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Emma Novoa 

Basic information

Birthdate: April second, 1990

Magical species: Full-Witch

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: Married


Skin- Hispanic skin tone

Hair- Chocolate brown 

Eyes- Dark-brown


Emma Alonso- maiden name

Emma Novoa- married name

The chosen one, formerly- Magic title

Em- mostly by Andi but not only by her

Old lady- once by Jake 

Auntie Emma- by Kira

Honey- by Jax


Walter Alonso (paternal grandfather.)

Anita Alonso (paternal grandmother.)


Francisco Alonso 

Maria Alonso, deceased

Jake Novoa (Father-in-law.)

Liana Novoa (Mother-in-law.)

Aunts and Uncles

Ursula Van-Pelt (paternal aunt.)


Andrea Archer (foster sister, formerly)

First Cousins

Madelyn Rueda (biologically)

Sophie Van-Pelt (biologically)

First cousins once removed 

Melanie Rueda (By adoption)

Emily Rueda (biologically)

Sara Van-Pelt (biologically)

First cousins twice removed

Hope Archer (biologically)

Phillip Archer (biologically)

Sami Van-Pelt (biologically)

Chance Archer (biologically)


Jessica Novoa 


One unborn 


Jax Novoa (Husband.)


Andrea Archer

Madelyn Rueda

Kaitlyn Rice 

Diego Rueda

Gigi Ryland

Kimberly Sanders 


Lily Foster (temporary and permanent) 

Unnamed Academy guardian, formerly


Iridium elementary school (1994-2000.)

W.I.T.S Academy (2000-2004.)

Iridium high school (2004-2008.)


The chosen one, formerly

Mortal realm Residence 

Miami, Florida, currently

Magic realm Residence 

W.I.T.S Academy- formerly

Magical belongings 

Enchanted mirror 

Hex- enchanted magic book

First introduced in the first book, Emma managed to keep her position of being an important and for the most part main character throughout the series. Even when she wasn't the chosen one anymore, Emma still helped her daughter and was often included in meetings with the council, Superiors, and the chosen one.


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Emma had been just a few days old when she developed not only her regular strength magic but also her chosen one strength magic. Due to being the chosen one, Emma was attacked on a regular basis during her childhood by evil witches, wizards, and Kanays. She did attend Iridium elementary school like other children and grew up playing with her best friend Andi, her cousins Maddie and Sophie, and later on with her good friend Katie.

In July 2000, when Emma had been just ten-years-old, her mother was murdered in the family home. Emma and her mother had been home alone scrap-booking at the kitchen table when an evil witch named Erica broke in. Maria instantly sent Emma upstairs and fought with the witch. Maria had managed to knock Erica out which gave her just enough time to say goodbye to her daughter and give her instructions and life advice. Maria knew she had to distract Erica while Emma escaped and she knew what it would cost. At the council building, Emma was later informed that her mother had been murdered by Erica and that Erica was now in Limbo awaiting her trial.

Emma hadn't had much time to mourn the death of her mother since she was forced by the council to attend W.I.T.S Academy two months after the death for her magic training and education. The reason was she no longer lived with a parent who had magic and she was at the age where her magic training and education was to begin. She went with her cousin Maddie to the Academy met her future husband Jax though he was expelled after just three months and they hadn't become friends.

In June 2004, Emma graduated from the Academy and over that summer took on her chosen one responsibilities. In August 2004, Emma started ninth grade at Iridium high school. She soon began dating Jax and hung out only with Jax and Andi- occasionally with Daniel Miller as well.

At some point in ninth grade, Emma used her magic to bring a virtual zombie out of a video game to save him from being blasted to pieces in the game by Jax who had lost control of his character. Emma allowed Andi to keep Phillip and took it upon herself to teach him how to live in the mortal world and helped keep him a secret from the council.

Every witch pregnancy

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"I wouldn't go back, in life you have to move forward no matter what." Emma- friends


Emma was kind and supportive, she always wanted to do the right thing. She was also extremely loyal. However, she was also very stressed out and emotional throughout her pregnancy.

