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Madelyn Rueda

Basic information

Birthdate: April tenth, 1990

Magical species: Full-Witch

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: Married

Known as

Madelyn Van-Pelt- maiden name.

Madelyn Rueda- married name

Maddie- nickname


Walter Alonso (maternal grandfather)

Anita Alonso (maternal grandmother)


Ursula Van-Pelt

Alex Van-Pelt

Ava Rueda (Mother-in-law.)

Drew Rueda (Father-in-law.)

Aunts and Uncles

Francisco Alonso (Maternal uncle)

Brothers and sisters 

Sophie Van-Pelt (younger sister)

Ruby Fletcher (Sister-in-law)

Gigi Ryland (Sister-in-law)

Nieces and Nephews 

Robert Ryland (by marriage) 

Shawn Ryland (by marriage)

Sara Van-Pelt (by blood)

Tommy Ryland (by marriage)

Isabella Masters (by marriage)

Anabella Masters (by marriage)

Noah Masters (by marriage)

Mason Masters (by marriage)

Gage Masters (by marriage.)

Gabriella Masters (by marriage.)

Pageant Ryland (by marriage.)

Great nieces and nephews

Great nephew- Shane Ryland (by marriage)

Great niece- Sami Van-Pelt (by blood.)

First Cousins

Emma Novoa 

First cousins once removed

Jessica Novoa

First cousins twice removed

One unborn


Melanie Rueda (adopted daughter)

Emily Rueda (biological daughter)


Hope Archer (biologically)

Phillip Archer (biologically)

Chance Archer (biologically)


Diego Rueda (Husband.)


Andrea Archer

Emma Novoa

Kaitlyn Rice 

Jax Novoa 

Gigi Ryland

Kimberly Sanders 


Iridium elementary school (1994-2000)

W.I.T.S Academy (2000-2004)

Iridium high school (2004-2008)



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At the age of four, Maddie along with her mother and younger sister was abandoned by her father after he witnessed her come into her magic during a frightening tantrum. 

At the age of ten, Maddie started the Academy alongside Emma and Jax for her magic training and education. She later graduated at the age of fourteen. 

Maddie hadn't always been a selfish mean brat. When she had been a child, she had been the opposite. It isn't known exactly when Maddie changed but it could have possibly been during her four years at the Academy. 

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Every witch pregnancy

"Wow, if you're going to seduce him at least wait until he's back in town otherwise you're just teasing him," Maddie- Sophie


For a majority of the book, Maddie was nothing but a spoiled rotten princess. Though she was capable of being supportive of her friends and was always happy, she was extremely rude and disobedient towards adults. She was going to live her life the way she wanted because it was her life. She often argued with her mother and refused to listen to her.

However, Maddie was incredibly sweet and caring towards her younger mentally challenged sister Sophie, and towards the other pregnant teenage girls. Eventually, during her pregnancy, Maddie realized she wouldn't want her child to treat her the way she treated her mother, and this caused her to start changing. She listened to her mother and respected her wishes.

Maddie underage pregnancy

Maddie had been trying to get pregnant for a couple of months and finally used a conceivment spell to help her. In the first chapter, Maddie was beyond excited when she found out she was pregnant. Maddie happily told her mother after school that day and didn't care that her mother wasn't happy for her.

Maddie started showing in the fourth chapter and was always overly happy about everything. In this chapter, it was also mentioned by Diego that Maddie wanted a daughter. So, of course, Maddie was highly overjoyed in the sixth chapter when she and Diego found out they were, in fact, having a daughter. In the fifth chapter, Maddie was experiencing fast fingernail and hair growth.

Maddie's relationships

Maddie had really taken on a caring motherly role when it came to her younger sister. Maddie seemed to take Sophie everywhere she went, though would never admit that she loved having her little sister around all the time. In the first chapter, Maddie was very happy for Sophie when Sophie's pregnancy was confirmed, it had been Maddie who had convinced Sophie to take a pregnancy test. Later in the chapter, Maddie was surprised to catch Sophie talking dirty to over boyfriend over video chat. She told Sophie to at least wait until Beau was back in town to seduce him otherwise she was just being cruel. She then teleported Sophie to him after whispering “have fun,” in her ear.

In the third chapter, Maddie comforted Sophie after Ursula made her cry by telling her to break up with her boyfriend. Maddie told Sophie she could keep Beau and the baby if she wanted to because it was her life. Sophie asked what if Beau broke up with her, and Maddie replied that if he didn't he was stupid. In the next chapter, Maddie attempted to comfort Sophie after Beau broke up with her.

