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Luke Archer

Birthday- May 5th, 1990


Zombie, formerly (as Phillip)

Powerless-Wizard, currently (As Luke)

Relationship status- Married

Life status- Alive

Known as 

Phillip (Zombie name, given by Andi)

Phillip the zombie 

Luke Archer (Powerless-Wizard name)


Julie Archer- mother (as Luke)

Unnamed father (as Luke)

Kira Cruz, deceased (mother-in-law)

Liam Cruz, deceased (father-in-law)


Ethan Archer (Biological son as Phillip)

Ethan Archer (Adopted son as Luke)

Kira Archer (Biological daughter as Luke) 

His Grandkids (as Phillip)

Hope Archer (biologically)

Phillip Archer (biologically)

Chance Archer (biologically)

His Grandkids (as Luke)

Hope Archer (through adoption)

Phillip Archer (through adoption

Chance Archer (through adoption)


Unknown girlfriend or girlfriends as Luke

Andi Archer- wife

Guardian of

Gracie Rice (Academy guardian, formerly)

Gracie Rice (Pernament guardian, currently)

Shawn Rice (Academy guardian, formerly)

Ethan Archer (Pernament guardian)

Hope Archer (Temporary guardian, currently)

Phillip Archer (Temporary guardian, currently)

Chance Archer (Temporary guardian, currently)

Time at W.I.T.S Academy Program- guardian in training

Year- 4 (graduated)

Charges- Shawn Rueda, Gracie Rice


Mortal realm, currently

Magic realm, formerly


Luke was always confused about why he was a powerless-wizard when both of his parents have magic. He has raised his whole life in the magic realm. 

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Sometimes the things we don't know are best kept unknown.” Luke- Shawn and Gracie


Luke was a new character introduced in the second book. He was a very crucial and important character, but we don't find out how crucial and important he is until the last couple of chapters of the second book.


Luke had a lot of love in his heart and he was also kind and gentle. His patience was strong and he only showed his temper once...on Halloween. Luke was out-going and seemed to easily connect with people. He also came off as wise and trustworthy.

Being a guardian in training

Luke started his guardian training in the first chapter. On his first day, he was given his students Gracie Rice and Shawn Rueda. He nicely greeted Shawn and was more gentle with Gracie having noticed how shy she is.

In the second chapter, Luke took Gracie and Shawn outside to have a training session. He had them completing seemingly basic magical exercises. Luke didn't know that Andi was copying his instructions and rushed over when Ben broke his wrist. He told Andi that

she needed to know what Ben's magic strength could handle before giving him exercises, he had already tested his kids.

In the fourth chapter, Luke took Shawn and Gracie to the small gym and had them practice human-animal transformation spells on him. He was turned into a bear by Shawn and then turned back. By Gracie, he was first turned into a mitten and then changed back. Gracie then turned him into a kitten on her second attempt, which was after Luke advised her to try repeating the word “kitten” in her mind to transform him into the right thing.

Events ​​​​​​

In the third chapter, Luke took Shawn and Ethan to a mortal realm car race after Andi gave him permission to take Ethan. In the sixth chapter, under the influence of Halloween, Luke hit both Shawn and Gracie. When confronted by Andi, he apologized but then threatened to hit her when she asked him to stay away from Ethan until Halloween was over. He later apologized for this and Andi forgave him.

The mission

In the eighth chapter, Luke had difficulty telling Gracie and Shawn about his family. He told them his mom's name was Lucy but corrected himself by saying Lucy was actually his aunt's name. He then told them his mother's name was Julie but questioned himself out-loud if Julie was actually his sister's name, he then suddenly remembered he didn't have a sister. He told them he had a father but couldn't recall his name. Gracie asked him when the last time he had seen his family was. He said September which was mentioned to be false, and even if it was correct, it would have meant it had only been about three months since he had seen them.

In the last chapter, Luke was discovered to be Phillip.


Andi met Luke in the second chapter and felt there was something about him that she couldn't explain. She didn't know if it was a good something or a bad something. Yet, she remained polite to him and introduced him to her son and Emily.

In the fourth chapter, Andi asked Luke to let Ethan hang out with his friends more than with him. This did embarrass Luke a little. Luke apologized and told her he totally understood and would back off. Then after talking to Ethan and admitting she had just been jealous of his relationship with Luke, Andi gave Ethan and Luke permission to continue hanging out as much as they wanted.

Luke and Ethan met in the second chapter when introduced to each other by Ethan's mother. In the third chapter, Luke had bought Gracie a ticket to a car race but she didn't want to go. So, Luke- who was already taking Shawn- asked Shawn's friend Ethan if he wanted Gracie's ticket after asking his mother if it was alright to take him. Ethan did attend the care race with Luke and Shawn. In chapter four, it was mentioned to Andi by Shawn that since the car race, Luke and Ethan had been eating together during most meal times. They were getting to be very close and Luke had been mentioned to have helped Ethan with his homework once.

