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Ruby Sophia Fletcher

Basic information

Age: 32

Birthdate: February third, 1989

Magical species: Superior 

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: Engaged 

Cover names and nicknames

Ruby Webber- cover name

Mom- by her kids 


Ava Rueda (Birth mother.)

Unnamed man+ (Birth father.)

Kristine Fletcher (Adoptive mother.)

Douglas Fletcher (Adoptive father.)

Aunts and Uncles

Agamemnon Fletcher (by adoption.)

Zora Fletcher+ (by adoption.)

Brothers and sisters 

Diego Rueda (younger half-brother.)

Maddie Rueda (Sister-in-law.)

Gigi Rueda (younger half-sister.)

Nieces and Nephews 

Robert Rueda (by adoption in bio family.) 

Melanie Rueda (By adoption in bio family)

Emily Rueda (by blood.)

Shawn Rueda (by blood.)

Tommy Rueda (by adoption in bio family.)

Great-nieces and Great-nephews 

Hope Archer (by blood)

Shane Rueda (by blood)

One unborn 


Isabella Masters

Anabella Masters 

Noah Masters 

Mason Masters 


Cameron Masters (Fiance.)

Time at W.I.T.S Academy (2016-2020.)

Program: Guardian in training 

Year- four (graduated.)

Charges: Emily Rueda, Ethan Archer. 


Magic Realm 

W.I.T.S Academy- formerly 


Worked for her parents against the council- formerly 

The second member of the council- currently 


Ruby was a complicated misunderstood character who came with many of the biggest plot twists. She was first introduced in Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy


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In chapter one of the second book, Ruby revealed to Emily and Ethan that she had been adopted at birth and had always wondered about her birth family. She also shared that she knew her birth mother's name.

In the second book, it was discovered that Ruby's magical presence was even stronger than Emma's. Emma-being the chosen one- was supposed to have the strongest magic and magical presence. The reason Ruby's presence was strong than Emma's wasn't given in this book. However, in the third book, we are given a clue. Ruby thought her magic was special because she had chosen one blood but didn't possess chosen one magic or the chosen one staus. (She had chosen one blood because her mother had been the chosen one with chosen one blood obviously when she had been pregnant with Ruby.) Duggie was furious with Ruby when he learned she had given her magic to the council in exchange for Emily having hers back. Ruby asked him why he was so upset. Duggie told her that her magic was important and special because of something she didn't know about. Ruby told him she knew, but Duggie said he wasn't talking about her having chosen one blood without the chosen one magic or status. Ruby asked him what he was talking about but Duggie wouldn't give her an answer. He told she better hope the council didn't "Find out what Ruby was." It was this sentence and the fact that Duggie threatened to erase her memory if she asked him about it again that made us wonder what he had meant. Ir brought up the question of, "Is Ruby not just an ordinary witch?" And "was this a hint that we're going to learn something shocking about Ruby later on?" The answer was finally given the second last chapter of the fifth book. 

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Well, I was thinking of redecorating anyways." Ruby- Emily


Ruby wasn't the nicest person and that became clear as soon as we were introduced to her. She was often mean and seemingly in a constant bad mood. As we learn more about her we realize she's just highly stressed out and was raised to be emotionless by her adoptive parents. We also discover there is another side to her that even she didn't know existed.

Being a guardian in training

In chapter one Ruby was introduced to her students Emily and Ethan. She wasn't at all happy to meet them but did greet them politely. It wasn't long before Ruby started shooing them away from her. Ruby did share an important piece of her life with them after they insisted she tells them something about herself. She didn't tell them because she wanted them to know, it was simply to get them to leave her alone.

At the start of chapter two Ruby rolled her eyes in the cafeteria after Ethan's mother called her over. She went over to Andi who was sitting with Ethan and Emily, and Ethan introduced her to Andi. Ruby refused to shake Andi's hand and asked how it was possible that Andi was Ethan's mother because she didn't look old enough to have a ten-year-old- that is when she learned Andi had been a teen mom and Emily's parents had been teenagers when they had her.

It was later mentioned by Emily and Ethan that Ruby had nothing to help them train during their first day of the actual school year. Emily later told Andi that Ruby was also mean to them. Andi said she would talk to her though she didn't. Ruby later admitted she hated children and threatened to let Aggie punish her students for getting her trapped, but after Emily threatened to turn her in for stealing Jessie's powers, Ruby changed the punishments.

In chapter four Ruby actually helped Emily and Ethan prepare for the first test by having them practice casting animal transformation spells on a dummy she had on her desk chair while she watched them. During the first test, Ruby had to allow her students to turn her into animals- she had been dreading this. Ethan turned her into a horse and Emily turned her into a female dog (to secretly called her a bitch) and both times Ruby was turned back into a human.

