Nurse Lily Foster


Species- powerless witch



Emma Alonso

Andi Cruz

Gaurdian of

Emma Alonso


Mortal realm



Gaurdian of the chosen one

School nurse at Iridum high school

Nurse at magic clinic


Lily was first introduced to the series in the first chapter of the first book titled “the start of the story.” She was mostly a recurring character.


At some point in her life she attended the academy for her guardian training and graduated. She became the guardian of Emma on the day Emma was born and looked after her during her entire life.

Every witch pregnancy

“I am Emma's guardian it is my job too look after her and that is what I'm doing” Lily to Francisco about Emma

Being Emma's guardian

Lily and Emma were very close and Emma loved having Lily as her guardian. Throughout the book Lily didn't only help Emma when it came to magic. She helped Emma get through her teenage pregnancy and even offered to take her in if she wanted to keep her baby.

Helping Andi

Lily had been aware of Andi's zombie lover since the start and had helped keep him hidden from the council- most likely so Emma wouldn't get in trouble for bringing him to life. She warned Andi the council was coming for him and told her to hide him, she even gave Andi a magic bracelet to put on Phillip to shield him from the council. Lily then helped Emma and Maddie find Andi after the council informed them they had taken Phillip.

Being the school nurse

Lily was the one who confirmed all six teenage pregnancies. In the later chapters she started a support group for all the teenage parents to be. She talked with them about how they were feeling and helped prepare them. One thing she did was give them a real baby and house to look after for an entire day while she supervised. She was also the one who hosted the gender reveals when the girls first found out what they were having.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

The Full moon

Being a powerless witch, Lily wasn't affected by the full moon. She even took part in the council meeting about what to do about all the evil and mad full witches and wizards.


In January Lily started giving therapy sessions to Ethan when he believed he could feel his dads presence. She came to realize he could because he had a power that allowed him to sense where people were. This led her to discover Ethan could find his father, she first told Emma and then after figuring it all out, told Andi and Ethan, but by then Emma pretty much knew who Phillip had become.

Every witch student: Missing

Lily only appeared once in this book. She went to the Academy when Andi called her and confirmed Andi's second pregnancy just like she had confirmed the first one in book one. She then vanished in thin air right in-front of Andi, and she was declared missing.