When asked what she was going to do about Phillip, Andi recited the advice her father had used to give her. 

Andi and her foster parents

“He's so mad that he wouldn't let me Over? He raised me for seven years and is always happy when I visit.” Andi- Emma about Francisco.

Andi had been the foster daughter of Marah and Francisco Alonso from ages three-ten. Not much about her past relationship with them was known, however she did view them as her parents and it was mentioned she was treated the same as their biological daughter Emma. Andi didn't witness Marah's death like Emma had, so the loss hadn't hit her as hard, however she was deeply sad loosing the second woman she had called mom. After leaving her foster home and throughout her pregnancy, it looked like Andi no longer had a relationship with her former foster father Francisco. She never told him about her pregnancy and didn't speak with him anymore. Their relationship was simply teacher and student at that point since he was her high school math teacher. 

Andi and Aunt Jean 

Andi went to live with her aunt Jean when she was just ten years old. They seemed to have a good relationship as Jean told Andi she was mature and responsible enough to handle her teenage pregnancy and therefore would support whatever she chooses to do. Andi, later on, moved out of her aunt's house and thanked her for caring for her for five years. 

Andi and Ruby

“You look nervous. That can't mean anything good.” Andi- Ruby

At first, in the second book, Ruby and Andi did not like each other at all. In-fact Andi went crazy trying to prove Ruby was up to something. Ruby even tried casting a control spell on Andi, which was later explained why.  However, after Andi learned Ruby was actually trying to help her find her zombie, their relationship was slightly better as they no longer fought or hated each other, but they were far from becoming friends. Ruby did help Emma and Andi solve the mystery of what happened to Phillip at the end of the book. 

In the third book, Ruby and Andi were on much better terms and got along quite well. They still weren't friends by any means but neither of them hated the other anymore. Andi even hugged Ruby in chapter six to thank her for everything she had done to help the mission along.

Andi and Phillip 

At firs,t Phillip was just a zombie Andi had created in her video game, he was her own and favourite zombie. She was so fond of him she freaked out when Jax was about to accidentally blast him while playing the game. Emma used her magic to take him out of the game. Andi met him for the first time and quickly fell in love with him, so Emma agreed they could keep him around if he didn't try to bite anyone. It became clear that Phillip loved Andi just as much as she loved him. Andi did her best to keep him safe from the council, and when she lost him she was hysterical and even passed out from the crying and pain. She spent the remainder of her pregnancy attempting to get him back for herself and for their son. 

Andi and Luke 

“Have you ever felt like you met someone long before you did?” Andi- Luke 

Andi and Luke met in their first year at the Academy, chapter one of the second book. Andi had always felt there was something about him for the moment they met. They didn't interact until Andi gave him permission to take Ethan to a car race with Shawn. She then grew worried Luke was spending to much time with Ethan and tried to separate them which failed. At the very end of the book Andi discovered her zombie lover Phillip had been turned into Luke after his capture by the council all those years ago. Andi didn't believe Luke was Phillip at first but soon learned it was true. However Andi never got a chance to tell him in the second book because Luke had gone home early for the summer and Andi just hadn't caught him in time.  

In the third book Andi was overjoyed when Luke regained his memory of being Phillip in chapter one. In chapter three, Andi had planned on taking Luke home for Christmas but Luke told her he needed to return to his fake family to avoid suspicion. After the holidays, Luke had lost his memory of being Phillip and this put a lot of stress on Andi as she tried to restore his memory permanently. When she finally did, the two were very emotional. However, things were awkward between them seeing as Luke didn't love Andi the way Phillip had. This was solved when Andi kissed him bringing back his feelings for her from his life as Phillip. Throughout the remainder of the book, they weren't dating nor were they just friends. They hadn't quite figured out what they were now.

Andi and Emma 

“You know, sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if your parents had adopted me.” Andi- Emma.

It was mentioned Emma and Andi had become friends at the age of three after Andi started living with her as a foster child of Emma's parents. It wasn't mentioned if they had met before then though most likely had since Andi's parents had been friends with Emma's parents. The girls were separated at age ten when Emma went off to the magic academy and Andi went to live with her aunt, however they reunited in the summer before starting high school and were best friends again instantly.

