Nurse Lily Foster


Missing- formerly

Species- powerless witch


Emma Alonso

Andi Cruz

Guardian of

Emma Novoa

Temporary guardian of Jessie Novoa- from April 2006- September third, 2016.


Mortal Realm



Guardian of the chosen one

School nurse at Iridium high school

A nurse at the magic clinic


Lily was first introduced to the series in the first chapter of the first book titled “the start of the story.” She was mostly a recurring character.


At some point in her life, she attended the academy for her guardian training and graduated. She became the guardian of Emma on the day Emma was born and looked after her during her entire life. It was once mentioned in one the books that Lily had been Jessie's temporary guardian as Jessie's parents hadn't been qualified for the job having magic and Emma trusted her guardian way more than Jax's. From the day Jessie was born to the moment Jessie started the Academy, Lily had been her temporary guardian.  

Every witch pregnancy

“I am Emma's guardian it is my job to look after her and that is what I'm doing” Lily to Francisco about Emma

Being Emma's guardian

Lily and Emma were very close and Emma loved having Lily as her guardian. Throughout the book, Lily didn't only help Emma when it came to magic. She helped Emma get through her teenage pregnancy and even offered to take her in if she wanted to keep her baby.

Helping Andi

Lily had been aware of Andi's zombie lover since the start because Emma had been required to tell her since she's Emma's magic guardian. And from the start, she had helped keep him a secret from the council- most likely so Emma wouldn't get in trouble for bringing him to life. She warned Andi the council was coming for him and told her to hide him, she even gave Andi a magic bracelet to put on Phillip to shield him from the council. Lily then helped Emma and Maddie find Andi after the council informed them

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Great news! You're going to get Phillip back a lot sooner than you thought." Lily- Andi

The full moon

Being a powerless-witch, Lily had been immune to the effects of the full moon. She made her first appearance in the second book in chapter seven when she had attended the meeting with the council to discuss what to do about those who had been turned evil and mad by the full moon. Lily hadn't agreed with Desdemona's final decision but chose not to argue.

Ethan's therapy

Starting in chapter nine- the month of January- Lily started giving Ethan therapy lessons after he claimed he could feel his dad's presence. Lily had Ethan for two weeks of each month until chapter twelve- the final chapter of the second book. Lily came to discover that Ethan had in fact been feeling his father's presence because he had the very rare power known as the calling- the power to be able to locate blood relatives no matter where they are. Lily first told Emma, then explained it to Ethan and Andi.

Every witch student: Remember me

Lily appeared once in the third book and that was in chapter nine. Lily had been present at Emma's meeting with the council having been summoned to the meeting by the council themselves. Lily warned Emma not to anger them because they were already angry at her.

Every witch student: Missing

Lily had one appearance in the fourth book and it was in chapter three. Lily came to the Academy when Andi called and asked her too. Lily didn't know what it was about until she was with Andi in her dorm room. Andi explained that she needed to take a pregnancy test and asked Lily to spare her the lecture. Lily informed Andi that she was pregnant and was about to say something when she vanished. Lily was the first to go missing inside the Academy.

Every witch student: The rescues and take down

You haven't heard? A lot of the missing have been popping up everywhere or suddenly being found by loved ones.” Lily

In chapter eleven, Lily made her late attendance to Emma's birthday celebration. It was revealed by Diego that she had randomly reappeared and went to the Seven while Diego and Gigi were working. Lily informed Emma that the missing people from the disappearances case were starting to reappear all over the place.

Every witch teen: secrets, crushes, struggles

"I had always wished you were my daughter." Lily- Emma  Lily appeared about three times in the sixth book. The first time was before the third chapter when she revealed the gender of Emily and Ethan's first child. In the thirteenth chapter, Lily had a visit with Emma. They talked about old memories and about how fast children grow up. In the fifteenth chapter, Lily revealed the gender of Shawn and Rose's baby.

Lily's quotes- Every witch pregnancy

"Emma please tell me you didn't get yourself into this situation" Lily- Emma

"This isn't something to be happy about, you three are incredibly young" Lily- Maddie.

"I am Emma's guardian it is my job to look after her and that is what I'm doing" Lily to Francisco about Emma

"I can't tell you anything about zombie babies, yours is the first to exist. I can tell you it's going to be an adventure" Lily- Andi.

“Hmm I'm looking at the clock and it's either wrong or you two are ten minutes late to class” Lily- Emma and Andi

Lily's Quotes- Welcome to the Academy

"Ethan really was feeling his dad's presence," Lily- Andi shooting her a look that said "shame on you."