Luke Archer

Also known as Phillip

Age- 26


Powerless wizard- currently

Status- single


unnamed parents 


The council


Program- guardian in training

Year- one

W.I.T.S- Shawn Rueda, Gracie Rice


. Mortal realm- possibly

.Magic realm- 

. Miami- formerly


Being one of the biggest main characters and one of the biggest plot twists- Luke was first introduced in the second book, chapter one titled “Welcome to the academy.” Luke goes on a crazy adventure- while completing his guardian training- that will turn his life upside down and make realize his entire life has been nothing but a lie.


Luke was always confused about why he was a powerless-wizard when both of his parents have magic. He was raised his whole life in the magic realm. 

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Sometimes what we don't know is best kept unknown." Luke- Shawn and Gracie

Being a guardian in training

In chapter one Luke was given his students- Shawn and Gracie- and greeted them kindly. Gracie and Shawn both opened up to him right away sensing he was a person they could trust and depend on.