When Andi told Luke to back off in the fourth chapter, Luke told her that he and Ethan had connected. He told her that when Ethan wasn't around he felt like something was missing. Later in the chapter, Ethan talked to his mom about connecting with Luke and asked for permission to start hanging out with him again. Ethan told his mother he couldn't explain his connection with Luke. Andi agreed he and Luke could friends despite them being sixteen years apart in age difference- Luke being twenty-six and Ethan being ten.

Luke and Shawn had connected pretty much straight away as had Luke and Gracie. Gracie did appear to be a little shy with Luke at first but not as shy as she normally is with strangers. While getting to know student's social life, he accidentally offended Gracie when he said must be awesome being friends with chosen Luke apologized, and speaking for Gracie, Shawn said all was forgiven and comment would slide.

In the third chapter, Gracie was a little insecure about being tested on her magic. Luke told her his job was to make sure she was prepared, and Gracie felt like she could trust him. Later on in the chapter, Gracie asked Luke to call her mother to come pick her up. Luke asked her why she wanted to go home because he had been under the impression she liked being at the Academy. Gracie confessed to being bullied and told him what Morgan was saying to her. Luke told her she was a very powerful witch and only first year. He went on to tell her she was the smartest and kindest witch he knew. This cheered Gracie up and she agreed to stay.

Every witch student: Remember me

Being a guardian in training

In the first chapter, Luke returned to the Academy as a second-year guardian in training.

The second mission

The second mission referred to getting Luke his zombie life memories back permanently. The second mission was the real reason Andi and her son Ethan had returned to the Academy. In the first chapter, Andi told Luke that he was Ethan's father and that he was Phillip, and as expected Luke didn't believe her. Andi took his hand and transferred some of her memories of them to him making him realize he was, in fact, Phillip and he really was Ethan's biological father.

In the third chapter, Andi had hoped to spend Christmas with Luke and their son but Luke pointed out to her that he needed to spend the holidays with his parents as usual to avoid suspicion. Andi was disappointed but understood and they made plans to meet after the holidays. When Andi joined her friends and their children for supper at Emma's place to have supper, Andi didn't agree with her friends that it was too easy how fast Andi had been able to restore Luke's memory of being Phillip. She was in denial, and Gracie told Ethan this Andi was smart enough to know deep down that it had been to easy and that more problems would eventually arise.

In the fifth chapter, Andi waited for Luke as planned in the agreed place for an hour but Luke never showed. Luke had instead taken Gracie and Shawn out to the small field. Andi found this out by Jessie and joined them. Luke appeared quite confused as to why Andi believed they had been supposed to meet to make sure he was safe. Andi went to Ruby for answers. Ruby went with Andi to ask Luke what he remembered about his conversation with Andi from before Christmas break and in September. After talking with Luke, Ruby informed Andi that Luke had again lost his memory of being Phillip because they had been apart from each other too long.

Following Jessie's advice, Andi spent some quality time with Luke to train for an upcoming race. She asked Luke if he's ever felt like he's known someone longer than he has. He replied he feels like he's known her and Ethan longer than he has but that in reality he hadn't.

In the fifth chapter, Luke told Andi he remembered that they knew each other when they had been teenagers and they had been close, and he now realized Andi may have been right about him having a past life. He remembered who Andi had been friends with in high school as well.


The morning after finding out he was Phillip, Luke became worried he'd hurt Andi by not being in love with her anymore because Phillip's romantic feelings for her hadn't come back. When Andi joined him and Ethan for breakfast, she hadn't been nervous at all to see Luke. It was mentioned perhaps Andi wasn't nervous about Luke being Phillip now because she hadn't yet realized she didn't know what her relationship with Luke was.

Ethan was beyond excited to learn that Luke now knew he was his father. Though he had been confident in what he was going to say, Ethan froze and became scared as he approached him for breakfast in the cafeteria. Both of them remained very nervous throughout breakfast, but everything went fine until Ethan was remineded that his father wasn't only Phillip but also Luke as well. He was upset by this but didn't mention it.

When Ethan blew Luke and Andi off for supper later in the second chapter, Luke asked Andi if he doing something wrong. Andi replied he wasn't. Luke asked if that was the case why had Ethan lied to get away from him. Andi asked him how he knew Ethan had lied. Luke pointed out that Ben was still chatting with his friends when Ethan said they were supposed to be doing homework in another room together. Andi explained to him that Ethan was adjusting, but this didn't convince Luke that he wasn't doing something wrong.