Ethan Chance Archer

Basic information

Age: 15

Birthdate: April thirteenth, 2006

Magical species: Zombie-Wizard

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: dating

Nicknames and other names

Zombie baby- by Phillip

Ethan Chance Cruz- birth name

Ethanette- once by Shawn was a joke

Ian- by Kira


Kira Cruz+

Liam Cruz+


Andrea Archer

Luke Archer 


Kira Archer (Little sister.)


Hope Archer

Unborn child


Emily Rueda- Girlfriend 


Jessie Novoa

Emily Rueda

Shawn Rueda

Gracie Rice

Ben Sanders 


HomeSchool 2010- 2016

W.I.T.S Academy 2016- 2020

Iridium high school 2020-

School team

Swim team- part of grade nine, all of grade ten, and all of grade twelve


Works at the Seven


Mortal Realm



Ethan was one of the biggest main characters. He was born into the series in the last chapter of the first book. Ethan had a big role in helping his mother reunite with his father. He is also known for having three children of his own in his teenage years.


His birth

Ethan was born in the last chapter of every witch pregnancy. He was born on April 13th, 2006 at a hospital in Miami around five in the evening. He was the last of the babies to be born. He was greeted by his mother and his great-aunt Jean.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Go for it kid you've got this." Ethan- Emily


Ethan had a good heart and always wanted to believe everything would work out in the end. He didn't have the best patience and it didn't take him much to lose his temper.

Being a wizard in training

In chapter one Ethan started his magic training and education at the Academy. He was given his guardian- Ruby Fletcher- and his teammate- Ethan Cruz. He was required by the council laws to attend the Academy since he didn't live with a full witch or wizard, however, he was also attending the academy to help his mother find and rescue his father. On his first day, he was given Ruby- who he had never met and wasn't very fond of- as his guardian and his best friend Emily as his teammate. 

Every witch student: Remember me

Have you ever known deep down something bad was going to happen but you didn't know when or how, so you just spend every minute worried and looking over your shoulder as you round every corner?” Ethan- Gracie


Two sides of Ethan's personality shun bright in the third book. He got to see how caring and loving he is towards the people he cares about. We also got to see just how frustrated he could get as well. He was also shown that Ethan has a good amount of intelligence and maturity to know that something could go wrong at any moment and that you should never get too comfortable when things are going right.

Being a wizard in training

Ethan- in the first chapter- started the second year of his magic training and education. Through-out the third book, Ethan could be seen training and participating in his magic tests and races.

Getting his dad back

Ethan was super excited about getting his father back and couldn't wait for it to happen. In the second chapter, Ethan had been beyond excited when his mother told him that Luke remembered his zombie life. Ethan had rushed to the cafeteria to meet him but became super nervous and shy when actually approaching him. Throughout this chapter, Ethan battled with the fact that his father was just memories living inside Luke's head and that biologically he could never have his father back. However, when given the choice, Ethan decided he could accept Luke having two lives because he wasn't willing to lose his father again.

Ethan knew something was going to happen that would cause Luke's zombie memories to disappear. When he found out he was right, Ethan lost his temper at his mother and then at Emily because it had been Emily's mother who said it was too easy how fast and simple Luke's memory had been restored. Ethan struggled a lot with having Luke around when Luke didn't know who he really was. He was starting to lose hope and turned to his friends- Emily and Gracie in particular- to keep himself from completely falling apart.

In the sixth chapter, Ethan took part in helping his father permanently restore his memory. Ethan was then very emotional when Luke finally did remember again. In the seventh chapter, Ethan was happy to learn he'd be going home with his parents for an entire month to bond. However, due to the council, Ethan never got to go and neither did his parents.

In the last chapter, Ethan was summoned by the council and was asked to turn his parents in. Ethan refused to do so and as punishment, he was stripped of his magic. Ethan put on a brave face for Emily but confided in Jessie his true feelings. Jessie decided to share her magic with Ethan. It wasn't long before Ethan was caught using the magic and he was forced to return it to Jessie.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

Get out of here! I would leave this family forever if I wasn't your best man!” Ethan- Luke


Ethan's main focus was being a good father to his baby daughter Hope. This often led to Ethan feeling stressed out and freaking out about little things. He still had many of his personality traits such as kindness, playfulness, he was still occasionally stubborn and inpatient. When he had a problem with his girlfriend Emily he tended to keep it to himself scared of starting a fight with her because of how much he loves Emily.

Throughout the book

In the first chapter, Ethan went to confront Daniel with Emily and Kira. In the second chapter, Ethan practiced being a father by looking after his toddler sister for an entire day. In the third chapter, Ethan welcomed his daughter Hope into the world and asked his father to adopt him so that Hope could have his last name.

In the fourth chapter, Ethan started his first year of high school. In the fifth chapter, Ethan and Emily found their own place and picked Luke to be the temporary guardian for their daughter. In the seventh chapter, Ethan was having issues with Emily not caring for Hope enough or caring for her too much. He also attended his parents' wedding as the best man and took his father's last name.