In the fifth chapter, Maddie drove Sophie to her meeting and cheered her up with Christmas carols along the way. Maddie even waited for Sophie in the car and then comforted her after hearing how horribly the meeting had gone. In the seventh chapter, Maddie snapped at her sister when Sophie sprays her with a hose because her hair caught fire. Sophie thought she had been saving her life and tells Maddie she could thank her.

In the eighth chapter, Maddie hand fed Sophie who was too out of it to eat on her own and played along when Sophie said Beau had sent her flowers when really she had drawn them herself.

Maddie and Diego had sex whenever they had the chance. In the first chapter, Diego was happy when Maddie told him they were expecting even though they were only fifteen. Maddie also told Diego everything. She told him about Emma's pregnancy, about Sophie's pregnancy, and even about Katie's knowing Diego wouldn't pass on the information.

In the third chapter, Diego asked Maddie if her mom still wanted them to break up and Maddie yes but that she wouldn't. Diego told her he loved her and Maddie replied that she loved him too.

In the first chapter, it was shown that Ursula accepted disrespect from her daughter Maddie. In the second chapter, Ursula decided to not make her daughter's breakfast believing that if they were old enough to become mothers, they were old enough to feed themselves. Maddie replied by using her magic to conjure up a good meal for her and her sister which had annoyed Ursula. In the fifth chapter, Ursula was caught off guard when Maddie paid her a compliment. Ursula re-paid the compliment and at first, Maddie said, “I know,” but she quickly changed her response to “thank you.”

In the second chapter, Ursula attempted to force Maddie into breaking up Diego but she downright refused to do so. Ursula continued trying to have them break up in the third chapter, scared Diego would dump Maddie, but finally gave them her blessing after Diego talked to her in the third chapter.

Emma and her cousin Maddie had been super close growing up, but at the start of tenth grade, they were barely on speaking terms. It wasn't known why right away, in the seventh chapter we learned they had drifted apart when they had started high school. In the first chapter, Emma and Maddie got their pregnancies confirmed together. Maddie was happy for Emma when her pregnancy was confirmed. She screamed and hugged her. Emma had no reaction to Maddie's pregnancy aside from being the one who had given her the results. Emma agreed with Andi that Maddie sometimes made it hard to believe she had once been sweet and innocent, though Emma said they had all changed since elementary school.

In the second chapter, Emma almost asked her cousins to wait for her so they could walk to school together but didn't. Also in this chapter, Emma found Maddie outside the cafeteria looking upset and asked her what was up. Maddie informed her that she had encountered the memory of her father's abandonment the night before. Emma comforted her with a hug knowing how much this memory affected her.

While walking to school with her cousins in the third chapter, Emma told Maddie that had dreamed about mother's murder. She suggested that the stress of the pregnancies was the cause since Maddie had previously dreamed of her worst memory. Maddie told Emma she was sorry to hear that she had relieved that memory and agreed with her thoughts on the cause. Later on, Maddie asked Emma if she was going to keep her baby and was quite happy to find out she was. She stated that their babies were going to grow up together and be close and then walked away before Emma could point out that they didn't even get together.

In the first chapter, Katie confided in Maddie about her rape and pregnancy. In an attempt to be supportive, Maddie orders her to come over to her house and pick-out one of her outfits to keep. Earlier that day, Katie had lied to Maddie when she had asked her if something was wrong by saying it had been nothing more than an argument with her parents.

In the second chapter, Maddie was shocked to hear Katie say she wanted to have an abortion. She harshly asked her why then kindly told her she would support her no matter what.

Maddie found Gigi to be annoying and nosy, and Gigi thought of Maddie and spoiled and snobby. Even though they weren't friends, Gigi had decided sit next to Maddie in math in the first chapter. Gigi had apparently been smiling at Maddie way too much that day, which is what Maddie told her boyfriend who happened to be Gigi's twin brother.

In the second chapter, Gigi ran up to Maddie and hugged her going about them being best friends once their babies were born. She then ran off to find her brother. Katie asked Maddie what that had been about. Maddie replied she had no clue and that she and Gigi didn't even like each other. In the seventh chapter, Maddie took Gigi shopping and helped her pay for the more expensive things.