In chapter four after catching a handful of the children involved with the spy club against her, she turned them over to the headmaster. Due to having taken two of them by the collars of their shirts, Ruby was scolded by the headmaster for treating the children this way and instantly let go of her hold on them. Agamemnon allowed Ruby to serve the punishments for Ethan and Emily and made it clear she was only to discipline the two of them as they were her students and to allow the other guardians to deal with the rest of the children who had been caught. She decided the punishment for both of her students would be that they had to work for Cameron for the remainder of the year. Cameron tried reasoning with her saying that the entire year was going a little too far, however, Ruby snapped back that he wasn't Emily and Ethan's guardian...she was.

In chapter seven Ruby was punished for the food fight that both of her students had been involved in because she hadn't done anything to stop or prevent it. It was clear Ruby had witnessed the food fight as she had been one of the guardian's Agamemnon wanted to see and he asked for her like she was in the same room as him- in the cafeteria.

In chapter eight Ruby didn't seem to care about getting to know Ethan and Emily for an assignment. Yet, she did ask them some questions and answered questions as well. It wasn't mentioned if Ruby had managed to answer each of Agamemnon's questions about Ethan and Emily correctly as there was nothing written in about when they were questioned for real by the headmaster before Christmas break.

In chapter nine Ruby had Emily and Ethan taken from her care and was given Jessie and Ben instead. She was their guardian for a very short time. Ruby agreed with Jessie that Agamemnon was up to something and revealed that her father had told her Agamemnon might be trying to keep someone away from someone else. At the end of the week, Jessie and Ben were taken from her care and Emily along with Ethan were returned to her.

Ruby's crimes

In chapter two Ruby stole Jessie's powers. It wasn't known how she committed the crime nor was it known why. Ruby was busted by Emily and bargained with her saying she could give Jessie her powers back if she didn't turn her in. Emily didn't turn Ruby in but she did tell Jessie it had been her who stole her powers. In chapter three She admitted to Andi for stealing Jessie's powers thinking Emily and Jessie had told her. Andi wasn't happy to hear about this but let it go since Jessie didn't seem upset about it anymore.

In chapter four Ruby was caught by Ethan in the middle of the night stealing Hex- who was pleading for help. She took him to her dorm room and started reading him. Ethan came barging in with his three female best friends along with Sienna- one of his friends was the daughter of Hex's rightful owner- Emma. Hex was then taken from her. Ruby didn't get in trouble for her second crime.

In chapter five Emily set Ruby up by tempting her to use her magic to cheat in the surprise test by casting armor spells on them. Ruby did so and was caught by the headmaster and Cameron. Ruby admitted to being a full witch and was expelled. However, Cameron saved her from expulsion by stating there must be a reason that Ruby had pretended to be a powerless witch. Ruby lied once again by telling Agamemnon she had pretended to be a powerless witch because of her dream of being a guardian- which was a job for powerless witches and wizards only.

Ruby's secrets

In chapter five Jessie reported to Emily that Ruby's magical presence was way too strong for a powerless witch and even for a normal witch. In-fact Jessie said it felt as strong as her mother's on a full moon- which was when Emma was at her most powerful. The children didn't investigate this and the reason her presence was so strong wasn't mentioned again in this book nor was the reason ever discovered or hinted.

Also in chapter five- Ruby had sunk away from the rest of the school. She was caught by Emily outside the Academy attempting to cast spells that all kept failing. Her last spell caused her to get soaked with lemonade when she had been attempting to conjure herself up with a glass of lemonade. Emily confronted her about being a full witch and Ruby tried to deny it at first, however accidentally cast a spell that resulted in her get covered in flour. Ruby then attempted to convince Emily that she had just gotten her magic and that she was simply a late bloomer. Emily knew this couldn't be true since no witch or wizard could come into their powers later than age thirteen, and Ruby was already in her late twenties. Emily threatened to tell everyone so Ruby cast a spell on her to keep her quiet, the spell wore off but not many people believed Emily right away. At this time it wasn't known why Ruby's magic wasn't working properly.

In chapter six Ruby revealed to Emily that the true reason she was at the academy was to help Andi and Ethan find and rescue Phillip. She then explained the reasons behind the crimes she had committed. Ruby had stolen Jessie's powers because the council had set a trap that would tel-transport Jessie to the council if she used her powers. She had stolen Hex because there was a spell she needed and she didn't think Andi would be willing to lend her the chosen one's magic book due to her previous crime and due to how she had been treating Andi's son Ethan. However Ruby was unwilling to share the reason why she had come to the academy as a guardian in training when she could have come as a council member in training since she's a full witch. She told Emily that her parents had forbidden her from revealing that information.


In chapter two Emily and Ethan were casting compulsion and control spells on Ruby. They made her do outrageous things in the middle of the crowded cafeteria, she didn't have any memory of doing these things, however. Ethan accidentally tel-transported her away which got her stuck in a dark and damp place that was connected to the bottom of a water fountain in the atrium. She was later joined by Emily and found out it had been her and Ethan who had done this to her, and they were then saved by Andi.

