Jax Novoa

Age- 26

Birthday- January 9th, 1990

Species- full wizard

Relationship status- married

Life status- Alive


Father- Jake Novoa

Mother- Liana Novoa

Wife- Emma Novoa

Daughter- Jessie Novoa


. Emma Novoa- Wife


. Diego Rueda

. Andi Cruz

. Pete- formerly

. Daniel Miller

. Tony possibly

Guardian- unknown


. Desdemona

. Aggie

. Ramona


. Mortal Realm

. Sydney, Australia- formerly

. Miami- currently


3 Unnamed grade schools in Australia- 1994-2000 then Jan 2001- June 2004

W.I.T.S academy (September 2000- December 2000)

Iridium high- 2004-2008

School team

. Swim team 2004-2006 maybe longer 

Events they took part in 

. Keeping zombie Phillip hidden from the council 


. Australian 

Things about them

. He is the reason Phillip was brought to life from the game


Jax was introduced to the series in the first book- chapter one “the start of the story.” He was mostly a recurring character.


Jax was born in Sydney Australia and spent most of his childhood there. At the age of ten he attended the magic academy but was expelled three months later for pranks. After being expelled from the next three schools he attended, Jax moved to Miami with his parents. He then started ninth grade at Iridium high school where he joined the swim team and met his girlfriend Emma.

Every witch pregnancy


Jax was the school bad boy who loved pulling pranks and didn't care when he got in trouble for them. However, after deciding to be in his unborn daughter's life, he slowly seemed to be changing.

Emma's pregnancy

Jax found out he had gotten Emma Pregnant in August 2005- Chapter one. He immediately broke up with her saying he wasn't ready to be a father. He was latter cornered by his mother about why Emma hadn't shown up for supper. He lied to her but after a truth spell casted on him he admitted to getting her pregnant and dumping her. For awhile Jax and Emma were avoiding each other and weren't on talking terms.

Late in chapter three- October- Jax asked Emma for forgiveness stating he wanted to be in their child's life. Emma didn't believe him at first but agreed to give him a second chance. In chapter four Jax was attending doctor appointments and ultrasounds with Emma- the first time he saw the baby he got emotional. He and Emma then got back together.

In chapter five Jax arranged for Emma to move in with him in a couple of months. In chapter six he found out he was going to have a daughter and was happy about it. Jax- in chapter seven- was happy when he was told his daughter would be the next chosen one- but agreed with Emma she would have a normal childhood. In chapter nine he set up the nursery on his own and helped Emma move in.

The birth of Jessica Marah Novoa

On April 13th 2006 Jax was present at the birth of his darling baby girl and was quite emotional. He made a comment to his mom that the baby he hadn't wanted was the same baby he could now never let go of. Jax was present for Francisco and and his parent's visits. However didn't seem to be around when Lily or Ursula came to meet the baby, as he hadn't been mentioned to be there.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“When it comes to our children we don't easily forgive others for hurting them.” Jax- Andi


Jax had grown up a lot since high school but he still had the same sense of humor.


Jax was ecstatic from the moment his daughter told him she wanted to attend the Academy, and he helped her convince her mother to let her attend. In chapter one, Jax dropped his daughter off and jokingly told her not to forget to pull pranks. Jessie knew her father had been just kidding around.