Jake Novoa

Age- Unknown

Birthday- Unknown

Species- Full-wizard



.Unnamed parents

Wife- Liana Novoa 

Son- Jax Novoa

Granddaughter- Jessie Novoa


. Liana Novoa- wife 


. Emma Alonso


. Mortal Realm

. Miami

During the disappearances 

Missing- formerly


Made teddybears- formerly

Third member of the council


First appearing in Every witch pregnancy- Jake Novoa was a very wealthy and strict powerful full-wizard. He was an main character for the most part and had his amusing moments.


Jake once lived in Sydney, Australia. He got married to Liana Novoa and with her had his son Jax. When Jax was fourteen, Jake moved with his family to Miami, Florida. It wasn't explained why and nothing else about his past was told in the first book.

Every witch pregnancy

'“'Jax, it would be really helpful on our family's reputation if you could behave at school this year” Jake- Jax.

Jake didn't approve of Jax dumping Emma. However, told him he could do whatever he wanted regarding Emma and the baby as it was his choice to make.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Your grandmother is too. If they get together they could end the magic world! Where are they, Jessie?" Jake to Jessie when Jessie's parents and grandmother were turned evil.

The full moon

Jake was not turned evil nor mad during the full which had just been lucky since he had been vulnerable to being a full-wizard. Jake had pretty much taken it upon himself to look after Jessie after her parents were turned. He was very worried when he learned that his daughter in law- who was the most powerful witch in the world, were planning world domination with his wife and son- two very powerful witch and wizard. He may have also been present at the council meeting since he had been most likely the one who had brought Jessie there.

Other appearances

In chapter eight, Jake had supper with his family to celebrate the end of Jessie's first semester at the Academy. In chapter eleven, Jake was present at the big family day at the Academy to visit his granddaughter Jessie.

Every witch student: Remember me

Are you ever going to grow up or will you always find my business funny?” Jake- Jax

Jake appeared once in chapter two. Jax had gone to visit Jake and Liana at their house. Jake and Jax talked about Jessie mostly but did talk about some other things as well.

Every witch student: Missing

In the second chapter, Jake was trapped in a blue magic trap and vanished in thin air. He was later in the chapter declared to be missing. Right before he was trapped, he was about to warn Jessie about something or someone. At the very end of the second last chapter, Jake greeted Jax at the Seven. Jake told his son that he had ended up in the club and had no memory of what had happened to him and also told Jax that Liana vanished in thin air after texting to Jax to meet her at the club. Jax decided it was best to bring his father to Emma.

Every witch student: The rescues and take down

Fine, I will get my prof.” Jake- Jax

Random appearances

In the first chapter, Jake and Emma exchanged a few words in the kitchen while they were both getting ready for work. In the sixth chapter, Jake appeared having dinner with his son and granddaughter when Emma came home after days of being away. In chapter ninth chapter, Jake was at his house when Jax came looking for Jessie, he told his son that Jessie was in the kitchen.

The disappearances case

In the first chapter, Jake revealed to his son that people believed he was behind the disappearances. He asked his son to help him hide but Jax decided he believed that Jake was behind it. Jake asked him what his motive would be and gave a few examples of why it didn't make any sense that he was the one behind the disappearances, however, Jax didn't believe him and Jake tel-transported away. At the end of the chapter, Jessie made her parents realize that Jake was indeed innocent but that didn't stop others from believing the opposite.

In the fifth chapter, Jake tel-transported back to the mansion to talk with his son. He told Jake about Liana's past that definitely seemed to connect her to the disappearances. However, Jax- though he knew his father was innocent- didn't believe that his mother was behind it nor did Emma. Jake stated he would get his prof and tel-transported out. When Liana's plan came to light, Jake was supposed to take Jessie into hiding but Jessie ended up dealing with Liana herself. His location during the showdown between Jessie and Liana was unknown.

The battle against the council

In the twelfth chapter, Jake took part in the battle against the council fighting on Emma's side. It wasn't known what condition the battle left Jake in. At the end of the chapter, Emma appointed him as the third member of the “new council.” Jake was honored and accepted the position.

The graduation

In the final chapter, Jake was present at the graduation at the Academy. Reason one being he's a council member making his presence mandatory. The second reason being his granddaughter Jessie was graduating. He was responsible for assigning graduated guardians their permanent charges and assigning graduated full witches and wizards their permanent guardians. This was one of his jobs as the third member of the council.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles. 

"Hey Emma, you're looking good for an old lady." Jake- Emma 


Jake appeared to be quite outgoing and friendly in the sixth book. He also showed he had a sense of humor as well.

Throughout the book

Jake appeared a few times in the sixth book when visiting his son and granddaughter. In the eighth chapter, Jake had joined his son and his son's family for supper to celebrate Jax's birthday. He pretended it had been a long time since they had last seen each other by calling Emma an old lady, and asking Jessie if it had been thirty years since their last visit. During the supper, Jake informed Jessie that she was going to be the last chosen one- Jake was the third member of the council. Jake also informed Emma that the council- which included Ruby- were done experimenting with Ruby's Superior magic and wanted to compare her to Kira. Emma said she'd ask Andi if she'd mind Kira being examined by the council.

In the ninth chapter, Jake brought Jax and Jessie to Limbo for a supervised visit with Liana. Jake didn't seem to have exchanged any words with Liana making us question where their relationship stood after everything Liana had done. Jake never did mention anything about them getting divorced or still being married. ​​​​​​​

Quotes (Book 1)

“Jax, it would be really helpful on our family's reputation if you could behave at school this year” Jake- Jax.

“Dumping Emma, throwing tomatoes at teachers, placing cars on the school roof. You're mother and I have had it with you” Jake- Jax.

“You are being given one more chance to straighten out” Jake- Jax

“One more prank, one more stupid move, and it's off to boot camp you go” Jake- Jax