Robert Miller

Robert Miller

Age- 14

Birthday- Jan 2005

Species- mortal

Relationship status- single

Life Status- Alive


Unamed birth parents

Daniel Miller- adoptive father

Tommy MIller- younger brother


Grade school- grade seven


Mortal realm, Miami


Melanie Rueda


Robert was first introduced in the second book chapter ten- “Maddie's adoption case.” Through the half of the series he was placed in different homes until he was permanently adopted by Gigi and Tony. He was known as Melanie's best friend.


Robert was the son of a young teenage mother named Amy and later became the step son of Pete. At the age of six he was placed into the foster care system along with his younger half brother Tommy- after his mother passed away. At the age of twelve he and his brother were adopted by Daniel Miller.

Every witch student- Welcome to the Academy

Robert was a child in the most home Melanie had ended up in. As Melanie was reuniting with her adoptive family, Robert and his younger brother were getting ready to move in with their adoptive father Daniel. He had just turned twelve and he was in sixth-seventh grade at Iridium elementary school. He was very creative and loved to make inventions that often caused disastrous messes.

Every witch student: Remember me

Returning to the series in the third book, Robert was twelve years old and only appeared once. His only appearance was in the third chapter. He was with his brother, Emily and Melanie, in the basement of his house working on the blue prints for a laundry sorter, his latest invention. He stated that this was their best invention yet, but his brother disagreed.

Robert and Daniel

Robert had been excited about moving in with his adopted father Daniel. He later told Melanie that Daniel was very nice.

Robert and Melanie

Melanie and Robert met when they became foster siblings. They soon became close friends and started creating crazy disastrous inventions together along with Tommy. Melanie also attended the same school as Robert and they were in the same class and grade.

Robert and Tommy

Robert and Tommy are biological brothers who have four years and two months of age difference. They have similar personalities and get along great.