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Diego Rueda

Basic information

Age: 31

Birthdate: March eighteenth, 1990

Magical species: Kanay

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: Married

Nicknames and other names

King Diego- once by Gigi


Ava Rueda

Drew Rueda

Ursula Van-Pelt (by marriage)

Alex Van-Pelt (by marriage)


Ruby Fletcher (Older half-sister)

Gigi Rueda (Fraternal twin sister.) 

Sophie Van-Pelt (by marriage)

Nieces and Nephews

Robert Rueda (by adoption)

Shawn Rueda (by blood)

Sara Van-Pelt (by marriage) 

Tommy Rueda (by adoption)

Isabella Masters (by blood)

Anabella Masters (by blood)

Noah Masters (by blood)

Mason Masters (by blood)

Great-nieces and Great-nephews

Shane Rueda (through Shawn)


Melanie Rueda (by adoption)

Emily Rueda (by blood)


Hope Archer (via Emily)

Unborn grandchild via Emily


Maddie Rueda (Wife.)


Andrea Archer

Emma Novoa

Kaitlyn Rice 

Jax Novoa

Gigi Rueda

Daniel Miller- formerly

Pete Caster- formerly

Tony Ryland- possibly 


Homeschooling (1994-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)

School team

Swim team- 2004-2006


An employee at the Seven (in high school)

Half owner of the Seven- formerly 

Sidekick of the chosen one- currently

Diego Rueda has been in the series since the start. He's been a main character and a recurring character.


Diego was homeschooled from the start of kindergarten to the end of eighth grade. He was six when he came into his Kanay powers and used them to often prank his sister- who he had always had a love-hate relationship with.

Every witch pregnancy

“I can't ever imagine not having you or our daughter in my life” Diego- Maddie


Diego was a great guy who everyone loved being friends with. As a Kanay and just because he was Diego, he was loyal and kind.

Maddie's pregnancy

At fifteen years old, after trying to get his girlfriend Maddie pregnant for months, Diego learned he finally had on August seventeenth while working. He could tell by her excited face and supported her instantly by giving her a hug. Diego learned that his sister had told their mother that he had gotten Maddie pregnant, he was angry about this and snapped at her which lead to a scolding from his mom and fight with his sister.

Diego was aware that Maddie's mother wanted her to break up with him. He asked Maddie if she was going to and Maddie replied she wasn't and that her mother couldn't force her to do anything. Diego then told her he loved her and Maddie replied that she loved him as well. Eventually, wanting to solve the issues between himself and Maddie's mother, Diego went to talk to her and told her he loved Maddie and the baby and wasn't going to leave either of them. This solved the problem as Ursula gave them her blessing later that day.

Throughout most of Maddie's pregnancy, Diego didn't have much support from his parents were staying quiet while their children figured everything out for themselves. However in December Ava told Diego she supported him and Gigi, but still believed they needed to figure things out on their own. Ava suggested that Diego invite Maddie and her family over for dinner so the two families could get to know each other. Diego took the suggestion and it was mentioned to have gone well.

In Chapter five it was mentioned Diego wanted to take care of buying the baby furniture. In January 2006 Diego learned that he and Maddie were having a baby girl, he was happy about this. In February Diego told Maddie he shouldn't have agreed to have a baby so young but that he still wanted their daughter. He then helped her pick their daughter's name.

Gigi's pregnancy

Diego learned his twin sister was pregnant at fifteen in August 2005 when Gigi told him the reason she had blabbed about Maddie's pregnancy was to make their mother not mad about hers. Diego called her stupid and this led an intense argument were harsh things were said. Throughout Gigi and Maddie's pregnancies the twins got into constant fights but always made up.

Diego was friends with Gigi's boyfriend so he often got upset with her for not telling Pete she was pregnant. Eventually, Diego took it into his own hands and told Pete himself, which caused Pete to dump Gigi. Gigi was furious with her brother and stated she would never forgive him though she did later on. When Diego saw his sister publicly announce to the whole school she was pregnant, Diego scolded her. However, when it came to Pete, Diego defended his sister's actions. It was mentioned Diego had told Maddie that Gigi couldn't afford to do much baby shopping. This is what leads to Maddie using her own money to buy things Gigi's baby would need.

