Kira Maria Archer

Basic information

Age: 2

Birthdate: January sixteenth, 2019

Magical species: Superior

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: single

Nicknames and other names

Devil in training- by Andi

Little princess- by Jax 

Little miss- by Andi


Kira Cruz+

Liam Cruz+


Andrea Archer

Luke Archer 


Ethan Archer- big brother

Nieces and Nephews

Hope Archer

Unborn one


Isabella Masters

Anabella Masters


Mortal Daycare- one day in 2021


Magic Realm, W.I.T.S Academy- formerly

Magic Realm, Forbidden land- formerly

Mortal Realm, Miami, currently

Introduction Kira- being one of the two most powerful witches in the world- was a very important character who was born into the series at the very end of the fourth book. Kira healed all the injured people after the battle against the council, and woke Tony up from his nine year long coma. She grows up to do great things. 

Every witch student: Missing

Born in the middle of the disappearance crisis, Kira was welcomed in the last chapter of the fourth book. She was greeted by her parents, her older brother and his best friend, and her mother's best friend along with her daughter.

Kira Archer

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

I don't give a bucket of shit.” Kira- Andi


Kira was a very active and playful toddler who liked getting her own way. She did learn a lot of her bad behavior from her friends, but was just as trouble making on her own. Kira pushed the rules and often refused to listen to her parents. She also had her moments where she was an absolute sweetheart. She was also prone to extreme tantrums.

Throughout the book

Kira appeared a fair share of times. She was often causing trouble and talking back. While being babysat by Jax once, Kira got to pet a unicorn and had a dance battle against Jax. She loved playing with him. Kira also celebrated her second birthday in chapter nine. She was also a flower girl in her parent's wedding.

Kira's quotes

Secrets, crushes, struggles

“I don't give a bucket of shit!” Kira's catch phrase

“You dance really funny.” Kira- Jax

“You're on Sir. Jax” Kira- Jax.

“Good job baby Hope.” Kira- Hope

“I hear you on” Kira- Ethan