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Ava Rueda

Basic information

Birthdate: early 1970

Gender: Female

Species: Full-Witch

Relationship status- divorced

Life Status: Alive


Skin tone- white

Hair- short, dirty-blonde

Eyes- blue

Known as 

Unknown maiden name

Ava Rueda- Married name/legal name

The chosen one- magic title, formerly

Principal Rueda- to her high school students

Mrs. Rueda- by her high school students


Unknown parents


Ruby Masters (biological daughter)

Cameron Masters (Son-in-law)

Diego Rueda (biological son)

Madelyn Rueda (Daughter-in-law)

Gigi Ryland (biological daughter)

Tony Ryland (Son-in-law.)


Robert Ryland (By adoption)

Melanie Rueda (By adoption)

Emily Rueda (Biologically)

Shawn Ryland (Biologically)

Tommy Ryland (By adoption)

Isabella Masters (Biologically)

Anabella Masters (Biologically)

Noah Masters (Biologically)

Mason Masters (Biologically)

Gage Masters (Biologically)

Gabriella Masters (Biologically)

Pageant Ryland (Biologically)


Hope Archer (Biologically)

Shane Ryland (Biologically)

Phillip Archer (Biologically)

Chance Archer (Biologically)


Unnamed first husband, deceased

Drew Rueda (Ex-Husband)

Magic occupations 

The chosen one, formerly

Head member of the council- currently

Mortal occupation

The principal of Iridium high school, currently


Mortal realm, Miami, Florida

Background Information

Ava could be considered one of the main character, she certainly was an important one. Ava often helped Emma with magic troubles she didn't know how to fix such as when Andi purposely lost her memory in the second book. Ava was also asked more than once by Emma to check something out for her to investigate something. Ava always seemed more than happy to help Emma, and she did know more since she was an older and more experienced witch who happened to have been the chosen one before Emma. Other than that, Ava was very involved in the lives of her children and further descendants- grandchildren and so on. 


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In the first book (Every witch pregnancy) it was mentioned that Ava had a secret past no one knew about, not even her husband or her own children. All we knew for sure was that in her very early twenties she had married a Kanay named Drew Rueda and with him had a set of fraternal twins: Diego and Gigi Rueda. We also know that she homeschooled her daughter from the ages of four to eleven, and homeschooled her son from the ages of four to fourteen because she didn't like how schools were run. Gigi had wished to attend a real school before Diego, and Ava allowed her to attend an all-girls private school for grades six, seven, and eight. She then became the principal of Iridium high school because both of her children wanted to attend a high school and she still didn't like the ways schools were run. By being the principal, she, for the most part, could run the school her way. 

In the second book (Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy) we learn the basics of Ava's true past. At the age of eighteen, Ava- who had been the chosen one at the time- married a mortal. Being a Full-Witch, Ava hadn't been legally allowed to marry a mortal and as punishment was stripped of her magic and chosen one status by order of the council. 

Ava may or may not have known at this point that she was pregnant with a child. She didn't tell her husband about the pregnancy because he divorced her. The reason he divorced her was he knew that losing one's magic is the most shameful and depressing thing that had can happen to a Witch and he didn't want Ava to suffer just to stay with him. Sometime after the divorce, Ava got back her normal strength magic but not her chosen one strength magic or the chosen one status. 

Ava somehow knew about Superiors and that her unborn child was one. Afraid she wouldn't be able to handle her child's extreme magic strength, Ava gave her up for adoption and arranged for her to be adopted by a couple she knew for sure could raise a Superior and not take advantage of her magic strength or try to steal her magic from her. At the age of nineteen- in very early February 1989- Ava gave birth to a daughter named Ruby and handed her over to the adoptive parents (Duggie and Kristine Fletcher) only momemts after the birth but held her once first. Ava never had any contact with Ruby.

Just months after having given up Ruby, Ava married a Kanay named Drew Rueda and very shortly after was pregnant with her twins. The month after Ruby's first birthday, Ava and Drew had welcomed their fraternal twins, their son Diego and their daughter Gigi.

Every witch pregnancy

"Keep it up, Gigi and you two will be spending the rest of your teenage years changing diapers," Ava- Gigi


Ava was strict- as a mother and as a principal. She didn't take anyone's crap and gave the cold hard truth. Once her mind was made up, there was no changing it. She also knew how to come up with a good comeback on the spot.

Being the principal of Iridium high school.

Ava treated her students the same way she treated her children and dealt with them the same way. In the second chapter, Ava suspended Gigi from school for half a day and a full day for breaking a girl's nose. She then threatened Jax she would remove him from the swim team if he didn't stop with his pranks and misbehavior. This had caught Jax's attention. She also gave him detention for a month which he didn't care about.

In the fifth chapter, Ava got in trouble with the school board for not having kicked the pregnant teens off their sports teams. She was forced to remove Maddie, Sophie, and Katie off of the cheer-squad, and forced to take Andi off the swim team. If she hadn't done this she could have lost her job.


Ava was the type of mother who didn't take any crap and was more than happy to let her kids make a fool of themselves while attempting to fool her when confronted about doing something she didn't approve of. The perfect example is in the second chapter when she caught the twins fighting over their bathroom schedules once again. She allowed Gigi to carry out her story about how she and her brother hadn't been fighting but just practicing for a school play, then pointed out that as the principal she knew she was lying.

