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Isabella Masters

Birthday- Jan seventeenth, 2019

Age- newborn

Species- unknown

Life status- Alive

Not missing


Ava Rueda- biological maternal grandmother

Kristine Fletcher- adoptive grandmother

Duggie Fletcher- adoptive grandfather

Diego Rueda- Uncle 

Gigi Rueda- aunt 

Melanie Rueda- cousin

Emily Rueda- cousin

Shawn Rueda cousin

Ruby Fletcher- mother

Cameron Masters- father

Annabella Masters- twin sister


Magic realm, W.I.T.S Academy

Every witch student: Missing

Isabella and her twin sister were born in the last chapter of the fourth book. Her birthdate is January seventeenth, born in 2019. She was greeted by her parents as well as her cousin Emily and Emily's best friend Ethan. She was born right in the middle of the disappearence crisis.