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Benjermain Sanders

Basic information

Birthdate: June sixteenth, 2006

Magical species: Full-Wizard

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: engaged

Nicknames and other names

Ben- by everyone


Cindy Sanders

John Sanders


Kimberly Sanders

Weston Davey


Adaya Davey- older half-sister

Anita Davis- older half-sister 


Jessie Novoa- hooked up

Gracie Rice- fiancee


Ethan Archer

Emily Rueda

Shawn Rueda

Gracie Rice

Jessica Novoa


W.I.T.S Academy 2016- 2020

Iridium high school 2020- 2024


Mortal Realm


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Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Just don't forget, it's okay to want to find him for yourself too.” Ben- Andi


Ben was a new character introduced in the second book.


Ben was a whole lot like Gracie. He was very shy and liked sticking by familiar people. He wasn't always the best at magic either and this sometimes got him discouraged and worried. He often needed someone to lift up his spirits. Also like Gracie, he was kind and gentle and sensitive. It was like they were twins.

His magic training and education

During his first training session in the second chapter, Ben was unknowingly copying what Gracie and Shawn were doing as he was just following Andi's instructions. This ended up with him breaking his wrist during training, and Jessie performed a healing spell as instructed by Andi and. Jessie had been successful in healing Ben's wrist.

In the third chapter, Andi brought Ben and Jessie to her dorm room and had them practice transformation spells on action figures that belonged to Ethan. Ben turned it into a stuffed elephant but had meant to turn it into a live cat. Andi praised Ben for his effort and reminded him he was just practicing and ensured him that he would get there.

In the fourth chapter, Andi was too focused on Ruby to feel up to helping her students prepare for the first test. However, after being bugged by her students during an entire lunch period, she brought them to the library to red up on Human-animal transformation, that way they could study for the first test while she went back to spying on Ruby. Jessie decided to ditch the books and practiced horribly with Sienna and Harris under his mother's supervision. He ended up failing his first magic test.


Ben took part in the spy club against Ruby, he was a head member. He received information about Ruby, wrote it down, and send it to Jessie and Ethan.

In the Seventh chapter, Ben wasn't immune to the bad moon and was turned mad. He thought he was being followed by aliens because he had taken all their pet rocks. His mother tried to talk to him but he ran away. Kim chased him and blocked his magic with a magic-blocking bracelet. He was locked up in the gym until he had returned to normal.

The mission

In the sixth chapter, Ethan planned a mission session with his friends. He told Ben they would be checking classrooms to see if the teachers had information. He assigned Jessie and Emily to the library to check out the books in the last two rows. He assigned Shawn and Emily to the computer lab to attempt breaking into council records or searching people tied to Phillip. This plan didn't happen because Emily and Ethan ended up with Ruby while the others rescued Andi and Duggie from the dark river.


Kim, for the most part, allowed Andi to look after Ben, but that didn't stop her from being his protective loving mother. In the second chapter, she forced Ben to have lunch with Andi and Jessie so he would start building his relationship with them.

Despite not having been excited about being paired up with Ben instead of her own son, Andi was kind to him and made an effort to get to know him in the first chapter. She asked him to tell her about himself. Ben had been very shy but did tell her some basic things about himself. In the second chapter, Andi gave Ben the offer to join her for breakfast but Ben rejected it. Andi was hurt until Kim explained Ben's a shy kid and needed time to warm up to her. Ben was forced by his mother to have lunch with Andi. Ben waited until Jessie and Andi had finished their conversation to ask Andi if she thought he was going to be an under-average wizard. Not wanting to make assumptions before even seeing him use magic, Andi told him it was too early to tell but she was sure that he was at least average.

In the fourth chapter, despite having neglected Ben's training causing him to fail his first magic test, Ben told his mother not to ask the headmaster to give him a different guardian because Andi had only screwed up once and therefore deserved a second chance. It was a hint that he had finally been starting to bond with her.

In the fifth chapter, Ben had slowly been warming up to Andi again after the obsession with Ruby fiasco. Andi got on his case about a bad grade and Ben agreed he'd make it up just get her off his back. Ben told Andi he was glad he had given her a second chance, and Andi replied that she was happy she had been given one.

Jessie and Ben met in the first chapter but didn't instantly hit it off. In the second chapter, Jessie pressured Ben to speak while they were having lunch with Andi by telling him she wouldn't bite. Andi told her to give him some time because he was shy like Gracie. Due to her relationship with Gracie, Jessie understood and backed off. Later on in the chapter, before they were even friends, Ben hugged and- at the heat of the moment- kissed Jessie on the mouth to thank her for healing his broken wrist. Andi and Shawn but not Gracie were worried what Jessie would say to Ben when he kissed her knowing Jessie could sometimes be impulsively rude. Jessie thanked Ben and then went on to tell him that she wasn't used to being kissed. Before she could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by Ben who said he wouldn't kiss her again knowing this is what she had been trying to say without hurting his feelings.

In the fourth chapter, she and Ben had a bit of a bonding moment. Jessie corrected him in a homework question he had gotten wrong. As he thanked her for her help, he had called her “Jess” and quickly corrected himself by saying, “I mean Jessie.” Jessie told him he could call her Jess if he wanted too since Shawn did, but Ben said he would stick with Jessie. Jessie went ahead and told him that her actual first name was Jessica and Ben replied he had figured that. He went on to inform her his actual name was Benjamin and that he hated being called that. Jessie pointed out they both had old names and went by nicknames, Ben added that both of their nicknames were short forms of their actual first names. This gave him three things they had in common. Jessie then parted ways him to continue looking for Emily.

