Ava Rueda

Basic information

Age- unknown

Birthday- unknown

Species- full-witch

Status- Married

LIfe status- Alive


unnamed parents

Husband- Drew Rueda 

Daughter- Gigi Rueda

Son- Diego Rueda 

Granddaughter- Emily Rueda

Grandson- Shawn Rueda 


. Drew Rueda- husband


. High school principal

Resides in

. The mortal realm

. Miami


Andi's side


First appearing in Every witch pregnancy, Ava went back and forth from being a main character and a recurring character. She is known for being quite strict and not taking anyone's crap. She also has a very interesting background that came with plot twists as it was explained.

Background Information

In Every witch pregnancy it was mentioned that Ava had a past that no one knew about, and no information about that past was given in this book. Expect, it was mentioned that Ava had in the past helped Emma with her chosen one responsibilities which was suspicious and not explained. It brought up the questions why did she and how was she able too? This could have been a hint about something in her secret past. All we did know for sure was she had married a kanay named drew and with him had fraternal twins named Diego and Gigi. We also known that she homeschooled her children as she didn't like the way schools were run, however she allowed Gigi to attend a private all girls school from the ages of eleven- fourteen and then became the principal of Iridium high school so both of her children could attend a public high school.

Every witch pregnancy

"Keep it up Gigi, and you two will be spending the rest of your teenage years changing diapers," Ava- Gigi

Dealing with Maddie and Gigi's pregnancies

Ava wasn't happy but didn't yell or punish her children when she found out they were going to be parents at just sixteen. She mostly allowed them to handle the pregnancies on their own. Of course she still parented them keeping them in line for the most part.

Quotes (EWP)

"If I have to hear this damn argument one more time I'm gonna make you build a second bathroom!” Ava- Diego and Gigi

"Don't be stupid Gigi he's not going to stay" Ava- Gigi

"Oh but I do because I'm this little person called...oh what was my title again? Oh that's right...the principal," Ava

"Alright wise ass, detention after school for the rest of the month." Ava- Jax

"Now why do I have the feeling you had something to do with this" Ava- Diego

"Why are you being so quiet tonight, have you and your brother gotten into another stupid fight?" Ava- Gigi

"Hate to burst your bubble but I don't follow you.” Ava- Gigi

"I promise I'm not going to let you fail, as long as you keep trying." Ava- Katie

"I don't hate you Maddie, I don't' hate the baby either." Ava- Maddie