In Grade ten Emma and Andi supported each other throughout their teenage pregnancies. When Phillip was taken away by the council, Emma saved Andi's unborn son from taken as well. She then proved her loyalty by promising to help Andi get Phillip back and went against the council, who were technically her boss as the chosen one, to do so. Throughout the remainder of their pregnancies they remained supportive of each other and grew even closes together. It was Emma who Andi talked to about taking a break from looking for Phillip to focus on her son, to which Emma agreed.

In the second book Emma took a major role in helping Andi learn what happened to Phillip. Though for the most part they were still best friends, there was a day when they weren't. When Andi neglected Jessie's training causing her to final her first magic test, Emma was not happy since Jessie is her daughter. Emma snapped at Andi and even told her she had broken her heart. However they patched up their friendship really fast after Andi made up with Jessie. 

Emma spent most of the third book attempting to help Andi restore Luke's memory. She was present when it finally happened and Andi couldn't stop thanking her for everything she had done. It had always been clear that they were very close friends and it was proven just how close they were in the last chapter. Emma gave up her magic and chosen one status because she refused to hand Andi and Luke over to the council. Emma then told Andi what had happened to warn her that the council might go after the kids. Andi told Emma she would have never asked nor expected Emma to give up her magic, and Emma replied that they were family.

Andi and Maddie

"Behave, you hear me. I'll be checking up on you." Andi- Maddie

Maddie and Andi had been good friends from toddler age to the summer after eighth grade. For some reason Maddie hadn't included Andi in her group for the grade nine school year. In grade ten they got together every now and then with the other pregnant teen girls. However they became close friends again later in their pregnancies when Maddie and Emma had formed a group with all the pregnant teen girls as friends. They weren't extremely close as some of the girls were, however it was clear they did care about each other. Maddie told Andi she believed the council had no right to keep her away from Phillip, and in reply Andi thanked her. Maddie had known about Andi's zombie and had never reported them to the council so that means she was helping Andi keep her zombie a secret from the council. At one point Maddie helped the other girls break into the council in an attempt to get information on Phillip however they all got busted before they could find anything. 

It was clear that in the second book Maddie and Andi were still close. Near the end of the book, Maddie caused trouble to distract the council so Jake could steal information for Andi on Phillip. Doing so could have costed her her powers or gotten her into really big trouble. 

In the third book it showed more how much Maddie cares about Andi. Maddie had always been on Andi's side though didn't appear to help out very much with the mission. In chapter five, Maddie had Andi over for supper twice. The second time, she gave Andi some really good advice instead of scolding her for purposely losing her memory. Maddie also told Jessie to make sure Andi stayed out of trouble and didn't do anything stupid.

Sixth book: they had a good relationship. In the second chapter, Andi told Maddie that if she and Diego were up to raising another child then they should. She pointed out how she and Luke were raising a Superior toddler while their teenage son was about to become a father.

Andi and Gigi

It was mentioned early on in the first book by Diego, that Gigi was on Andi's team of keeping Phillip hidden from the council. However since they weren't actually friends and had never been, it isn't known why Gigi knows about Phillip. However Andi did bring him out in public often to the place Gigi works, so it's quite possible Gigi figured it out for herself. The two became friends in mid tenth grade, but didn't seem to be as close as they were with some of their other group members/friends. In the second book Gigi and Andi were still friends. However they couldn't hang out much since Andi was at the Academy for most of the year. 

In third up book until chapter eight, Andi and Gigi were pretty close. In chapter five, they met up to go hot tubing together. While doing so, Andi and Gigi talked about it seemed as though everyone in their group were swapping personalities with each other. Gigi also informed Andi that Shawn had told her than had spent the night in Emily's dorm room in Emily's bed with Emily. Joking around, Gigi advised Andi to send Ethan to a year long boarding school for each of his teenager years.

