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Emma (Alonso) Novoa

Age- 26

Birthday- April second, 1990

Species- full witch (The chosen one)

Relationship status- married

LIfe status- Alive

Nickname- Em


Paternal grandmother- Anita Alonso

Paternal grandfather- Walter Alonso

Father- Francisco Alonso 

Mother- Maria Alonso+ 

Paternal aunt- Ursula Van-Pelt 

Father in law- Jake Novoa

Mother in law- Liana Novoa

Husband- Jax Novoa

First cousin- Maddie Van-Pelt

First cousin- Sophie Van-Pelt

Former foster sister- Andi Cruz

Daughter- Jessie Novoa 

First cousin once removed- Emily Rueda

First cousin once removed- Sara Lauren


Jax Novoa- husband


. Andi Cruz

. Maddie Van Pelt

. Katie Rice

. Diego Rueda

. Gigi Rueda


Lily Foster



W.I.T.S academy (2000-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)


. Chosen one

Personal and magical belongings

. Hex- Chosen one's magic book 

. Forever- childhood teddy bear given by her mother


. The Mortal Realm

. Miami


Emma has been in the series since the first book, and was a main character for the longest time. She then turned into a recurring character. Emma started off as a pregnant fifteen-year-old teenager and when the series ended she was very deep into her adult years.

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At just a few days old, Emma came into her powers and at the same time became the chosen one. Childhood wasn't easy for her as she was attacked on a regular basis and had almost not been allowed to attend school. She hung out with her cousins and her foster sister Andi and in third grade befriended Katie. When she had been just ten her mother was killed by an evil witch named Erica during an attack in their home. Maria's death had been a sacrifice she made to save her daughter. Two months later Emma was forced by the council to attend W.I.T.S Academy alongside Maddie and Jax. She graduated from the Academy with Maddie at the age of fourteen and right after started fulfilling her chosen one duties. While in ninth grade, Emma used her magic to bring a zombie out of a video game into real life and allowed her best friend to keep him and in order to do so had to keep him a secret from her bosses- the council.

Every witch pregnancy

"I wouldn't go back, in life, you have to move forward no matter what." Emma- friends


Emma was kind and supportive, she always wanted to do the right thing. She was also extremely loyal. However, she was also very stressed out and emotional throughout her pregnancy.

Being a daughter

Emma didn't tell her father that she was going to take a pregnancy test nor did she tell him she even needed to take one. When Emma found out she was pregnant she didn't want to tell her father. She knew he would be very angry with her. The pregnancy was destroying their relationship as he was ignoring her.

Dealing with her teenage pregnancy

Due to morning sickness and splitting headaches- Emma believed there was a chance she was pregnant. On August seventeenth, 2005, Emma decided to take a pregnancy test along with her two cousins in Lily's office. Emma was the second of the girls to learn she was pregnant. Emma had a million thoughts jumping in her head but she couldn't make sense of them, she couldn't even speak. After finding out she was pregnant, Emma didn't tell her father or her boyfriend and acted casual. Though she felt very awkward when around them and hated keeping the secret from them. It was harder keeping the secret from Jax than it was keeping it from her father. The first person Emma told was her best friend Andi who she had known since at least the age of three, it was after Andi had texted her in class about being pregnant with a zombie's child. During lunch that day Emma revealed to Andi that she had never wanted kids.

Just the next day Emma started feeling like she wasn't the same “Emma” anymore. When she arrived at school, Emma decided to pay Lily a quick visit before class started to avoid her boyfriend. Emma and Lily spoke very often about the pregnancy as Lily was one of the few adults helping Emma through it. Emma had a pretty hard time dealing with her pregnancy during the first trimester. She broke down in tears when talking to Katie in a school bathroom in chapter one. Her father's reaction to her pregnancy put her in tears as well. Her father was the main cause of her stress throughout the pregnancy. At the end of chapter one she was also dumped by her boyfriend which didn't help. However, Lily did offer to take her in if she wanted to keep the baby which was the first thing that gave Emma a peace of mind during her pregnancy.

In chapter two things got more stressful when Emma was banned from her chosen one duties while pregnant, she had hoped to have one normal aspect of her life to hold onto. Her father was also still angry with her and even refused to drive her to and from school- which lead to her starting to walk with her cousins. Emma finally got a supportive adult family member when her aunt Ursula scolded Francisco for how he was treating her and told her to call if she ever needed her. Her aunt's support did help Emma keep her spirits up.

When Andi asked Emma- in chapter two- how she thought her deceased mom would have reacted to the pregnancy, Emma said she liked to believe her mom would have been disappointed but would have supported her. Often times- Emma turned to her mother for advice. In chapter five Emma found out she was right. Marah came to visit her as a spirit on Christmas and told her she was proud of her and believed she could be a great mother. This helped Emma very much in making her choice.

In the start of chapter three it didn't look like things were going to get better between Emma and Jax, nor were things getting better between Emma and her father. Emma told Andi she was keeping her baby and her plan was to get a job and bring the baby to school with her. She started telling people- like her father and Lily- that she was keeping the baby making it sound like that was her final decision- and it was the only decision she had considered and went with. October seemed to be a good month for Emma. In chapter three Jax came back into the picture. However it wasn't until chapter four when they got back together. Chapter four started off good for Emma- despite her mood swings. She started attending ultrasounds and doctor appointments with Jax- though she did start heavily worrying about her chosen one life putting her child in harms way.

