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Jessica Maria Novoa

Basic information

Age: 15

Birthdate: April thirteenth, 2006

Magical species: Full-Witch

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: single

Nicknames and other names

Jessie- by everyone

Jess- by Shawn 

Essie Nova- unintentionally self-appointed once

Chosen one in training- by everyone 

Miss igloo investigation unit- once by Emma


Walter and Anita Alonso


Francisco Alonso

Maria Alonso+

Jake Novoa 

Liana Nova


Emma Novoa

Jax Novoa


Madelyn Rueda (first cousin once removed)

Sara Van-Pelt (first cousin once removed.)

Melanie Rueda (second cousin)

Emily Rueda (Second cousin)

Sara Van-Pelt (Second cousin)

Hope Archer (second cousin once removed)

Unborn second cousin once removed


Shawn Rueda- accidental first kiss

Ben Sanders- hooked up 


Ethan Archer

Emily Rueda

Shawn Rueda

Rose Greener- possibly

Gracie Rice

Ben Sanders 

Sara Van-Pelt- possibly


Iridium elementary school 2010- 2016

W.I.T.S Academy 2016- 2020

Iridium hig h school 2020-


Chosen one in training


Mortal Realm



Jessie was a main character during the entire series as she was the last chosen one. She was born into the series at the end of the last chapter of the first book. However her character was more introduced in the second book as she was old enough to walk, talk, understand what was going on and give her input. When the series ended she was deep in her adult years. Jessie was known for being sneaky and curious as a child, then as an adult was pretty much the same.

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Her birth

Jessie was born in the last chapter of every witch pregnancy. She was born on April 13th, 2006 at a hospital in Miami around half past two in the afternoon. She was the fifth of the babies to be born. As her mother slept she was held by her father and was greeted briefly by her mother's father. She was then greeted warmly by her paternal grandparents. She was also later greeted by her mother's guardian Lily and her great aunt Ursula.

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 Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Without my powers, I'm no longer a witch." Jessie- Andi


Jessie was known as the best sneaker in her group of friends, she was also good at revenge. She was kind yet stubborn. She was very determined to complete her goals as well.

Being a witch in training

In chapter one Jessie started her magic training and education at the Academy. She was given her guardian- Andi Cruz- and her teammate- Ben Sanders.

In chapter three Jessie began practicing for the first test by turning Ethan's old action figures into animals and then back into toys. After her first try, she was dismissed from practice as it was clear she was too advanced for this type of practice. In chapter four the first test was coming up and she hadn't practiced. Andi was to busy spying on Ruby to train her so she decided to join Shawn and Gracie for their practice session with Luke. When the first test came, Jessie was only able to turn Andi into a horse halfway making her a centaur, she did manage to turn her back into a person and hoped that would be enough to let her pass, however, she was failed. 

Using magic 

In chapter two Jessie cast a healing spell to fix Ben's broken wrist. She was very proud of herself for having been able to accomplish this task. After her revenge plan on Ruby caused Ethan to accidentally tel-transport Ruby away, Jessie attempted to open a portal to bring her back. However, she opened a black hole instead and got stuck halfway through it. She was then rescued by a group of people and managed to close the black hole. 


In chapter two Jessie woke Andi in the middle of the night to inform her that her powers were gone. It was later mentioned Jessie had been trying to use her magic to pull a prank on Emily when she discovered her magic was gone. In the morning it was learned that Jessie's powers had been stolen. Her parents were notified and Jessie had to stay by Andi's side at all times. Jessie was very upset about her magic being gone and she decided to drop out of the academy. She told Andi that without magic she was no longer a witch. Andi managed to convince Jessie to stay at the academy and give her a week to get her powers back. Jessie then wrote a letter to her paternal grandparents about what had happened. Later that day Jessie was given her magic back by Emily and learned it had been Ruby who had stolen her magic.

