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Melanie Rueda

Age- 13

Born- Feb 14, 2005

Species- Full witch

Relationship status- single 

Life status- Alive

Nick name- Mel

Not missing


Bilogical family unknown

Maddie Van-Pelt- adoptive mom

Diego Rueda- adoptive dad

Emily Rueda- younger step sister


Robert MIller

Tommy Miller



Grade school- grade seven 


Mortal realm



Melanie Rueda was first introduced in the second book chapter ten. She was a child who was adopted into the Rueda family in her tween years.


Melanie was placed in the foster system when she was a baby. At age six she was being adopted by Maddie and Diego Rueda but went missing shortly before the adoption was supposed to be finalized.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

As she was reaching her twelfth birthday Melanie was found and placed in another foster home. She was soon reunited with the family who had been in the processes of adopting her before she went missing. She had several visitations with them and celebrated her 12th birthday with them. It wasn't long before it was learned she was very creative and loved inventing machines that had a reputation of being disastrous. She finally adopted and went home at the end of chapter ten. ​​​​​​​

Every witch student: Remember me

Returning the series in the third book, Melanie was twelve- thirteen years and a recurring character. She did appear in the first chapter but just on the slide line. In Chapter three Melanie went over to her friend's house with her sister, where she was making a laundry sorter with her friends. She recalled the story about how disastrous their homework destroyer had turned out to be after Tommy stated it had been their best invention. Melanie was then present at her grandmother Ursula's Christmas eve party, and the next day spent Christmas day with her father's side of the family.

In Chapter six Melanie came to the Academy with her parents to visit her sister. It was known she was there when she was about to leave because her sister wished her an happy early birthday. 

Every witch student: Missing

At thirteen years old Melanie was a recurring character in the fourth book. In chapter one Melanie was at the Academy with her parents when Emily returned from breaking into the council. Later on she was brought to Francisco's house by her mother after having been with Robert and Tommy all day. As she asked why everyone was staying here, her father said it was because Sophie had been wrong.

In chapter two Melanie had just gotten out of a class with Robert and Tommy when she bumped into Emma and Andi in the hallway. Melanie asked them what they were doing there so Emma asked her if she had seen Jessie. Melanie replied she hadn't and mentioned she hadn't seen Ethan either- which didn't matter since Ethan was safe and sound at the Academy.

In chapter five it was known Melanie had been living with Daniel and her friends (Robert and Tommy) since her mother and father had been declared missing. In chapter five Melanie was visited by Andi who was asked to check up on by Emma. Melanie informed Andi was she fine and still around.


Melanie and Ursula

Late in the second book, Ursula got to meet her long lost adopted granddaughter Melanie. It seemed as though she had been excited to meet Melanie. No interaction between them was actually mentioned aside from when Maddie introduced them to each other.

Melanie and Ava

Ava met her granddaughter Melanie late in the second book. Their relationship wasn't clear at that point.

Melanie and Maddie

Six years after her adopted daughter Melanie had gone missing, Maddie was still having nightmares about it. In February 2017 Maddie and Melanie were reunited, and Maddie had been angry that she had only been informed of Melanie's return four months after it had happened. Maddie couldn't wait to meet her and the meeting was very emotional. When it came time to getting her room ready for her, Maddie went over bored, just like she had done with Emily. Maddie was very happy and excited to have Melanie home safe and sound after all these years. Melanie, it seemed adjusted to her new family rather quickly as well.

Melanie and Diego

For years Diego never gave hope that his missing adopted daughter Melanie would come home, and six years later she did. Diego was excited and beyond happy when he was told Melanie had been found. He couldn't wait to meet her and finally bring her home. He and Maddie threw her a birthday/welcome home gathering so they could introduce her to the family and their friends who they considered to be family. Melanie, it seemed adjusted to her new family rather quickly as well.

Melanie and Gigi

Gigi met her niece by adoption Melanie on Melanie's twelfth birthday. Since Melanie only appeared in one chapter, the relationship between her and her aunt wasn't written in.

Melanie and Emily

Melanie met her sister Emily in February 2017. Emily had been very excited to meet her. However through the remainder of the second book, they didn't have much of a relationship. In the third chapter of the third book Melanie took Emily with her to hang out with Robert and Tommy.

Melanie and Robert

Melanie and Robert met when they became foster siblings. They soon became close friends and started creating crazy disastrous inventions together along with Tommy. Melanie also attended the same school as Robert and they were in the same class and grade.

Melanie and Tommy

Melanie and Tommy met when they became foster siblings. They soon became close friends and started creating crazy disastrous inventions together along with Robert. Melanie also attended the same school as Tommy though were not in the same grade since Tommy is four years younger than Melanie and his brother.