Liana Novoa

Age- unknown

Birthday- unknown

Species- Full-Witch

Relationship Status-?

Life status- Alive

Missing- formerly


. Unnamed parents

. Jake Novoa- husband

. Jax Novoa- son

. Jessie Novoa grandaughter


. Mortal Realm- formerly

. Magic realm- formerly

. Sydney Australia- formerly

. Miami, Florida- formerly

. Limbo- currently 


Jake Novoa- Husband

Enemies: Everyone with magical blood


First appearing in Every witch pregnancy, Liana started of as a recurring character. She became a very important big character and then dropped down to being an extra character.


Liana once lived in Sydney, Australia. She got married to Jake Novoa and with him had her son Jax. When Jax was fourteen, Liana moved with her family to Miami, Florida. It wasn't explained why and nothing else about her past was told in the first book.

Every witch pregnancy

“Well I'm not a normal mother, I am a witch mother and this how witches handle their kid's punishments” Liana- Jax

Liana found out about Emma's pregnancy when she cast a truth spell on her son and made him admit it. She had noticed something was going on between Emma and Jax and felt it had been important to investigate. Liana told him off for dumping Emma. She told him to choose wisely and that it was his choice to make.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

The full moon

Liana was turned evil by the full moon in chapter seven. She teamed up with Her son and daughter in law to talk over the world. However, due to not being able to find a fourth very powerless witch or wizard, she and the other two ran out of time and she turned back to normal since the full moon had now passed.

Other appearances

In chapter eight, Liana had supper with her family to celebrate the end of Jessie's first semester at the Academy. In chapter eleven, Liana was present at the big family day at the Academy to visit her granddaughter Jessie.

Every witch student: Remember me

Liana appeared in chapter two when Jax went to visit his parents. Liana was making lunch when she dropped the lettuce when Jax had asked her if she was plotting world domination. Jake told her he had just been kidding and Liana said that it hadn't been his comment that had made dropped the lettuce but instead had been a rat she had spotted on the counter.

Every witch student: Missing

In the second chapter, Liana was in the mansion when Jessie snuck home and brought her to her room. She had left the room but she did witness the vanishment of her husband. Later in the chapter, Liana was declared missing when Emma wasn't able to locate her by magic. However, in the fourth chapter, it was revealed by Jessie that Liana hadn't been missing. She had actually taken her son and granddaughter to Australia and magically blocked their location from being tracked. She had done this to keep them safe after Jake's vanishment.

Liana made an appearance in the fifth chapter when helping Emma. In chapter seven, Jax had received a text from his mother asking him to meet her at the Seven. When he got there, he was informed by his father that Liana had vanished in thin air right after sending Jax the text asking him to meet.. Liana didn't appear again in the fourth book.

Every witch student: The rescues and take down

Didn't we have our reunion as you were chasing me around the backyard of my new house after breaking in and then turning me into a bag of goldfish crackers so you could hold me hostage and bring me the mansion that once belonged to me and I kindly passed down to you?”

In chapter six, Jessie revealed to her father that Liana had been secretly writing to her. Jessie gave her father Liana's address and Jax paid a visit to his mother. He apparently chased Liana around the back-yard of her house and turned her into a bag of goldfish crackers, he then brought her to the mansion where he and Emma interrogated her. Liana apologized for putting Jessie in the middle of it and stated she only put her trust in Jessie because she knew Jessie would help her.

Towards the end of the chapter, Jessie figured out that her grandmother was the one behind the disappearances and told her father who had already figured it out. Liana came for Jessie and froze her own son. She didn't get her hands on the child but did tell her exactly where she would be knowing Jessie would come to the recuse. Liana kidnapped Emma and succeeded in luring Jessie to her. However, Jessie fought her and managed to send her to limbo. Liana's plan had been world domination by taking both Emma and Jessie's magic. She was sentenced to ten years in limbo for her crimes.

Every witch teen: secrets, crushes, struggles

"I will return to the light. I promise you." Liana- Jessie

Throughout the chapters, Liana's crime of world domination attempt was often discussed- mostly by her family members. In the ninth chapter, Liana actually appeared when she was visited in limbo by her husband Jake, son Jax, and granddaughter Jessie. She seemed a little surprised to see them as she shouted out their names. It was Jessie she talked to. She apologized to Jessie for everything she had done and promised her she'd return to the light. When Jessie said she believed her but that she needed to finish her limbo sentenced, Liana agreed by saying, “yea, I know sweetie.”

Quotes- book one

“I put a whole turkey in your lunch, if you don't finish it give it to the poor kids” Liana- Jax

“Oh, yea well guess what...Emma's only fifteen too” Liana- Jax

“So had some fun with tomatoes today did you” Liana- Jax

“All I'm going to say is don't make that your final decision without thinking it all the way through.” Liana- Jax