Kristine Fletcher 

Birthday and age- unknown

Species- Full-witch

Life status- Alive

Relationship status- Married 


. Wicked Witch of the magic realm- By Issy 

Also known as

. Mrs. Fuller 


Duggie Fletcher- Husband

Aggie Fletcher- brother in law

Zora Fletcher- sister in law+

Ruby Fletcher- adopted daughter 

Four grandchildren


Magic realm


Kristine was not a popular character as she was a very dislikeable one. She was introduced in the second book chapter five titled- “Ava's biggest secret.” She was a semi-important character as she was in her own way helping Andi on her mission. Though she was mostly known for being pretty shitty and controlling over adult adopted daughter Ruby.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy


Kristine was a new character introduced in the second book as Mrs. Fuller. Everything we first learn about her turns out to be a complete lie except her personality. Kristine was supposedly a random Full-Witch who Aggie hired to train his students for an upcoming race. We do learn who she really is in this book. Kristine was a recurring character no one liked for obvious reasons, but she was an important recurring character.


Kristine showed up for the first time at the end of the fourth chapter as Mrs. Fuller. She wasn't given much of an introduction. She was mentioned to be a guest trainer and taken some students into the gym for an exercise.

In the sixth chapter, during her meeting with her husband and daughter, Kristine told Ruby the council was on alert and Aggie was suspicious and that Duggie had to step in because Ruby was too focused on Ava. Ruby snapped at her mother that she was her daughter not her doll, and Kristine snapped back at her to watch her tone. Duggie told Kristine to calm down and this was the first time we learned Mrs. Fuller's first name. Kristine told Ruby that though she was their daughter and that they did love her, she was on a job that required her full attention. Ruby replied she understood and asked what she needed to do. We later found out that Kristine's last name was actually Fletcher not Fuller and Fuller was just her cover name.

Every witch student: Remember me

Chapter five

Kristine snatched a book out of Ruby's hands and threw it across the room. She then snapped at her for reading when she should be helping with the case. Ruby replied she had already completed her job but Kristine corrected her.