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Diego Rueda

Basic information

Birthdate: March eighteenth, 1990

Magical species: Kanay

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: Married

Other names

King Diego- once by Gigi


Ava Rueda

Drew Rueda

Ursula Van-Pelt (mother-in-law)

Alex Van-Pelt (father-in-law)


Ruby Fletcher (Older half-sister)

Cameron Masters (Brother-in-law)

Gigi Ryland (Fraternal twin sister.) 

Tony Ryland (Brother-in-law) 

Sophie Van-Pelt (Sister-in-law)

Nieces and Nephews

Robert Ryland (by adoption)

Shawn Ryland (biologically)

Sara Van-Pelt (by marriage)

Tommy Ryland (by adoption)

Isabella Masters (biologically)

Anabella Masters (biologically)

Noah Masters (biologically)

Mason Masters (biologically)

Gabriella Masters (biologically)

Gage Master (biologically)

Pageant Ryland (biologically)

Great nieces nephews

Shane Rueda (biologically)

Sami Van-Pelt (By marriage)


Melanie Rueda (adopted daughter)

Emily Rueda (biological daughter)


Hope Archer (biologically)

Phillip Archer (biologically)

Chance Archer (biologically)


Maddie Rueda (Wife.)


Andrea Archer

Emma Novoa

Kaitlyn Rice 

Jax Novoa

Gigi Ryland

Daniel Mille, formerly

Pete Caster, formerly

Tony Ryland, possibly 


Homeschooling (1994-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)

School team

Swim team- 2004-2006


An employee at the Seven (in high school)

Half owner of the Seven, currently

Sidekick of the chosen one, currently


Diego grew up with his fraternal twin sister Gigi with no knowledge that he had an older half-sister named Ruby Fletcher. Diego wasn't allowed to attend school and was home-schooled by his mother. This was until his first year of high school at Iridium high school where he made the swim team and began dating Maddie. At some point in childhood, he came into his Kanay magic and often used his magic to prank his sister.

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Every witch pregnancy

“I can't ever imagine not having you or our daughter in my life” Diego- Maddie


Diego was a great guy who everyone loved being friends with. As a Kanay and just because he was Diego, he was loyal and kind.

Maddie's pregnancy

Diego wasn't present when Maddie took the pregnancy test since Emma and Sophie were takings tests too. He was told later that day by Maddie that they expecting a child. In the sixth chapter, Diego was happy when he found out he and Maddie were having a daughter. With Maddie, he hosted a gender reveal party to tell their family and friends.

Diego's relationships

Maddie and Diego had sex whenever they had the chance. In the first chapter, Diego was happy when Maddie told him they were expecting even though they were only fifteen. Maddie also told Diego everything. She told him about Emma's pregnancy, about Sophie's pregnancy, and even about Katie's knowing Diego wouldn't pass on the information.

In the third chapter, Diego asked Maddie if her mom still wanted them to break up and Maddie yes but that she wouldn't. Diego told her he loved her and Maddie replied that she loved him too.

Diego and Gigi had a love-hate relationship as many siblings too. Diego snapped at his sister in the first chapter for blabbing about to Maddie's pregnancy to their parents. He then scolded Gigi for being pregnant when he was the same age as her and having a baby as well. This lead into an argument that was broken up by their parents. Later on, they made up and Diego confessed he was scared for Gigi. Gigi admitted she was scared for herself. Diego told her that no matter what happened, he was on her side.

In the second chapter, Gigi was ten minutes into Diego's bathroom time. To get his sister out of the shower, he used his Kanay magic to turn the water into freezing and painful ice cubes. Gigi lectured him and Diego apologized after realizing he could harm Gigi's unborn baby. Then one morning at school, Gigi ran up to her brother and tried to hug him but he pushed her away and then she pushed him to the side after having spotted her boyfriend.

One of Diego and Gigi's biggest disagreements was about Gigi telling Pete about her pregnancy. Pete was Diego's friend and teammate, he believed he had the right to know Gigi was pregnant. Gigi didn't want to tell Pete scared he would break up with her. The two often bickered about this until Diego finally took it upon himself and told Pete. He then had to tell Gigi what he had done and that Pete had broken up with her. Gigi was furious and told Diego she would never forgive him.

Diego and Andi became friends when they became teammates. In the first chapter, Andi confided in Diego about her pregnancy and about her fears of the council finding out and capturing Phillip. Diego ensured her she had an army behind her that included him. In the fifth chapter, Andi asked Diego about any openings at the club he works at. Diego got Andi an interview with his dad and dropped by her house to tell her.

