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Emily Rose Rueda

Basic information

Birthdate: April thirteenth, 2006

Magical species: Kanay-Witch

Life status: Alive

Relationship status: engaged

Nicknames and other names

Em- occasionally- very rare

Emmie- by Ethan and Kira

Princess- by her parents

Fire Emily- by her friends

Young lady- by Ursula


Walter and Anita Alonso (Maternal)


Ursula Van-Pelt- maternal grandma

Alex Van-Pelt- maternal grandpa

Ava Rueda- paternal grandma

Drew Rueda- paternal grandpa


Madelyn Rueda

Diego Rueda

Aunts and Uncles

Francisco Alonso- Maternal great uncle

Ruby Fletcher- Paternal aunt

Gigi Ryland- Paternal aunt

Sophie Van-Pelt- Maternal aunt

Cameron Masters- paternal uncle by marriage

Tony Ryland- paternal uncle by marriage


Melanie Rueda- older adopted sister

First cousins

Robert Ryland (By adoption)

Shawn Ryland

Sara Van-Pelt

Tommy Ryland (By adoption)

Isabella Masters

Anabella Masters

Noah Masters

Mason Masters

Gage Masters

Gabriella Masters

Pageant Ryland

First cousins once removed

Emma Alonso 

Shane Ryland

Sami Van-Pelt

Second cousins 

Jessie Novoa

Second cousins once removed



Hope Archer

Phillip Archer

Chance Archer


Ethan Archer- fiance


Ethan Archer

Jessica Novoa

Shawn Ryland

Rose Greener

Gracie Rice

Ben Sanders 

Sara Van-Pelt


Iridium elementary school 2010- 2016

W.I.T.S Academy 2016- 2020

Iridium high school 2020- 2024

High school team

Cheerleading- grades nine, eleven 


An employee at the Seven

Mortal Realm


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Emily was born into the series in the last chapter of the first book. Emily was born on the thirteenth of April in the year 2006 around one in the afternoon. She weighed six pounds and was 19.4 inches tall.

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Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Haven't you ever wanted to prank a parent but were too scared to get caught?” Emily- Ethan.


Emily was a very important main character in the second book. She was now ten-eleven years old.


Emily was a lot like her mother to say the least. She was snarky and sarcastic. She stated her opinions and stood her ground. Emily came off as quite intimidating to most people and she wasn't someone you wanted to mess with. Emily was protective of her friends and she liked getting even. She was strong-headed as well. Yet, she also had a very loving and gentle side to her when it came to those she loves. She seemed to be the most mature of her friends and the most serious of them.

Her magic training and education 

In the fourth chapter, Ruby watched Emily and Ethan cast transformation spells on a dummy not wanting to get in trouble if they failed the test. Ethan transformed it into a dog. Ethan passed his first magic test later in the chapter.


In the second chapter, Emily told Ethan's mother that she and Ethan had been caught making-out and were being expelled. She had told Andi this to embarrass and trick Ethan into admitting to his mother about Ruby's mistreatment towards him and Emily. Andi was completely shocked and Ethan highly embarrassed. Ethan cleared up straight away that it wasn't true and told his mother about Ruby's mistreatment Andi told them she would talk with Ruby about it. Also in the second chapter, Ethan took part in Jessie's revenge against Ruby.

In the second chapter, Emily along with Ethan participated in carrying out Jessie's revenge against Ruby. This was after Emily had retrieved Jessie's stolen magic from Ruby and returned it to Jessie. When Ethan accidentally teleported Ruby away unable to teleport her back, Emily took the blame alongside Ethan and Jessie. Emily told Andi a portal would need to be opened to rescue Ruby, and though her Kanay nor her witch magic was strong enough to open portals yet, she believed Jessie would be able to...but she was wrong. Later in the chapter, Emily believed she could hear Ruby in the atrium's fountain, Emily took off her shoes and socks and stepped into the fountain not caring that she was being stared at. Emily was then sucked through the concrete bottom and ended up in the same place as Ruby. She along with Ruby was soon after rescued by Andi. Emily took part in the spy club against Ruby in the fourth chapter. Her role was spying on Ruby and reporting back to Ben, Gracie, and Shawn about what Ruby said, or did that may help bust her.

In the fifth chapter, Ruby found out that the name of Emily's grandmother was the same name as her birth mother, and she told Emily this. Emily asked her if she had younger siblings, and Ruby replied she had two younger siblings who were twins. Emily informed her of who her father was and that his twin sister had a son. Later in the chapter, Ruby told Emily to call her grandmother and find out for sure, Emily did and the chapter ended right before Emily gave her the news that they were in-fact aunt and niece.