Andi and Katie 

Andi and Katie became friends in the middle of third grade but stopped being friends the summer after eighth grade. Then in mid tenth grade they reunited as pregnant teen friends. Andi and Katie in the third book were still good friends. That was until the end of chapter eight when Andi seemed to have for some reason completely forgotten that Katie existed.

Sixth book: In the third chapter, Andi celebrated Katie's birthday.

Andi and Diego 

“I feel like any day now I'm going to see a most wanted poster with my face on it.” Andi- Diego 

Diego and Andi became friends in grade nine when they became teammates. During Andi's pregnancy Diego was very supportive of her. In-fact he was on of the first people she told about her pregnancy. When she was kicked off the swim team Andi asked Diego if they were still friends, and Diego said they were. Diego even gave up his automatic spot for the following school year's swim team so that Andi could have it. He did this because he knew how much being on the team meant to her. 

In the second book Andi and Diego were still good friends. In the second last chapter of the second book Andi wrote to him and Gigi about how she was feeling. It appeared Andi felt like Diego was someone she could talk to and trust.In the third book they were still good friends. Diego and Andi got together twice in chapter five to have supper together.

Andi and Jax

Jax and Andi met in ninth grade when they both made it on the swim team. However in grade nine Andi and Jax hung out probably a few times with Emma. At least once since Jax had been playing Andi's video game with Andi and Emma which to lead him almost blasting Andi's zombie Phillip which was the reason Emma had brought him to life, and then of course Andi fell pregnant with the Zombie's child and before the baby was born the council captured the zombie which lead to Andi being a single teen mom desperate to rescue the zombie. In grade ten they didn't really seem to hang out or be friends, but it also didn't seem like Andi was still upset with Jax for almost killing the zombie in while it was still in the game. Andi did attend Jax's Christmas party as well as his birthday celebration. 

In the third book, Jax was happy to have Andi come stay with him and Emma for a couple of days. When Andi got her memory back, Jax punches her playfully to scold her for taking the easy way out. Previous to that, Jax had been picking Andi up when Andi had perpousely lost her memory.

Andi and Daniel 

Andi and Daniel had been friends since they were very young children. In high school they were still friends. However Andi felt weird and uncomfortable when thinking about telling Daniel she was pregnant. Daniel tried to help Andi keep Phillip hidden from the council by suggesting he be kept in a hidden cabin in the woods. When Phillip was captured, Daniel went to visit Andi to see how she was doing. Andi was very upset and revealed she was four months pregnant. Daniel apologized about Phillip's capture again after learning Andi was pregnant with Phillip's baby. 

Andi and Kim 

“Spying on my students are you Kim, shame on you.” Andi- Kim

Andi and Kim met when they became roommates at the Academy in the second book. They became friends quickly however it took awhile before Andi completely trusted her. Eventually Andi even told Kim about the mission to find Phillip. Kim wanted to help but Andi told her it was a bad idea to get to many people involved. Sharing this big secret seemed to have made them closer. 

In the third book, Andi and Kim had a few arguments about Andi leaving the Academy without telling her and leaving Ben without anyone to help him with his training and education- which is Andi's job. Kim came to her senses and apologized for not being understanding of what Andi was going through and for being a bad friend. Andi never held a grudge against though she had felt hurt when Katie was yelling at her for focusing more on her personal life than on her magical one.

Sixth book: In the first chapter, Andi helped Kim move and told her she was now a part of her group of friends. In the third chapter, Andi celebrated Kim's birthday.

​​​Andi and Ethan 

“You are everything I ever hoped you would be, and so much more.” Andi- Ethan

Though she had never thought about having children, and despite her young age, Andi decided to keep her son Ethan early in the pregnancy. She was excited about her pregnancy and liked the idea of having a little family with Phillip. After Phillip was captured Andi started to have some doubt but never changed her mind about keeping him. She was thrilled to find out she was having a son as well. Andi even made a sacrifice for Ethan by deciding to put a pause on finding Phillip so she could focus on raising him. When Ethan was born Andi made him a promise that she would always love him even if it would kill her.

