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Jax Novoa

Age- 31

Birthday- January 9th, 1990

Species- Full-Wizard

Relationship status- married

Life status- Alive

Nickname- sir Jax- by Kira


Father- Jake Novoa

Mother- Liana Novoa

Wife- Emma Novoa

Daughter- Jessie Novoa


. Emma Novoa- Wife


. Diego Rueda

. Andi Cruz

. Pete- formerly

. Daniel Miller

. Tony possibly

Guardian- unknown


. Desdemona

. Aggie

. Ramona


. Mortal Realm

. Sydney, Australia- formerly

. Miami- currently


3 Unnamed grade schools in Australia- 1994-2000 then Jan 2001- June 2004

W.I.T.S academy (September 2000- December 2000)

Iridium high- 2004-2008

School team

. Swim team 2004-2006 maybe longer 

Events they took part in 

. Keeping zombie Phillip hidden from the council 


. Australian 

Things about them

. He is the reason Phillip was brought to life from the game


Jax was introduced to the series in the first book- chapter one “the start of the story.” He was mostly a recurring character.


Jax was born in Sydney Australia and spent most of his childhood there. At the age of ten, he attended the magic academy but was expelled three months later for pranks. After being expelled from the next three schools he attended, Jax moved to Miami with his parents. He then started ninth grade at Iridium high school where he joined the swim team and met his girlfriend Emma.

Every witch pregnancy


Jax was the school bad boy who loved pulling pranks and didn't care when he got in trouble for them. However, after deciding to be in his unborn daughter's life, he slowly seemed to be changing.

Emma's pregnancy

Jax found out he had gotten Emma Pregnant in August 2005- Chapter one. He immediately broke up with her saying he wasn't ready to be a father. He was later cornered by his mother about why Emma hadn't shown up for supper. He lied to her but after a truth spell cast on him, he admitted to getting her pregnant and dumping her. For awhile Jax and Emma were avoiding each other and weren't on talking terms.

Late in chapter three- October- Jax asked Emma for forgiveness stating he wanted to be in their child's life. Emma didn't believe him at first but agreed to give him a second chance. In chapter four Jax was attending doctor appointments and ultrasounds with Emma- the first time he saw the baby he got emotional. He and Emma then got back together.

In chapter five Jax arranged for Emma to move in with him in a couple of months. In chapter six he found out he was going to have a daughter and was happy about it. Jax- in chapter seven- was happy when he was told his daughter would be the next chosen one- but agreed with Emma she would have a normal childhood. In chapter nine he set up the nursery on his own and helped Emma move in.

The birth of Jessica Marah Novoa

On April 13th, 2006 Jax was present at the birth of his darling baby girl and was quite emotional. He made a comment to his mom that the baby he hadn't wanted was the same baby he could now never let go of. Jax was present for Francisco and his parent's visits. However didn't seem to be around when Lily or Ursula came to meet the baby, as he hadn't been mentioned to be there.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“When it comes to our children we don't easily forgive others for hurting them.” Jax- Andi


Jax had grown up a lot since high school but he still had the same sense of humor.


Jax was ecstatic from the moment his daughter told him she wanted to attend the Academy, and he helped her convince her mother to let her attend. In chapter one, Jax dropped his daughter off and jokingly told her not to forget to pull pranks. Jessie knew her father had been just kidding around.

In chapter two Jax was concerned when Jessie lost her magic but didn't stress because he knew she was in good hands having Andi and all of her friends at the academy looking out for her. At the end of the chapter, he praised Jessie for her revenge on Ruby finding it hilarious.

The full moon

In chapter seven Jax was turned evil by the full moon. He had teamed up with his mother and wife to take over the world. Thankfully they weren't able to achieve their goal as they were missing a fourth partner. Once the full moon had passed he had returned to normal like the others.

Every witch student: Remember me

Me? Grow up? Come on dad, I thought you knew better than that.” Jax- Jake.


In the second chapter, Jax went to visit his parents Jake and Liana at their house. He talked to his father about his daughter Jessie and about Jake's teddy bear making business. He also made a joke to his mom when he asked her if she was plotting world domination again. Liana had dropped what she was holding and looked horrified. Jax told her he had just been kidding but his mother stated that her reaction had been caused by a rat she had just spotted rather than Jax's comment.

In chapter three, Jax was present during the supper with Emma and her friends and the kids. He later in the chapter attended Ursula's Christmas Eve party. The next day, it was mentioned that Jax had taken Jessie to his parents' house to celebrate Christmas day.

In chapter five, Jax was asked by his wife Emma to wait at the mansion for Andi to arrive through a portal. When Jax arrived at Ava's house with Andi he had a concerned look on his face. Emma had quickly realized that Andi had lost her entire memory. Jax explained that Andi had fallen through the portal and smacked her head on a coffee as a result. He then- as instructed by Ava- took Andi into the basement where they waited for Emma and Ava to join them.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

You have nothing to fear, she's in the arms of her knight...sir Jax!” Jax- Andi 


The personality Jax has already shown us did make a reappearance in the sixth book. He still had the same humor. We did get to see a new side to him though. Jax showed his playful side when it came to spending time with Kira- the toddler daughter of his close friend Andi.

Family life

In the ninth chapter, Jax wanted to visit his mother in limbo. He went with his father and daughter to go visit her. Though Jax had been telling his father he wanted to see her, he didn't appear happy to actually see her as he barely exchanged any words with her. In the tenth chapter, Jax kidnapped his best friend's daughter Kira so that his daughter could have some real chosen one experience without it actually being a real kidnapping case.