In the sixth chapter, when helping Andi move into her new apartment, Maddie noticed she looked down and asked her if she was okay. Andi told her about what she had pictured her life being like when she had told Phillip she was pregnant. Maddie told her that what happened wasn't okay because no one should have the person they love most ripped away from.

Maddie's relationship with the group

Maddie was currently best friends with Katie and had been close with Emma during childhood, she had also been friends with Andi in elementary school. She had no relationship with Gigi. The only one of the group yet to be made that she was still close to and was still friends with was Katie. She had drifted away from her cousin and Andi.

In the second chapter, a misunderstanding happened in the hallway. Katie- who had been walking with Maddie and Sophie- waved to Emma. Emma waved back to her and Maddie thought she had been waving at her, so she waved back to Emma. Emma thought about striking up a conversation with them but went against it. She changed her mind while walking away but it was too late, Maddie and Katie had disappeared with Sophie.

The first time the whole group hung out was in the second chapter during a school lunch period. Maddie was already going to eat with Katie- along with Sophie- and Diego had asked her to invite Gigi to join so she did. She bumped into Emma and Andi outside the cafeteria and decided to invite them to her lunch party and they accepted. Maddie talked with the girls about their so far baby decisions and got to see Gigi punch a girl in the nose for calling Maddie a slut. Gigi said she had done it for them all.

In the third chapter, Katie had invited all of the pregnant girls to her house. They hung out in her bedroom and talked about who the temporary guardians of their children would be. In the next chapter, Emma hosted a sleepover with the pregnant girls at her house but there wasn't a whole lot of talking as they went to sleep pretty early on.

In the fourth chapter, Maddie helped Emma and Andi hide Phillip in an abandoned cabin in the woods. After being informed by the council that Phillip had been captured, Maddie along with Emma went looking for Andi who they found in the cabin unconscious. Emma and Maddie brought Andi to Emma's house where she'd be safe.

In the fourth chapter, Emma helped Maddie and Andi hide Phillip in an abandoned cabin in the woods and stayed with him while Andi attended a swim meet or practice. After being informed by the council that Phillip had been captured, Emma along with Maddie went looking for Andi who they found in the cabin unconscious. Emma and Maddie brought Andi to Emma's house where she'd be safe.

In the sixth chapter, Emma along with Maddie, Jax, Diego, and Daniel, helped Andi move into her new apartment. Also in this chapter, she attended Maddie's sleepover with the other pregnant girls and they talked about personal things. Gigi said they were becoming connected but not exactly as friends. In the seventh chapter, the girls started hanging out in order to become friends. In the next chapter, Emma broke into the council building with the other girls in an attempt to steal Phillip's case file which she didn't find. They were caught by Ramona but Emma managed to talk them out of trouble. Later in the chapter, Emma and the other girls had a sleepover and they each said something about their newfound friendship. Maddie said, “I once felt empty though I was the most popular girl in school, and now I'm known as one of the six sluts but I feel full because I have you guys,”

The birth of her daughter

In the final chapter, Maddie gave birth naturally to her daughter Emily. Her natural delivery hadn't been as bad as Katie's. Her actual delivery had been quicker and the soreness had already faded away despite it being only five minutes since Emily's birth. Maddie was very emotional and happy to finally have her baby daughter in her arms healthy and safe.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

“I'm here with my plan to take over the world!” Maddie- Diego and Gigi


Maddie was an important recurring character in the second book. She does have one chapter when she a very main character as that chapter focuses on her and Diego being reunited with their long-lost daughter.


Maddie hadn't seemed to change at all. Still filled with plenty of smart-ass comments and good comebacks. She was very outgoing and not shy to state her opinions. She was still quite snarky and pretty obnoxious. She still had a heart of gold and a side to her that was just gentle and loving. She also showed that she could on occasion take things seriously and give good advice instead of snarky comments.


At the end of the second chapter, Maddie went to visit her daughter at the Academy. She found it hilarious what Emily had done to Ruby and the outcome. In the third chapter, Maddie went to the Academy to visit Emily and suffocated her with an embarrassing hug.

In the seventh chapter, Maddie went to the Academy to visit her daughter on Parent's day. Later in the chapter, Maddie was turned evil by the bad moon. She walked into the club her husband owned with her sister and Katie with a computer over her head and announced to Diego and Gigi that she had come with her plan to take over the world. She was then tied to a chair and later collected by her mother who locked her up in her childhood room.