The loss of her mother

It was said that Emma had been very close to her mother Maria and there were many hints that proved that. Five years later, the loss of her mother still pained Emma. She sometimes hated seeing her reflection as it would remind her that her mother was gone and was missing out on what was going on in her life.

Emma's personal life

With her mother deceased, her father not speaking to her, and her broken relationship with her cousins and aunt, Emma felt lonely in the second chapter. In the fifth chapter, Emma was visited by her mom on the night of Christmas day and got all of her questions answered during their short visit.

In the fifth chapter, Emma was invited to live in the Novoa Mansion with her boyfriend and his parents and was overjoyed. It was decided she would move in with them a week or two before the baby's due date.

Emma's life as the chosen one

In the second chapter, Emma skipped class to avoid her father and went to see Lily who told her that she and the council had agreed that Emma should put aside her chosen one duties, besides attending council meetings, during her pregnancy to avoid Emma and the baby getting hurt. Emma was disappointed to have to let this part of her life temporarily go, but understood why she had too and didn't complain or argue.

In the fourth chapter, Emma was visited by the council late at night and called Andi over. Emma went unpunished for the crime of bringing Phillip the zombie to life. She tried using her chosen one status to order the council to leave Phillip and Phillip and Andi's unborn child alone, but the council just laughed in her face. Emma then teleported them out of her house not caring where they would end up and knowing they would be furious with her and that they would be back.

Later in the chapter, Emma requested a trial for Phillip after the council captured him. She lost his case but did manage to save Andi's unborn child from being taken away by promising to personally ensure the child would remain harmless and would fit in with the mortal world. By doing this, she had become responsible for his fate. After the trail, Emma tried finding Phillip using a location spell which failed. She kept trying different spells until her magic was too drained and Andi stopped her.

Emma's underage pregnancy

Emma and Jax had been sexually active for nine months when Emma had found out she was pregnant at fifteen. She had been on the pill and Jax had occasionally used condoms. In the first chapter, Emma had gone to the school nurse believing she could be pregnant because she had been getting splitting headaches and morning sickness daily over the past week. Before school, Emma acted casual around her father and forced herself to eat not wanting her dad to be suspicious that something was going on with her. Emma took a pregnancy test before the first class on her first day of tenth-grade and found out she was pregnant. Emma stood there frozen as her cousin screamed and hugged her. She had a million thoughts running through her mind but couldn't make sense of any of them.

Emma admitted to Andi that she had never even wanted kids and there was nothing good about her pregnancy. When her father found out about the pregnancy, he yelled at Emma and didn't care about what she had to say. He grounded her and he threatened to kick her out if she decided to keep her baby. He gave her until the end of her pregnancy to decide. She was later on dumped by Jax. These two things made Emma believe the universe wanted to have an abortion but she was actually wanting to keep her baby.

Emma hadn't had a period during her pregnancy where she had thought about her options. It seemed as though at first that she was going to give the baby up for adoption because she told Andi she didn't want children, but Emma had never actually given any thought to giving her baby up for adoption or having an abortion. Emma's first decision was to keep her baby and this was the only decision she went with. Though at times she questioned if she should keep her baby, she never actually mentioned nor said anything about thinking of adoption or abortion. The first time Emma said she wanted to keep her baby was when Lily asked her what she wanted to do, but Emma said she hadn't been sure. In the second chapter, Emma told her cousins, best friends, and the other two pregnant girls that she wanted to keep her baby but hadn't made that choice official. In the third chapter, Emma made it official that she was keeping her baby.

In the third chapter, Emma was suffering from cramps and migraines. In the fourth chapter, Emma's hormones were all over the place and it was mentioned that she didn't care what the gender of her child was. In the sixth chapter, Emma found out she was pregnant with a daughter through a traditional witch gender reveal prepared by Lily. She was happy to find out she was having a little girl. Emma hosted a gender reveal party with her family and friends on the weekend.

