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Francisco Alonso

Basic information

Age 4 years younger than Ursula

Birthdate unknown 

Species- Powerless-Wizard

Relationship status- widowed

Life Status- alive

Parents and siblings

Mother- Anita Alonso

Father- Walter Alonso

Older sister- Ursula Van-Pelt 

Nieces and Nephews

Niece- Maddie Rueda

Niece- Sophie Van-Pelt 

Great niece by adoption- Melanie Rueda

Great niece- Emily Rueda

Great niece- Sara Lauren

Great-great niece- Hope Archer

Unborn great-great niece or nephew 

Wife and Children

Late wife- Maria Alonso+

Daughter- Emma Novoa

Former foster daughter- Andi Cruz

Son in law- Jax Novoa


Granddaughter- Jessie Novoa


Marah Alonso- wife+


High school math teacher


. Mortal Realm

. Miami


Andi's sid


First appearing in Every witch pregnancy, Francisco spent most of the series being a recurring and extra character- though in the first book could be classified as a main character. He is known for how badly he reacts to change.

Background information

Like his sister, not much is known about Francisco's background. He was once happily married to a full-witch named Maria Alonso until her tragic murder in July 2000. He had not been home at the time of the death. Francisco had a daughter with Maria named Emma, and for seven years had a foster daughter named Andi. After Maria's death, he had run into financial troubles and decided it would best for Andi to live elsewhere. He sent her to live with her biological aunt.

Every witch pregnancy

“I don’t know what you have been doing or where you’ve been doing it and I hope I know who you’ve been doing it with!” Francisco- Emma.

Dealing with Emma's pregnancy

Francisco was furious when he found out about Emma's teenage pregnancy from Lily. He confronted his daughter and yelled at her. He didn't listen to what she had to say and grounded her. He also threatened to kick her out if she kept the baby. Throughout most of Emma's pregnancy, Francisco gave her the silent treatment and ignored her. He carried out his threat of kicking her out about a week before the baby was due.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

'"'Hi grandpa." Jessie- Francisco

The full moon

Being a powerless-wizard, Francisco was immune to the effects of the full moon. However, he was magically frozen by his daughter who wanted to use his house to host a meeting about world domination with Liana and Jax. It isn't known how long Francisco had been frozen for but at the end of the full moon, he was back to normal.

Ursula's Christmas Eve party

In chapter eight, Francisco was present at his sister's Christmas Eve party. He was mentioned to be talking and catching up with his family members.

Melanie's adoption and other appearances

In chapter ten, Francisco met his adopted tween great niece Melanie when he had attended her birthday party. In chapter eleven, Francisco attended the big family day at the Academy to visit his granddaughter Jessie, along with his great-niece Emily and his former foster daughter Andi.

Every witch student: Remember me

Yes, I was starting to wonder if I had been forgotten.” Francisco to Emma


In chapter two, Francisco was visited at the high school during lunch period by his daughter Emma. Emma apologized for not having visited him more often. He stated that he was always happy to see her and joked about having wondered if she had forgotten all about him since it had been a while since their last visit.

In chapter three, Francisco attended his sister's Christmas Eve party during which he asked for advice on building up his relationship with his granddaughter Jessie. It seemed as though he was a little jealous of how close Jessie was with her paternal grandparents. The next day, he spent Christmas with his daughter watching home movies like they do every year on Christmas day. In the last chapter, Francisco went to the Academy to participate in the big family day even since his granddaughter Jessie and great-niece Emily were students there.

Every witch student: Missing

In the first chapter, Francisco made his first appearance at home when he a had a group of people stay over at his house overnight. In the fourth chapter, Emma attempted to call her father but got no answer. Later in the chapter, Francisco's name appeared on the list of the missing people meaning he was missing. Francisco didn't appear again in this book.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

Yea, I heard the math teacher can be a real hardass,” Francisco to Jessie about himself


Francisco was another character who hadn't changed all that much by the sixth book. He did seem to be more involved in the lives of his daughter and granddaughter. Though that could just be because he appeared much more frequently than he did in books 2-5, and in the first book was completely ignoring his daughter.

Family life

Most of Francisco's appearances occurred when he was spending time with his family members. In the third chapter, Francisco met his great-great-niece Hope at the hospital on the day she was born. In the ninth chapter, Francisco revealed to Andi that he had planned on adopting her when she had been a kid and regretted that he never had. Later on in the chapter, Francisco had found some of Maria's old journals and called Emma over so they could read them. In the end, he told Emma to keep them because that is what he believed Maria would have wanted. Later in the book, Francisco moved into his sister's house and thought about selling his house until he saw how upset his daughter was about that idea.

Being a high school math teacher

Throughout the book, Francisco was often mentioned to be in the background of teaching his math classes. He taught math to all four high school grades at Iridium high school. In one chapter, Francisco had to fail his own granddaughter on a test because she had skipped questions and had gotten almost everything wrong including her own name. Jessie snapped at him and then apologized when she realized he was right.

Francisco's relationships 

Francisco and Ursula

I forgot how much I hated living with you when we were kids.” Francisco- Ursula

For the most in the sixth book, Ursula and her younger brother Francisco had a typical sibling relationship. In the second chapter, Ursula talked with Francisco about Maddie being happy about Emily's teenage pregnancy. She told him she didn't know where she had gone wrong with raising Maddie. When Francisco shared he had been worried about how Emma would turn out, Ursula told him he had raised Emma well and had never doubted he would.

Francisco and Emma

You are still my daughter Emma. No matter what, I will always love you.” Francisco to Emma

In the sixth book, Francisco was more involved in his daughter's life. In the first chapter- at the graduation party- he heard Emma say she was worried her daughter was too focused on being great. He pointed out that Emma had been worried to at Jessie's age and that she should tell Jessie that.

Francisco and Andi

No, I would be too scared he'd eat me. He did try that one time.” Francisco- Andi about Phillip

In the sixth book, more was revealed about Francisco relationship with his former foster daughter.

Francisco and Jessie

Yea, I heard the math teacher can be a real hardass,” Francisco- Jessie

In the sixth book, Francisco and Jessie's relationship was improving and building. In the second chapter, Francisco invited Jessie over to spend some time with her. They mostly talked about Jessie starting high school, Francisco even joked by saying he had heard the math teacher was a real hardass. This had been funny because he was the math teacher. They also talked about the council and Jessie's training.

Francisco and Hope ​​​​​​​

Sixth book: In the third chapter, Francisco met Hope on the day she was born.

Quotes (Book 1) 

“I don't know what you are talking about but whatever it is don't do it” Francisco to Sophie

“Maddie with me cut the crap, you ain't no princess” Francisco to Maddie

“You seriously called our parents on me?” Francisco- Ursula

“You are still my daughter Emma, no matter what I will always love you” Francisco to Emma