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Ruby Sophia Fletcher

Basic information

Birthdate: February third, 1989

Magical species: Superior 

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: married

Cover names and nicknames

Ruby Webber- cover name

Mom- by her kids 


Ava Rueda (Birth mother.)

Unnamed man+ (Birth father.)

Kristine Fletcher (Adoptive mother.)

Douglas Fletcher (Adoptive father.)

Aunts and Uncles

Agamemnon Fletcher (by adoption.)

Zora Fletcher+ (by adoption.)

Brothers and sisters 

Diego Rueda (younger half-brother.)

Maddie Rueda (Sister-in-law.)

Gigi Rueda (younger half-sister.)

Tony Ryland (brother-in-law)

Nieces and Nephews 

Robert Ryland (by adoption in bio family.) 

Melanie Rueda (By adoption in bio family)

Emily Rueda

Shawn Ryland

Tommy Ryland (by adoption in bio family.)

Pageant Ryland

Great-nieces and Great-nephews 

Hope Archer 

Shane Ryland 

Phillip Archer

Chance Archer


Isabella Masters

Anabella Masters 

Noah Masters 

Mason Masters 

Gage Masters

Gabriella Masters


Cameron Masters (Husband.)

Time at W.I.T.S Academy (2016-2020.)

Program: Guardian in training 

Year- four (graduated.)

Charges: Emily Rueda, Ethan Archer. 


Magic Realm 

W.I.T.S Academy- formerly 


Worked for her parents against the council- formerly 

The second member of the council- currently 

long gorgeous slightly wavy bold-red hair.


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Ruby was born with chosen one blood but never gained the chosen one magic or status. Being a witch with chosen one blood but no chosen one magic or status made her magic unique and the reason wasn't clearly or fully explained. 

Ruby was adopted on the day of her birth by Duggie and Kristine Fletcher. Due to her photographic memory- which all magical people have- she can remember feeling confused when she was carried away from her birth mother who she could hear sobbing and crying.

In the second book, it was discovered that Ruby's magical presence was even stronger than the chosen one- who was supposed to be the most powerful witch in the world. The reason Ruby's presence was stronger than Emma's wasn't given in this book. However, in the third book, we are given a clue. Duggie was furious with Ruby when he learned she had given her magic to the council in exchange for Emily having hers back.

Ruby asked him why he was so upset. Duggie told her that her magic was important and special because of something she didn't know about. Ruby told him she knew, but Duggie said he wasn't talking about her having chosen one blood without the chosen one magic or status. Ruby asked him what he was talking about but Duggie wouldn't give her an answer. He told she better hope the council didn't "Find out what Ruby was."

It was this sentence, and the fact that Duggie threatened to erase her memory if she asked him about it again, that made us wonder what he had meant. It had brought up the question of, "Is Ruby not just an ordinary witch?" And "was this a hint that we're going to learn something shocking about Ruby later on?"

In the second last chapter of the fifth book, Ruby was told by adoptive parents and biological mother that she was one of the two most powerful witches in existence known as Superiors. Superiors were extremely rare, Ruby was the second one to exist and Kira Archer was the third. A Superiors magic has almost no limit to what it can do with the except being harm to her others, though funny enough, her magic is the only thing that can kill her- she'd have to purposely use her magic to end her life. 

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Well, I was thinking of redecorating anyways." Ruby- Emily


Ruby wasn't the nicest person and that became clear as soon as we were introduced to her. She was often mean and seemingly in a constant bad mood. As we learn more about her we realize she's just highly stressed out and was raised to be emotionless by her adoptive parents. We also discover there is another side to her that even she didn't know existed.