Emma's relationships

Lily had been Emma's guardian since Emma was a newborn, and over the years the two had become as close as mother and daughter. In the first chapter, Emma had her pregnancy confirmed by Lily and couldn't look her in the eyes because she was consumed with guilt and shame. To avoid Jax one morning, Emma went to see Lily at her office and confided in Lily about not being able to face her father or Jax. Lily had been the one who told Emma's dad about the pregnancy. She did apologize to Emma, but Emma told her she wasn't upset with her because she had been just trying to help and had no way of knowing how badly Francisco was going to react.

Lily asked Emma what she wanted to do about the baby. Emma replied she was thinking she wanted to keep the baby but would have nowhere to live if she did. Lily offered to take her and the baby in if Emma did decide to keep her baby and needed a place to stay. In the third chapter, Emma told Lily she was keeping her baby and got her support.

Throughout most of Emma's pregnancy, Francisco gave her the silent treatment and most of the time they did talk, it turned into a fight. This started in the second chapter when Francisco decided to stop driving Emma to and from school despite working at the high school his daughter attended. However, in the fifth chapter, Francisco put aside his grudge to carry-out his and Emma's Christmas tradition of watching old home movies from the time Emma's mother was still alive. At the end, he told Emma that no matter what, she was still his daughter and he would always love her. Emma replied that she knew that. Starting in the next chapter (chapter six) it was back to the silent treatment.

In the seventh chapter, Emma asked her dad if he thought her mother would have liked her to name the baby after her. Francisco told Emma that her mother would have been ashamed of her and disappointed in her and she wouldn't have supported her. Emma told him he was wrong and when he asked how she'd know that for sure, Emma told him that her mother had visited her as a spirit on Christmas night. Emma went too far by saying “I wonder why she didn't stop by your room too.” This comment upset Francisco so much that he told her to as her boyfriend's family if she could move in earlier than planned- if she could move in at the end of that week. She did get that invitation but didn't move out until the original date.

It was mentioned that Emma never went to her aunt's house if she wasn't there to hang out with her cousins, and therefore never went to just visit her aunt even though she could have if she wanted too. Ursula was the second adult to support Emma through her teenage pregnancy and her support helped Emma a lot with making her decisions and staying positive. In the second chapter, Ursula gave Emma a ride home from school and lectured Emma's father after hearing from Emma how he had been treating her due to her underage pregnancy. Ursula told Emma that if she ever needed her all she had to do was call.

When Emma had found out about her pregnancy, she didn't want Jax to know. Being around him while he didn't know was very awkward for Emma to the point where she even once avoided him by going to see Lily. Emma managed to act casual when around him by kissing him and holding his hand as she had done before her pregnancy. Emma even joined Jax and his parents for an evening meal at the mansion Jax and his parents lived in. Towards the end of the first chapter, Jax had started noticing that Emma had been distant from him and their kisses didn't feel the same way. He wasn't going to bring it up and he didn't have to. Emma finally told him about the pregnancy, and Jax dumped her on the spot saying their child would be better off without him and that he wasn't ready to be a father. Emma was hurt.

In the third chapter, Jax asked Emma for her forgiveness and for a second chance. At first, Emma didn't believe him. She thought maybe his mother was making him take responsibility for his actions. Though hesitant, Emma decided to give him a second chance if he proved he deserved one. Jax promised he would prove it. Emma was also happy and excited that Jax had come back and knew she had to be cautious and couldn't get her hopes up.

In the fourth chapter, after attending their first ultrasound together, Emma agreed with Jax that he had proven he deserved a second chance. She asked him where their relationship now stood and Jax replied that he wanted them to get back together. Emma was hesitant. Jax pointed out it would good for the baby if her parents were together, and that they were great together and hadn't had any issues in their relationship before the pregnancy. Emma said she wanted to get back together with him but wasn't sure knowing it could end badly. Jax asked her how she planned on having a future if she wasn't willing to take any risks. This convinced Emma to get back together with him and see how it went- or in other words, got back together with him on a trial basis.