In the Seventh chapter, Ben didn't want Jessie to leave because she helps him with the group. Jessie told him she'd only be gone for a few days and that he could turn to Gracie while she was away. Jessie then shocked him and made speechless by kissing his cheek to wish him good luck In the fifth chapter, Gracie and Ben bonded in an empty classroom talking about their fathers and other similarities. Gracie told Ben he had won her over by showing her he had a good hear by listening because he cared rather than because he had too since they were friends. Gracie told him she had a feeling they were going to be very close friends. Jessie told Ben later that maybe Gracie had sensed something about him that she liked.

Times with the group

In the fifth chapter, Jessie introduced Ben to her friends to start him off in joining the group. Ben was very shy. Gracie invited him to join them for their evening meal. Jessie said he would. In the sixth chapter, Ethan and his friends except for Emily were seated together at a table in the cafeteria enjoying turkey and rice while talking together. They had just finished discussing their training periods. There were talking about why Duggie was at the Academy. Jessie suggested that maybe he's just here to visit Aggie. Shawn let out a laugh and Jessie shot him a look in reply. He pointed out that Aggie had never had a visitor before and Jessie pointed out they hadn't been students here long enough to make that assumption. Shawn couldn't argue with that. Ben suggested that Duggie was a council spy and the others agreed this could be possible. Gracie stated that she didn't trust Mrs. Fuller and that she was creeped out by her. Jessie agreed and the group started to ask if Kristine could be working with Aggie and Duggie against Andi and Ethan. Ethan instructed Shawn and Gracie to search her up on the magic realm's internet though this proved unnecessary after Andi and Emily and Ethan found out who Mrs. Fuller really was, Andi through Duggie, Emily through Ruby, and Ethan through Emily.

Winning over the group

Befriending Jessie was the just the beginning on Ben's journey of making it into her group of friends. He had to win over each member of the group. In the fifth chapter, Gracie and Ben bonded in an empty classroom talking about their fathers and other similarities. Gracie told Ben he had won her over by showing her he had a good hear by listening because he cared rather than because he had too since they were friends. Gracie told him she had a feeling they were going to be very close friends. Jessie told Ben later that maybe Gracie had sensed something about him that she liked.

In the eighth chapter, Ethan met up with Ben and told him he had won him over because he had kept his secret. Ben said he understood how important the secret what was at stake if anyone found out. Ben asked Ethan for tips on winning over Shawn and Emily. Ethan replied that they were the reason no one had ever made in the group before and that he had nothing for him. He wished him luck and walked away, but then came back and told him to remember that Emily was always watching and Shawn catches everything.

Every witch student: Remember me

“If this is about Gracie and I getting close, save your breath. Shawn already told me what he'll do if I hurt her, which I would never do.” Ben- Jessie.

Being a second-year wizard in training

Ben started his second year of magic training and education in the first chapter. In the second chapter, during training, Ben made a heavy wind that knocked him, Jessie, and Andi down. Jessie stopped the wind for Ben. On his second attempt to make it snow, he only manged to create one little snowflake, he was embarrassed by this. However, he did pass the first test.


In the second chapter, Jessie gave Ben some advice to help him continue wining over Shawn, and gave him some really good advice about how to win over Emily. It showed Jessie cared about Ben and wanted him to succeed in making it in the group.

Shawn was showing jealousy towards Ben because of how close he and Gracie were becoming. Despite that, Shawn allowed Ben to keep trying to win him over and he even told him he was very close to succeeding. In the second chapter, Ben shared with Shawn that if he got good grades his mother would get him a magic skateboard. Shawn shared he had had one as a child until he ran over a bird. He told Ben that he had done so many tricks as a kid. He offered to Show Ben how to have fun with magic and Ben replied he'd like that. That's when Shawn had told him he was so close to wining him over.

Times with his friends

In the second chapter, Feeling like something was wrong with Ethan, Gracie pointed out to Ethan that he hadn't shared how he was feeling about having dad back. Ethan quickly replied it was beyond amazing and bit odd and his friends could tell he hadn't told them the whole truth. Ben asked him if something had happened and Ethan shook his head in denial. Jessie asked him if he was alright because he hadn't been acting like himself all day, and Ethan replied that he had just gotten his dad back and therefore wasn't himself at the moment. He then left his friends. Shawn agreed with Hex that something wasn't right, and Emily shared that she could usually tell what was bothering Ethan and not being able to do so this time was frustrating her.

Ben's quotes

Welcome to the Academy

"It was supposed to be a cat and it was supposed to be a real one." Ben- Andi.

"Right, so just to get this all on the table, you allowed a stranger you have an odd unexplained feeling about, take your ten-year-old son and the son of your friend to another dimension, and didn't bother sharing your concerns about Luke to Shawn's mother?" Ben- Andi

"Old books are crawling with dust-mites." Ben- Andi and Jessie.

“Just don't forget, it's okay to want to find him for yourself too.” Ben- Andi

"I'm being followed by Aliens!" Ben- Andi and Kim

"Can we discuss my life choices another day?" Ben- Kim