Luke Archer

Also known as Phillip

Age- 31

Birthday- may 5th

Species Zombie- formerly (As PhIllip)

Powerless wizard- currently



unnamed parents 

Son- Ethan Cruz

Daughter- Kira Archer

Granddaughter- Hope Archer

Unborn grandchild


The council

Romances Andi- married

Program- guardian in training

Year- 4

W.I.T.S- Shawn Rueda, Gracie Rice


. Mortal realm- possibly

.Magic realm- 

. Miami- formerly


Being one of the biggest main characters and one of the biggest plot twists- Luke was first introduced in the second book, chapter one titled “Welcome to the academy.” Luke goes on a crazy adventure- while completing his guardian training- that will turn his life upside down and make realize his entire life has been nothing but a lie.


Luke was always confused about why he was a powerless-wizard when both of his parents have magic. He has raised his whole life in the magic realm. 

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Sometimes what we don't know is best kept unknown." Luke- Shawn and Gracie

Being a guardian in training

In chapter one, Luke was given his students- Shawn and Gracie- and greeted them kindly. Gracie and Shawn both opened up to him right away sensing he was a person they could trust and depend on.

In chapter two Luke started strengthening his student's powers on the first school day. He mentioned to Andi had tested them first to see how much their powers could handle. He was getting to do various tasks such as lifting heavy objects. In chapter four Luke was helping Shawn and Gracie prepare for the first test. 

In chapter four Luke had to deal with Shawn and Gracie for taking part in the spy club against Ruby. He talked to them about how they had crossed the line and that he knew that they had known better. He didn't make them apologize to Ruby but he did ground them for a month. Shawn and Gracie accepted the punishment and held no anger towards Luke for disciplining them. 

In chapter nine Luke had to get through an obstacle course with the help of his students for the first race. Thanks to Shawn and Gracie, Luke made it through the course in just two minutes. In chapter nine for a week- towards the end of the chapter- Luke was appointed the guardian of Sienna and Harris instead of Shawn and Gracie during a W.I.T. Switch. 

The friendship with Ethan 

Luke first met Ethan in chapter two very early in the school year. He was introduced to Ethan by Andi after Shawn and Gracie had introduced him to Andi. In chapter three Luke asked Andi if he could take Ethan to a car race since he was already taking Shawn and had been told that Ethan loved car races. Andi agreed that Ethan could go. It was during the race when Luke and Ethan connected and started to bond. 

In chapter four Luke and Ethan were seemingly always eating meals together. This stopped later in the chapter of Andi asked Luke to stop hanging out with Ethan so much. Andi later changed her mind and told Ethan they could hang out whenever they wanted. However Luke and Ethan didn't seem to spend much time together anymore though were still close. 

In chapter six Luke had heard that Ethan was in the hospital and asked Andi if he was ok. While Ethan was in Therapy- starting in chapter nine- Luke often asked Andi how he was doing. He was always happy to know that Ethan was doing well and that the therapy seemed to be helping. In chapter twelve Luke never learned that he was Ethan's father, and the reason was because he had gone home early for the summer holidays. 


In chapter six Luke helped rescue Andi and Duggie from the dark river. On Halloween, Luke was turned mad and hit Gracie for making a mistake and then hit Shawn for defending Gracie. When confronted by Andi Luke didn't deny it. Andi asked him to stay away from Ethan until Halloween was over and Luke freaked out on her, he even went as far as threatening to hit her too. When Halloween was over, Luke apologized to Andi and told he had also apologized to both Shawn and Gracie. 

In chapter seven Luke was immune to the effects of the full moon being a powerless wizard. He helped Andi and the other guardians in training collect and lock up all the full witches and wizards at the academy that had gone mad or evil. He also helped look after them until the full moon had passed. In chapter eight he went home for the Christmas holidays.

In chapter nine the headmaster had his brother question everyone about Luke. He didn't know why and asked Duggie for the reason. Duggie told him that he had simply been checking up on him. Luke didn't question it even though he had been the only one who was questioned about.

Forgetting himself 

In chapter eight Shawn and Gracie were concerned when Luke couldn't remember the names of his mother and father. In chapter twelve Luke started forgetting his own name from time to time and still had trouble remembering who his family was. He also started to have flashbacks of Andi and Andi's friends from a decade before he had actually met them. It was later revealed that Luke was starting to get his memories from his previous life back and those memories were mixing in with his present life making things very confusing for him. At the end of the book it was revealed that this was happening because Luke wasn't Luke, he was actually Phillip had been turned into another person- aka Luke. 

Every witch student: Remember me

It's alright. I have two lives now and we'll adjust to it. It just takes time.” Luke- Ethan

Being a guardian in training

Luke returned to the Academy in the first chapter for his second year of guardian training. Through-out the third book, Luke was often seen helping her student- Gracie and Shawn- prepare for magic tests and races as well as taking part in them.

The mission

In the first chapter, Andi told Luke that he was Phillip as expected he didn't believe her. Andi suggested he held her hands in order to regain some memories of his zombie life. Luke agreed and took Andi's hands. Andi projected some of her memories of them from the time Luke had been Phillip. This had restored Luke's memory.

In the fourth chapter, Andi learned that because she and Luke had spent the Christmas break away from each-other, Luke had lost his memory of being Phillip all over again. Andi soon became very stressed with trying to restore Luke's memory permanently.

Along the way, Luke started to remember things on his own and turned to Andi to help him paste it together. In the sixth chapter, Luke regained enough of his zombie life memories by holding hands with a few people he had known in his zombie life. Luke's memory was finally permanently restored and there was a very emotional reunion.

Every witch teen; Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

I would be honored to pass down my name to my granddaughter.” Luke- Ethan


In the third chapter, Luke went to the hospital to meet his granddaughter Hope. At this time, Ethan informed that this daughter's last name was Archer. Luke pointed out that though he'd be honored to give her his name, Ethan couldn't legally do so because he wasn't Hope's father nor was he Ethan's biological or legal father. (As Phillip the zombie, he had been Ethan's biological father, but in the body of Luke Archer, he wasn't.) Ethan then asked his father to adopt him so that he and his daughter could have Luke's last name.

In the seventh chapter, Luke asked Ethan if would be alright if instead of adopting him he'd just marry Ethan and Kira's mother instead. Later on in the chapter, Luke and Andi got married in front of their family and friends. After the wedding, Ethan got his wish of taking his father's last name and also giving it to his daughter Hope.

In the fifteenth chapter, Luke celebrated his thirty-first birthday. In the following chapter, he found out he was getting a second grandchild and he also celebrated Andi's thirty-first birthday. In the seventeenth chapter, Luke enrolled Kira in daycare but in chapter eighteen, he and Andi decided to pull her out after catching her using her magic around mortals to quickly and constantly.