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Emily Rose Rueda

Age- 10

Born- April 13th, 2006

Species- kanay-witch

Life status- Alive


Ursula Van-Pelt- maternal grandma

Alex Van-Pelt- maternal grandpa

Francisco Alonso- great uncle

Ava Rueda- paternal grandma

Drew Rueda- paternal grandpa

Maddie VanPelt- mother

Diego Rueda- father

Gigi Rueda- aunt

Sophie Van-Pelt- aunt 

Sara Lauren- first cousin

Shawn Rueda- first cousin  ​

Emma Alonso- first cousin once removed

Jessie Novoa- second cousin



Ethan Cruz

Jessie Novoa

Shawn Rueda

Gracie Rice


. Faith- temp


The council

Program- witch in training

Year: One 


Mortal realm



Emily- a child much like her mother- was born into the series in the last chapter of the first book. She was an important character for the most part. She wasn't as much of a fan favourite as her mother however was pretty close sharing a lot of her mother's personality. 

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Emily was born in the last chapter of every witch pregnancy. She was born on April 13th 2006 at a hospital in Miami around one in the afternoon. She was the third of the babies to be born. She greeted warmly by her parents, maternal grandparents, and paternal grandparents.

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Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"That's right, I am the most powerful witch in the academy!" Emily- Jessie

Being a witch in training

In chapter one Emily started her magic training and education at the Academy. She was given her guardian- Ruby Fletcher- and her teammate- Ethan Cruz.