Cameron Masters

Age- 29

Born- 1992

Species- full wizard

Status- engaged


Unnamed parents

Daughter- Isabella Masters

Daughter- Anabella Masters

Son- Noah Masters

Son- Mason Master


Ruby Fletcher- Girlfriend






Magic realm

W.I.T.S academy- 2016- 2020

Not the most trustworthy or brightest character for awhile- Cameron Masters was first introduced in the first chapter of the second book.

Every witch student: Welcome to the academy

"Clean this up and don't let me catch you using magic unsupervised again" Cameron-first-year girls

Being a council member in training

Cameron was starting his first year of council training in chapter one. On the first day he was already put to work signing in the students as they arrived. He later walked into the first year full witch girls dorm-room to catch them using magic after a duck flew at his head. He did not approve and told the young girls to clean up the mess and to not use magic unsupervised again.

Being obsessed over Ruby

Cameron had a major crush on Ruby- which she used to manipulate him into doing her homework and looking after her students. Cameron honestly believed that Ruby was interested in him like he was interested in her. In chapter seven Ruby convinced Cameron to take the blame for sending Andi and Duggie to the dark river even though hadn't done it and he was expelled from the Academy as punishment for the crime he didn't commit.

Every witch student: Remember me

Why did you want to harm your brother?” Cameron- Duggie

In the fifth chapter, Cameron came to the Academy when Ruby had asked him too. Though he felt it was wrong to help Ruby with what she wanted to do, Cameron agreed to help her. Ruby and Cameron broke into the headmaster's office and Cameron opened the password protected cabinet for her. They were caught but Cameron didn't get into any trouble.

In chapter eight, the council sent Cameron to the Academy for his second year of council training so he could act as their spy. His mission was to keep his eyes on Ruby and Andi and Luke. When Agamemnon switched sides, Cameron did as well though still pretended to be working for the council because of his desire to one day be a member of the council.

Every witch teen; Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

I don't agree. Children shouldn't be yelled at or punished.” Cameron- Ruby

Cameron and Ruby didn't agree on many things and had their fair share of fights. Yet, Cameron- in chapter twelve- purposed to Ruby with the help of their daughters. Cameron also appeared at many of the Rueda family suppers, a couple parties, and, of course, in scenes where he was at home with his family.