In the first chapter, Emma had wanted to get her pregnancy confirmed with Andi by her side, but couldn't because she had promised her cousins to support them while they supported her as they got their pregnancies confirmed. When Emma did find out about Andi's pregnancy, she was just as shocked as Andi was. Emma told Andi she was also pregnant and when Andi said she was sorry, Emma jokingly replied that she had nothing to be sorry for since she hadn't been the one who knocked her up.

It wasn't often that Emma and Andi fought or even argued, in fact, it was extremely rare. In the third chapter, they had an argument. Andi shared with Emma that she was keeping her baby and Emma agreed she'd be a good mother. Emma then told Andi that she was keeping her unborn child as well and was shocked that Andi didn't instantly agree. Emma was then offended by Andi when Andi pointed out that being a single mother wasn't going to be easy and that for Emma's dad it had been different because he had only become a single dad when Emma had been old enough to look after herself. Emma started giving Andi a hard time about who would look after her baby and that Phillip might try to eat the baby. They then quickly let go of their argument when Emma pointed out the risk of the council finding out about Phillip and the baby. Emma promised to help Andi keep him safe and Andi replied that she already was.

In the fourth chapter, Andi was staying with Phillip at all times while he was in hiding. Eventually, Emma had to step in and convince her to go to school before she lost her mind in that small cabin waiting for disaster to happen. After Phillip was captured and Andi was brought to Emma's house, Andi yelled at Emma for having insisted she attend school that morning.

Emma and her cousin Maddie had been super close growing up, but at the start of tenth grade, they were barely on speaking terms. It wasn't known why right away, in the seventh chapter we learned they had drifted apart when they had started high school. In the first chapter, Emma and Maddie got their pregnancies confirmed together. Maddie was happy for Emma when her pregnancy was confirmed. She screamed and hugged her. Emma had no reaction to Maddie's pregnancy aside from being the one who had given her the results. Emma agreed with Andi that Maddie sometimes made it hard to believe she had once been sweet and innocent, though Emma said they had all changed since elementary school.

In the second chapter, Emma almost asked her cousins to wait for her so they could walk to school together but didn't. Also in this chapter, Emma found Maddie outside the cafeteria looking upset and asked her what was up. Maddie informed her that she had encountered the memory of her father's abandonment the night before. Emma comforted her with a hug knowing how much this memory affected her.

While walking to school with her cousins in the third chapter, Emma told Maddie that had dreamed about mother's murder. She suggested that the stress of the pregnancies was the cause since Maddie had previously dreamed of her worst memory. Maddie told Emma she was sorry to hear that she had relieved that memory and agreed with her thoughts on the cause. Later on, Maddie asked Emma if she was going to keep her baby and was quite happy to find out she was. She stated that their babies were going to grow up together and be close and then walked away before Emma could point out that they didn't even get together.

Emma and Katie had once been good friends in elementary school, however, at the start of tenth grade they weren't friends anymore. The reason was never really explained. In the first chapter, Emma found Katie crying in the bathroom and asked her if she wanted to talk. Katie confided in Emma about her rape and pregnancy. Emma let her know she wasn't alone by telling her about her pregnancy and that her father and boyfriend didn't know. Katie asked her if things would get better and Emma replied she hoped they would. They then share a hug- both girls were crying. Later on in the chapter, Katie joined Emma for lunch at school to thank her for talking with her and comforting her in the bathroom.

In the second chapter, the girls shared another personal moment at the park. Katie confided in Emma about second-guessing the abortion because it wasn't something she had ever seen herself doing. Emma asked her if she had talked to anyone about this and Katie replied that she hadn't.

In the fourth chapter, Emma was surprised when Gigi paid her a visit at her house. Gig asked Emma to help her with an art project that required her to make a scrapbook knowing Emma made scrapbooks. Emma showed Gigi some of her scrapbooking pages and they bonded as they talked about Emma's mother. They even hugged. It was said that they had felt like sisters in that bonding moment. In the following chapter, Emma spent a lunch break helping Gigi with her scrapbook and had even brought her personal scrapbooking supplies for Gigi to use.