At first- in chapter four- Ruby wasn't aware of the spy club a bunch of the children- including her two students- had started to spy on her. It isn't actually know how she found out about the club. To days after it started, Ruby caught only a handful of the children involved and turned them over to the headmaster.

In chapter five Ruby had been talking to Emily and learned the name of Emily's paternal grandmother. After being told the name Ruby informed Emily that her birth mother shared that same name. She went on to reveal all that she knew about her birth family- that her birth mother had been the chosen one and she had younger siblings who were twins. Emily denied that they were related to not wanting it to be true. At the end of chapter five Ruby was told the truth by Emily, but it wasn't until the very start of chapter six when it was confirmed for us that Ruby was Emily's aunt.

In chapter seven Ruby was one of the first at the academy to be affected by the full moon. When Andi bumped into her, Ruby stated she was feeling her power of this pathetic school. Andi placed a bracelet on her wrist to block her powers, Ruby attempted to aggressively get it off but was unsuccessful. It was later mentioned she had been locked up in one of the gyms with all the others who had gone evil or mad. Then when the full moon passed, Ruby was back to normal.

In chapter eight Ruby attended Ursula's Christmas Eve party to meet her birth mother for the first time. The room went silent as Ruby walked in and Ava approached her. It was an emotional first meeting, and this was the first time Ruby really showed how capable she really was of having emotions other than anger and frustration. They talked in private where Ruby confessed to how she was treated at home. Ruby warned Ava she wasn't good with expressing her feelings and being loving, and Ava replied that she had no interest in changing Ruby...she wanted to get to know Ruby for who she was...flaws and all. Ruby admitted she would like to have a relationship with Ava, and Ava replied she would she like that as well.

In chapter ten Ruby was given a party to celebrate her twenty-eighth birthday. Her birth mother and younger siblings along with her sister in law and her niece and nephew were all present at this party. Ruby told her family that her adoptive parents had sent her a card after learning her birth family had invited her adoptive family to the birthday party.

Re-learning her magic

In chapter six it was revealed that Ruby's magic wasn't working properly because of how long she had gone without using it. In chapter nine she recruited Emily to help her re-learn how to use her magic. Emily gave her some instructions and Ruby went ahead to attempt turning a rocking chair back into the regular chair it had originally been. However, the chair turned into a bag instead. Frustrated Ruby cast another spell at the bag and accidentally turned it into a snake. Both girls started screamed and huddled together on Ruby's bed. Ruby later managed to turn the snake in a snake decorated desk. She then laughed about the whole situation with her niece.

Using Cameron

In late chapter four Cameron asked Ruby out on a date, he wanted to take her to the moon for a late night supper. Ruby used the excuse that she had too much homework to do. So Cameron offered to complete her homework for her that way she would be free to go out with him. Ruby agreed to the date seizing the opportunity to take advantage of his major crush on her. At the start of chapter five Ruby was already annoyed with him, however, kept agreeing to dates to get him to continue doing her homework and taking care of training Emily and Ethan.

Phillip's case

In chapter six, with Emily's help” Ruby tel-transported Andi and Duggie to the zombie homes in the dark river. This was so Duggie could reveal some important information to Andi- information that Duggie never actually got the chance to deliver to her as they were about to be attacked and were then saved by Ben. Ruby then confirmed to Emily and Ethan that Duggie and Kristine Fletcher were her adoptive parents. Then in chapter seven, Ruby got Cameron expelled by convincing him to take the blame of sending Andi and Duggie to the dark river.

In chapter eight Ruby stole a piece of paper in an envelope and handed it over to Andi- and Kim was there as well. The paper was titled “the case of 2006” which was what the council referred to Phillips' case as. Yet it was another disappointment. It said all the zombies but one had been destroyed, but it didn't say which hadn't or what happened to him. Not giving up Ruby excused Emily and Ethan from class and brought them to the library. She had them look for any book that anything to do with the council in the year 2006. This was also unsuccessful.

In chapter nine Ruby was interviewed about Luke by her dad. When he asked her what her name was Ruby pointed out that he had been the one who named her. She then asked him why he was questioning her and Duggie replied he would explain later, at the end of the interview he told Ruby to meet him outside the Academy later that night.

In chapter eleven Ruby was able to figure out the basic story of what had happened to Phillip after the council had captured him. In the following chapter, Ruby revealed to Andi that Phillip had been turned into another person with no memories of his zombie life or of anyone who had known in his life as Phillip. She didn't give any suggestions of who Phillip. So maybe even though she had been the one who solved the mystery of what the council had done with him, she hadn't figured out who he had been turned into.

Every witch student: Remember me

Yeah, well, I finally have people worth looking at every day while I'm brushing my hair.” Ruby- Emily

Being a Guardian in training

In chapter one, Ruby returned to the Academy for her second year of guardian in training. In chapter two, Ruby was helping Emily and Ethan prepare for the first test. In chapter six, Ruby was helping her students prepare for the first race with a trust exercise, then during the first test, helped her blindfolded students get through an obstacle course.

