Douglas Fletcher

Basic information

Birthdate: 1698

Original Species: Full-Wizard

Former Species: Powerless-Wizard

Current Species: Full-Wizard

Relationship status: Married

Life status: Alive


Duggie- by everyone

Brothers and sisters 

Agamemnon Fletcher (Younger brother.)

Zora Fletcher+ (Younger sister.)


Ruby Fletcher (Adopted daughter.)

Cameron Masters (Son-In-law.)


Isabella Masters (Adoptive granddaughter.)

Anabella Masters (Adoptive granddaughter.)

Noah Masters (Adoptive grandson)

Mason Masters (Adoptive grandson)


Kristine Fletcher (Wife.)


Rescued the council's captured zombies


Magic Realm 

Introduction: Duggie was an important recurring character introduced in the second book. He mostly appeared to give his daughter instructions and for meetings with his brother. He played a big role in helping Andi and her family. After the fifth book, he became nothing more than a Full-Wizard who made occasional visits to his daughter.

Background: At the age of eighteen, Duggie attempted to resurrect his friend who had drowned and as a result created the first zombie in existence. Duggie didn't inform the council that he had created a new magical species and kept the zombie. Duggie wasn't aware that his zombie had murdered his younger sister as he had been told by his mother that Zora had been killed by an evil witch. Therefore, when his brother turned him and the zombie in (to the council) which resulted in Duggie being stripped of his magic and the zombie being executed, Duggie was furious as he believed his zombie was innocent. Duggie then began his line of work: Rescuing zombies from the council. Once he'd rescue them, he'd sent them and their creators to a shielded place in the magic realm he had created called the forbidden land. There, they were able to live in peace and safety from the council. Duggie had continued working on Phillip's case after the council had dealt with Philip because of Ethan. Phillip was the first zombie Duggie had failed to save and he was also the first zombie to have ever reproduced. Duggie made it the number one job of his wife and daughter and himself because this particular zombie had a lover and child desperately looking for him. 

At some point in his adult life, Duggie married his wife Kristine. At the age of 291- in February of 1989- Duggie and Kristine brought home their adopted daughter Ruby from the hospital on the day of her birth. There was a particular reason Duggie and Kristine had adopted Ruby. It was assumed even by Ruby that the reason they had adopted her was to have another person to help with the zombie rescues. However, the real reason- which was discovered in the fifth book- was a shocking plot twist. They had adopted her because she was a Superior and they were able to handle her extreme magic strength. Duggie never allowed Ruby to learn that she was the most powerful witch in the world until she was in her late twenties and another Superior had been born.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

I don't work for you little brother.” Duggie- Aggie

The first appearance

Duggie was first introduced to the series in chapter six of the second book. He was introduced to the academy students by his younger brother Aggie. At first, the only thing known about him was that he was Aggie's brother, and he had come to the Academy to visit his brother after three hundred years of avoiding him. Not long after he had a private conversation with Kristine, who was still known as Mrs. Fuller at that point, and Ruby. It was confirmed at this point that Ruby was Kristine's daughter and it could be possible that she's also Duggie's daughter- and that was later confirmed by Ruby. During the meeting, Duggie informed Ruby and Kristine that “He” was at the academy. It wasn't clear who he was talking about and it seemed to slip his mind anyways when he clearly didn't connect the dots when he learned the council feared a student named Luke.

The Phillip case 

In chapter seven Duggie had  Ruby and Emily tel-transported him and Andi to the dark river. He took her to the zombie home and gave her some information about to place to hint that Phillip may still be alive. He was about to give Andi a clue when they were interrupted and about to be attacked by someone outside the cabin and they were saved by Ben who had come through a portal created by Jessie and her friends except Emily and Ethan. Also- While at the zombie homes- it was revealed Andi had heard aboutDuggie in one of her class because of his crime of creating the first zombie. She seemed to have decided she could trust him. 

Questioning the students to gain his magic back 

In January,- Chapter nine- Duggie returned to the Academy when he was called by his brother. At first, he turned down his brother's request to interview the academy students on what they knew about a student there named Luke Archer. However, he changed his mind and agreed to do this task if Aggie in return could get him his magic back. Duggie interviewed the students, some being: Jessie, Emily, Shawn, Gracie, Ben, and his own daughter. Having held up his end of the deal, Duggie was given back his magic that Aggie had somehow gotten from the council building- it was never explained if Aggie had actually gone to the council to get the magic and if he stole it or had been given council permission to return it to Duggie, or if Aggie for some reason had been in possession of brother's powers before making the deal and if so we, of course, don't know how long he had them. Duggie then decided he should hold back on forgiving his brother for now and use Aggie's desire for his forgiveness to one talk in him into doing a task for him. (This task occurred in the following book.)  

