9 Patty

Hayley Dale

Age- ten


Species- full witch

Relationship status- single

Life status- Alive



Elizabeth Dale- older sister

Claire Dale- older sister 

Sienna Dale- older sister

Mike Dale- older brother


Magic realm

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Hayley was first introduced in the second book as the youngest sister and sibling of Elizabeth, Claire and Sienna. She only appeared when she went with her parents to visit his three elder sisters. In the book she was eight-nine years old. It was also mentioned she would start the academy the year after her brother.

Every witch student: Missing

As a reoccurring character Hayley was nine-ten years old in the fourth book. In chapter four she was with her parents at her older sister Claire's Academy graduation. In chapter five she was warned by Emma and Ruby she might be in the next group to go missing as she was about to start her first year of magic training in September.