The mission

Ruby had been under the assumption that her assignment was over now that Luke remembered who he was. However, she was hit with a reality check by her parents that it wasn't that easy. Ruby was then approached by Andi who was wondering why Luke was acting like he didn't remember anything. Ruby and Andi found out that the magic on Luke had re-done itself and he no longer remembered being Phillip. She also had no idea what to do. At the end of chapter four when she was told she wasn't doing good enough, Ruby actually threw a tantrum by screaming and throwing things.

In chapter five, Ruby had been punished for covering for Andi. Her punishment was she had to act as Agamemnon's secretary. When Emily and Ethan informed Ruby that Andi was back at the Academy, Ruby told them that Agamemnon was getting to suspicious. Her plan to deal with him was to use a memory-erasing potion on him. However, she had taken the wrong on and turned him into a statue. She left him this way as he was no not a problem anymore. It was later mentioned it had lasted two weeks.

In chapter six, Ava helped Ruby come to the realization that she wasn't helping Andi and Luke just because her parent were forcing her but also because she actually cared about them and wanted them to be reunited. Ava told her that Emily had noticed that this school year Ruby had been much more involved in the mission than the previous school year. Also in this chapter, Ruby was present when Luke finally permanently regained his memories of his zombie life and even shed a tear. In chapter eight, Ruby informed Andi, Emma, and Jessie, that Agamemnon had switched over to their side and that Cameron was back pretending to be a spy for the council.

Giving up her magic

In chapter nine, Ruby warned Emily that the council was coming after everyone who was close to Andi and Luke. Despite warning her, Ruby hadn't been able to save Emily from being stripped of her magic as punishment for refusing to turn Ethan over to the council. Seeing how depressed Emily was, Ruby wanted to help but she didn't understand how Emily was feeling. So, she turned to the one witch she knew who had been stripped of magic by the council. That one person was her mother. Ruby took her mother's advice quite literally as she traded her own magic for Emily's. She then returned Emily's magic to her. Ruby's father had been outraged when he had found out

Every witch student: Missing

What can I say...I'm a complicated person.” Ruby- Emily

Ruby's pregnancy

Ruby's pregnancy was one of the biggest surprises in the series. In the first chapter of the fourth book, Ruby had misunderstood the advice Emily had given her about improving her relationship with Cameron. This resulted in Ruby losing her virginity to Cameron. Over the next two chapters, she was often mentioned to not be feeling well.

In the third chapter, Ruby wasn't feeling well and this led to her taking a pregnancy test. Ruby was completely shocked and just couldn't believe it when she found out she was actually pregnant. The first person she told was Cameron and gained his support right away. Still, she was stressed and didn't want to do. Ruby later told Andi and Agamemnon about her pregnancy. In the fifth chapter, Ruby's morning sicknesses was really bad and she was also very tired and sore. In the sixth chapter, Ruby and Cameron agreed to keep the baby. Ruby also told Emily that she was pregnant and Emily was very shocked. Agamemnon had also cast a spell on Ruby to hide her pregnancy.

In the seventh chapter, Ruby had the shock of her life when she found out she was actually having twins! She told Cameron and freaked about what was going to happen. Ruby also helped Cameron pick out the names for the babies. In the eighth chapter, Ruby gave birth to a set of identical twins named Isabella and Anabella Masters.

Stealing magic

In the first chapter, Duggie assigned Ruby to build up an army to break into the council building to steal back Emma's magic. Ruby was one of the three witches who actually went into the council building to personally steal magic. She wasn't the one who stole Emma's magic back, but she did manage to take back her own magic- which she had traded for Emily's. Afterwards, Ruby restore her magic into her body becoming a full-witch once again.

Being a guardian in training

In the first chapter, Ruby participated in the first race. In the sixth chapter, Ruby started her third year of guardian training only because she wanted to be close to Emily and Cameron.

The disappearances case

At the end of the first chapter, Ruby was pretty shocked to learn that her sister Gigi and nephew Shawn were missing. In the following chapter, she didn't take it well learning that her birth mother was missing. In the fifth chapter, Ruby was spending most of her summer helping Emma with the disappearance case. She forced to help by her adoptive mother, even when Emma had personally told her she could take a day off.

Every witch student: The rescues and take down

You are the biggest pain in my ass you know that?” Ruby- Emily


Throughout this book, Ruby was pretty stressed out about a variety of things. We see her attempting to change and become a nicer person wanting to be a better mother to her daughters. This wasn't always easy for Ruby. Ruby was also very touchy when it came to her parenting skills.

Parenting the twins

One of the biggest stress factors Ruby had in the fifth book was parenting her infant twin daughters Isabella and Anabella. In the first chapter, Ruby opened up to Cameron about she felt she was failing at being a mother because she had trouble soothing her babies and figuring out what they needed. Cameron ensured her that for some mothers it just takes time.