Emma's relationship with the group

Emma was currently best friends with Andi and had been close with Maddie during childhood, she had also been friends with Katie in elementary school. She had no relationship with Gigi. However, the only one of the group yet to be made that she was still close to and was still friends with was Andi. She had drifted away from her cousin and Katie.

In the second chapter, a misunderstanding happened in the hallway. Katie- who had been walking with Maddie and Sophie- waved to Emma. Emma waved back to her and Maddie thought she had been waving at her, so she waved back to Emma. Emma thought about striking up a conversation with them but went against it. She changed her mind while walking away but it was too late, Maddie and Katie had disappeared with Sophie.

The first time the whole group hung out was in the second chapter during a school lunch period. Maddie was already going to eat with Katie- along with Sophie- and Diego had asked her to invite Gigi to join so she did. She bumped into Emma and Andi outside the cafeteria and decided to invite them to her lunch party and they accepted. Emma talked with the girls about their so far baby decisions and got to see Gigi punch a girl in the nose for calling Maddie a slut. Gigi said she had done it for them all.

In the third chapter, Katie had invited all of the pregnant girls to her house. They hung out in her bedroom and talked about who the temporary guardians of their children would be. In the next chapter, Emma hosted a sleepover with the pregnant girls at her house but there wasn't a whole lot of talking as they went to sleep pretty early on.

In the fourth chapter, Emma helped Maddie and Andi hide Phillip in an abandoned cabin in the woods and stayed with him while Andi attended a swim meet or practice. After being informed by the council that Phillip had been captured, Emma along with Maddie went looking for Andi who they found in the cabin unconscious. Emma and Maddie brought Andi to Emma's house where she'd be safe.

In the sixth chapter, Emma along with Maddie, Jax, Diego, and Daniel, helped Andi move into her new apartment. Also in this chapter, she attended Maddie's sleepover with the other pregnant girls and they talked about personal things. Gigi said they were becoming connected but not exactly as friends. In the seventh chapter, the girls started hanging out in order to become friends. In the next chapter, Emma broke into the council building with the other girls in an attempt to steal Phillip's case file which she didn't find. They were caught by Ramona but Emma managed to talk them out of trouble. Later in the chapter, Emma and the other girls had a sleepover and they each said something about their newfound friendship. Emma said, “My mother wanted me to live happily surrounded by family and friends. That's what I'm doing right now with you four.”

The birth of her daughter

Emma welcomed her daughter Jessica Maria Novoa on the thirteenth of April in the final chapter. It had been a hard birth and Emma slept through most visits from family members, including her dad's visit. Emma made her daughter a promise to always put her first even if that meant sacrificing and even losing her own life, just like her mother had done for her.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Stay by this phone until she has her magic back. Do not move until then!” Emma- Jax


Emma was more of a recurring character in the second book but was still quite important. She was now an adult in her mid-twenties and her main focuses in life were her daughter and being the chosen one.


Emma hadn't changed all that much since high school when the first book took place. She was still kind and very loyal. Emma didn't seem to stress as much and at times tended to be overprotective of her tween daughter. Emma still loved being around her family and friends and since she was older, she was a little more mature and took things a little more seriously.

Being the chosen one

In the fourth chapter, Emma wrote a letter to Ethan in which she apologized for not being able to write back to his previous letters. She told him she hadn't been able to write back because she had had an urgent case in China that couldn't be postponed. In the tenth chapter, it had been four months since Melanie had been found, which meant she had been found by Emma around the time Emma's urgent case in China had occurred. China was where Melanie had been found by Emma. Chances are, Emma's urgent case in China she had mentioned was the finding of Melanie.


In the second chapter, Emma freaked out when she found out Jessie's magic had been stolen. She informed Jax, Diego, and Gigi who had been watching a movie at the mansion. Emma didn't listen to Jax and Diego about how Jessie had lots of people at the Academy who loved her and she should step aside to let them handle it. Gigi suggested to Emma to talk to Katie about it because if the “major helicopter parent” agreed with them, Emma had no reason not to. Emma agreed and threw the cordless phone at her husband giving him strict instruction to stay by the phone until Jessie had her magic back. She ordered Diego and Gigi to not move either but hadn't been serious about it. Katie agreed with the others and Emma came to realize they were right. Emma went to visit her daughter at the end of the chapter and did not find her revenge on Ruby's funny, she had found out about it by Ethan in a letter he had written her.

