Ruby Fletcher

Age- 27

Born- February third, 1989


. Powerless witch

LIfe status- Alive

Relationship status- single

Also known as

Ruby Webber




The council

Program- guardian in training

Year- one

W.I.T.S- Emily Rueda and Ethan Cruz


. Magic Realm

. W.I.T.S academy


Ruby was a complicated misunderstood character who came with many plot twists. She was first introduced in Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy.


In chapter one of the second book, Ruby revealed to Emily and Ethan that she had been adopted at birth and had always wondered about her birth family. She also shared that she knew her birth mother's name.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"I am going to strangle whoever did this to me." Ruby- Emily.


Ruby wasn't the nicest person and that became clear as soon we we were introduced to her. She often mean and seemingly in a constant bad mood. As we learn more about her we realize she's just highly stressed out and was raised to be emotionless by her adoptive parents. We also discover there is another side to her that even she didn't know existed.

Being a guardian in training

In chapter one Ruby was introduced to her students Emily and Ethan. She wasn't at all happy to meet them but did greet them politely. It wasn't long before Ruby started shooing them away from her. Ruby did share an important piece of her life with them after they insisted she tell them something about herself. She didn't tell them because she wanted them to know, it was simply to get them to leave her alone.