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Kaitlyn Rice

Age- 33

Born-  August 1st, 1990

Species- powerless witch

Status- single

'Nicknames' and other names

Katie- by everyone

Major helicopter parent- by Gigi


Father- Connor Rice

Mother- Natasha Rice 

Daughter- Gracie Rice


Jordan Quintion- rape

Vince- Ex boyfriend

One night stand


Maddie VanPelt

Sophie VanPelt

Emma Alonso

Diego Rueda

Gigi Rueda

Andi Cruz


Jordan Quintion


unnamed grade school in New York (1994- 1998)

Unnamed grade school in Miami (1998-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)

School team

Cheer leading-formerly


Mortal reaelm

New york- formerly


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Katie was born in New York, however, moved to Miami at the age of eight. Katie didn't take the move well as she was upset about leaving behind her friends, family, and house. Not long after the move, she continued third grade at a new school called Iridium elementary school. There she met her best friends Maddie and Sophie and was also- at the time- friends with Emma and Andi. A month before the first book started- she was raped by an adult man and fell pregnant.

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Every witch pregnancy

“Yeah, I know. So if the police come asking questions about my whereabouts, that's why,” Katie- Maddie

Katie's underage pregnancy

Katie's pregnancy at fifteen was caused by being raped on her way home from the movie theater. In the first chapter, Katie had been shy to ask Lily for a pregnancy test. When her pregnancy was confirmed, she burst into tears but refused to be picked up or to skip class. Katie told her parents and her father straight off wanted her to have an abortion which Katie didn't want. Her parents were fighting about it until Katie snapped at them to shut up. She asked her mother if she hated her, her mother replied that though she and her father were =disappointed in her, they could never hate her.

In the second chapter, Katie announced she wanted to have an abortion. Later in the chapter, she changed her mind deciding she wanted to keep her child. She soon decided to go with adoption and found a family in the fifth chapter.

Katie's relationships

In the first chapter, Katie confided in Maddie about her rape and pregnancy. In an attempt to be supportive, Maddie orders her to come over to her house and pick-out one of her outfits to keep. Earlier that day, Katie had lied to Maddie when she had asked her if something was wrong by saying it had been nothing more than an argument with her parents.

In the second chapter, Maddie was shocked to hear Katie say she wanted to have an abortion. She harshly asked her why then kindly told her she would support her no matter what.

Emma and Katie had once been good friends in elementary school, however, at the start of tenth grade they weren't friends anymore. The reason was never really explained. In the first chapter, Emma found Katie crying in the bathroom and asked her if she wanted to talk. Katie confided in Emma about her rape and pregnancy. Emma let her know she wasn't alone by telling her about her pregnancy and that her father and boyfriend didn't know. Katie asked her if things would get better and Emma replied she hoped they would. They then share a hug- both girls were crying. Later on in the chapter, Katie joined Emma for lunch at school to thank her for talking with her and comforting her in the bathroom.

In the second chapter, the girls shared another personal moment at the park. Katie confided in Emma about second-guessing the abortion because it wasn't something she had ever seen herself doing. Emma asked her if she had talked to anyone about this and Katie replied that she hadn't.

In the eighth chapter, Gigi comforted Katie who was finding it hard knowing she was giving her baby away. Katie asked what kind of person would give a child away, and Gigi told her “the kind of person who has a heart so big it's giving her the strength and love to give the baby her best chance.”

Katie's relationship with the group

In the second chapter, a misunderstanding happened in the hallway. Katie- who had been walking with Maddie and Sophie- waved to Emma. Emma waved back to her and Maddie thought she had been waving at her, so she waved back to Emma. Emma thought about striking up a conversation with them but went against it. She changed her mind while walking away but it was too late, Maddie and Katie had disappeared with Sophie.

The first time the whole group hung out was in the second chapter during a school lunch period. Maddie was already going to eat with Katie- along with Sophie- and Diego had asked her to invite Gigi to join so she did. She bumped into Emma and Andi outside the cafeteria and decided to invite them to her lunch party and they accepted. Katie talked with the girls about their so far baby decisions and got to see Gigi punch a girl in the nose for calling Maddie a slut. Gigi said she had done it for them all.

In the third chapter, Katie had invited all of the pregnant girls to her house. They hung out in her bedroom and talked about who the temporary guardians of their children would be. In the next chapter, Emma hosted a sleepover with the pregnant girls at her house but there wasn't a whole lot of talking as they went to sleep pretty early on.

In the sixth chapter, attended Maddie's sleepover with the other pregnant girls and they talked about personal things. Gigi said they were becoming connected but not exactly as friends. In the seventh chapter, the girls started hanging out in order to become friends. In the next chapter, Emma broke into the council building with the other girls in an attempt to steal Phillip's case file which she didn't find. They were caught by Ramona but Emma managed to talk them out of trouble. Later in the chapter, Emma and the other girls had a sleepover and they each said something about their newfound friendship. Katie said,

The birth of her daughter

The adoptive parents had backed out a week or two before giving Katie no time to find another family. Katie welcomed her daughter in the final chapter and after having met her, Katie couldn't give her up. She decided to keep her baby girl and made a deal with her parents.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

I still have no clue what I'm doing. I'm going to run away for her teenage years,” Katie- Emma


Katie was more of a reoccurring character in the second book.


Katie hadn't changed a bit. She was still sensitive and very loving and friendly. She was more emotional in the second book when it came to be separated from her daughter during her daughter's time at the Academy. She was also quite sentimental it seemed like.



In the second chapter, Emma went to see Katie and told her about Jessie's magic and that Diego and Jax were telling her to step aside and let Andi handle it. Katie told Emma she agreed with them. Katie admitted to Emma that she often worried about Gracie had been tempted eight times so far to drop by and see her. Emma asked Katie why she hadn't and Katie replied they needed to step back and let them stretch their wings for the first time since it was part of them growing up, and that they were under the care of their guardians Luke and Andi at moment. Emma asked how the kids had gotten so big because it had seemed like yesterday she and the other moms had been teens with no clue what they were doing and holding their newborns for the first time. Katie replied that she still didn't know what was doing and joked about running away for the teen years. Emma joined in by saying she was going to run away with her.

Katie and her daughter Gracie had the strongest bond. In the seventh chapter, Katie went to the Academy to visit her daughter on Parent's day. Gracie told her mother she felt like she was wondering around with an empty head. Katie replied that not all those who wonder are lost. She then told Gracie that she was quite a special and kind witch and that one day she'd see it.

Every witch student: Remember me

Whoever is trying to get you down is already below you.” Katie- Gracie.

Chapter one

Katie woke her daughter up and greeted her with a good morning kiss and hug. She then offered to make her breakfast while Gracie got ready to head back to the Academy. When dropping her daughter off at the Academy, they had an emotional farewell

Chapter three

Katie picked up Gracie from the Academy to bring her home the holidays. She was then present at the supper at the Novoa mansion and later in the chapter attended Ursula's family and friends Christmas Eve party.


Welcome to the Academy

"Always stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone." Katie- Gracie.

"We need to step back and let them stretch out their wings for the first time, that's part of them growing up." Katie- Emma.

“I still have no clue what I'm doing. I'm going to run away for her teenage years,” Katie- Emma

"As long as you do your best, I will always be proud of you." Katie- Gracie

"When someone does something that hurts you, make yourself a promise that you will never do the same thing to anyone else." Katie- Gracie

"Give her a clear message her mean words mean nothing to you and she'll stop eating that power you've been feeding her." Katie- Gracie

"Keep the ones who heard you when you never said a word." Katie-Gracie

"Not all those who wander are lost." Katie- Gracie