Francisco Alonso

Basic information

Age unknown

Birthdate unknown 

Species- powerless wizard

Relationship status- widowed

Life Status- Alive 


Mother- Anita Alonso

Father- Walter Alonso

Older sister- Ursula Van-Pelt 

Late wife- Maria Alonso 

Daughter- Emma Alonso

Niece- Maddie Van-Pelt

Niece- Sophie Van-Pelt 

Granddaughter- Jessie Novoa

Great niece- Emily Rueda

Great niece- Sara Van-Pelt 


Marah Alonso- wife+


High school math teacher


. Mortal Realm

. Miami


Andi's side 


First appearing in Every witch pregnancy, Francisco spent most of the series being a recurring and extra character- though in the first book could be classified as a main character. He is known for how badly he reacts to change.

Background information

Like his sister, not much is known about Francisco's background. He was once happily married to a full-witch named Maria Alonso until her tragic murder in July 2000. He had not been home at the time of the death. Francisco had a daughter with Maria named Emma, and for seven years had a foster daughter named Andi. After Maria's death he had run into financial troubles and decided it would best for Andi to live elsewhere. He sent her to live with her biological aunt.

Every witch pregnancy

“I don’t know what you have been doing or where you’ve been doing it and I hope I know who you’ve been doing it with!” Francisco- Emma.

Dealing with Emma's pregnancy

Francisco was furious when he found out about Emma's teenage pregnancy from Lily. He confronted his daughter and yelled at her. He didn't listen to what she had to say and grounded her. He also threatened to kick her out if she kept the baby. Throughout most of Emma's pregnancy Francisco gave her the silent treatment and ignored her. He carried out his threat of kicking her out about a week before the baby was due.

Quotes (Book 1) 

“I don't know what you are talking about but whatever it is don't do it” Francisco to Sophie

“Maddie with me cut the crap, you ain't no princess” Francisco to Maddie

“You seriously called our parents on me?” Francisco- Ursula

“You are still my daughter Emma, no matter what I will always love you” Francisco to Emma