Reuniting with Melanie

Six years after their almost adopted daughter had gone missing, Maddie and Diego are paid a visit by her social worker and informed she was alive and had been living in a foster home right in Miami for the past four months while being looked over by the chosen one, the council, mortal doctors, and magical doctors. During their first meeting, Melanie asked her parents if they still wanted her despite her being only a year away from being a teenager. Maddie replied of course they still wanted her because she was their daughter and they loved her. After being officially adopted, Melanie was thrown a party to celebrate her twelfth birthday and to welcome her to the family and she met all of her family members and most of the family friends. Melanie later moved in with her adoptive parents.


Maddie didn't love anyone more than she loved her baby daughter. In the first chapter, Maddie along with Diego made their daughter a huge breakfast because they wouldn't get to have breakfast with her again for a few months.

Maddie was close with all of the children of her friends, but she seemed to have the closest bond with Ethan. In the first chapter, Ethan and his mother joined Maddie, Diego, and Emily for breakfast on they day Ethan and Emily were heading off the to the Academy. Maddie asked him if he was excited to start his magic training and education at the Academy and Ethan replied that he was excited to get his father back. At the end of the second chapter, Maddie told Ethan to get off his mom's back about starting the mission and Ethan agreed.

Maddie and Ruby were introduced to each other by Emily in the seventh chapter. Despite not having liked Ruby in the past, Maddie attacked her with a hug which had made Ruby feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Every witch student: Remember me

“The minute you think about giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long.” Maddie- Andi.

Chapter one

Maddie nodded to Emily when she said good morning then went into the kitchen to get Emily a plate of pancakes. When dropping Emily off at the Academy, Maddie suffocated her daughter in a hug and only let go when Emily claimed she couldn't breathe.

Chapter three

Maddie was mentioned to be with Melanie at an open house event when Emily was picked up from the Academy. She then joined her cousin Emma and the others for supper. During which she told Andi that it was too easy how fast Andi had been able to restore Luke's memory of being Phillip but Andi didn't agree. Later on, Maddie called Andi early in the morning to let her know she had found Ethan in Emily's bed and said this discovery had been quite the surprise thought didn't seem concerned that two tweens who weren't the same gender had spent the night together without any parents knowing. Maddie then offered to take Ethan ice skating with her daughters. She later attended her mother's Christmas eve party where she reunited with her little sister Sophie.

Chapter five

Having heard Andi was in town, Maddie invited her along with Emma and Jax over for supper. When Andi asked how old Melanie was, Maddie told her she would be thirteen the following month.

Maddie's quotes

Every witch pregnancy

"I'd rather stick a pitchfork in my eye, only losers and little kids get dropped off by their parents on their first day." Maddie-

"Wow, if you're going to seduce him at least wait until he's back in town otherwise you're just being cruel," Maddie- Sophie

"I'm sorry, I can't be expected to sleep like a slave" Maddie- Francisco.

"You just have to go ruin everyone's happiness, don't you mother!" Maddie- Ursula

"Andi is pregnant with his child you can't destroy this family" Maddie- the council

"They wanted him gone, Emma. They don't care about how much progress he's made" Maddie- Emma

"None of this is ok, Andi, no one should have the person they love most ripped away from them" Maddie- Andi

"I wouldn't want to go back to the person I was before, I was selfish and rude" Maddie- friends.

"We may be young and stupid, but our love is strong and real" Maddie- Diego

"First of all, chatterbox is not a place where people talk a lot, it is a name you call people who talk too much. Second of all, if you ever do that again I am going to shave your head!" Maddie- Sophie

"You're not alone anymore, Gigi, look around, you have four best friends and a brother who you'll never lose" Maddie- Gigi

"I never thought the nosy annoying sister of my boyfriend would turn out to be my best friend, but I'm glad you did" Maddie- Gigi.

"I once felt empty though I was the most popular girl in school, and now I'm known as one of the six sluts but I feel full because I have you guys" Maddie- friends.

"I once needed someone to tell me everything was going to be ok, and now it's my turn to tell you" Maddie- Katie

"I'll never stop needing you, you're the first person I go to when I need help" Maddie- Ursula

Welcome to the Academy

“Don't hesitate to kick someones ass if needed.” Maddie- Emily

“I'm here with my plan to take over the world!” Maddie- Diego and Gigi

“I'm going to skin you!” Maddie- to her mother Ursula.

“We never stopped looking for you.” Maddie- Melanie