After failing the first test Jessie was furious with Andi and decided to drop out of the academy. She was picked up by her mother shortly after and brought home. The next day when Andi went to apologize to her, Jessie wouldn't answer the door and let her in. Her mother then forced her to meet Andi at the club and listen to what she had to say. After talking with Andi, Jessie decided to forgive her and return to the Academy. 

In mid-chapter four Jessie was informed by Ethan in the middle of the night that Ruby had stolen Hex. She went with him and a few girls to confront Ruby and get Hex back. Hex was the magic book belonging to Jessie's mother. After Andi refused to do anything about it, Jessie teamed up with all of the first year magic students to operate a spy club against Ruby. She along with Ethan were the leaders and they were the ones who sorted through all the information the others had gathered about Ruby and placed the valid information in a folder. Jessie was one of the children who got caught by Ruby. She was let off with a warning by Andi. 

On Halloween Jessie pranked Emily by filing her bed with shaving cream, she then agreed to settle the score with a magic duel. However, Emily's magic was too strong due to the full moon and Jessie was saved by Ethan. In chapter seven, Jessie went home during the full moon. She later attended the council meeting. 

Being worried about making her mother proud

Ever since she had been little, Jessie knew she was going to take over as the chosen one when she turned eighteen. She had also worried about not being able to fill her mother's shoes and therefore letting her mother down. Even though Emma had told her multiple times that she didn't care or have expectations about how well Jessie would do at being the chosen one, Jessie still worried. So during her first year at the academy, Jessie was always trying to make her mother proud. That was until Shawn advised her to stop and just enjoy the visits.  Every witch student: Remember me

We didn't realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.” Jessie- Emily and Ethan.

Being a Witch in training

Jessie- at the age of eleven- began the second year of her magic training and education. In the second chapter, Jessie was successful in making it snow indoors during a practice session for the first test. During the actual first test, Jessie conjured up a son above Ben's had and passed.

In the fourth chapter, Jessie had been eating with her friends when the subject of the second test came up. It was Jessie's idea to make it a competition bet between her friends with embarrassing punishments for the losers. The second test had put Jessie up against Ben in a friendly magic duel and Jessie easily won. In the top three places- Jessie had managed to get first place but because Ben wasn't in the top three, it dragged them down as a team to second place for the bet they had made with their friends. Yet, Jessie and Ben weren't the losing team in their group of friends and therefore hadn't had to do anything embarrassing.

In the sixth chapter, Jessie was preparing for the upcoming first race. Later on in the chapter, Jessie having a blast with her friends in a magic battle. Jessie participated in the second race with Ben and Andi on her team. They managed to get to the second room and were up against only Luke's team. She and her team won.

The mission

In the third chapter, Jessie confided in her mother about how she believed it wasn't over for Andi and Andi's family. She shared that she just knew the council would strike again on which her mother agreed with her. Jessie then told her mother she would keep an eye on Agamemnon once back at the Academy.

In the fourth chapter, Jessie had suggested to Andi to spend some alone time with Luke. Andi stated that Luke would never agree to go on a date with her. Jessie then suggested that instead of it being a date it could be a training session for the second race. Andi did take Jessie suggestion.

In the sixth chapter, Jessie had come up with a plan to restore Luke's memory permanently. She told the plan to her mother who called her a genuineness. Jessie was present when Luke's memory was restored and was said to be quite emotional when seeing Andi and Luke and Ethan finally reunite as a family. Jessie had been quite proud of herself that it had been her plan that had successfully restored Luke's memory of his zombie life permanently.

Sharing her magic illegally with Ethan

In the ninth chapter, Jessie offered to Ethan to share her magic with him after he had been wrongly stripped of his magic by the council members. She told him that she willing to take the risk of getting caught and did transfer a portion of her magic to him. Later in the chapter, Ethan was seen using magic. Jessie was about to confess but Emily quickly decided to take the blame and later explained why to Jessie. Jessie felt guilty and did thank Emily. Also, the magic Jessie had given to Ethan was returned to her.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

Yeah, wouldn't surprise me if you two pop out another one by Christmas.” Jessie- Emily and Ethan


Jessie changed pretty drastically as she became more focused on her magical life than on her mortal life. Jessie had been know to put her friends as the main focus of her life, yet in the sixth book didn't hang out with them as much and didn't seem to mind being left out of group activities and conversations when her magical life called for her. Besides that, Jessie was still very loyal and excitable. Still had a determination to be the best she could be and to make her mother proud of her.