December- chapter five- was another great month for Emma for the most part. First she started baby-shopping with her cousin Maddie. She also made plans to move in with Jax and his parents a week before the baby was due. Towards the end of the chapter she had a good moment with her father on Christmas, and later that day was visited by her mother and had all of her questions answered. In chapter six- January- Emma found out she was having a daughter. Later in the chapter she and Jax had a gender reveal party with their family and friends.

In chapter seven Emma picked her daughter's name. She also got some experience of motherhood by helping Jax look after a baby from the foster care system while also having to do the housework at Lily's house for an entire day. When Emma found out her daughter was going to be the chosen one- Emma wasn't happy. She didn't want Jessie to have the same childhood she had experienced, and she agreed with Jax Jessie would be treated like any child. Also in chapter seven- Emma had her breaking point as she stressed over various things. In chapter nine Emma had her sixteenth birthday and moved in with Jax.

Emma's sex life

In chapter five Emma resumed her sex life with Jax after his Christmas party. However, throughout the rest of her pregnancy she wasn't mentioned to be having sex with him.

Her friendships

Through most of her pregnancy Emma only hung out with Andi- who had been her best friend since the age of three. In her first trimester Emma had spent some time with her cousin and had encountered little moments with Katie that hinted their was still pieces of their childhood friendship left. In chapter seven Emma started bonding with Maddie who surprised her by showing up at her house. She then befriended Katie and Gigi. After that she often hung out with her group of pregnant friends and was very happy having them in her life.

The Phillip case

In chapter four Emma was informed by Andi that Andi's zombie lover Phillip- who Emma had brought to life with magic the year before- was being haunted down by the council. Emma helped Andi hide him in a cabin in the woods and stayed with him while Andi had swim practice later that day. Emma later called Andi when the council arrived at her house and tried stopping them from taking Phillip using her chosen one status which didn't work, so she tel-transported them away. Later on Emma was informed by the council that Phillip had been captured- and she went with Lily and Maddie to the cabin looking for Andi who was found unconscious. Later in the chapter Emma held a trial for Phillip but lost his case, she did however save Andi and Phillips' unborn son from taking as well by promising she would ensure the child was harmless and fitted in with the mortal world. In chapter four Emma tried rescuing Phillip with a locator spell however it didn't work. In a later chapter she broke into the council but was caught. The birth of Jessica Marah Novoa

Emma welcome her daughter on April 13th 2006- Chapter nine. The birth had made her exhausted and she was sleeping through most of the visits from family and friends. She made her daughter a promise when having a moment alone with her. She promised that if she had to sacrifice herself for her and die she would- just like her mother had for her. At the very end of the chapter she introduced Jessie to her friends and the babies of her friends.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Behave alright you don't need to be your father." Emma- Jessie.


Emma tended to worry a lot about her daughter and exaggerate when something bad happened to her. Other than that she was pretty much the same Emma as she had been in high school. Though less stressed and happier. She also more mature as she was ten years older.

Life before

During the ten years between the first and second book, Emma was said to have been away from home a lot due to her chosen one life. Yet she never missed out on the big events in her daughter's life. Emma also got married at the age of twenty to her high school boyfriend.


Emma had been on the fence about allowing Jessie to attend the Academy but had been convinced. When she dropped her off she was highly nervous about leaving her there. She was also quite emotional when it came time to say farewell. Emma also entrusted her daughter with her magic book knowing she was responsible enough to look after him.


Emma was still best friends with the girls she had bonded with in high school. It was Emma Andi decided to pull aide and confined in about her worries surrounding her mission. Emma gave her a pep talk which seemed to have done the trick.


"There's nothing good about my pregnancy, I never even wanted kids" Emma- Andi

"I'm dealing with it but I can't even look at Jax or my father" Emma- Lily

"Just because I've changed paths, doesn't mean I'm lost" Emma to Francisco

"Yeah, I've thought about it. I like to think she would have been disappointed but would get over it and fill me up with good advice and loving hugs" Emma- Andi

"What's buried can always make an unwanted reappearance" Emma- Andi

"You know he might try to eat the baby right?" Emma- Andi

"I don't know, maybe your mommy's making you take responsibility for your actions" Emma- Jax

"As the chosen one I command you to leave Phillip and the baby alone" Emma- the council

"The appropriate action is returning him to his family." Emma- the council

"As the chosen one, I am willing to personally look after the child and ensure she or he is harmless and will fit in with the mortal world" Emma- the council

"All I know is I'm now responsible for the lives and fates of two babies and one of them isn't mine" Emma- Maddie.

"Jax maybe the bad boy in the eyes of those who don't really know him, but I see more. I see a great guy who is smart and kind and I consider myself lucky to have him in my life." Emma about Jax

"I already feel like I'm the one who has to keep everyone together" Emma- Maddie

"I've lost my mom, I'm losing my father, I might lose Jax, I can't have any more loss, that's why I need to keep her" Emma- Gigi

"Uh I think it's best I don't answer that" Emma- Andi

"I just have this feeling something is going to happen, but I can't tell if it's good or bad" Emma- Jax

"I give up! I'm not strong enough to do this anymore!" Emma- Diego

"My mother wanted me to live happily surrounded by family and friends, that's what I'm doing right now" Emma- friends.

"My mom lost her life to save mine, I would do the same for you" Emma- Jessie