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Gigi Rueda

Basic information

Age: 31

Birthdate: March eighteenth, 1990

Magical species:

. Powerless-Witch (originally)

. Full-Witch (currently) 

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: dating 

Nicknames and other names

Miss Information- self-appointed 

The pest- by Diego 

Nosy annoying sister of my boyfriend- Maddie


Ava Rueda

Drew Rueda


Ruby Fletcher (Older half-sister)

Diego Rueda (Fraternal twin brother.) 

Maddie Rueda (by marriage)

Nieces and Nephews

Melanie Rueda (By adoption)

Emily Rueda

Isabella Masters 

Anabella Masters 

Noah Masters 

Mason Masters

Great-nieces and Great-nephews

Hope Archer (via Emily)

One unborn via Emily


Robert Rueda (by adoption)

Shawn Rueda (by blood)

Tommy Rueda (by adoption)


Shane Rueda


Pete Caster- Ex boyfriend and baby daddy 

Tony Ryland- boyfriend


Andrea Archer

Emma Novoa

Kaitlyn Rice 

Maddie Rueda

Kimberly Sanders

Tony Ryland- high school best friend


Homeschooling (1994-2001)

Unnamed all-girls private school (2001-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)


An employee at the Seven- currently

Half owner of the Seven- formerly

Full ownership of the Seven- currently


Mortal Realm- Miami


Gigi first appeared in the first book. She is a character who is special in her own way and can be quite amusing to read about.


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Gigi was told her entire childhood by everyone even the council that she would get magic of her own. However, when she turned thirteen she still hadn't developed any magic and was declared to be a powerless witch. She was homeschooled until the end of fifth grade, then attended an all-girls private school until high school when she attended a public school with her brother.
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Every witch pregnancy

“I'm not really sure of anything right now, not even the decisions I've already made” Gigi to her friends.


Gigi was very naive and nosy, those were her two traits we learned first. She is also insecure at times and scared about being a pregnant teenager. She becomes more mature as she makes her decision to be a single mother, as well as when she put her gossip blog in her past and moved on to start a pregnancy blog. Gigi did get very frustrated when trying to have her baby's father come back into her life and the baby's life. It was clear she had a lot of determination when she really wanted something to happen. Gigi was also very kind and supportive.

Her teenage pregnancy

Gigi found out she was fifteen and pregnant on August seventeenth, 2005 and knew her mother would be angry with her. At the same time, she also learned her twin brother had gotten his teenage girlfriend pregnant. She used this news when telling her mother about her pregnancy in hopes she'd be less mad at her.

Gigi was set to Pete she was pregnant until her mother stated he wouldn't stay with her once he knew. This made her put it off and she never ended up telling him. Instead, her brother revealed the news to Pete and afterward Pete dumped her. She spent a great deal of her pregnancy trying to get him to change his mind but finally gave up after he wrote her a letter stating he had moved out of Miami along with an explanation on why he didn't want to be involved in their son's life.

At three months pregnant Gigi revealed to Andi she was thinking about giving the baby up for adoption. Gigi seemed to be the only one of the pregnant teen girls who was harassed and seriously bullied. It really hurt Gigi though she didn't show it at school and only cried when alone in her room. Her brother was the only one who knew how much it was hurting her and he stood up for her at school.

At four months pregnant Gigi told Pete she had decided to keep the baby. At six months pregnant Gigi found out she was having a son. She had been hoping for a girl who would become interested in blogging and reporting. However, she accepted it thinking a boy could like these things just as much as a girl. As time went on it seemed like Gigi didn't care she was having a son anymore as she became more happy about becoming a mother and talked about her unborn son more and more. Gigi also went baby shopping with Maddie and found herself an apartment which she moved into before her son was born.

The Birth of Shawn

On April 13th, 2006 Gigi was brought to the hospital in labor at around half past three. Around half past one that afternoon, through a planned C-section, Gigi gave birth to her son Shawn. She was happy that he was finally in her arms. She was visited by her family and later on introduced her son to her friends and the newborn babies of her friends. It was said she'd be able to take him home the next day.

Her blogs

Gigi had a gossip blog on the school website called Miss Information where she revealed the gossip and secrets of her classmates without their permission. It was mentioned this was why she only had one friend before she befriended the other pregnant girls. She once used her blog to go live and reveal she was pregnant and directly told Pete she was giving him a second chance. She told her brother she had done this because Pete wouldn't talk to her. Gigi later told her parents she was getting rid of the blog to start a real one on a real blogging website about her pregnancy and she was ready to put spoiling secrets in the past, though she was never seen making one of these pregnancy blogs.


