Liana Novoa

Basic information

Birthdate: Unknown

Gender: Female

Original Species: Full-Witch

Current Species: Powerless- Witch (was stripped of her magic as punishment.)

Relationship status: complicated

Life status: Alive


Jax Novoa 

Emma Novoa (Daughter-in-law.)


Jessica Novoa


Unborn grandchild


Jake Novoa- husband


Mortal Realm, Middle East- formerly

Mortal realm, Sydney, Australia- formerly

Mortal realm, Miami, Florida, U.S.A- formerly

Limbo- currently 

Background: Liana was born in the middle the east. In her youth, she found her joy in making her classmates and teachers vanish in thin air without a trace. She was expelled from the Academy and knowing the council wanted to strip her of her magic, Liana fled to Sydney, Australia, and used her magic to shield herself from the council. In Australia, Liana met and married Jake Novoa, and with him had a son named Jax. In the summer of 2004, Liana and her family moved to Miami, Florida, U.S.A for a reason that was never given. 

Every witch pregnancy

Well, I'm not a normal mother, I am a witch mother and this how witches handle their kid's punishments” Liana- Jax

Emma's underage pregnancy

At the very end of the first chapter, Liana became suspicious because Emma hadn't come over for supper and planned. She asked her son if something was going on between them because she had feeling something was. Jax replied nothing was wrong and that Emma hadn't been able to make it to supper because she had been grounded- which was half true since Emma was grounded. Liana didn't believe her son and cast a truth spell on him making him admit to getting Emma pregnant and leaving her. Liana asked him why he would do that when this is his child too, and Jax replied that he wasn't ready to be a father because he was only fifteen. Liana pointed out to him that Emma was also only fifteen and Jax had left her to deal with an unplanned pregnancy all on her own.


In the second chapter, Liana confronted Jax about throwing a tomatoe at his teacher. Jax was focusing more on his video game than his mother and told to her lighten up because it had just been a joke. Liana didn't like this response and disrespect, so, she decided to blow up his flat-screen television. She then calmly let him know that he was grounded. Jax had been quite startled when his mother had blown up his television, and perhaps a little scared as well.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy


Liana was an extra character in the second book.

Mentions and appearances

In the third chapter, Jessie had asked her father if her paternal grandparents Liana and Jake had returned from Australia. Jax informed her they had gotten home the night before. It wasn't known why they had been in Australia- the country their son was born in- but it was most likely just for a vacation. In the seventh chapter, Liana was turned evil by the bad moon. She teamed up with Emma and Jax to take over the world. However, her plan failed because they couldn't find a fourth witch or wizard powerful enough to complete the plan.

Every witch student: Remember me

What's up with you, mom? Still making plans to take over the world?” Jax-Liana

Chapter two

Liana was home when Jax came for a visit with her and Jake. When Jax jokingly asked her if she was still planning world domination Liana dropped the lettuce she had been holding. Jax told her he had only been joking and Liana replied it hadn't been his comment that had made her drop the vegetable but rather a mouse on the counter. She cast a spell to dispose of the mouse that was supposedly on the counter behind a box of cereal.