Throughout the book

Jessie started her chosen one training in the second chapter. She chased Diego around her own backyard to show her mother how capable she was at take-downs. She had done a good job though did make one mistake. In the third chapter, she met the newborn daughter of her second cousin Emily and started her first year of high school. In the seventh chapter, Jessie was worried her magical life had affected her grades in school, but she learned they hadn't.

In the eighth chapter, Jessie had begged her mom to let her work a real case. When she did, Jessie screwed it up and was snapped at by her mother who later apologized. From then on, she wasn't allowed to work real cases- though she did work the case of Kira's fake kidnapping only to learn it had been a setup and it had actually been her own father who had taken Kira. In the ninth chapter, Jessie went to limbo to visit her grandmother Liana. In the tenth chapter, Jessie got herself trapped in an igloo when she took on a real case behind her mother's back. She was rescued by Diego. Also in chapter ten, Jessie hooked up with her close friend Ben.

In the thirteenth chapter, Jessie was banned from her chosen one training because she wasn't spending enough time with her friends. She was banned for the month of April though her parents kind of forgot. In the fourteenth chapter, she celebrated her fifteenth birthday. In the seventeenth chapter, Jessie met the son of her close friend Shawn on the day he was born and started tenth grade at Iridium high school.


Jessie and Emma

Sixth book: Emma's main focus was on Jessie's chosen one training. Emma and Jessie became even closer as they spent much more time together. However, spending more time together didn't always seem to be a good thing. In the first chapter, Emma revealed to her family and friends that she was worried Jessie was to focused on being great and would let that get in the way. In Emma's speech to Jessie during the graduation party, Emma told Jessie how proud of her she was and how Jessie could never disappoint her.

Jessie and Jax

Sixth book: Jax and Jessie still had a strong father-daughter bond.

Jessie and Andi

Sixth book:

Jessie and Ethan 

“What the hell are you doing? Do you want to get expelled?” Jessie- Ethan

In the group of friends, Jessie and Ethan are two of the closest, and they share a birthday. It could be said that Jessie is Ethan's second best friend. It is very possible that one reason they are close is that Jessie and Ethan had, in the past, worked together as they worked with their mothers on finding Phillip. It was mentioned that they have the same favourite comic book as well. Ethan saved Jessie on Halloween, 2016, from getting hit by a dangerous spell that had been cast by Emily, and in the process was hit himself and ended up in the hospital overnight.

Sixth book: Jessie was Ethan's second best friend and Ethan was Jessie's second best friend since both were closest to Emily.

Jessie and Emily 

"Emily, please, you should know by now I don't let people off that easy...its revenge time!" Jessie- Emily. 

In the group of friends, Jessie and Emily are two of the closest. They are also second cousins as their mothers, Maddie and Emma, are cousins, and they share a birthday. When no one else would believe Emily about Ruby having powers, Jessie did. Emily and Jessie often hung out together at the Academy. Jessie once, as a favor for Emily, spied on Ruby as a bug, though she hadn't wanted to. Jessie and Emily had a duel on Halloween after Jessie pranked her with magic, they later apologized to each other. 

Sixth book: Aside from being second cousins, in the sixth book: Jessie was Emily's second best friend but Emily was Jessie's best friend. In their group of friends, Jessie was closest with Emily but Emily was closer with Ethan than Jessie because Ethan was her boyfriend and the father of her daughter.

Jessie and Shawn 

“Don't mean to get all girly on you, but I'm glad you're ok. I worried.” Jessie- Shawn  

Jessie and Shawn are not two of the closest in their group of friends,  and they share a birthday. However, they are close friends and often hung out together at the Academy. They talked all the time and often did their homework together as well. 