Ava didn't seem to care for Pete from the start nor had any hatred towards him. However, Ava knew from the start that Pete wasn't going to stay once he knew about the pregnancy. In the first chapter, she broke up a make-out between Gigi and Pete in the school hallway. In the second chapter, Ava scolded Gigi for having sex with Pete while he didn't know about her pregnancy. Gigi didn't appear to have cared about what her mother was telling her. Ava told her she was being naive, irresponsible, and impulsive, all reasons why she refused to talk to the council about getting Gigi magic of her own. Gigi was super angry at her mother for saying this and stormed out of the office. She later found out she had been right about Pete not staying.

Gigi and Maddie's underage pregnancies

Despite having been worried about how her mother would react, Gigi told her mother about her pregnancy in the first chapter, and also told her about Maddie's. Ava stated that she wasn't surprised as she had earlier caught Gigi in an intense make-out with her boyfriend in the school hallway. She asked Gigi how long she had been dating Pete and told her to stop being stupid when it looked like Gigi thought her boyfriend would stay once he knew. Gigi snapped at her that she didn't know what Pete would do and then stormed out of the office. Ava decided at that moment that her children were on their own.

The birth of Emily and Shawn

In the final chapter, Ava went to the hospital. She first met her granddaughter Emily- the newborn daughter of her son Diego. She then met her daughter Gigi's newborn son, Shawn.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

I was once young and stupid. I know because I didn't keep you.” Ava- Ruby


Ava started off being non-existent in the second book, but early on became a very important recurring character. Ava's past is finally discovered. Unlike the first book, she shows her loving and motherly side more than her strict authoritative side in this book. Ava had a main story-line in the second book but also had a few other important and random appearances.

Reuniting with her first-born daughter

In the fifth chapter, Ava received a call from her grandchildren Emily and Shawn late into the night. Emily straight-out asked her if she had given a baby up for adoption in 1989 because her guardian Ruby was claiming to be that adopted baby. Ava took a long silence until Emily asked her again. Her only response was, “we need to talk.” In the sixth chapter, Ava was extremely nervous telling her children about Ruby and sharing that part of her past with them. Both Gigi and Diego as well as Drew were very supportive and didn't judge her for her decision to give Ruby up for adoption and keeping Ruby a secret from them. She told them she wasn't sure if she was going to meet Ruby and needed time to think. She did give Diego and Gigi her blessing to contact Ruby if they wished seeing as how Ruby was already in the lives of Diego's daughter and Gigi's son. She was called many times by Emily and received a letter from her about having not gone to meet her and that Ruby was hurt by this.

In the eighth chapter, Ava and Ruby had an emotional first meeting during Ursula's Christmas Eve party. Ava admitted to Ruby that she regretted giving her up. Ruby warned her she wasn't the most emotional person, and Ava replied she didn't care because she wanted to get to know her not change her. Ruby decided she would like to have a relationship with Ava, and Ava wanted this as well.

Other appearances and mentions

In the seventh chapter, Ava was mentioned to have been ignoring Emily's phone calls. Emily wrote a letter to Ava telling her off for ignoring her phone calls and for ignoring Ruby. Ava never replied to the letter and it's unknown if she got it or if she read it. Later in the chapter, Ava called Emma to warn her about the bad moon. Being a Full-Witch, a powerful one at that, Ava hadn't been immune to the affects of the bad moon but had luckily not been affected.

Every witch student: Remember me

If you truly want to understand how she feels put yourself in her shoes.” Ava- Ruby

Chapter two

Ava was in the staff room at the high school when Emma went to visit Francisco. Emma waved to her to say hello, and Ava waved back to her in response to be polite and to say hi back.

Chapter three

Ava was present at Ursula's family and friends Christmas eve party. There, she spent time with her three children and her three grandchildren. It wasn't known if Ava and Ruby had seen each other since the summer holidays, though most likely had not.

Chapter five

Ava figured out Andi had purposely lost her memory to forget all the crap going on in her life. She helped at by giving Andi a remembering potion that successfully restored her memory.

Ava's quotes

Every witch pregnancy

"If I have to hear this damn argument one more time I'm gonna make you build a second bathroom!” Ava- Diego and Gigi

"Keep it up, Gigi and you two will be spending the rest of your teenage years changing diapers." Ava- Gigi and Pete

"Oh, but I do because I'm this little person called...oh what was my title again? Oh, that's right...the principal." Ava- Gigi

“Oh, come on, Gigi. I know you and Pete weren't just sitting at his kitchen table playing scrabble when you two skipped first period,” Ava- Gigi

"Alright wise ass, detention after school for the rest of the month." Ava- Jax

"Now why do I have the feeling you had something to do with this?" Ava- Diego

"Hate to burst your bubble but I don't follow you.” Ava- Gigi

"I don't hate you, Maddie. I don't hate the baby either." Ava- Maddie

Welcome to the Academy

“I'm not sure yet...I need some time to think.” Ava- Gigi and Diego.

“I'm sorry it took so long for us to meet.” Ava to Ruby

“I was once young and stupid. I know because I didn't keep you.” Ava- Ruby