In the eighth chapter, Andi asked Diego if they were still friends despite no longer being teammates. Diego tells her that even though they became friends by being teammates, they don't have to be teammates to be friends. Andi then learns that Diego gave up his automatic spot on the following school year's swim team so she could have it because he knows how much being on the team means to her and why. Andi was so happy she even squealed and hugged him.

Diego told Jax in the second chapter that he didn't agree with him dumping Emma, but if anyone gave him trouble for it he would have his back. In reply, Jax told him that he'd deal with anyone who bothered him. At one point, they ended up walking together as they talked about Maddie and Emma's pregnancies.

Standing up for Gigi

In the third chapter, Diego defended his sister's actions when Pete confronted him. Pete pushed him into the pool and on the way into the pool, Diego hit his head on the cement. He was dragged out of the pool by a few of his classmates and taken to Lily because he was bleeding. He luckily had only a minor cut. He was then taken home by his sister and girlfriend. Gigi thanked Diego for defending her.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Wait a minute, you're not our little Emily...our little Emily is smaller.” Diego- Emily


In the second book, Diego was a recurring character who- for the most part- seemed to have fallen in the background. Diego's two storylines were the discovery of his older sister and being reunited with his long-lost adopted daughter.


Diego was completely the same as he had been in high school. Kind, playful, and loyal.


In the second chapter, Emma informed Jax, Diego, and Gigi who had been watching a movie at the mansion that Jessie's magic had been stolen. Emma didn't listen to Jax and Diego about how Jessie had lots of people at the Academy who loved her and she should step aside to let them handle it. In the third chapter, Diego went to the Academy to visit Emily. He made a joking comment to her about how much she had grown in the short time they had been apart, then asked Emily if she had made any new friends. Emily replied she hadn't.

The discovery of Ruby

In the sixth chapter, Diego joined his parents and twin sister for lunch not knowing what he was about to learn. His mother told him and Gigi about their older half-sister Ruby who was at the Academy with their children Emily and Shawn. Ava told them they could meet Ruby if they wanted but she needed time to think about meeting her too. Diego didn't attempt to contact Ruby in this chapter. Diego met his sister in the seventh chapter when they were introduced to each other by Emily. To be polite, he shook Ruby's hands and no words were spoken between them.

Reuniting with Melanie

Six years after their almost adopted daughter had gone missing, Maddie and Diego are paid a visit by her social worker and informed she was alive and had been living in a foster home right in Miami for the past four months while being looked over by the chosen one, the council, mortal doctors, and magical doctors. During their first meeting, Melanie asked her parents if they still wanted her despite her being only a year away from being a teenager. Maddie replied of course they still wanted her because she was their daughter and they loved her. After being officially adopted, Melanie was thrown a party to celebrate her twelfth birthday and to welcome her to the family and she met all of her family members and most of the family friends. Melanie later moved in with her adoptive parents.

Every witch student: Remember me

This is how things are going to go. You can allow our daughter Emily to return to the academy for the remainder of her training and education, or you'll be living in Indore oceans for the rest of your lives! And, I'll let my wife off her leash.” Diego- the council

Chapter one

Diego was seen having breakfast at his table and he nodded to Emily when she said good morning. When dropping off his daughter Emily at the Academy, Diego hugged his daughter goodbye and told her to have fun and that he loves her.

Chapter two

Diego was visited at the club by his dad because of Melanie's cannon that had been shooting pizzas at people. Diego ensured his father Melanie had been spoken to and that it wouldn't happen again.

Chapter three

Diego picked up Emily from the Academy and brought her home for the holidays. He was then present at the supper at the Novoa mansion and later in the chapter attended his mother-in-law's Christmas Eve party.

Chapter five

While having supper with his family along with his sister, Emma, and Andi, Diego asked Melanie how her day at school had been. Melanie groaned and rolled her eyes. Gigi remarked she was definitely a teenage girl and Diego teased her by replying that she would know. Gigi retaliated by punching shoulder playfully.

Diego's quotes

Every witch pregnancy

"It just so happens my girlfriend is pregnant, and I am going to stay." Diego- Pete

"No you're just too chicken, you know what you're so chicken I should have eaten you for supper!" Diego- Gigi

"Someday someone will love you for exactly who you are." Diego- Gigi

"Gigi, what the hell were you thinking!" Diego- Gigi

“Well here's a warning, you don't want to read my thoughts right now...hint...I'm going to Maddie's after we talk,” Diego- Andi

“Oh, so you do still know how to smile. I was beginning to worry,” Diego- Andi

"If you ever need a sidekick to help kick ass you better call me." Diego- Emma.

"If I had been a good boyfriend I wouldn't have agreed to have a baby at fifteen." Diego- Maddie

"We became friends when we became teammates, but we don't have to be teammates to be friends." Diego- Andi

"I can't imagine not having you or our daughter in my life." Diego- Maddie