The birth of Emily Rose Rueda and Shawn Cannon Rueda

On April 13th, 2006 Diego was by Maddie's side during the labor and birth of their daughter Emily. He was emotional to meet his newborn baby girl and told Maddie all he wanted in life was her and their daughter. He, later on, took Emily to meet Gigi and her newborn son Shawn. While Gigi held Emily, Diego held Shawn. Gigi stated that Emily would get all the guys and in response, Diego joked she would only be allowed to date when she was forty.

Being on the swim team

Diego had been on the high school swim team since grade nine and was known as the fastest swimmer. The first time we see him at practice was in Chapter one when he walked to the pool with his teammate and friend Andi after learning she was pregnant. He seemed to get along with all of his teammates except Pete, the Ex-boyfriend of his sister who knocked her up then dumped her.

When Defending his sister's actions to Pete during swim practice, Pete pushed Diego into the school pool. This caused Diego to his head on the cement as he fell in and his head started bleeding. He was taken to the school nurse by Daniel and it later revealed to his mother that his wounds were minor, not even serious enough to need a hospital. After learning this Ava sent Diego home with Maddie and Gigi to make sure he got there alright.

In March 2006 Diego told Andi he wouldn't be on the swim team the next school year. He was supposed to have an automatic spot on the team for each of his high school years because he was the fastest swimmer on the team. The reason he wouldn't be on the team for the eleventh grade was that he had given up his spot so Andi could have it. He told her he did this because he knew how much being on the team meant to Andi as her dead parents had been on the team during their high school years.


It was mentioned Diego worked as a cashier/waiter at the all-ages club his father owned called the Seven. It was also mentioned the club would one day be passed down to him and his twin sister Gigi. The first time we saw Diego at work was when Maddie told him she was pregnant.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“Alright Maddie, let the poor kid go.” Diego- Maddie.


Diego was very emotional when he dropped his daughter Emily off at the Academy on her first day. His tears were really threatening to come down. As he said farewell to his daughter- he lost the war with his tears meaning he did start to cry. Diego then returned home with his wife- Maddie. Diego went to visit his daughter many times, and every time he had to save Emily from her overbearing mother's over-exaggerated hugs.

In chapter ten Diego was reunited with the twelve-year-old he had adopted six years before and got separated from due to Melanie going missing. He was quite surprised and very much happy to get the news Melanie had been found. He had several visits with Melanie- one of which was on her birthday- and at the end of the chapter he and Maddie finalized the adoption and they finally got to bring her home.


In chapter six Diego got the shock of his life when his mother told him and his twin sister that they had an older half-sister. Diego chose not to be mad at his mother for keeping it a secret for over twenty-seven years. Though he wasn't exactly happy to find out it was Ruby. Diego then met his sister the following month and it was uncomfortable first meeting though he was polite and shook her hand.

Being a Kanay, Diego was not affected by the full moon in chapter seven. He had been working with his sister when Maddie came in with two others holding up a commuter and announced she was going to take over the world. Diego with the help of his sister tied Maddie to a chair until Emma came to deal with her. Diego later attended the council meeting and wasn't happy to find out that there was nothing they could do but wait the full moon out.

In chapter eight Diego celebrated Christmas with his family. In chapter eleven his birthday was mentioned when Andi wrote a letter to him. Later on, in chapter eleven, he participated in the big family day at the Academy alongside Maddie and Melanie and Emily of course.

Every witch student: Remember me

“This is how things are going to go. You can allow our daughter Emily to return to the academy for the remainder of her training and education, or you'll be living in Indore oceans for the rest of your lives! And, I'll let my wife off her leash.” Diego- the council

In the second chapter, Diego was visited at the club by his father. In the third chapter, he was seen celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas day with family and friends. In the fifth chapter, Diego was seen twice having supper with family and friends. In the sixth chapter, Diego had attended Ruby's birthday gathering. In the last chapter, Diego and Maddie went to Ramona who had expelled Emily from the Academy. Diego threatened to set permanent oceans in the homes of all three council members and that he'd let his wife off her leash if Emily wasn't welcomed back to the Academy.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles.

Do you go looking for trouble or does trouble just find you?” Diego- Jessie


Diego was still the same playful and caring guy he had always been. He also seemed to take life situations a little more seriously than he did back in high school (book one.)