In the fourth chapter, Isabella and Anabella came into the magic and covered Ruby in flour. Ruby was highly frustrated with her daughters and snapped at them. She later on in the chapter turned to Andi for parenting advice after talking to Cameron about taking parenting classes. She was embarrassed to be asking for help and at first, denied it was parenting advice she was asking Andi but Andi had seen right through her.

In the fifth chapter, Ruby was concerned that her unfriendly personality and trouble connecting with people was making her a bad mother. She turned to Emily to learn how to be a better person and opened up about her upbringing that definitely explained a lot. In the next chapter, she started turning to Emily for help parenting her twins which Emily later kind of told her off for. After Cameron started making mistakes, Ruby started parenting on her own. It was a struggle at the time but she was starting to get the hang of being a good mother.

Personal life

In the second chapter, Ruby didn't want to celebrate her birthday because most of her family members were missing. However, her boyfriend and niece had other plans. She ended up having a little celebration with her remaining family and some of their friends. In the third chapter, Ruby was in the mortal realm at her niece Melanie's elementary school graduation.

Being a guardian in training

In the fourth chapter, Ruby started her fourth and final year of guardian training at the Academy. She wasn't sure if she would go back since raising two babies at a boarding school was becoming a big pain. However, she didn't want to be away from Emily and Cameron was returning to the Academy.

The battle against the council

In chapter twelve, Ruby fought in the battle against the council on Emma's side and didn't sustain any injuries. She then brought Emily to the forbidden land to bring Andi and Andi's family back home. At the end of the chapter, Ruby was appointed the second member of the new council. In the last chapter, Ruby didn't graduate since she didn't actually want to be a guardian, but she did attend the ceremony and ended her guardian training. 

Finding out about what she really is

In chapter thirteen, Ruby was told by her adoptive father and biological mother that she is a Superior. Superiors are the most powerful witches and wizards as there is almost no limit to what their magic can do and they can't be killed by anything other than their own magic. Ruby was furious that this had been kept secret from her through-out her entire life. She also found out that she's only the second Superior to exist because they are extremely uncommon.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

You're seriously going to leave me alone with the devil toddler twins for an entire week?” Ruby- Cameron


Ruby had made a lot of progress in being a nice person. She seemed to join in on conversations more frequently and easily communicated with people. She wasn't as shy nor awkward when in social situations. Yet, Ruby still had her moments where she was impatient, easily angered, stressed out, and unsure what to do. These moments, however, more commonly happened between her and her daughters, and between her and her boyfriend, than did between her and her family members.


Ruby didn't discipline her daughters nor tell them off when they did something wrong. She basically allowed them to do whatever they pleased. This was until she was trying to prepare the nursery and the twins were making messes. She finally yelled at them and refused to agree with Cameron that she shouldn't scold or punish their kids. After this, Ruby started disciplining her children even though Cameron didn't.

In the second chapter, Ruby- at the weekly family supper- revealed to her family that she was a month pregnant. She didn't yet know if she was only having one baby or if she was having another set of twins. In the sixth chapter, Ruby allowed her daughter Isabella to reveal to the family that it was another set of twins Ruby was having, and the following month Ruby allowed her other daughter to tell the family both babies were boys. In the eighth chapter, Ruby revealed the names she and Cameron had picked out for their unborn twin sons. In the ninth chapter, Ruby celebrated the second birthday of her twin daughters. Also in this chapter, Ruby had too look after the twins on her own for an entire week while Cameron was out of town. She ended up recruiting her mother's help. In the eleventh chapter, Ruby welcomed her twin sons Mason and Noah into the world. In the fifteenth chapter, Ruby was starting to tackle potty training along with Cameron. In the sixteenth chapter, Ruby had a stressful and busy morning taking care of her four children on her own while Cameron slept in. Ruby wasn't too happy with him for not getting up and helping out. In the seventeenth chapter, Ruby along with Cameron enrolled their twin daughters into daycare (Pre-school.)

Family life

In the third chapter, Ruby went to the hospital to meet her great-niece Hope on the day she was born. Later on in the third chapter, Ruby went to visit her niece Emily to introduce Isy and Anna to Hope. In the fourth chapter, Ruby had an argument with her sister Gigi over comparing Pete and Cameron. Ruby was defending Cameron and making accusations about Pete.

In the tenth chapter, Ruby celebrated her thirty-second birthday a few days later with her parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, and children. In the eleventh chapter, Ruby celebrated Cameron's twenty-ninth birthday with a supper at home that didn't go so well because of their daughters. In the twelfth chapter, Ruby got engaged to Cameron after he proposed to her with the help of their daughters. Ruby was really happy and it was one of those rare times that she showed that she truly is in love with Cameron and not only with him because he's the father of her four children.

In the thirteenth chapter, Ruby had a stressful visit from her mother she had been dreading. In the fourteenth chapter, Ruby attended Emily and Shawn's birthday party and witnessed Hope's first steps. In the seventeenth chapter, Ruby went to the hospital to meet her great-nephew Shane on the day he was born.

