Douglas Fletcher

Basic information

Birthdate: 1698

Original Species: Full-Wizard

Former Species: Powerless-Wizard

Current Species: Full-Wizard

Relationship status: Married

Life status: Alive


Duggie- by everyone

Brothers and sisters 

Agamemnon Fletcher (Younger brother.)

Zora Fletcher+ (Younger sister.)


Ruby Fletcher (Adopted daughter.)

Cameron Masters (Son-In-law.)


Isabella Masters (Adoptive granddaughter.)

Anabella Masters (Adoptive granddaughter.)

Noah Masters (Adoptive grandson)

Mason Masters (Adoptive grandson)


Kristine Fletcher (Wife.)


Rescued the council's captured zombies


Magic Realm 

Introduction: Duggie was an important recurring character introduced in the second book. He mostly appeared to give his daughter instructions and for meetings with his brother. He played a big role in helping Andi and her family. After the fifth book, he became nothing more than a Full-Wizard who made occasional visits to his daughter.

Background: At the age of eighteen, Duggie attempted to resurrect his friend who had drowned and as a result created the first zombie in existence. Duggie didn't inform the council that he had created a new magical species and kept the zombie. Duggie wasn't aware that his zombie had murdered his younger sister as he had been told by his mother that Zora had been killed by an evil witch. Therefore, when his brother turned him and the zombie in (to the council) which resulted in Duggie being stripped of his magic and the zombie being executed, Duggie was furious as he believed his zombie was innocent. Duggie then began his line of work: Rescuing zombies from the council. Once he'd rescue them, he'd sent them and their creators to a shielded place in the magic realm he had created called the forbidden land. There, they were able to live in peace and safety from the council. Duggie had continued working on Phillip's case after the council had dealt with Philip because of Ethan. Phillip was the first zombie Duggie had failed to save and he was also the first zombie to have ever reproduced. Duggie made it the number one job of his wife and daughter and himself because this particular zombie had a lover and child desperately looking for him. 

At some point in his adult life, Duggie married his wife Kristine. At the age of 291- in February of 1989- Duggie and Kristine brought home their adopted daughter Ruby from the hospital on the day of her birth. There was a particular reason Duggie and Kristine had adopted Ruby. It was assumed even by Ruby that the reason they had adopted her was to have another person to help with the zombie rescues. However, the real reason- which was discovered in the fifth book- was a shocking plot twist. They had adopted her because she was a Superior and they were able to handle her extreme magic strength. Duggie never allowed Ruby to learn that she was the most powerful witch in the world until she was in her late twenties and another Superior had been born.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

I don't work for you little brother.” Duggie- Aggie


Duggie was a new character introduced in the second book. The first thing we learn about him is that he is Aggie's older brother. He was introduced when he decided to visit his brother at the Academy despite having held a grudge against him for over hundred years. We quickly find out the truth behind his visits to the Academy and though he was not a very likable recurring character, he was an important one.


In the sixth chapter, Duggie had come to the Academy to supposedly visit his younger brother Agamemnon. He was introduced to his brothers students on the cafeteria monitor. It was mentioned at this time that Andi recognized his name but could recall from where, and that Ruby knew him and didn't look thrilled to see him. Not much later in the chapter, it was learned that he was Ruby's adoptive father and Mrs. Fuller's husband. He and Mrs. Fuller- aka Kristine Fletcher- were waiting for Ruby in her dorm room.

Ruby snapped at him, asking him why he was at the Academy because it wasn't part of the plan. Duggie replied Aggie had been ordered by the council to keep Andi away from another student. He thought this meant that someone they called “he” was there. (“He” was assumed to be a code name for Phillip.) Kristine told Ruby the council was on alert and Aggie was suspicious and that Duggie had to step in because Ruby was too focused on Ava. Ruby snapped at her mother that she was her daughter not her doll, and Kristine snapped back at her to watch her tone. Duggie told Kristine to calm down and this was the first time we learned Mrs. Fuller's first name. Kristine told Ruby that though she was their daughter and that they did love her, she was on a job that required her full attention. Ruby replied she understood and asked what she needed to do.

As planned, Duggie and Aggie were transported out of the Academy by Ruby and Emily and sent to the dark river. During their time there, they found the zombies homes and went inside. Andi learned that Duggie had created the first living Zombie 300 years ago and that his mission was to save Zombies. The only one he failed to save with Phillip. She also learned that Ruby was there to help her as was Kristine who she knew as a guest teacher by the code name Mrs. Fuller. Duggie had been about to tell her what had happened to Phillip but they were interpreted by someone outside. They were saved by Ben and some others.

In the ninth chapter, Duggie made a deal with his brother to interview his students in exchange for his magic back. During the second interview Duggie told Ruby to tell the others not to reveal anything they might know about Luke that could be suspicious because Agamemnon could be watching. Duggie regained his magic and told his brother not to call him again because he still held a grudge. Aggie finally revealed what had really happened to their deceased younger sister and asked when he would be forgiven. Duggie replied he would forgive him when he knew he should.

Every witch student: Remember me

You're uncle is a huge pain in the ass. Time to eliminate him.” Duggie- Ruby

Chapter five

Duggie paid Ruby a visit and told her she wasn't done with the case until Luke remember who he was permanently. Ruby replied he already did and Duggie agreed with Kristine that this was foolish thinking.