Family life

In the third chapter, Diego was at the hospital when his granddaughter Hope was born. He was excited to meet her and got his turn to hold her. In the tenth chapter, Diego found out his parents were getting divorced. In the sixteenth chapter, Diego found out his teenage daughter Emily was pregnant with her second child at just fifteen. In the seventeenth chapter, Diego met his great-nephew Shane on the day he was born and may have celebrated his granddaughter Hope's first birthday.

Personal life

In the second chapter, Diego and Maddie were talking about adopting a baby. Diego told her they should ask for the opinions of the friends and family members before making an official decision. Though most of their friends said they should adopt another baby, Diego and Maddie agreed their time for raising children was over and to just focus on enjoying their grandchildren. In the seventh chapter, Diego attended the wedding of his close friend Andi.

Diego's relationships

Diego and Ava

“Mom whatever it is you can tell us.” Diego- Ava

Despite Ava being a really strict mom, she seemed to have a good relationship with her son Diego. He respected her rules and listened to her advice. Ava decided to allow Diego to deal with his girlfriend's pregnancy on his own believing he should be treated like an adult if he wanted to act like one. Ava did late state he had her support. Ava also didn't let him get away with anything, that was shown when he was having an argument with his sister and she snapped at him for snapping at Gigi. She also made him come back to the table when he left without being excused.

In the second book, it seemed as though they were still on good terms. When his mother told him about his older sister Ruby, Diego remained calm and patient with her and didn't judge her for her past decisions. He was very supportive of his mother as was his twin sister and their children. 

Sixth book: Ava and Diego's relationship was the same as in previous books.

Diego and Ruby

“For once I'm not worried about leaving my daughter here because she has you.” Diego- Ruby

Ruby had hated that her birth mother had given birth to a set of twins only a year after giving her away. However, when Diego's daughter Emily reunited Ruby with her birth family, she got over that hate pretty quickly. Ruby soon after met her younger half-brother and was pretty nervous about it. Diego welcomed her into the family and made her feel welcomed. Ruby saw her brother again at Christmas and then at her own birthday party, however, didn't seem to be bonding with him or getting to know him. 

In the third book, it was discovered that the reason Diego didn't want to bond with Ruby was that he was scared he'd like her more than he likes Gigi and as a result completely replace Gigi with Ruby. In the last chapter, Diego told Ruby that he no longer had to worry about his daughter being away from him at the Academy because Emily had Ruby there to protect her. 

Sixth book: Ruby and Diego still didn't hang out but their relationship did seem to be improving. In the second chapter, Diego congratulated Ruby on her second pregnancy and later agreed with Maddie that Ruby being pregnant was hilarious because Ruby could barely manage the two kids she already had.

Diego and Gigi

“Well maybe if you stopped your mouth for once.” Diego- Gigi

Fraternal twins Diego and Gigi had always had the typical hate-love relationship. They bickered and argued quite frequently but always managed to make up in the end. Diego was also mentioned to be bossy with his sister at times. In the first book, they had many arguments surrounding Pete and their pregnancies. Then when Diego told Pete that his sister was pregnant, Gigi said she would never forgive him, and though it took her while, she eventually did. However, they weren't always in a fight. There were many times where they were quite supportive of each other, Diego comforted his sister a lot throughout her pregnancy and even stood up for her at school. At one point Gigi even told Diego she believed he would be a good father because he was already an incredible brother. 

In the second book, Diego and Gigi were much closer than when they were back in high school. They appeared to get along more, maybe because they had both grown up since high school. When Ruby came into the picture, Gigi took a likely to her, however, didn't neglect her brother.

In the third book, Gigi figured out that Diego was scared about getting to know Ruby because he didn't want to accidentally replace Gigi as his sister. Gigi told him not to worry about it and that she would let him know if she was feeling replaced. This showed that these twins were very close despite all the bickering they had done growing up.

Sixth book: In the second chapter, Diego asked Gigi if she thought he and Maddie should adopt a baby. Gigi told him it wasn't her decision to make but that she didn't see any harm in it since his two daughters were able to care for themselves for the most part being teenagers. She told him that if he and Maddie both wanted to have a baby then they should. Diego then asked Gigi if she was worried about Shawn becoming a teenage father now that he had his first crush, Gigi replied that there was no way to know but she did know that Shawn would step up if he did knock a girl up.