Ruby's relationships

Ruby and Ava 

“I was once young and stupid. I know because I didn't keep you.” Ava- Ruby

When it was confirmed by Emily that Ava was Ruby's biological mother, Ruby knew that Ava knew where she was. She had been hoping that Ava would come to meet her but was disappointed. She truly believed that Ava had no interest in being in her life. However, Ava and Ruby were both invited to Ursula's Christmas Eve party so they could meet. Ruby had been on the fence about attending the party and decided she needed to take the opportunity to meet her birth mother. The meeting between them was the first time Ruby had showed emotion as she broke down into tears and hugged her. The ladies then talked in private and Ava revealed that she regretted putting Ruby up for adoption. They decided that they wanted to have a relationship with each other. 

They saw each other again two months later when Ava came to the Academy for Ruby's surprise birthday party. At this time they hadn't done a whole lot of talking as Ruby was still getting used to having her biological family in her life and trying to understand them all. They didn't appear to be keeping in touch through letters and Ava didn't visit Ruby at the Academy on any weekend aside from the big family day. 

In the third book, Ava and Ruby seemed to have gotten even closer. It was mentioned that over the summer Ruby had spent quite an amount of time visiting her birth mother and siblings. In chapter six, Ava talked with Ruby on her birthday about how stressed her parents were making her. Ava helped Ruby realize that she did actually care about Andi and Luke and truly want everything to work out for them. Ava was always good at making Ruby realize just how capable she is at love.

In the ninth chapter, Ruby actually went to the mortal realm to surprise her mother with a quick visit. Ruby told her that she needed her help to understand how Emily was feeling about being stripped of her magic. Ava gave Ruby some good advice that Ruby actually used to get Emily her magic back.

In the sixth book, Ava and Ruby's relationship didn't really change but they did spend way more time together then they had in previous books.

Ruby and Duggie 

I still want you in my life. You're the only father I have.” Ruby- Duggie

Ruby wasn't very fond of her adoptive father as he was much like her adoptive mother. However, it seemed as though Ruby didn't have as strong of a hatred as she had for her mother. Ruby didn't seem to mind her father being around it if it was just him and Duggie didn't treat Ruby as coldly as Kristine did. 

In the third book, Ruby received her instructions mostly through her adoptive father. Eventually, after Ruby had completed her assignment, Duggie told Ruby she was now free to live her life. This was the best thing Duggie had and would ever do for his daughter. Ruby couldn't even believe it at first. In the last chapter, when Duggie learned Ruby had given her magic to the council to get Emily's back, he was furious with Ruby. He gave her a piece of his mind yet refused to explain to her exactly why he was this upset.

Though they didn't see each other much during the sixth book, it was clear Ruby and her adoptive father were on better terms and got along quite well.

Ruby and Kristine 

"I'm not your doll, I'm your daughter" Ruby- Kristine 

Ruby did not have a good relationship with her adoptive mother and the reason was clearly because of how cold and distant Kristine liked keeping herself towards Ruby. Kristine offered ordered Ruby around and wasn't nice about it. She once told Ruby to stop wasting time hoping her birth mother would come to visit her. Ruby did snap at her mother once but took it back straight away seeing how her mother reacted. Ruby was never happy to know that her mother was at the Academy. 

In the third book, Ruby still hated her adoptive mother. In this book, it seemed as though Ruby didn't have to deal with her mother as much as she had in the previous book. Yet, Kristine was still being just as hard on Ruby and didn't seem to care that she completely stressing Ruby out.

In the sixth book, it was clear Ruby and Kristine had no interest in being in each other's lives.

Ruby and Aggie

I don't really know how to act in this situation.” Ruby- Aggie

In the sixth book Ruby didn't have much contact with her adoptive uncle, however, they got along well and there were hints of a relationship being built up between them.

Ruby and Gigi

“Well if you two do choose to have one... please take one of mine. In fact, you can have all four.” Ruby- Gigi about the kids.

Ruby and her younger half-sister Gigi seemed to have gotten off on the right foot. Gigi was the person in the family that Ruby seemed to talk with most aside from Emily. Gigi was very patient with Ruby and wanted to help her fit in with the family and it seemed as though that Gigi had actually taken a liking to her sister. In the third book, Ruby and Gigi were getting closer.

In the sixth book, Ruby and Gigi were still on very good terms though they did have an intense argument. In the fourth chapter, they had an argument that started with Ruby asking Gigi what would happen if Pete left again. Gig fired back with asking her what she would do if Cameron messed up and left her. Defending Cameron, Ruby told Gigi she couldn't compare Cameron to Pete, and Gigi pointed out that Cameron was responsible for Emily's teenage pregnancy. Ruby- in Cameron's defense- pointed out it hadn't been Cameron who had sleep with Emily and knocked her up as it was Ethan who had done both. Gigi pointed out the Cameron had compelled Ethan and Emily to sleep together which had resulted in the pregnancy, Ruby pointed out that Cameron had been compelled by the council to commit that crime.