Gigi worked at the Seven alongside her brother, it was the all-ages club their father owned and would one day pass down to them. Gigi was mentioned to usually pretend to work while really checking her social media. She was in charge of taking out the trash and cleaning up.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“Come one on Emma you can't not find this funny.” Gigi- Emma.


Gigi had forgotten to pack her son's suitcase the night before he would be brought to the Academy. So in the morning, they were both running all over the house to get ready in time. Gigi then dropped her son off and reminded him of what she had always told him.


In chapter six Gigi found out she had an older half-sister who had been adopted at birth. Gigi was not mad at her mother for having kept Ruby a secret for over twenty-seven years. In the following chapter, Gigi met Ruby but didn't make an instant connection with her.

In chapter seven Gigi decided to keep Shawn at the academy during the full moon knowing she wouldn't be able to protect him since she didn't have magic. Being a powerless witch made Gigi immune to the effects of the full moon. Gigi helped her brother deal with Maddie later on. She also attended the council meeting.

In chapter eight Gigi attended Ursula's Christmas Eve party. She talked with Ruby and formed a connection with her, it was then when Gigi had taken a liking towards her. She also told her brother not to worry about her feeling left behind because he wanted to get to know Ruby. In chapter ten Gigi met her adopted niece Melanie when she attended Melanie's birthday party. In chapter eleven her birthday was mentioned in the letter that Andi wrote to Diego. In chapter eleven Gigi also participated in the big family day at the academy.

Every witch student: Remember me

“Two people who love- or in this case loved- each-other this much should be together.” Gigi- Andi

In the third chapter, Gigi was seen celebrating Christmas with her family and friends. In the fifth chapter, Gigi met up with her close friend Andi at the Indore pool were they remained in the hot tub. They talked about their friends and children. In the sixth chapter, Gigi was present at her sister Ruby's birthday gathering.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

I let teenage Gigi come out to play and I forgot how naive teenage Gigi was.” Gigi- Emma


Gigi reverted back into her naive teenage self when Pete asked for a second chance. She just went with the flow and didn't bother to question anything. She believed anything Pete said and pretty much ignored her son's opinions and concern. She was hit with the well-deserved reality check when her teenage son got his girlfriend pregnant. Gigi knew heartbreak was coming and prepared herself for it. When it did happen, Gigi was hurt but seemed to get back onto her feet rather quickly. During the rest of the book, she did her best to make things right for the three teenagers and one tween her actions had affected.

Rose's pregnancy

In the seventh chapter, Gigi wasn't happy to receive the news that her fourteen-year-old son had gotten his girlfriend pregnant. She told Shawn she supported him and also knew they couldn't let his father find out. Gigi had a big role in helping Shawn make the decision of keeping his baby. She even let Rose move in with them when she was kicked out of her parent's house.

Reuniting with Pete and the adoptions

In the third chapter, Gigi confronted Pete about abandoning her and their son only to soon after fall in love with another teenage mother. Gigi was yelling at him as she was quite furious. She gave him a picture of their son and told him off again. In the following chapter, she was visited by Pete who apologized and asked for a second chance. Falling for his games, Gigi agreed and even made-out with him. She started a relationship with him again despite the concerns and opinions of her family members and friends.

In the fifth chapter, Gigi moved in with Pete and forced their son to as well. It was only in the next chapter when Gigi convinced Pete to take back custody of Robert and Tommy from Daniel who had adopted them. She had the two boys move in with them and Shawn.

In the tenth chapter, Pete left Gigi and all three boys after Shawn informed him his girlfriend was pregnant. Before he left, he informed Gigi that had already signed over the rights of Robert and Tommy over to Gigi. This meant Gigi could legally adopt both boys. It had taken her some time to decided adopting them was the right thing to do. It was in the tenth chapter when Gigi adopted both Robert and Tommy.

Family life

In the third chapter, Gigi met her great-niece Hope at the hospital on the day she was born. In the tenth chapter, she wasn't happy to learn that her parents were getting divorced. In the seventeenth chapter, Gigi met her grandson Shane in the hospital on the day he was born.