In the sixth chapter, under the influence of Halloween, Jessie pranked Emily. Normally, Emily would have found it funny and prank her back but Emily- under the influence of Halloween- was angry. She challenged Jessie to a magic duel and Jessie agreed. As the duel started, Ethan tried to convince them to stop and then he jumped in to save Jessie from Emily's spell. Ethan was hit by the spell and had to be brought to the hospital. Emily and Jessie later apologized to each other.

The mission

In the second chapter, Emily asked Ethan if he and his mother had started looking. Ethan told her that his mother said they should wait a while Emily went on to tell him to remember the three C's “Be cautious and careful or you'll get caught.” She then told him it was all about timing and that his mother knew what she was doing, and Ethan agreed. Later in this chapter, Ethan got impatient and broke into Aggie's office to look for information on his father but this is a bust.

In the fourth chapter, Ethan told his mother that they before, he had gotten to the computer lab with Emily hoping to find some clues or answers but it had been another dead end.

In the sixth chapter, Ethan planned a mission session with his friends. He told Ben they would be checking classrooms to see if the teachers had information. He assigned Jessie and Emily to the library to check out the books in the last two rows. He assigned Shawn and Emily to the computer lab to attempt breaking into council records or searching people tied to Phillip. This plan didn't happen because Emily and Ethan ended up with Ruby while the others rescued Andi and Duggie from the dark river.


Andi seemed to have a good relationship overall with Emily- the daughter of her friends Diego and Maddie. In the first chapter of the second book. Emily lied to Andi by telling her that Jessie's missing magic had been an accident caused by a bad removal spell for a shirt stain by a dorm mate. Though she hadn't fully believed Emily, she took her word for it.

In the third chapter, Andi found out by Ruby that Emily had lied to her about what had happened to Jessie's magic and confronted her for lying about it. Emily replied that she was surprised that she hadn't figured it out on her own after she and Ethan had gotten Ruby's revenge, and Andi told her not to be smart with her. Emily apologized and pointed out that Jessie didn't even hold a grudge about it anymore and that it was in the past now. Andi told her she wasn't going to turn Ruby in but that next time Ruby committed a crime, she needed to be honest about it.

Ruby almost immediately tried to shoo Ethan and Emily away after meeting them in the first chapter, but Emily insisted she tell them something about herself after Ethan convinced Emily to give her a chance. Ruby told them her middle name and that she was adopted a birth, then closed the door in their faces for the second time. In the second chapter, it became known that she didn't treat Ethan and Emily very nicely.

In the sixth chapter, Emily offered for them to start acting like family if she wanted that. Ruby replied that would be great. In the ninth chapter, Ruby and Emily shared their first real bonding moment. They were using Emily's Kanay powers to turn themselves into other people and in those people's voices did ridiculous and hilarious impressions of them.

Ethan and Emily were without a doubt the closest of friends. Ethan liked that Emily was always on his side but only agreed with him when he was right. She also kept his feet on the ground and kept him in line. They were almost always together and had the strongest bond. In the first chapter, Ethan joined Emily and her family for breakfast. When Ethan had arrived, Emily very excitedly greeted him at the front door with a hug. During the breakfast, he told Emily's mother that he was excited to get his father back as this was the reason Ethan and his mother were going to attend the Academy. Emily ensured him that he would get his father back. Ethan smiled at her in reply.

In the third chapter, Emily told Ethan she had gotten a letter from her mother and that her mother had remembered to ask if she and Ethan had kissed yet. Ethan offered to kiss Emily if she wanted to get her first kiss over with. Emily was hesitant at first believing first kisses were meant for someone you liked romantically. So, Ethan suggested they consider it their practice first kiss and Emily agreed so that they could have the satisfaction of doing what everyone wants them to do without them knowing. They asked each other if the other was nervous, and though both of them said no, they did hesitate to kiss for a moment. After their ten second kiss, Ethan asked her if it had been a big deal, Emily said she had liked it a lot but still wasn't in love with Ethan. They then shared a hug. Though they were supposed to tell anyone about their kiss, Emily crashed under the pressure of keeping it quite and told their friends

In the fourth chapter, Despite being supposed to wait until it became more problematic, Emily told Ethan what his mother was up too. After Ethan read his letter from Emma with Emily beside him, Emily told him Emma would take care of everything. Ethan replied that there were some things that even Emma couldn't fix. Emily rested her head on his shoulder and Ethan wrapped an arm around her. It was something about their relationship that had started in their toddler years. Whenever the other was going through something rough, they would just take a few minutes to cuddle in means of showing their support. Whenever they were close like this, they always felt loved and needed, and they both loved feeling this way. (In childhood, Emily had often given Ethan fake bad news just so they could cuddle. Ethan had never figured it out that Emily did this- and she didn't do it anymore.)

