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Kristine Fletcher 

Birthday and age- unknown

Species- full witch

Life status- Alive

Relationship status- Married 


Also known as

. Mrs. Fuller 


Duggie Fletcher- Husband

Aggie Fletcher- brother in law

Zora Fletcher- sister in law+

Ruby Fletcher- adopted daughter 


Magic realm


Kristine was not a popular character as she was a very dislike-able one. She was introduced in the second book chapter five titled- “Ava's biggest secret.” She was a semi important character as she was in her own way helping Andi on her mission. Though she was mostly known for being pretty shitty and controlling over adult adopted daughter Ruby.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy


Kristine was welcomed into the series in chapter five as Mrs. Fuller- a substitute for Agamemnon while he was away. She was described as that very strict- or military- type teacher you had for gym class. Right away her presence made Ruby tense up though at the time it wasn't known why. The second and last time she appeared in this chapter was when she had all of the first years gather in the gym. She gave Andi a subtle hint that she was there to help her but Andi took it the wrong way thinking she was on to her and was going to bust her. She then gave the students a little exercise to do.

In chapter six Kristine appeared again when having a private meeting with Duggie and their adopted daughter Ruby. It wasn't known if she had still been at the Academy after Aggie's return or if she had come back with Duggie. It was revealed in chapter six that Kristine was Ruby's mother and like her husband and daughter was trying to secretly help Andi on her mission.