Personal life

In the second chapter, Gigi found out that Melanie's friend Tommy was the biological son of Pete who is also her son's father. Gigi told her son Shawn only to find out that not only did Shawn already know about his half-brother, he also knew about Robert- Pete's former stepson. In the seventh chapter, Gigi was a bridesmaid in her close friend Andi's wedding.

In the nineteenth chapter, Gigi was beyond excited and happy when she learned the toddler daughter of Andi could wake her former boyfriend Tony from his nine-year coma. Gigi brought Kira to the hospital and let her wake him up. As soon as Tony woke, caught him up with everything that had happened and introduced him to her sons and grandson and Rose.

Gigi's relationships 

Gigi and Ava

“Mom calm down and take a deep breath ok, we're listening.” Gigi- Ava

For the most part, Ava seemed to have a good relationship with her daughter Gigi. Gigi did get mad at her mom for stating that Pete would leave once he found out she was pregnant, which later proved true. She didn't get any help from her mom on deciding what to do about her baby. She did turn to her mom to get her brother off her back once. 

In the second book, it seemed as though they were still on good terms. Gigi reacted well to her mother's news about the sister she had never known about. She didn't judge her mom and remained very supportive of her. 

Sixth book: Ava decided to stay supportive of her daughter even though she did not agree with the choices Gigi was making.

Gigi and Ruby


Ruby and her younger half-sister Gigi seemed to have gotten off on the right foot. Gigi was the person in the family that Ruby seemed to talk with most aside from Emily. Gigi was very patient with Ruby and wanted to help her fit in with the family and it seemed as though that Gigi had actually taken a liking to her sister. In the third book, Ruby and Gigi were getting closer.

Sixth book: Ruby and Gigi were still on very good terms though they did have an intense argument.

Gigi and Diego 

“I think you're going to be an amazing father, you're already an incredible brother.” Gigi- Diego 

Fraternal twins Diego and Gigi had always had the typical hate-love relationship. They bickered and argued quite frequently but always managed to make up in the end. Diego was also mentioned to be bossy with his sister at times. In the first book, they had many arguments surrounding Pete and their pregnancies. Then when Diego told Pete that his sister was pregnant, Gigi said she would never forgive him, and though it took her while, she eventually did. However, they weren't always in a fight. There were many times where they were quite supportive of each other, Diego comforted his sister a lot throughout her pregnancy and even stood up for her at school. At one point Gigi even told Diego she believed he would be a good father because he was already an incredible brother. 

In the second book, Diego and Gigi were much closer than when they were back in high school. They appeared to get along more, maybe because they had both grown up since high school. When Ruby came into the picture, Gigi took a likely to her, however, didn't neglect her brother. 

In the third book, Gigi figured out that Diego was scared about getting to know Ruby because he didn't want to accidentally replace Gigi as his sister. Gigi told him not to worry about it and that she would let him know if she was feeling replaced. This showed that these twins were very close despite all the bickering they had done growing up.

Sixth book: In the second chapter, Diego asked Gigi if she thought he and Maddie should adopt a baby. Gigi told him it wasn't her decision to make but that she didn't see any harm in it since his two daughters were able to care for themselves for the most part being teenagers. She told him that if he and Maddie both wanted to have a baby then they should. Diego then asked Gigi if she was worried about Shawn becoming a teenage father now that he had his first crush, Gigi replied that there was no way to know but she did know that Shawn would step up if he did knock a girl up.

Gigi and Pete

“I'm going to make sure Shawn knows everything about who his father was, the good and the bad.” Gigi- Emma 

Gigi started dating her brother's teammate Pete Caster In July 2005. Just a month later, August, Gigi found out she was pregnant. At first, she planned on telling Pete, however, become too scared when her mother stated he wouldn't stay. After Diego told him, Gigi found out her mother was right. Through her pregnancy, Gigi attempted to get Pete to talk with her but he kept ignoring her. She even went live on her blog to tell him he could have a second chance, this only angered him. Later on, she corned him to let him know she was keeping their baby and he had one final chance to be a part of their child's life, to which Pete told Gigi to leave him alone. Pete then moved away and wrote Gigi a note explaining why he didn't want to be in their son's life and apologized for being a jerk. It wasn't clear how Gigi felt about being separated from him since she kept trying to get him back just for their son's sake, so it's not known if or how this letter changed how she felt about him. 