In the second book Andi and Ethan were often together trying to piece together what had happened to Phillip. There was a short time where Andi had been ignoring Ethan, however she made up for it. Andi grew concerned when Ethan thought he could feel his dads presence and sent him to Lily for therapy. Ethan wasn't mad about this and trusted that his mother knew best. Andi did start to question if it had been a good idea, and turned out it had since Ethan's new power was discovered and led him to figuring out Luke was his father.

In the third book we see that Andi and Ethan do sometimes disagree and even argue. In chapter three, Ethan told Andi not to get to comfortable with things going their way and Andi told him to stop worrying and to stop being a downer. When Ethan learned his father didn't remember who he was in chapter four, Ethan snapped at his mother and told her to “fix her mess.” Ethan did seem to always forgive his mother quite easily though.

Andi and Jessie 

"I had one little meltdown ok, I'm allowed!" Andi- Jessie 

Andi met the newborn daughter of her best friend Emma on the day she was born at the hospital. She had also been excited about Jessie's arrival since early in Emma's pregnancy. 

In the second book Andi was Jessie's guardian at the Academy. When Andi had neglected Jessie's training, it had broken Jessie's heart and made her drop out of the Academy. Andi soon after went to make up with her and Jessie relieved she had wanted Andi to be her guardian after graduation because she trusted her and loved her. They quickly patched up their friendship and Andi never neglected or ignored Jessie again. It was very clear they were super close and often hung out together.  

In the third book, Andi and Jessie were as close as family. Jessie was always happy to lend and hand and did everything she could to help with the mission. In fact, it was Jessie's final suggestion in chapter six, that finally restore Luke's memory permanently. Jessie also gave Andi a fair amount of pep talks and encouragement as well as support and comfort. Jessie never stopped believing in her and once again- in chapter seven this time- revealed just how much she cared about her.

Andi and Emily 

"Don't be smart with me." Andi- Emily

Andi met the newborn daughter of her best friend Maddie on the day she was born at the hospital. In the second book Andi and Emily spent some time together while they were at the Academy. They did have a good relationship though were very close.

In the third book, Andi and Emily's relationship started showing a tad more when it came to Emily's relationship with Andi's son Ethan. Andi wasn't sure how she felt about Emily and Ethan sharing a bed in the girls' dorm room when she was told about it by Gigi. The reason being that Emily and Ethan were pre-teens and may decide to experiment with being intimate with each-other. Andi walked in on them sleeping in same bed in chapter seven and told Jessie she didn't want to hear or know anything about it. Though she didn't separate them. Andi also seemed to have agreed with Gigi that Emily would be the one to follow in the teen parenting footsteps and by her little laugh we can guess she was a little nervous about it seeing how close her son and Emily were.

Andi and Shawn 

“I know you want to protect Gracie from getting hurt, but you have to let yourself hurt sometimes or you'll never truly heal. I promise you, she'll be ok.” Andi- Shawn

Andi met the newborn son of her best friend Gigi on the day he was born at the hospital. In the second book Andi and Shawn spent some time together while they were at the Academy. They did have a good relationship though were very close. At one point Shawn had attempted to help Andi and Ethan by breaking into the council's computers but couldn't. He also tried helping Andi by capturing Ruby using her powers on camera, which was also unable to do.

Andi and Gracie 

“Never tell yourself you are weak and useless or you'll start to believe it.” Andi- Gracie 

Andi met the newborn daughter of her friend Katie on the day she was born at the hospital. In the second book Andi and Gracie spent some time together while they were at the Academy. They did have a good relationship though were very close. Something Andi had said to Gracie made Gracie realize she would have to deal with Morgan herself and shouldn't let a bully ruin her self confidence. It was also Gracie who warned Andi about Luke being violent on halloween after he hit her and Shawn. 

Andi and Ben 

“Never give up. You're already awesome.” Andi- Ben

Andi met Ben in the first chapter of the second book when she became his guardian at the Academy. At first Andi had been upset because she had been hoping to be paired up with her own son. However Andi quickly bonded with Ben and they got to know each other. They soon became friends and built trust between them. Andi trusted him so much, she told him about her mission. However she didn't let him help her with it not wanting to many people involved. Ben once told Andi it was ok if she wanted to find Phillip for herself as well as for Ethan after Andi had stated she only cared about finding him for Ethan. 