Ruby and Diego 

“For once I'm not worried about leaving my daughter here, because she has you.” Diego- Ruby 

Ruby and Diego didn't click right away. In fact, throughout the second book, they didn't seem to be very fond of each other and didn't try building up a sibling relationship between them. Ruby does have trouble connecting and bonding with people so it could just be that it was going to be a working progress over time. 

In the third book, it was discovered that the reason Diego didn't want to bond with Ruby was that he was scared he'd like her more than he likes Gigi and as a result completely replace Gigi with Ruby.

In the sixth book, Ruby and Diego still didn't hang out but their relationship did seem to be improving.

Ruby and Maddie 

“What you did for my daughter, I don't know how to even start repaying you.” Maddie- Ruby 

It was indirectly mentioned to Andi by Emma that Maddie wasn't a big fan of Ruby because of how Ruby was treating Maddie's daughter Emily and Andi's son Ethan. However, when Emily introduced Maddie to Ruby after the family discovery had been made, Maddie had greeted her with a hug. It could be Maddie had forgiven her because of her values about family, but this was just typical Maddie behavior. Maddie never appeared to have a grudge against Ruby for the remainder of the second book.

In the sixth book, it seemed as though Ruby and Maddie were becoming a little closer. In the first chapter of the sixth book, Ruby had decided to attend the graduation party because of all the messages Maddie had been leaving her. Maddie greeted Ruby playfully when she had arrived and told her she had been wondering if Ruby was going to show up for the party.

Ruby and Andi 

I'm not asking you for parenting advice. I'm asking you what you do to keep Keria behaved,” Ruby- Andi

Ruby and Andi had gotten off on the wrong foot which had been mostly due to Ruby's personality. The two spent a majority of the second book hating each other. In fact, Andi had-at one time- been obsessed with trying to prove Ruby was up to something and it wasn't clear if Ruby had ever noticed. After Andi learned that Ruby was at the Academy to help with the mission, Andi seemed to have lost a good amount of the hatred. Ruby also seemed to have stopped being so mean to her as well. However, Andi still wasn't Ruby's biggest fan because of how she treated Emily and Ethan. They were nowhere close to being friends but by the end of the book were on much better terms. 

In the third book, Ruby and Andi were on much better terms and got along quite well. They still weren't friends by any means but neither of them hated the other anymore. Andi even hugged Ruby in chapter six to thank her for everything she had done to help the mission along.

In the sixth book, Ruby and Andi had bonded and were seemingly becoming friends.

Ruby and Jax

Seriously though, thanks for looking after them you really helped me out because I hate Cameron's parents and I hate my adoptive mother even more.” Ruby- Jax

In the sixth book, Ruby and Jax didn't have much of a relationship but got along and did talk once or twice.

Ruby and Cameron 

“You're not still mad at me for getting you expelled right?” Ruby- Cameron 

Cameron had a huge crush on Ruby in the second book, and Ruby became aware of this she agreed to date him so she could use him to get out of things she didn't want to do. Cameron didn't clue in that Ruby wasn't really interested him and just using him. Cameron's feelings for Ruby and inability to see she was using him to lead to him confessing to a crime he didn't commit which resulted in him being expelled from the Academy. Ruby wasn't upset to see him leave as she had set him up hoping he'd be expelled so she wouldn't have to deal with him anymore.

In the third book, Ruby had Cameron return to the Academy to break into Agamemnon's cabinet and lied to him about what she wanted the memory potion for. When Cameron returned to the Academy as a student, Ruby was always trying to avoid him. She comes to realize that she unintentionally developed actual romantic feelings for Cameron. Taking her mothers' advice, Ruby told Cameron and they agreed to date.

In the sixth book, Ruby and Cameron had a rocky relationship. They often had arguments but it was still clear that they were in love with each other.

Ruby and Melanie

In the sixth book, Ruby and her niece Melanie didn't have a relationship.

Ruby and Robert

In the sixth book, Ruby and her nephew Robert didn't have a relationship.

Ruby and Emily 

Welcome to the raising brats club.” Ruby- Emily

Ruby and Emily- for most of the second book- absolutely hated each other. Ruby was very mean towards Emily. When Ruby and Emily found out they were aunt and niece Emily was not happy about it all. She didn't want it to be true but later got it confirmed by her grandmother that it was indeed the truth. She told Ruby herself and suggested they start acting like family to which Ruby agreed. Emily introduced Ruby to Shawn hoping she'd take more a liking to him but Ruby and Shawn didn't click nor did they attempt to. During a few bonding session, they had been forcing themselves to connect. However, after Christmas break, they actually started bonding for real without even noticing. It wasn't long after when they had become very close as relatives and as friends. 

In the third book, Ruby and Emily couldn't have been any closer. In fact, in the last chapter, Ruby traded her own magic for Emily's after seeing how depressed and empty Emily had been feeling without her magic. Emily was overjoyed and thanked Ruby so many times.