Sixth book: In the third chapter, Gigi confronted Pete about abandoning her and their son only to soon after fall in love with another teenage mother. Gigi was yelling at him as she was quite furious. She gave him a picture of their son and told him off again.

Gigi and Tony 

“He saved you because he loved you.” Gigi- Shawn about Tony

Gigi and Tony were high school friends, Tony also helped Gigi with her school blog. It was mentioned before Gigi fell pregnant and through most of her pregnancy, Tony was her only friend. However after she started hanging out with Emma, Maddie, Katie, and Andi, she didn't seem to hang out with him quite as much. Becoming friends with the pregnant teenage girls did seem to change the relationship between Gigi and Tony. In one chapter they kissed, in another made-out. They decided to wait a while to date.

In the second book, it had been mentioned these two had dated for a few years. However were torn apart when Tony went into a coma after saving Shawn from getting hit by a car. He was still alive in the second book, however, was still in the coma. 

Sixth book: In the second chapter, Gigi was visiting Pete at the hospital with Shawn when a nurse told her she should consider pulling the plug because there had been no change in years. Gigi refused stating she knew he was going to wake up one day and refused to give up on him.

Gigi and Maddie

“Maddie could catch them in them in the same bed at sixteen and still find it adorable instead of being worried they're doing something they shouldn't be.” Gigi- Andi about Maddie's personality and parenting. 

Maddie and Gigi met in grade nine through Gigi's brother Diego but they were not friends. In grade ten throughout most of their pregnancies, they only got together once in a while with the other pregnant teen girls. Gigi even said they all had each other as people they could relate to and talk with, but not as friends. Later on in the pregnancy, when Maddie and Emma decided to get all the pregnant girls to become one big group of friends, Gigi and Maddie bonded. After that, it seemed as though they were becoming really close friends. Maddie took Gigi shopping with her own money for baby supplies. Maddie was also the one who made Gigi realize she was no longer alone. She told Gigi “I never thought the nosy annoying sister of my boyfriend would turn out to be my best friend, but I'm glad you did” which indicated that this is what Maddie had thought about Gigi and Gigi replied she was happy they had become friends as well. 

In the second book, Maddie was still very close with her sister in law Gigi. Gigi helped Maddie decorate Melanie's room in February. Before then, in December, they spent Christmas together. They were often together and seemed to get along very well and seemed to be very close as well. In the third book, it seemed as though that Maddie and Gigi were still very close as sisters-in-law and as good friends. However, after chapter seven, Maddie didn't notice that Gigi was missing which meant she didn't try contacting her nor did she think about her.

Sixth book: they had a good relationship.

Gigi and Emma

“Come one on Emma you can't not find this funny.” Gigi- Emma. 

Emma and Gigi met in ninth grade, however, weren't friends and didn't talk. In grade ten Emma and Gigi hung out a few times during lunches and sleepovers for all the pregnant girls. In February however they became actual friends. However, they weren't the closest two in the group. 

In the third book, they were still close it seemed like. However, after chapter seven, Emma never thought about Gigi nor tried to contact her, it was like Gigi didn't even exist and never had.

Sixth book: these two were still very close and hung out often.

Gigi and Katie 

“I'm not good with this caring stuff but I'll give it a shot.” Gigi- Katie

Gigi and Katie became friends in mid-tenth grade during their pregnancies. They seemed to be pretty close. Gigi was the one Katie opened up to about how she was feeling about giving her daughter up for adoption. Gigi comforted her and even said she believed Katie could have been a good mother and that she was very brave for making the tough decision of giving up her baby. Gigi was also the one who explained to Katie what would happen to her baby once it was born since the adoptive parents backed out last minute.

Sixth book: In the third chapter, Gigi celebrated Katie's birthday.

Gigi and Andi

“I miss this. You and I hanging out.” Gigi- Andi

It was mentioned early on in the first book by Diego, that Gigi was on Andi's team of keeping Phillip hidden from the council. However, since they weren't actually friends and had never been, it isn't known why Gigi knows about Phillip. However Andi did bring him out in public often to the place Gigi works, so it's quite possible Gigi figured it out for herself. The two became friends in mid-tenth grade but didn't seem to be as close as they were with some of their other group members/friends. In the second book, Gigi and Andi were still friends. However, they couldn't hang out much since Andi was at the Academy for most of the year. 