In the third chapter, Emma went to the Academy to visit Jessie, Andi, and Ethan. She was asked by her daughter how many bad guys she had caught that month. Emma replied only three as it had been a quiet month. Emma asked Andi for an update on the mission and reinsured her she would find Phillip. She then asked Ethan how he was doing and Ethan replied he was doing fine.

In the seventh chapter, Emma went to the Academy to visit her daughter. She warned Andi something seemed to be affecting full witches and wizards making them feel strange. Andi suggested she look into it. Ava called Emma to warn her about the bad moon, Emma thanked her for having looked into it for her. Emma then warned her friends and decided to take Jessie home. Emma wasn't immune to the bad moon and was affected. She teamed up with Jax and Liana to take over the world but was unable to do so because they were missing a fourth witch or wizard powerful enough to complete the plan.


Emma was away from home all the time but she never missed the important things in her daughter's life. In the first chapter, Emma was most likely working a chosen one case on the day her daughter would be heading to the Academy. Though Jax wasn't sure if Emma would make it home in time to take Jessie, their daughter hadn't a doubt in her mind that her mother would make it in time. Jessie was right and she greeted her mother with a hug.

There was obviously trust between Emma and Jessie. Emma decided to allow her daughter to take her enchanted magic book Hex to the Academy with her and therefore entrusted her daughter with Hex's care.

Emma had been feeling quite apprehensive about leaving Jessie at the Academy, and when seeing her off, she had to remind herself how much she had loved attending the Academy at Jessie's age. In the second chapter, Emma freaked out when Jessie's magic was stolen and wanted to pull her out of the Academy. She was talked out of it by her friends but was on her way to pick Jessie up when Jessie decided to drop out. She returned home when Andi called her to tell her Jessie had changed her mind.

Emma and Andi were still as close as sisters in the second book, except for in the fourth chapter. Andi's son Ethan had been writing letters to Emma about his mother's obsession with Ruby and how it was causing her to neglect Emma's daughter Jessie's magic training and magic education. When she came to the Academy to pick Jessie up on the day Jessie decided to drop out, she chewed Andi out and questioned her about her priorities. She didn't take her excuses and put her in her place, she went as far as telling Andi that she had not only broken Jessie's heart but had also broken hers too. Emma shot her a bunch of looks before leaving the Academy. The good news was they were able to patch things up instantly after Andi apologized to Jessie.

Out of his mother's friends, Ethan was closest with Maddie and Emma. He was a more close with Emma than Maddie which made sense since everyone knew that Emma was Andi's best friend. In the second chapter, Ethan wrote to Emma about his disappointment when breaking into Aggie's office to find information on his father was a bust. He didn't hear back from Emma but it was later revealed by Emma to Andi that she had gotten each one of Ethan's letters.

In the fourth chapter, Ethan had written two letters to Emma about his mother blowing him off and about how poorly he was doing in school. He also told her about Luke and about his mother's obsession with Ruby and gave her updates on his friends- one of which is Emma's daughter. Later on in the chapter, after talking with Emily, Ethan decided to write Emma a third letter that was again about his mother and his struggles along with Jessie's struggles and Emily's. He didn't think he'd hear back since Emma was usually busy with her chosen one cases and responsibilities. He hadn't heard back from her the last two times he had written to her and he didn't seem offended because he understood she was quite busy. However, this time Emma wrote back almost instantly. She informed him she had been getting his letters and apologized for not writing back. She told him she had had an urgent case in China that couldn't be postponed. She let him know she was on his side and promised to make a trip to the Academy as soon as possible to straighten out his mother. Emma kept her word by giving Andi a reality check when she came to the Academy to pick up her daughter.