In the fifth chapter, Emily told Ethan about Ruby having magic but Ethan didn't believe her. This caused Emily to get upset with him and storm off. Shawn told him to never argue with a girl unless he wanted drama.

First-Cousins Emily and Shawn were quite close and spend lots of time together as they belonged to the same group of friends. In the second chapter, Emily believed she could hear Ruby in the atrium's fountain, but Shawn didn't believe her and makes fun of her by saying “Yeah, sure, Emily and I can hear the king and queen in the walls.” When Emily took off her shoes and socks and stepped into the fountain to prove it, Shawn asked her if she was crazy or just plain weird.

In the fifth chapter, Emily helped Gracie with her homework. Later in the chapter, Emily woke up to Gracie snuggled up to her.

Emily was beyond excited to be reunited with her sister in the tenth chapter, and she introduced her to everyone she knew at the Academy.

Times with her friends

In the second chapter during breakfast, Jessie told her friends that her magic was home and straight away got their support and concern. Emily asked her what she had been doing up at four in the morning and Jessie tried to hide it but Emily knew her too well. Emily could tell she had been plotting a prank. The boys were the first to realize it had been Emily who was Jessie's target. Then, Gracie called her out. Emily found it amusing, Jessie told her she hadn't wanted to do it to someone who would get her in trouble. Emily told Jessie she couldn't believe she would do that. Jessie pointed out this was coming from the girl who told Ethan's mother that she and Ethan had been caught making-out and were going to be expelled just so Ethan would admit to his mother about Ruby's mistreatment towards him. Emily and Ethan's faces turned red and Shawn asked when this had happened. Shawn asked if they had actually been caught making-out, and Ethan's reply was, “no of course not.”

Gracie asked Ethan and Emily if they had ever kissed before, Emily said no and that they were just friends. Shawn revealed that Ben had kissed Jessie which embarrassed Jessie. Emily asked Shawn if he was sure, and Shawn reported that he and Gracie had been there when it had happened. Gracie went on to ask Jessie if this gad been her first kiss and Jessie replied no. She glanced at Shawn and their friends took notice. Shawn informed it had happened when they were little kids. Emily pretended to be offended that she hadn't known about this. Shawn was surprised Emily hadn't known about it since their parents had talked non stop about it for a month after it had happened. Emily shrugged to say she didn't know why she hadn't known about it.

In the fourth chapter, Ethan was having a freakout when Emily told him about Jessie dropping out and asked her why she didn't stop her. Emily replied there was nothing she could do because Jessie was pissed off. Shawn gave her a look and pointed out that Jessie makes impulsive choices when she's angry. Shawn then told Emily she should have done something. Emily closed her and eyes and took a deep breath. She insisted there was nothing she could have said or done to change Jessie's mind. Gracie sided with Emily pointing out that they all knew how Jessie could be when she was angry or upset. Shawn and Ethan nodded. Shawn went on to ask Emily what they should do. Emily said they should support her and say farewell. Ethan gave Emily a look because he knew she wouldn't just sit by and do nothing. Emily then told them the real plan was to wait until Jessie had cooled off then call her and straighten her out. Her friends agreed with the plan. As a joke, Shawn told Ethan that his mother was becoming a real problem as she was the one who had set Jessie off. Ethan replied he knew but hadn't sounded like was joking when he said it.

In the fifth chapter, the kids met up to complete homework together. Emily and Ethan were late, and Emily explained they had been caught up with Cameron. Jessie suggested they start with their Kanay research assignment, but Shawn complained they'd have to move all of their things to the computer lab when they had just set up in the rec room. Emily waved her hands at him and pointed out that she was the daughter of a Kanay and had Kanay powers and could give them enough information. Jessie asked her friends who was in favour of letting Emily do it all while the rest of them hand fun, Shawn, Gracie, and Ethan raised their hands. Emily quickly clarified she would not be writing out all of their assignments and that they had a tone more homework.

Also in the fifth chapter, Jessie introduced Ben to her friends to start him off in joining the group. Ben was very shy. Gracie invited him to join them for their evening meal. Jessie said he would.