Andi and Hope

Sixth book: Andi met her granddaughter on the day of her birth in the third chapter.

Andi's quotes

Every witch pregnancy

"I try to remember younger Maddie and how she wasn't so bad, but sometimes your cousin makes it impossible." Andi- Em

"I've kept some of it in the back of my mind, buried the rest deep down." Andi- Emma

"My dad used to tell me when there's a problem, fix what I can control and leave what I cannot." Andi- Gigi

"We set ourselves up for bad things, we don't mean too, but we do" Andi- her friends

"I just have this feeling that he's going to be the one who helps Phillip find his way home" Andi- Emma

"Phillip used to call everyone Ethan if he didn't know them, that's why Ethan's the perfect name for our son" Andi- Katie

"You make me feel like I'll always have something" Andi- friends

"My mom said she loved me, Maria said she loved me, both are gone. Now, I'm going to love you, my son, even if it kills me" Andi- Ethan Welcome to the Academy

"Behave you hear me. I'll be checking up on you." Andi- Maddie

"I really hope I'm not too late, I don't want to let Ethan down." Andi- Emma

"Ok you are way too chipper to be up this early." Andi- Ethan

"Can I have like a coffee or twenty minutes more of sleep before talking about him?" Andi- Ethan

"Oh no, you are in deep trouble, now... which one of you would like to come clean about the ketchup?" Andi- kids

“Sometimes the bad things that happen in our lives put us on the path to the best things that will ever happen to us.” Andi- little Ethan

"No she didn't, but that's very interesting please share more." Andi- Ruby.

"Don't be smart with me." Andi- Emily

"To be honest, I'm not sure I would have went through all this trouble to find him if I hadn't gotten pregnant with you" Andi- Ethan

"How could I have strayed so far away from my mission just because of one person?" Andi- Gracie

"Yea, to what do I owe the pleasure of a personal conversation with the headmaster's big bro?" Andi- Duggie.

"Don't go near Ethan until Halloween is over. Don't test me Luke!" Andi- Luke

"I did my homework and it's just not possible." Andi- Jessie Remember me

“One wrong move and we all go up in flames.” Andi- Ethan.

“Would you rather live without your dad completely or live with part of him?” Andi- Ethan.

“We won and we're still winning!” Andi- Ethan

“Is it just me, or is my life cursed to be miserable?” Andi- Ruby

“Have you ever felt like you met someone long before you did?” Andi- Luke

“Ok out with it, what did you do to him?” Andi- Ruby

“You don't know how good it is to hear you say that.” Andi- Luke

“I know it's small, but sometimes the smallest spaces can store the greatest memories.” Andi- baby Ethan.

“Never tell yourself you are weak and useless or you'll start to believe it.” Andi- Gracie

“Why did I think my life could be happy and normal for once?” Andi- Emma

“You are everything I ever hoped you would be, and so much more.” Andi- Ethan

“Our little boy is growing up.” Andi- Luke

“I stopped worrying about me a long time ago.” Andi- Ben

Secrets, crushes, struggles

“Ethan has no idea how hard it is going to be. He just loves Emily and the baby too much to admit that.” Andi- Katie

“I went over in my head what I was going to say and do to you, but it all comes down to one fact. I hate you and I will never forgive you!” Andi- Daniel

“I don't care why you did it, I care about the fact that you did it.” Andi- Daniel

“Don't make count to three little miss!” Andi- Kira

“You know sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if your parents had adopted me” Andi- Emma.

“You didn't have to adopt me because I was already your daughter. I never considered you to be just my foster dad.” Andi- Francisco

“Oh come on you guys, my daughter's not that bad.” Andi- Emma and Maddie

“I can't believe you're using my two-year-old as a punishment.” Andi- Emma and Maddie.

“You stick with raising your daughter and your father and I will stick to raising ours ok?” Andi- Ethan

“I guess it just really hit me that I'm a thirty one year old grandmother” Andi- Ethan