Diego and Maddie

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"I can't ever imagine not having you or our daughter in my life.” Diego- Maddie 

Maddie and Diego met and started dating in early grade nine, and have been truly in love ever since. On the first day of tenth grade, after months of trying, Maddie found out she was pregnant with Diego's baby. Diego was happy and supported her right away. Throughout the entire pregnancy, Diego was by her side and even solved the issue Maddie's mother had with him. Maddie had once refused to break up with Diego like her mother had wanted, and Diego dated Maddie even though he knew his mother wasn't fond of her. Diego did eventually tell Maddie he felt like a bad boyfriend because he had agreed to impregnate her at the young age of fifteen, however, agreed their love was real and strong. Then during the birth of their daughter, he was by her side, and later told her he couldn't imagine not having her and their daughter in his life. 

In the second book, Maddie and Diego were married. Their relationship hadn't seemed to change from when they were back in high school expecting Emily. In the third book, it was very much the same. Maddie and Diego didn't appear often enough to get a clear idea of what their relationship is like. However, they did seem to still be happily married and on good terms.

Sixth book: their relationship was the same. In the first chapter, Diego pointed out to Maddie that was being too much when it came to Emily's pregnancy. Maddie replied that she just wanted Emily and Ethan to be prepared. In the second chapter, Maddie suggested to Diego that they adopt a baby to have another go at fully raising a child from baby-adult. Diego wasn't sure and they made a deal to talk with their family and friends about it first. Later, on in the chapter, Maddie asked Diego if her mother had been right about her screwing up their two daughters, Diego replied that Ursula hadn't been right. They then agreed their time for raising children was over. Later on in the chapter, when Maddie stormed out of the kitchen during a family supper at Ursula's house, Diego decided to follow her out.

Diego and Andi

“We became friends when we became teammates, but we don't have to be teammates to be friends.” Diego- Andi

Diego and Andi became friends in grade nine when they became teammates. During Andi's pregnancy, Diego was very supportive of her. In fact he was one of the first people she told about her pregnancy. When she was kicked off the swim team Andi asked Diego if they were still friends, and Diego said they were. Diego even gave up his automatic spot for the following school year's swim team so that Andi could have it. He did this because he knew how much being on the team meant to her. 

In the second book, Andi and Diego were still good friends. In the second last chapter of the second book, Andi wrote to him and Gigi about how she was feeling. It appeared Andi felt like Diego was someone she could talk to and trust. In the third book, they were still good friends. Diego and Andi got together twice in chapter five to have supper together.

Sixth book:

Diego and Emma

"If you ever need a sidekick to help kick ass you better call me." Diego- Emma.

Emma and Diego met in grade nine through Maddie. They weren't friends but would stop and talk when they bumped into each other in the hallway. Even through Emma's pregnancy, she didn't talk much with Diego and it didn't seem like they were going to become close friends. However, there was a supportive conversation between them that gave the impression they were closer than we thought. Emma was feeling like giving up and Diego shared what he had first thought about her and that it was true. Then as a joke, Diego told Emma she better call him if she ever needed help with her chosen one duties, joking back Emma said she'd put him on speed dial.

Sixth book: these two were still very close and hung out often. In the second chapter, Diego agreed to let Jessie chase him around and take him down as part of her chosen one practice. Afterward, Emma thanked him and agreed he should hurry back to work if he didn't want to be late.

Diego and Jax

“I know you'll make the right decision for you in the end.” Diego- Jax

Jax and Diego met in the ninth grade when they both joined the school's swim team. Throughout Every witch pregnancy (Aka Every witch mom: the pregnancies) it wasn't clear if they were friends. Jax did invite Diego to his Christmas Party and Diego also attended Jax's birthday celebration. They could have been friends since it was mentioned they had once gotten together while their girlfriends were out with the other pregnant teen girls, Diego's sister being one of them. It seemed like they more of teammates who were semi-friends rather than really good friends who happened to be teammates. In the third book, Jax and Diego were hanging out quite a bit. It seemed as though they had become pretty good friends.

Sixth book:

Diego and Melanie

“Breaking news! I don't care! Don't correct me!” Diego- Melanie 

For years Diego never gave hope that his missing adopted daughter Melanie would come home, and six years later she did. Diego was excited and beyond happy when he was told Melanie had been found. He couldn't wait to meet her and finally bring her home. He and Maddie threw her a birthday/welcome home gathering so they could introduce her to the family and their friends who they considered to be family. Melanie, it seemed adjusted to her new family rather quickly as well. 

