Gigi Rueda

Age- 26

Born- March 18th, 1990

Species- powerless witch

Relationship Status- single

Life status- alive


Father- Drew Rueda

Mother- Ava Rueda

Fraternal twin brother- Diego Rueda 

Son- Shawn Rueda

Niece- Emily Rueda 


Pete- x boyfriend

Tony Ryland- unknown 








. Pete possibly


. Mortal realm

. Miami


unnamed private school (2001-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)

School activity

. her own blog- formerly


Works at the Seven

Events she took part in

Keeping zombie Phillip hidden from the council 

Things we know about her

. She hates being a powerless witch


Gigi first appeared in the first book. She is a character who is special in her own way and can be quite amusing to read about.


Gigi was told her entire childhood by everyone even the council that she would get magic of her own. However when she turned thirteen she still hadn't developed any magic and was declared to be a powerless witch. She was home schooled until the end of fifth grade, then attended an all girls private school until high school when she attended a public school with her brother.

Every witch pregnancy

“I'm not really sure of anything right now, not even the decisions I've already made” Gigi to her friends.


Gigi was very naive and nosy, those were her two traits we learned first. She is also insecure at times and scared about being a pregnant teenager. She becomes more mature as she makes her decision to be a single mother, as well as when she put her gossip blog in her past and moved on to start a pregnancy blog. Gigi did get very frustrated when trying to have her baby's father come back into her life and the baby's life. It was clear she had a lot of determination when she really wanted something to happen. Gigi was also very kind and supportive.

Her teenage pregnancy

Gigi found out she was fifteen and pregnant on August seventeenth 2005 and knew her mother would be angry with her. At the same time she also learned her twin brother had gotten his teenage girlfriend pregnant. She used this news when telling her mother about her pregnancy in hopes she be less mad at her.

Gigi was set to Pete she was pregnant until her mother stated he wouldn't stay with her once he knew. This made her put it off and she never ended up telling him. Instead her brother revealed the news to Pete and afterwards Pete dumped her. She spent a great deal of her pregnancy trying to get him to change his mind, but finally gave up after he wrote her a letter stating he had moved out of Miami along with an explanation on why he didn't want to be involved in their son's life.

At three months pregnant Gigi revealed to Andi she was thinking about giving the baby up for adoption. Gigi seemed to be the only one of the pregnant teen girls who was harassed and seriously bullied. It really hurt Gigi though she didn't show it at school and only cried when alone in her room. Her brother was the only one who knew how much it was hurting her and he stood up for her at school.

At four months pregnant Gigi told Pete she had decided to keep the baby. At six months pregnant Gigi found out she was having a son. She had been hoping for a girl who would become interested in blogging and reporting. However she accepted it thinking a boy could like these things just as much as a girl. As time went on it seemed like Gigi didn't care she was having a son anymore as she became more happy about becoming a mother and talked about her unborn son more and more. Gigi also went baby shopping with Maddie and found herself an apartment which she moved into before her son was born.

The Birth of Shawn

On April 13th 2006 Gigi was brought to the hospital in labor around half past three. Around half past one that afternoon, through a planned C-section, Gigi gave birth to her son Shawn. She was happy that he was finally in her arms. She was visited by her family and later on introduced her son to her friends and the newborn babies of her friends. It was said she'd be able to take him home the next day.

Her blogs

Gigi had a gossip blog on the school website called Miss Information where she revealed the gossip and secrets of her classmates without their permission. It was mentioned this was why she only had one friend before she befriended the other pregnant girls. She once used her blog to go live and reveal she was pregnant and directly told Pete she was giving him a second chance. She told her brother she had done this because Pete wouldn't talk to her. Gigi later told her parents she was getting rid of the blog to start a real one one a real blogging website about her pregnancy and she was ready to put spoiling secrets in the past, though she was never seen making one of these pregnancy blogs.


Gigi worked at the Seven alongside her brother, it was the all ages club their father owned and would one day pass down to them. Gigi was mentioned to usually pretend to work while really checking her social media. She was in charge of taking out the trash and cleaning up.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“Come one on Emma you can't not find this funny.” Gigi- Emma.


Gigi had forgotten to pack her son's suitcase the night before he would be brought to the Academy. So in the morning they were both running all over the house to get ready in time. Gigi then dropped her son off and reminded him of what she had always told him.