Liana Novoa

Age- unknown

Birthday- unknown

Species- full witch

Status- Married

Life status- alive


. Unnamed parents

. Jake Novoa- husband

. Jax Novoa- son

. Jessie Novoa grandaughter


. Mortal Realm

. Sydney Australia- formerly

. Miami, Florida- currently


Jake Novoa- Husband



First appearing in Every witch pregnancy, Liana started of as a recurring character. She became a very important big character and then dropped down to being an extra character.


Liana once lived in Sydney, Australia. She got married to Jake Novoa and with him had her son Jax. When Jax was fourteen, Liana moved with her family to Miami, Florida. It wasn't explained why and nothing else about her past was told in the first book.

Every witch pregnancy

“Well I'm not a normal mother, I am a witch mother and this how witches handle their kid's punishments” Liana- Jax

Liana found out about Emma's pregnancy when she cast a truth spell on her son and made him admit it. She had noticed something was going on between Emma and Jax and felt it had been important to investigate. Liana told him off for dumping Emma. She told him to choose wisely and that it was his choice to make.

Quotes- book one

“I put a whole turkey in your lunch, if you don't finish it give it to the poor kids” Liana- Jax

“Oh yea well guess what...Emma's only fifteen too” Liana- Jax

“So had some fun with tomatoes today did you” Liana- Jax

“All I'm going to say is don't make that your final decision without thinking it all the way through.” Liana- Jax