Jake Novoa

Basic information

Birthdate: Unknown 

Gender: Male

Species: Full-Wizard

Relationship status: complicated

Life status: Alive


Jax Novoa

Emma Novoa (Daughter-in-law.)


Jessica Novoa

One great grand child


Liana Novoa- Wife 


Owns a company that makes Teddybears


Mortal realm, Sydney, Australia- formerly

Mortal realm, Miami, Florida, United States

Background: Not much is known about Jake's past. At one point he lived in Sydney, Australia, where he met and married his wife Liana and welcomed their son Jax. It wasn't known if he had lived here his entire life. In 2004 before September- most likely in the summer- Jake moved his family to Miami, Florida, U.S.A for a reason that wasn't given. 

Every witch pregnancy

Jax, it would be really helpful on our family's reputation if you could behave at school this year.” Jake- Jax.


In the first chapter, Jake asked Jax to behave at school for the sake of their family's reputation. Jax mocked him by using formal language to say he could attempt to behave. For this, Jake shot him a warning look. Later in the chapter, Jake caught Jax at the completion of his prank. Jax said he'd take the car off the roof but Jake stopped him. He told his son that thought he didn't approve of pranks, Jax might as well be a good rebel if he was going to be a rebel. Jax asked if this meant he wasn't in trouble. Jake informed him that he was grounded.

In the second chapter, Jake had gotten enough of Jax's behavior and threatened to send him back to magic boot camp. Jax was scared and Jake gave him one final chance to shape up.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Your grandmother is too, if they get together it won't be good." Jake- Jessie about Liana, Emma, Jax.


Jake was more of an extra character in the second book.

Mentions and appearances

In the third chapter, Jessie had asked her father if her paternal grandparents Liana and Jake had returned from Australia. Jax informed her they had gotten home the night before. It wasn't known why they had been in Australia- the country their son was born in- but it was most likely just for a vacation.

Jake hadn't been immune to the affects of the bad moon but had luckily not been affected. Jake had been at the mansion looking after Jessie and left to check up on Liana. When he returned, Jessie informed him her parents had gone evil and Jake replied Liana had too. He knew if they teamed up it could mean the end of the magic world.

Every witch student: Remember me

Are you ever going to grow up or will you always find my business funny?” Jake- Jax

Chapter two

Jax went to visit his father and mother. During the visit, Jake told him that the business was doing well and Jax teased him about how the “very manly family business” was a teddy bear factory. Jake asked his son if he would ever grow up and Jax replied that he had thought he knew him better than that.