In the ninth chapter, Ethan attended his little sister's second birthday party. He also had a freak-out over his daughter's first time having food. He ended up freezing Emily because she wouldn't stop forcing food into the mouth of their screaming daughter, and also recruited the help of Emily's mother. In the fourteenth chapter, Ethan celebrated his fifteenth birthday and witnessed his daughter's first steps.

In the fifteenth chapter, Ethan found out he had gotten Emily pregnant with their second child. In the following chapter, he told his parents who weren't happy. In the sixteenth chapter, Ethan called his mother on the morning of her birthday to surprise her with Hope speaking. In chapter seventeen, Ethan celebrated the first birthday of his daughter and met the son of his friend Shawn on the day he was born. He also started tenth grade. In the last chapter, Ethan found out the gender of his unborn child.


Ethan and Emily

“No matter what... you'll always be my best friend, that can't ever change.” Ethan- Emily

Ethan and Emily are the closest two in the group, they are best friends and share a special friendship. Emily always turns to Ethan when she is feeling down or scared, and Ethan turns to her in his times of need. They seemed to always be together during their first year at the Academy and are extremely close. Emmie was the nicknamed only Ethan called Emily and been calling her since they were toddlers. 

In the third book, Ethan and Emily were sticking to each other like glue. As the book went on they became closer and closer. They started spending nights together in the girl's dorm room not caring if they got caught. Emily made it pretty clear to Ethan how much he meant to her during the nightly talks. At the very end of the book, Jessie convinced them to go on a date. They agreed towards the end of the date that they were just friends, but something made it seem like that's not how either of them really felt about the other.

Ethan and Jessie

“I have a feeling that when the times will be called into action Jessie Novoa.” Ethan- Jessie 

In the group of friends, Jessie and Ethan are two of the closest. It could be said that Jessie is Ethan's second best friend. It is very possible that one reason they are close is that Jessie and Ethan had, in the past, worked together as they worked with their mothers on finding Phillip. It was mentioned that they have the same favorite comic book as well. Ethan saved Jessie on Halloween, 2016, from getting hit by a dangerous spell that had been cast by Emily, and in the process was hit himself and ended up in the hospital overnight. 

Ethan and Shawn 

“Well in my defense you and Ben left me on my own with two scared and emotional preteen girls.” Ethan- Shawn

Ethan and Shawn are close because they had always been the only boys in the group. During their first year at the Academy, they often hung out. However, it didn't seem like they were very close as he is with Jessie and Emily. 

Ethan and Gracie 

“Thanks, Gracie, I need you to believe enough for us both.” Ethan- Gracie, Remember me

Ethan and Gracie are not the closest in the group but are close. One during their first year at the Academy Gracie turned to Ethan when she was missing her mother. It seemed as though Ethan did a good job comforting her. 

In the third book, in chapter three, it was Gracie who went to check up on Ethan during the holidays. Ethan opened up to her about how he was worried everything was going to go south. Gracie ensured him that if it did, it wouldn't be his fault.

Ethan and Ben 

"Just remember. Emily is always watching, and Shawn catches everything." Ethan- Ben...................................  Ethan was the third member of the group that Ben won over. In the second book, Ethan gave his mother permission to tell Kim and Ben about the mission seeing as it was the perfect opportunity to give Ben his chance of winning him over. He was testing Ben on his ability to keep the mission secret and how he would communicate with the group when talking about the mission. Ethan, later on, told Ben he had won him over because he had managed to keep Phillip's case a secret and because he showed he cared about the mission being completed. 


Welcome to the Academy

"I think we should give her a chance Emmie, we only just met her." Ethan- Emily about Ruby

"We did connect, I can't really explain it, mom." Ethan- Andi about him and Luke

"How could anyone ever forget about you? I seriously don't think it's even possible." Ethan- Andi

"That would be Shawn over there dancing on tables." Ethan- Emily

"Go for it kid, you've got this." Ethan- Emily

"Just remember. Emily is always watching, and Shawn catches everything." Ethan- Ben

Remember me

“I just got my dad back you guys. I'm not myself right now.” Ethan- his friends

“After everything we've been through, I'm not losing him, not again.” Ethan- Emily

“Have you ever known deep down something bad was going to happen but you didn't know when or how, so you just spend every minute worried and looking over your shoulder as you round every corner?” Ethan- Gracie

“I have everything I ever wanted and yet I'm still worried.” Ethan- Andi

“Thanks, Gracie, I need you to believe enough for us both” Ethan- Gracie

“I'll still be with you all the time.” Ethan- Emily

“I'll always have your back, and you'll have mine.” Ethan- Emily

“I will never leave you. I'm yours and your mine.” Ethan- Emily

“You gave up your powers for me?” Ethan- Emily

“You're my spirit Emmie, without you, I'd be lost.” Ethan- Emily

“You'd really risk getting caught and having your own powers taken away?” Ethan- Jessie

“Maybe we're still too young to understand those feelings. Maybe when we're older it'll be different.” Ethan- Emily

Secrets, crushes, struggles

“Get out of here! I would leave this family forever if I wasn't your best man!” Ethan- Luke

“I may have freaked out a little over Hope's first feeding.” Ethan- Maddie

“I just didn't think we'd have another this soon.” Ethan- Emily