Kimberly Sanders

Age- 30

Born- August 1991

Species- powerless witch

Status- single

Missing- formerly

Nickname- Kim, Kimmy


Cindy- mother

Johnanthan- father

Ben Sanders- son


unnamed man- x boyfriend


Andi Cruz

Luke Archer

Program- guardian in training

Year- 4

W.I.T.S- Sienna and Harris






Magic realm- formerly

Mortal realm- currently

W.I.T.S academy- 2016- 2020


Kim Sanders- a former teenage mother- was first introduced in the first chapter of the second book. She wasn't a very important character. She was a close friend of Andi and also became Shawn's guardian. She is similar to Katie as they are both dark-skinned with curly black hair and they were both teenage parents who gave birth to their children in the same year, and both are very kind and loving. However, these two aren't actually related and had never met before Andi introduced them.


Kim lived in New York her entire life but it didn't seem like she knew Katie back when they were kids. At fourteen she became a mother when her son Ben was born.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“If the little voice in your head is telling you something is up, maybe you should listen” Kim- Andi


Kim is a friendly and caring type of person. Though can get stressed out very easily and worries about every little thing. When she is stressed she can have a temper and being slightly inpatient and overreact. When she is stress-free she's fun to be around.

Being Ben's mother

In the first chapter Kim revealed to Andi she had been a teenage mother and she now had a ten-year-old old son named Ben. When learning Andi was his guardian- Kim said it looked like her son was in good hands.

Being a guardian in training

Kim had been dreaming about becoming a guardian from an early age. At the age of twenty-five, she enrolled at the academy for her first year of guardian training- chapter one. On her first day, she was excited and happy to meet her students- Sienna Dale and Harris Weatherman.

Every witch student: Remember me

I caught Ben trying to shave last month. His entire face was covered in cuts poor thing, but it just so funny seeing his face full of shaving cream.” Kim- Andi about her son Ben

Being a guardian in training

Kim returned to the Academy in the first chapter to begin her second year of guardian training. In the second chapter, Kim was in the small gym watching over Sienna and Harris while they practiced for the first test. In the sixth chapter, Kim went a little overboard with training her students. When they talked to her about it, she apologized and made them a deal. Later in that chapter, she helped them get through an obstacle course while they were blindfolded during the first race.

Every witch teen; Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

Why don't you two date?” Kim- Ben and Gracie


In the first chapter, Kim moved to Miami due to being Shawn's guardian. In the third chapter, Katie celebrated her birthday and met Hope on the day she was born. In the seventh chapter, Kim was hesitant to allow her son to spend Christmas day with his sister, but in the end, decided to let him go. She was also a bridesmaid at Andi and Luke's wedding. In the tenth chapter, Kim went on a date that was interrupted by a very angry wife. She was upset about this guy being married because she had really liked him when they had talked online.

In the thirteenth chapter, Kim was thinking about getting a cat until her son reminded her that cats didn't like her. In the fifteen chapter, Kim celebrated her son's fifteenth birthday, and in the seventeenth chapter, she celebrated her thirtieth birthday.


Kim and Andi

Sixth book: In the first chapter, Andi helped Kim move and told her she was now a part of her group of friends.

Kim and Katie

Sixth book:

Kim and Emma

Sixth book: Emma and Kim became good friends and often hung out. At the start of the first chapter- Emma went to help Kim and her son move from New-York to Miami.

Kim and Maddie

Sixth book: they were getting to know each other.

Kim and Gigi

Sixth book:

Kim and Ben

Sixth book: At the end of the second chapter, Ben wrote a letter to his sister and attempted to hide it from his mother who ended up reading it. Kim was confused about why Ben would hide this from her. Ben told her he knew she didn't like the idea of him having his sister in his life. Kim replied that wasn't true, it was his father she was worried would be in his life again, and she told him that she'd loved the idea of Ben having Adaya in his life.

Kim and Gracie

Sixth book:

Kim and Shawn

Sixth book: the reason Kim moved to Miami in the first chapter was to live closer to Shawn since she's his guardian. 

Kim and Jessie

Sixth book:

Kim and Ethan

Sixth book:

Kim and Emily

Sixth book:

Kim and Kira

Sixth book: