Benjermain Sanders

Basic information

Age: 15

Birthdate: June sixteenth, 2006

Magical species: Full-Wizard

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: single

Nicknames and other names

Ben- by everyone


Cindy Sanders

John Sanders


Kimberly Sanders

Unnamed father


Adaya Davey- older half-sister

Anita Davis- older half-sister 


Jessie Novoa- hooked up


Ethan Archer

Emily Rueda

Shawn Rueda

Gracie Rice

Jessica Novoa


W.I.T.S Academy 2016- 2020

Iridium high school 2020-


Mortal Realm



Ben was first introduced at the start of the second book as a shy young boy who didn't believe he was good enough. Ben had changed a lot since then and has gained so much more confidence in himself.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“Old books are crawling with dust-mites.” Ben- Andi and Jessie


Ben was a kind but shy boy who always seemed to doubt himself. He proved to be much wiser than he believed he was.

His magic training and education

Ben started his magic training and education in September 2016 at age ten. In the first chapter, he was given his Academy guardian, Andi, and teammate, Jessie. In chapter four Ben failed his first magic test.


In chapter two Ben broke his wrist while doing magic exercises, it was then healed by Jessie's magic. In chapter four Ben took part in the spy club against Ruby and was caught. He was let him with a warning by Andi.

In chapter seven Ben was turned mad by the full and believed aliens were after him because he took all of their pet rocks, he was later locked up in the gym until the full moon had passed.

Every witch student: Remember me

In the third book, Ben was a second-year wizard in training. Ben spent most of his time hanging out with his friends and keeping up with his classes and training. His main focus was attempting to befriend Emily and Shawn. He did very well with winning Shawn over but was still clueless about how to win over Emily.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

Mom you don't need a cat...cats don't like you.” Ben- Kim


Ben started making decisions and doing things without asking for the advice or opinions of adults he trusted. He no longer appeared to be shy nor as sensitive as he had been when first introduced in book 2. Ben was growing up fast. He lost his virginity to Jessie during a hookup and kept it a secret from everyone including his own mother. He was very much a teenage boy.

Throughout the book

In the first chapter, Ben moved to Miami with his mother. In the seventh chapter, Ben went to visit his sister for Christmas. In the tenth chapter, Ben hooked up with Jessie then spent valentine's day watching a movie with Gracie. In the fifteenth chapter, Ben celebrated his fifteenth birthday. He appeared a bunch of other times as well when with his friends or with his mother.


Secrets, crushes, struggles

“His leaving wasn't about you, it was about him.” Ben- Shawn

“I see no reason why you shouldn't. You deserve to have someone special in your life.” Ben- Kim

“Yeah with Emily and Ethan being teen parents and now Shawn has a baby on the way, my mom's been giving me the talk like every morning.” Ben- Gracie

“Ah well life got me and I grew up.” Ben- Kim.

“Mom you don't need a cat...cats don't like you.” Ben- Kim

“I'm going to hire you if I ever plant a garden.” Ben- baby Hope