11 Henry

Michael Dale

Age 11

Birthday- Jan 2007

Species- full wizard

Relationship stauts- single

Life status- alive

Not missing



Elizabeth Dale- older sister

Claire Dale- older

Sienna Dale- older sister

Hayley Dale- younger sister

Program- wizard in training

Year- first

Academy guardian- Dylan Owens

Teammate- Cassie Drake


Magic realm 

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Mike was first introduced in the second book as the younger and only brother of Elizabeth, Claire and Sienna. He only appeared when he went with his parents to visit his three elder sisters. In the book he was nine-ten years old, his tenth birthday was mentioned when Sienna was writing him a letter. It was also mentioned he would start the academy the following School year.

Every witch student: Remember me


Mike was a shy kind boy who liked to stick with the people he trusted most.


In chapter one Mike returned to the Academy as a regular recurring Character. In chapter one he began his magic training and education at the Academy. On his first day he was paired up with his Academy guardian and teammate. In chapter two Mike passed his first magic test.