Like his wife, Diego seemed to let Melanie just be a kid and hang out with her friends in the third book. We can tell because during most of Diego's appearances his daughter Melanie was mentioned to be with her friends. In chapter two, Diego was visited at work by his dad regarding an explosion that had occurred at the club. Diego explained it had been an invention of Melanie's and she had been told off and banned from having her inventions in the club.

Sixth book:

Diego and Emily 

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"Wait a minute you're not our little Emily...our little Emily is smaller.” Diego- Emily 

Diego was excited about being a father throughout the entire pregnancy, despite his young age. When Emily was born he was in the hospital. He later told Gigi that Emily wouldn't be allowed to date until she was forty. It was clear he loved his little girl and would try to protect her from everything. 

In the second book, Emily was Diego's little princess and she knew it. They had a strong bond and close father-daughter relationship. Diego wasn't as protective over Emily as Maddie, however, he deeply cared about her and wanted her to have every opportunity without letting anything get in her way. 

In last night chapter of the third book, Diego threatened the council after one of the council members expelled Emily from the Academy. He threatened to turn their homes into permanent Indore oceans if they didn't allow Emily to return to the Academy and he was very careful with his words- he made sure to leave no opportunity for loopholes. Due to Diego and Maddie threatening the council, Emily was welcomed back at the Academy.

Sixth book: In the second chapter, when Ursula asked him and Maddie if they were really going to put Emily in high school where she'd be teased and bullied for being a teenage mother, Diego defended his and Maddie's decision by stating that Emily needed an education just as much as Melanie did and that Emily wanted to go to school. Sending Emily to school was a parenting situation which in Diego decided to take the risk to give Emily what she wanted rather than keep her mom despite what she wanted to do- which was to attended school.

Diego and Shawn 

“Now this little handsome devil will get all the ladies.” Diego- Gigi about baby Shawn

Diego met his nephew Shawn on the day he was born at the hospital. Throughout the second book, there wasn't much interaction between Diego and Shawn. However, it seemed as though they had a good relationship and got along. 

Sixth book: In the second chapter, it was revealed that Diego knew about Shawn's first crush because he had caught Shawn staring at Rose a few times. Though it isn't known if Shawn was aware that his uncle knew.

Diego and Sara

Sixth book:

Diego and Jessie

“No, but tonight you showed poor judgment by running away from your problems.” Diego- Jessie

Sixth book: In the second chapter, Diego helped out with Jessie's training by allowing her to practice her Kanay take-downs on him. He gave her some pointers afterwards to correct her biggest mistake.

Diego and Tommy

Sixth book:

Diego and Isy

Sixth book:

Diego and Anna

Sixth book:

Diego and Kira

Sixth book:

Diego and Hope

Sixth book:

Diego and Noah

Sixth book:

Diego and Mason

Sixth book:

Diego and Shane

Sixth book:

Diego's Quotes- Every witch pregnancy

"It just so happens my girlfriend is pregnant, and I' am going to stay." Diego- Pete

"I did what had to be done." Diego- Ava

"No you're just too chicken, you know what your so chicken I should have eaten you for supper!" Diego- Gigi

"Someday someone will love you for exactly who you are." Diego- Gigi

"Gigi what the hell were you thinking!" Diego- Gigi

"If you ever need a sidekick to help kick ass you better call me." Diego- Emma.

"If I had been a good boyfriend I wouldn't have agreed to have a baby at fifteen." Diego- Maddie

"We became friends when we became teammates, but we don't have to be teammates to be friends." Diego- Andi

Diego's quotes- welcome to the academy

“We love you baby, and we always will” Diego- Emily

“Wait a minute you're not our little Emily...our little Emily is smaller” Diego- Emily

“Mom whatever it is you can tell us” Diego- Ava Diego's Quotes- Remember me

“For once I'm not worried about leaving my daughter here because she has you.” Diego- Ruby

Secrets, crushes, struggles

“Emily and Ethan want to be in school. They need an education just as much as Melanie does.” Diego- Ursula

“Did someone call for a kanay!” Playful Diego- Emma and Jessie

“Do you go looking for trouble or does trouble just find you?” Diego- Jessie