Robert Rueda

Basic information


Birthdate: January eleventh, 2005

Original species: Mortal

Magical species: Powerless-Wizard

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: dating in secret

Nicknames and other names

Robert Johnson- birth name

Robert Caster- adoptive name

Robert Miller- adoptive name

Robert Rueda- adoptive name 

Rob- by everyone

Robbie- once by Pete, once by Tommy


Amy Johnson+ (real mother)

Unnamed birth father

Pete Caster (stepfather- formerly) 

Daniel Miller (adoptive father- formerly)

Gigi Rueda (adoptive mother) 


Shawn Rueda (Younger adoptive brother)

Tommy Rueda (Younger half-brother)

Nieces and Nephews

Shane Rueda


Melanie Rueda- secret girlfriend


Melanie Rueda

Tommy Rueda


Unknown other schools

Iridium elementray school-  Feb 2017-  2019

Iridium high school- 2020-


Works at the Seven


Mortal Realm



Robert was first introduced in the second book chapter ten- “Maddie's adoption case.” Through the half of the series, he was placed in different homes until he was permanently adopted by Gigi and Tony. He was known as Melanie's best friend.


At the age of six, he was placed in the foster care system along with his younger half-brother Tommy- after his mother passed away. At the age of twelve, he and his brother were adopted by Daniel Miller.

Every witch student- Welcome to the Academy

Robert was a child in the most home Melanie had ended up in. As Melanie was reuniting with her adoptive family, Robert and his younger brother were getting ready to move in with their adoptive father Daniel. He had just turned twelve and he was in sixth-seventh grade at Iridium elementary school. He was very creative and loved to make inventions that often caused disastrous messes.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

If Andi hasn't sent a dragon to burn down the house by now I think you're ok,” Robert- Daniel


During the time where he was living with Gigi as a foster kid and didn't know what was going to happen to him, Robert was acting out. He was ditching classes and skipping school all together. He was causing fights in the house, and refused to talk to anyone about how he was feeling. He was scared. He was struggling with opening up and trusting people. When Gigi made the adoption official, Robert had already started trusting her and opening up to her, after the adoption he put his complete trust in Gigi know she wouldn't let him down. After the adoption, Robert's rebelling pretty much stopped instantly.

Personal life

Robert wasn't fond of the idea of moving in with Gigi and former stepfather Pete when Daniel decided to skip town. He was being mature about it at first. When Pete left the family and Robert became scared not knowing what was next for him, he put all of the blame on Shawn and started acting out. He started ditching school and wouldn't talk to anyone about how he was feeling. He did start opening up to Gigi shortly before his adoption, and started a romantic and sexual relationship with Gigi's niece Melanie. Robert was overjoyed when he was finally adopted.


Robert and Melanie 

“I haven't asked. I'm not sure I'd like the answer.” Robert- Melanie

Melanie and Robert met when they became foster siblings. They soon became close friends and started creating crazy disastrous inventions together along with Tommy. Melanie also attended the same school as Robert and they were in the same class and grade.

Robert and Tommy

“I can't take it anymore! He is driving me insane!” Robert- Gigi about Tommy

Robert and Tommy are biological brothers who have four years and two months of age difference. They have similar personalities and get along great. 


Secrets, crushes, struggles

“If Andi hasn't sent a dragon to burn down the house by now I think you're ok,” Robert- Daniel

“None of my birthday wishes can come true.” Robert- Gigi

“I haven't asked. I'm not sure I'd like the answer.” Robert- Melanie

“I guess being adopted by you is about a thousand times better then being your foster kid.” Robert- Gigi