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Benjerman Sanders

Age 12

Born- June 2006

Species- full wizard

Relationship status- single

Life status- Alive

Nick name- Ben

Not missing


Cindy Sander- maternal grandma

John Sanders- paternal grandpa

Mother- Kim Sanders

unnamed father

unnamed uncle (Deceased)


Emily Rueda

Shawn Rueda

Jessie Novoa

Gracie Rice

Ethan Cruz

​Program- wizard in training

Year- second

Academy guardian- Andi Cruz

Teammate- Jessie Novoa


Mortal realm

New york

W.I.T.S academy- 2016-


Ben was first introduced in the start of the second book as a shy young boy who didn't believe he was good enough. Ben had changed a-lot since then and has gained so much more confidence in himself.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“Old books are crawling with dust-mites.” Ben- Andi and Jessie


Ben was a kind but shy boy who always seemed to doubt himself. He proved to be much wiser than he believed he was.

His magic training and education

Ben started his magic training and education in September 2016 at age ten. In the first chapter he was given his Academy guardian, Andi, and teammate, Jessie. In chapter four Ben failed his first magic test.


In chapter two Ben broke his wrist while doing magic exercises, it was then healed by Jessie's magic. In chapter four Ben took part in the spy club against Ruby and was caught. He was let him with a warning by Andi.

In chapter seven Ben was turned mad by the full and believed aliens were after him because he taken all of their pet rocks, he was later locked up in the gym until the full moon had passed.

Every witch Student: Remember me

Being a wizard in training

Ben returned to the series in chapter one and was a main character. In chapter one Ben returned to Academy to start his second year of magic training. In chapter two Ben passed his first magic test.

Personal stuff

Ben had returned to the Academy already having befriended Jessie and had won over two of her friends- Gracie, and Ethan. So when he returned to the Academy in chapter one his mission was to win over Jessie's other two friends Shawn and Emily. In chapter two Ben managed to win over Shawn after suggested Shawn could teach him ways to have fun with magic.

Quotes (Welcome to the Academy)

“It was supposed to be a cat and it was supposed to be a real one” Ben- Andi.

“Right so just to get this all on the table, you allowed a stranger you have an odd unexplained feeling about, take your ten-year-old son and the son of your friend to another dimension, and didn't bother sharing your concerns about Luke to Shawn's mother” Ben- Andi

“Old books are crawling with dust-mites” Ben- Andi and Jessie.

“Just don't forget, it's ok to want to find him for yourself too” Ben- Andi

“I'm being followed by Aliens!” Ben- Andi and Kim

“Can we discuss my life choices another day?” Ben- Kim