Desdemona and Ramona

Age- ?


both- full witches


both- single

Not missing


​Desdemona is the enemy of pretty much everyone


Council members- currently


​Magic realm



Desdemona has a sharp ignorant personality. All power goes to her head and she is nothing but nasty and cruel. Ramona is friendly and a good listener. Though she always feels trapped by the other council members.

The case of Phillip

Desdemona, Ramona came down to the mortal realm when they were informed Andi had a zombie roaming around Miami. They somehow found out it had been Emma who had brought the zombie to life and they attempted to take her powers, however were unable to. They then met Andi and warned her they were going to take away the zombie, who Andi had previously hidden after being warned by Lily. 

When Andi and Emma met up with the council and nuse Lily in the nurses office. Desdemona told Andi she had sent Phillip away and wasn't going to say where. Then during Phillip's trial Desdemona and Ramona used a crystal ball to flashback to Phillips most dangerours moments. Desdemona then declared Phillip was to dangerous, and threatended to take Andi's unborn child one it was born. However she agreed to let Andi keep the baby as long as Emma gaurented the infant would bring no harm with its zombie blood.

Every witch student: welcome to the academy

Desdemona made a single appearance in this book- chapter seven. As a council member she attended the council meeting with some other witches and wizards to discuss what could be done about the effects of the full moon which was nothing. Ramona was there as well, and this was her only appearance in the second book as well.