Every witch student: Remember me

You don't always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breath, trust, let go, and see what happens.” Emily- Ethan


Emily had light-blonde hair and dark-brown eyes as well as milky white skin.

Being a second-year witch in training

Emily started her second year of magic training and education in the first chapter.


In the second chapter, Ethan chased after Emily who snapped at him she wanted to be alone. Ethan then refused to continue practicing his weather spells because Emily wasn't around, even though he had been doing his spells perfectly unlike Emily. It was mentioned he hadn't left Emily's side all day.

Having noticed Ethan was clinging to Emily like glue, Jessie asked Emily if she thought Ethan had a crush on her. Emily replied no and explained that Ethan attached himself to her whenever he was hurt or upset by someone he loves. This made Emily believe Luke may have unintentionally hurt or upset Ethan. Jessie suggested maybe Ethan just didn't like that Luke was his father. Emily disagreed since Ethan and Luke became best friends before knowing they were father and son. Emily then realized Jessie may be right when Jessie pointed out that just because Ethan liked Luke as a friend doesn't necessarily mean he likes him as his father.

Later in the second chapter, Emily managed to get Ethan to confess what was bothering him. Emily snapped at Ethan to give Luke some slack because he was trying. Ethan yelled at her to shut up because she didn't know, and Emily did not take kindly to the way Ethan had talked to her. Ethan had never talked to Emily with such anger and disrespect before. Ethan told Emily that Luke wasn't his father, Phillip was and that Luke's body hadn't helped make him. Emily was grossed out by this and pointed out she knew how babies are made. Ethan came clean about how he bothered that he technically had his dad back but biologically he his dad wasn't his dad anymore, and Emily comforted him with a hug.

After having talked with his mom, Ethan turned to Emily for advice on what to do about his father. With Emily's help, Ethan realized he and Luke had bonded before they had even known they were father and son and were best friends. He decided he wasn't going to lose his dad again after everything he and his mother had gone through to find him. He started coming up with ways to bond with Luke more and Emily stopped him. She told him that instead of making a plan maybe he should just step back and see what happens, and Ethan agreed with her.

Ethan freaked out at Emily in the fifth chapter, by throwing a chair and her brand new cell phone, he blamed her for her moving have been right then realized it wasn't her fault and immediately apologized. He then fixed her phone with a spell and returned it to her. Emily seemed to have forgiven him instantly as had his other friends.

Later in the chapter, Ethan tucked Emily into bed after she had fallen sleep on him in the rec room. Emily asked Ethan to stay with her and though Ethan knew it was against the rules for boys and girls to sleep in the same room let alone the same bed, Ethan agreed and climbed onto Emily's bed and laid beside her. Ethan even fell asleep.

Times with her friends

In the second chapter, Feeling like something was wrong with Ethan, Gracie pointed out to Ethan that he hadn't shared how he was feeling about having dad back. Ethan quickly replied it was beyond amazing and bit odd and his friends could tell he hadn't told them the whole truth. Ben asked him if something had happened and Ethan shook his head in denial. Jessie asked him if he was alright because he hadn't been acting like himself all day, and Ethan replied that he had just gotten his dad back and therefore wasn't himself at the moment. He then left his friends. Shawn agreed with Hex that something wasn't right, and Emily shared that she could usually tell what was bothering Ethan and not being able to do so this time was frustrating her.

In the fifth chapter, Shawn guessed Ethan had spent the night with Emily and so Ethan confirmed it. He then teased them about it over breakfast. Emily told Ethan she had thought only girls gossiped. Shawn replied by dramatically waving his arms and stating that he was pretty sure he was a guy. It was no secret that Shawn, like his mother, loved to gossip.

Emily's quotes

Welcome to the Academy

"I will not take part in such childish behavior." Emily- herself

“What did you do that for? I thought my tone of voice indicated I don't' like her.” Emily- Andi

"You little brat! You were going to pull a prank." Emily- Jessie

"I just love your revenge plots. What fun do we get to have today?" Emily- Jessie

"Haven't you ever wanted to prank a parent but were too scared to get caught?" Emily- Ethan.

"Haven't you gotten rid of that guy yet?" Emily- Ruby about Cameron.

"That's right! I am the most powerful witch in the academy!" Emily- Jessie

“Best friends never quite forgive each other for what happened when they were five.” Emily- Jessie

"Do you know you're talking to, like excuse me, I'm Maddie Van-Pelt, maybe you've heard of me!" Emily- Ruby mimicking her mother Maddie.