In the third book up until chapter eight, Andi and Gigi were pretty close. In chapter five, they met up to go hot tubing together. While doing so, Andi and Gigi talked about it seemed as though everyone in their group were swapping personalities with each other. Gigi also informed Andi that Shawn had told her that Ethan had spent the night in Emily's dorm room in Emily's bed with Emily. Joking around, Gigi advised Andi to send Ethan to year-long boarding school for each of his teenage years.

Sixth book:

Gigi and Kim

Sixth book: In the third chapter, Gigi celebrated Kim's birthday.

Gigi and Robert

“We got a nod ladies and gentlemen, that's a start.” Gigi- Robert

Sixth book: Gigi met Robert for the first time in the second chapter. She was shocked to learn that Robert was the former stepson of her former high school boyfriend Pete Caster.

Gigi and Melanie

“I know but I don't see how we can after what they did.” Gigi- Diego about trusting Robert and Melanie 

Gigi met her niece by adoption Melanie on Melanie's twelfth birthday. Since Melanie only appeared in vaguely and only a few times, the relationship between her and her aunt wasn't written in. 

Sixth book:

Gigi and Shawn 

“I once said I wasn't sure of anything. That's no longer true. I'm sure about you.” Gigi- Shawn

Gigi's teen pregnancy with her son Shawn wasn't an easy one at all. After considering adoption, Gigi finally decided to keep her son. It was mentioned that she had been hoping for a daughter who would have Gigi's interest of blogging and filming, however, when she found out she was having a son she told herself a boy could have this hobby as well. As the remainder of her pregnancy went on she seemed to become more excited about becoming a mother and having a son. When Shawn was born it was clear Gigi didn't care that he was a boy, she was happy to have him. During her pregnancy, Gigi had told Katie that even though she had made her decision to keep Shawn she wasn't sure about anything. When he was born Gigi told him that she had once said that, but it was no longer true because she was sure about him. Gigi also at one point told her friends the reason she had to keep him was, in her own words, “I just know he was meant only for me.”

In the second book, Gigi accepted that her son was getting older and treated him like a tween. She gave him high fives instead of hugs because that is what he proffered. It was known Gigi and Shawn did have a good relationship. When the full moon came, Gigi had her son stay at the Academy knowing she couldn't protect him having no powers.

Sixth book: In the first chapter, Gigi told Shawn she knew she could trust him because she knew he'd own up to his mistakes. She also told him she believed he could do anything he wanted. In the second chapter, Shawn told his mother that maybe she should pull the pug on tony, later on when he thought his mother was going to tell him she had, he freaked out and stated he hadn't been serious. Also in this chapter, Gigi found it adorable that Shawn had his first crush and was too shy to talk to Rose. Gigi had said this to her brother and it isn't known if Shawn was aware that his mother knew about his crush. Later in the second chapter, Gigi was nervous about telling Shawn that he had a half-brother and was shocked to find out that not only did Shawn already know about Tommy, he also knew about Robert. Shawn gave her the whole story and stated he hadn't told her before because he didn't want to hurt her.

Gigi and Emily

“If any of the kids are going to follow in our teen parenting footsteps it would be Emily.” Gigi- Andi

Gigi met her niece Emily on the day she was born at the hospital. While holding Emily she told her brother that the baby girl would get all the boys. In the second book, Gigi and Emily didn't see much of each other. Their relationship wasn't really clear, but it seemed like they got along and had a good relationship. 

In the third book, Gigi told Andi that she believed if any of the children were to follow in the teen parenting footsteps it would be her brother's daughter Emily. Gigi didn't share the exact reason why but judging on the conversation it seemed her thinking came from how spoiled and uncontrolled Emily was. Emily wasn't know for having many rules and she was a whole lot like her mother- who got pregnant with Emily on perpouse at the age of fifteen.

Sixth book:

Gigi and Rose

Sixth book:

Gigi and Jessie

Gigi met the newborn daughter of her friend Emma on the day she was born at the hospital. In the second book, Gigi and Jessie didn't see much of each other. Their relationship wasn't really clear, but it seemed like they got along and had a good relationship. 

Sixth book:

Gigi and Gracie

Gigi met the newborn daughter of her friend Katie on the day she was born at the hospital. In the second book, Gigi and Gracie didn't see much of each other. Their relationship wasn't really clear, but it seemed like they got along and had a good relationship. 