Every witch student: Remember me

You're uncle is a huge pain in the ass. Time to eliminate him.” Duggie- Ruby

In chapter four, Duggie came to the Academy and informed Ruby that her mission wasn't over until Luke permanently remembered who he was. Ruby wasn't happy about this. In chapter five, Duggie told Ruby something had to be done about Agamemnon because he was becoming to suspicious and learning too much. He approved what Ruby had done later on in the chapter. In chapter eight, Duggie convinced Aggie to switch sides and help Andi and Luke be together in safety from the council in exchange for his forgiveness.

Every witch student: Missing

So let me get this straight. Everyone with magical blood is going missing and you decide to add to the population?” Duggie- Ruby

Duggie appeared a few times throughout the fourth book. Mainly, to talk with his brother or his daughter. In the sixth chapter, it was confirmed to Ruby by Agamemnon that Duggie was missing.

Every witch student: The rescues and take down

She made me a teacher of seven-year-olds. What a cruel joke.” Duggie- Aggie

In the seventh chapter, Duggie was discovered by Emma to be living a false life as a second-grade teacher in a magic realm elementary school that stood on the ground his childhood home had been. In this life, he was a magic realm's second-grade teacher by the name of Mr. Fisherman. Emma cast a little spell on him that brought him back into his real life. Duggie thought it had been a very cruel joke- being cursed in a life as a second-grade teacher because his sister had been seven (second grade age) when Duggie's zombie had eaten her. He then returned to the Academy to meet his granddaughters.

In chapter eight, Duggie decided it was best to send Andi and her family to the place he had created in the magic realm known as the forbidden land. The reason being the council was still after them. He made it clear that they would not be able to return and the only people Andi could bring was Luke and their two children. Though he did give Ethan permission to take Emily along, but Emily chose to stay for her family.

In the twelfth chapter, Duggie fought in the battle against the council on Emma's side. This ended with two broken legs, two broken arms, and several head injuries. He was later cured of everything by Kira. In the following chapter, Duggie revealed to his daughter that she was a Superior- the most powerful witch in the world and informed Andi and Luke that Kira was one too. Ruby wasn't happy that her father had kept it a secret from her during her entire life.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles.

'Dealing with the wife has been so much fun since you kicked her out of our life.”''''' Duggie- Ruby


In the eleventh chapter, Duggie went to visit his daughter to meet his grandsons on the day they were born. During that time, he informed Ruby that life at home had been a nightmare for him because Ruby had kicked her adoptive mother- aka Duggie's wife- out of her life.

In the thirteenth chapter, Duggie visited his daughter again and this time forced his wife to go with him. Earlier in the chapter, he met with Andi and Luke to teach them how to more easily raise their Superior daughter. He did explain a lot of things but didn't give them any tips in the part of their conversation shown.

Every witch teen: Decisions

In the eighth chapter, Duggie walked Ruby down the aisle during her wedding.

Every witch Teen: Family

Family moments

In the first chapter, Duggie told Kristine that he didn't believe she had been honest about wanting to be in Ruby's life. He her told her that if she wanted him to keep quiet about how she had kidnapped the children, she needed to prove to him she had been telling the truth about wanting him to keep his mouth shut because she wanted to be in their daughter's life.

Duggie's quotes

Welcome to the Academy

“Yeah not a place they put in those text books of yours.” Duggie- Andi

“I will forgive you when I know I should.” Duggie to Aggie

“I don't work for you little brother.” Duggie- Aggie

Remember me

“Your job is not done until Luke permanently remembers who he is!” Duggie- Ruby

“You're uncle is a huge pain in the ass. Time to eliminate him.” Duggie- Ruby

“No Kristine. Ruby's job is done, she is now free.” Duggie- Kristine

“Get your shit together Ruby, I didn't raise you to be stupid!” Duggie to Ruby


“Oh and Ruby. When you get Emma's powers back, don't forget to steal yours back too.” Duggie- Ruby

“So let me get this straight. Everyone with magical blood is going missing and you decide to add to the population?” Duggie- Ruby

The rescues and take-down

“She made me a teacher of seven year olds. What a cruel joke.” Duggie- Aggie

“I'm not here to give you orders. I just want to meet my granddaughters.” Duggie- Ruby

“Finally, I've been waiting for this day for over three hundred years!” Duggie- Emma