In the thirteenth chapter, Jax was concerned that his daughter wasn't spending enough time on her mortal life. So, he and Emma told Jessie that she had to spend the rest of the month living only her mortal life. In the next chapter, he celebrated Jessie's fifteenth birthday.

Personal life

In the second chapter, Jax had baby fever and couldn't understand why his wife wouldn't agree they should have another baby. Emma told her friends she believed Jax wanted another baby for two possible reasons, either it was because their existing daughter was already a teenager or because a lot of people he knew were having babies or had small children. Emma suggested he babysit. Throughout the book, Jax babysat Isy and Ana once and babysat Kira a bunch of times.

Jax's relationships 

Jax and Liana

It was clear Liana wasn't the type of mother who put up with her son's crap. When she felt he was lying to her she didn't hesitate to cast a truth spell on him. Liana seemed to support her son throughout Emma's pregnancy, however, wasn't accepting when he dumped her at the beginning of the pregnancy. 

In the sixth book, Jax hadn't forgiven his mother.

Jax and Jake 

Jake wasn't seen enough to show his actual relationship with his son Jax. He did seem to be very supportive of him during Emma's teen pregnancy. In the third book, Jax went to visit his parents.

In the sixth book, Jax had a good relationship with his father.

Jax and Emma

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“I was just a bad boy with a crush on an amazing girl I never thought I'd get but did” Jax- Emma

Emma and Jax had originally met at W.I.T.S academy at age ten during their first year of magic education and training. However since Jax was expelled three months later, the two forgot about each other. Then they reunited in ninth grade when they were assigned to complete a project together. In grade ten Emma didn't tell him about her pregnancy right away and it killed her to keep it a secret. When she finally did tell him he decided to dump her because he wasn't ready to be a father.

Emma was upset and cried when being comforted by Lily later that day. When Jax asked for a second chance two months later Emma was hesitant as she didn't believe he was going to stay anyways. However, she did give him a chance and they ended up getting back together when Emma was four months pregnant. Since that point, everything in their relationship was good and stable. They were able to make agreements when it came to their unborn daughter. At the end of the pregnancy, Jax had Emma move in with him and his family and surprised her by setting up their daughter's nursery making it resemble Emma's childhood bedroom she had just moved out of to move in with him. It wasn't mentioned if Jax had been in the delivery room when Jessie was born, however, he was at the hospital with her when people started to visit. 

In the second book, Emma and Jax were married. Emma seemed to be the boss of the relationship though wasn't too over the top. She also rolled her eyes at his smart ass comments and gave him looks when he encouraged Jessie to pull pranks. Nothing really changed in the third book. Emma still seemed to keep Jax in line for the most part and shot him looks when he said something she didn't agree with. When Emma had given up her magic, Jax was the first person she went to and he comforted her with a hug.

In the sixth book, Emma and Jax had the same relationship. They got along for the most part but still had their fights and arguments every now and then. In the second chapter, Jax wanted to have another baby but Emma didn't. This caused them to fight and argue. Later on in the chapter, Emma and Jax talked again and came to the agreement that Jessie would be their only child.

Jax and Jessie

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“You are my reason to grow up, to change.” Jax- Jessie

When Jax first learned he was going to be a teen father he was scared and dealt with that fear by dumping his pregnant girlfriend to avoid having to be a father. However two months later he had realized he wanted to be in his daughter's life. He started attending ultrasounds and doctor appointments and got back together with Emma saying it was best. Jax was happy when he found out he was having a daughter and agreed with Emma on the name. He was happy when he found out Jessie was going to be the chosen one, however, made it clear she would be treated like any other child because he didn't want her childhood taken away from her. Jax even set up Jessie's nursery himself and surprised Emma with it when she moved in. Jax was at the hospital the day Jessie was born and was walking around the room with her in his arms when the family started visiting to meet her. He told his mother that it was odd to think the baby he hadn't wanted was the same baby he now never wanted to let go of. So it was clear he ended up loving his baby girl after all.

In the second book, Jessie was really close to her father. Jax adored Jessie and loved her very much. He would always find it funny when she pulled a prank or got herself in some ridicules situation. He was very proud of his baby girl and always wanted what was best for her. 

In the sixth book, Jax and Jessie still had a strong father-daughter bond.

Jax and Kira

"You have nothing to fear, she's in the arms of her knight...sir Jax!" Jax- Andi

In the sixth book, Kira quickly became Jax's little buddy who he loved and adored. In the first chapter, it was already clear that Jax cared about Kira when he agreed with her parents that she should be treated like a normal child despite being a Superior. He told them that treating Kira like a normal child was important for them and for Kira.

Jax's quotes- Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“Don't forget to have fun though, you don't need to be bad to have fun” Jax- Jessie

“Oh how cute, Maddie adopted a little rebel” Jax teasing Maddie about Melanie

Jax's Quotes- Every witch student: Remember me

“She's doesn't know how awesome your dad is.” Jax- Jessie.

“That is for stealing my life hack of taking the easy way out.” Jax- Andi

Secrets, crushes, struggles

“I wanted to talk before Andi has her way with you. Don't come asking for my help. You betrayed Andi, my best friend, you're nothing to me now. This swim meet is over, your off the team just like Pete.” Jax- Daniel

“Um if you let Maddie babysit there might be a zoo in your backyard or your house may be an underwater cave when you return home. Or the twins could end up as unicorns.” Jax- Ruby

“It's going to be great seeing dad tonight, haven't really talked to him since mom...did what she did.” Jax- Emma

“You have nothing to fear, she's in the arms of her knight...sir Jax!” Jax- Andi while holding Kira

“I have a feeling she'll do just fine in life.” Jax- Andi about Kira