Sixth book:

Gigi and Ethan 

“If I were you I'd sent Ethan to a year long boarding school for each of his teenage years.” Gigi- Andi

Gigi met the newborn son of her friend Andi on the day he was born at the hospital. In the second book, Gigi and Ethan didn't see much of each other. Their relationship wasn't really clear, but it seemed like they got along and had a good relationship. 

Sixth book:

Gigi and Tommy

Sixth book: In the second chapter, Gigi laid her eyes on Tommy for the first time when picking up her niece Melanie form his house. She knew he looked familiar but couldn't figure out why. Daniel informed her that Tommy was Pete's son and it just so happens that Gigi's son Shawn is also Pete's kid. Gigi was completely shocked to find out about this.

Gigi and Isy

Sixth book:

Gigi and Anna

Sixth book:

Gigi and Kira

Sixth book:

Gigi and Hope

Sixth book: Gigi met Hope on the day of her birth in the third chapter.

Gigi and Shane

Sixth book:

Gigi and Noah

Sixth book:

Gigi and Mason ​​​​​​

Sixth book:


Every witch pregnancy

"Damn right you weren't thinking! You're so lucky I don't have any powers to get you back with!" Gigi- Diego

"Talk? I apparently can't trust you!" Gigi- Diego

"Oh here we go again, king Diego, always has to be the boss, the winner!" Gigi- Diego

"The only reason Maddie wanted a baby was to make her mother pissed off to prove she overpowered her!" Gigi- Diego

"No of course not, have I ever gotten you in trouble before?" Gigi- Tony

"Never mind don't answer that." Gigi- Tony

"Oh I didn't know you followed me and I have to say I'm honored." Gigi- Ava

"I just know he was meant only for me." Gigi- Emma about Shawn

"I'm going to make sure Shawn knows everything about who his father was, the good and the bad" Gigi- Emma

"I keep asking myself, why did I let this happen? I can never figure out the exact reason, and I don't know if there's just one reason, or instead, a million different reasons." Gigi- her friends

"We're getting through it because we have each other, not as friends per-say but as people we can relate to and have something in common with" Gigi to the girls

"I don't know what I did to deserve the four of you, but I'm glad I did it" Gigi- the girls.

"I once said I wasn't sure of anything, that's no longer true, I'm sure about you" Gigi- Shawn

"I think you're going to be an amazing father, you're already an incredible brother" Gigi- Diego

Welcome to the Academy

“Mom calm down and take a deep breath ok, we're listening.” Gigi- Ava Remember me

“I'm expecting some high-quality gossip young man.” Gigi- Shawn

“Diego Rueda are you scared you'll replace me if you get close to our sister?” Gigi- Diego

“He saved you because he loved you.” Gigi- Shawn about Tony

Secrets, crushes, struggles

“I have something to tell you and it's going to hurt.” Gigi- Shawn

“Oh, so you do care about them still? I was wondering since you dumped them into the system when their mother passed!” Gigi- Pete

“You look at his face. You look in his eyes and you tell him why it was you couldn't be his father too. I hope it eats you alive until your nothing but a pile of regret.” Gigi-Pete

“I wouldn't call it dating but yes, I've been casually meeting up with someone.” Gigi- Shawn


“So let me get this straight. You were stressed out about all the changes that have happened this year and you dealt with it by creating a living being that will completely change your life!” Gigi- Shawn

“I let teenage Gigi come out to play and I forgot how naive teenage Gigi was.” Gigi- Emma

“Robert please, this is a hard thing to swallow I know, but you live in this family now.” Gigi- Robert.

“If you get a bomb I killed his ass, a devil face means I found him and he is grounded for the rest of his mortal little life!” Gigi- Ava

“We got a nod ladies and gentlemen, that's a start.” Gigi- Robert

“I'm not going to let anyone hurt you, that I can promise.” Gigi- Robert

“True but you're part of the family now, and I never turn my back on family. Gig- Robert

“Your mistakes were letting us go the first time and leaving this time, my mistake was letting you back come back.” Gigi- Pete

“Sometime you have to admit a relationship can't be fixed. No matter how much you want to, you can't trust some people.” Gigi- Ava

“You honestly think Shawn got Rose pregnant on perpouse to destroy his last chance of having his father in his life!” Gigi- Rose

“It's not the future you're afraid of. It's repeating the past that makes you anxious.” Gigi- Shawn