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Kira Maria Archer

Basic information

Birthdate: January sixteenth, 2019

Magical species: Superior

LIfe status: Alive

Nicknames and other names

Devil in training- by Andi

Little princess- by Jax 

Little miss- by Andi

Chocolate girl- by Isabella


Kira Cruz (deceased) (maternal grandmother)

Liam Cruz (deceased) (Paternal grandfather)

Jean Cruz (deceased) (Maternal Great aunt)


Andrea Archer

Luke Archer 


Ethan Archer (big brother)

Nieces and Nephews

Hope Archer

Phillip Archer

Chance Archer


Isabella Masters

Anabella Masters

Hope Archer- sometimes


Mortal Daycare- one day in 2021


Magic Realm, W.I.T.S Academy- formerly

Magic Realm, Forbidden land- formerly

Mortal Realm, Miami, currently

Every witch student: Missing

Born in the middle of the disappearance crisis, Kira was welcomed in the last chapter of the fourth book. She was greeted by her parents, her older brother, and his best friend, and her mother's best friend along with her daughter.