In the second chapter, Emma went to see Katie and told her about Jessie's magic and that Diego and Jax were telling her to step aside and let Andi handle it. Katie told Emma she agreed with them. Katie admitted to Emma that she often worried about Gracie had been tempted eight times so far to drop by and see her. Emma asked Katie why she hadn't and Katie replied they needed to step back and let them stretch their wings for the first time since it was part of them growing up, and that they were under the care of their guardians Luke and Andi at moment. Emma asked how the kids had gotten so big because it had seemed like yesterday she and the other moms had been teens with no clue what they were doing and holding their newborns for the first time. Katie replied that she still didn't know what was doing and joked about running away for the teen years. Emma joined in by saying she was going to run away with her.

Every witch student: Remember me

Everything will work out the way it's supposed to in the end.” Emma- Emily

Chapter one

Emma was mentioned to be attempting to capture and evil Kanay she had been trying to deal with for a month. She then accompanied Jax to the Academy to drop off her daughter, and as they hugged, Emma told her daughter to not be her father. She then returned home with Jax and her friends by a portal.

Chapter two

Emma visited her father unexpectedly at the high school and he was happy to see her. Emma apologized for it having been a while since their last visit. Francisco teased her by saying he had started thinking she had forgotten him and Emma apologized again. Francisco told her he understood how busy like could get especially with a tween, and said he would know. Emma playfully punched him for that comment since he had- in between the lines- saying she had been a handful as a tween.

Chapter three

When Jax picked up Jessie from the Academy to bring her home for the holidays, he informed her that Emma hadn't been able to come as well because she had been tied up- most likely with a chosen one case. Emma did return home for her evening meal and invited her friends and their children to join her and Jax and Jessie. During this meal, Emma agreed with her cousin Maddie that it was too easy how fast Andi had been able to restore Luke's memory of being Phillip, but Andi wasn't in agreement with her friends.

Chapter five

Emma went to the Academy by portal to bring Andi home for a day after Emma called and asked her too. She brought Andi to the Novoa mansion. Emma was making her lunch when Ursula came by. She asked her a personal question to make sure it was Ursula and not someone using magic to look like her. Something Ursula mentioned she only did when Andi was in town. Emma offered her a cup of coffee which Ursula accepted and thanked her for. Emma later was at her cousin Maddie's house for supper.

Emma's quotes

Every witch pregnancy

"There's nothing good about my pregnancy, I never even wanted kids." Emma- Andi

"Just because I've changed paths doesn't mean I'm lost." Emma to Francisco

"What's buried can always make an unwanted reappearance." Emma- Andi

"You know he might try to eat the baby, right?" Emma- Andi

"I don't know, maybe your mommy's making you take responsibility for your actions?" Emma- Jax

"The appropriate action is returning him to his family." Emma- the council

"All I know is I'm now responsible for the lives and fates of two babies and one of them isn't even mine." Emma- Maddie.

"I already feel like I'm the one who has to keep everyone together." Emma- Maddie

"I've lost my mom, I'm losing my father, I might lose Jax, I can't have any more loss, that's why I need to keep her." Emma- Gigi

"I wouldn't go back. In life, you have to move forward no matter what." Emma to her friends

"Uh, I think it's best I don't answer that." Emma- Andi

"I just have this feeling something is going to happen but I can't tell if it's good or bad." Emma- Jax

"I give up! I'm not strong enough to do this anymore!" Emma- Diego

"My mother wanted me to live happily surrounded by family and friends, that's what I'm doing right now with four." Emma- friends.

"My mom lost her life to save mine. I would do the same for you." Emma- Jessie

Welcome to the Academy

"Stay by this phone until she has her magic back. Do not move until then!" Emma- Jax

"Wasn't this your revenge plan?" Emma- Jessie.

"Behave alright, you don't need to be your father." Emma- Jessie.

"Don't worry about little old me." Emma- Jessie

"He shut right up and walked away in shame." Emma- Andi about Jax

"It was killing me not being able to tell you." Emma- Maddie