Sixth book: In the sixth book, Jessie was pretty close to Shawn though because she was closer to Ben, Shawn was only her third best friend. Jessie, however, was Shawn's second best friend.

Jessie and Ben

“You don't have to be crazy to hang out with us. I'll train you.” Jessie- Ben 

Jessie and Ben started off as just teammates who had very little in common. However, they slowly became really great friends. Jessie even introduced him to her friends and made a part of the group. However in the second book he only hung out with them every now and then, so he wasn't officially part of the group at that point. In the third book, Jessie put a lot of focus on helping Ben win over Shawn. In one chapter she told him that he was trying too hard. In general, Jessie and Ben were pretty close. After Gracie left the Academy especially because Ben started hanging out more with Jessie than he had when Gracie had been at the Academy.

Sixth book: In the sixth book, Ben was Jessie's fourth best friend, but Jessie was Ben's second best friend. Their friendship had the most change of all of the individual friendships of the the group members. In the second chapter, Jessie and Ben were hanging out just the two of them and Jessie asked him how he felt about moving away from New York. Ben told her he didn't miss New York because there was nothing for him there.

Jessie and Gracie 

“I might seem strong but I break.” Jessie- Gracie 

Jessie and Gracie were not two of the closest in the group, in-fact these two had the least amount in common,  and they share a birthday. However, they were really great friends. Jessie was the one to learn from Sienna that Gracie may be being bullied and hated knowing such a sweet little girl could be going through that. She told Gracie she would defend her if anyone ever tried to bully her, and Gracie replied that she knew that. However, Gracie also denied the bullying not wanting Jessie to get revenge on Morgan. 

Sixth book: In the sixth book- due to not having that much in common- Gracie was Jessie's fifth best friend and vice versa. They were still pretty close and great friends though.

Jessie and Kira

Sixth book:

Jessie and Hope

Sixth book:

Jessie and Shane

Sixth book:


Welcome to the Academy

"Hey what was that for!" Jessie- Ben

"I don't know but I'm freaking out!" Jessie- Andi

“When I am afraid I put my trust in you.” Jessie- Andi

"I was just curious to see if I was as good as my dad." Jessie- Emily

"Oh I was just's not important." Jessie- Emily

"Emily, please, you should know by now I don't let people off that easy...its revenge time!" Jessie- Emily.

"Ben, didn't I tell you my mom's the chosen one?" Jessie- Ben after Ben freaked out seeing Emma.

"Don't blame him it's all your fault! You're my guardian you're supposed to look after me!" Jessie- Andi

"I'll always give you a second chance because I know you'll always deserve it." Jessie- Andi.

"My mom put me in your care, so technically, everything in my care is in your care" Jessie- Andi

"Yea but I'm the chosen one's daughter. I can feel danger from dimensions away." Jessie- Emily

“You don't have to be crazy to hang out with us. I'll train you.” Jessie- Ben

"Andi calm down or I'm using my magic on you!" Jessie- Andi

Remember me

“I'm worried this isn't the end for them. The council will strike again.” Jessie- Emma

“You talked and I listened. You didn't fail us.” Jessie- Andi

“You're the reason Ethan has faith in life and the reason I have faith in myself.” Jessie- Andi

“What the hell are you doing? Do you want to get expelled?” Jessie- Ethan

“Something big? Yeah, he has an eleven-year-old son.” Jessie- Andi

“We didn't realize we were making memories. We just knew we were having fun.” Jessie- Emily and Ethan.

“For you, I'm willing to take the risk. That's what friends do.” Jessie- Ethan

Secrets, crushes, struggles

“It's not like they went to jail for streaking in the park! God! They are just two fourteen-year-olds who have a big deal!” Jessie- to random girls from high school who were bashing her mother and her friends.

“I am going to be a legend! I am so awesome!” Jessie- her family

“The life of a witch...your friends just pop out of nowhere.” Jessie- Ben

“Yeah, wouldn't surprise me if you two pop out another one by Christmas.” Jessie- Emily and Ethan