In the sixth book, Ruby and Emily obviously no longer saw each other every day nor did Ruby help her with magic and schoolwork anymore, but they were still as close as they had been when they had been students at the Academy.

Ruby and Shawn 

I'm not one for the heart-heart talk but are you ok?” Ruby- Shawn

Emily introduced Ruby and Shawn in hopes that they'd take a liking to each other and therefore she wouldn't be stuck helping Ruby integrate into the family. The first meeting had been very awkward filled small unimportant small talk and it hadn't lasted more than five minutes. Throughout the second book, Ruby and Shawn didn't work at their relationship. Though Shawn did attend Ruby's surprise birthday party. 

Ruby and Ethan 

"I think we should give her a chance Emmie, we only just met her." Ethan- Emily about Ruby

Ruby didn't like Ethan at all it seemed even though she was his Academy guardian. Ethan- at first- tried giving her a chance but she made it clear she wasn't interested in having a good relationship with him so he stopped trying. She often ignored him and didn't bother to look after him much. In chapter three Ruby was confronted by Andi about her treatment towards both Emily and Ethan. She told Andi she didn't help them because they didn't need the help. She went on to say how smart Ethan was and how great he was doing just to get Andi to leave her alone. 

Ruby and Tommy

In the sixth book, Ruby and her nephew Tommy didn't have a relationship.

Ruby and Isabella

Ok! What the hell did you two break now!” Ruby- Isabella, and Anabella

In the sixth book, Ruby really did love her little girl but Isabella often stressed her out. Ruby- at first- appeared to spoil her children and let them do whatever they wanted, and when she started disciplining them they did not like it. In the third chapter, Ruby took Isabella to meet Hope.

Ruby and Anabella

That is it you little brats! Get your little asses out of the nursery and find something to do that won't break, kill, or destroy anyone or anything!” Ruby- Isy and Ana

In the sixth book, Ruby really did love her little girl but Isabella often stressed her out. Ruby- at first- appeared to spoil her children and let them do whatever they wanted, and when she started disciplining them they did not like it. In the third chapter, Ruby took Anabella to meet Hope.

Ruby and Kira

In the sixth book, it looked as though Ruby and Kira were going to have a magical relationship due to the fact they were the only two Superiors in existence and were still being evaluated and experimented with by the council- which Ruby is the second member of.

Ruby and Hope

In the sixth book, Ruby didn't have much of a relationship with her great-niece but that could have just been because Hope was only a baby and Ruby saw about once a week. In the third chapter, Ruby met Hope on the day she was born.

Ruby and Noah

Come on Noah, just stop moving.” Ruby- Noah

In the sixth book, Ruby and Noah had a strong mother-son relationship.

Ruby and Mason

Yes Mason, I know.” Ruby- Mason

In the sixth book, Ruby and Mason had a strong mother-son relationship.

Ruby and Shane

In the sixth book, Ruby and Shane didn't have much of a relationship.

Ruby's quotes

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"I am going to strangle whoever did this to me" Ruby- Emily.

"Fine! My powers kicked in, what can I say I'm a late bloomer I guess." Ruby- Emily

"Look, guys, I don't need someone making sure I don't fall apart or whatever, I can take care of myself." Ruby- Emily and Shawn.

"I'm not your doll, I'm your daughter" Ruby- Kristine

"Well it looks like I've found myself dinner" Ruby- Andi

"Look to them its just a rumor but I have a plan that will get rid of two annoying problems." Ruby- Andi.

"I said back not bag!" Frustrated Ruby to herself

"I can't, you make this monster go away!" Ruby- Emily

"Dad, why are you questioning me?" Ruby- Duggie.

Remember me

“Yeah, well, I finally have people worth looking at every day while I'm brushing my hair.” Ruby- Emily

“I'm sorry ok, I'm not perfect but I'm trying.” Ruby- Duggie and Kristine

“He used to make me scream, now he makes me smile, makes me laugh, makes me feel something... different.” Ruby- Ava

“Ok let me take that down and...wait what!” Ruby- Emily and Ethan

“Oh he's in a meeting right now and he's super booked all day. So could you come back lets say...never?” Ruby- Andi.

“You're not still mad at me for getting you expelled right?” Ruby- Cameron

“Cousins? Oh wow! He is so far from getting his memories back, I mean really.” Ruby- Andi


“Wait I'm sorry can you repeat that? Could have sworn you said I'm pregnant!” Ruby- Academy nurse

“This is bad! This is really bad!” Ruby-Cameron

“Emily, that would be amazing! Yes, of course, you can stay with me.” Ruby-Emily

“You seem to forget I have magic. I can change this room whenever I feel like it.” Ruby- Emily

“What can I say...I'm a complicated person.” Ruby- Emily

“I don't really know how to act in this situation.” Ruby- Aggie

The rescues and take-down

“I'm not one for the heart-heart talk but are you ok?” Ruby- Shawn

“I have no clue what I'm doing and I feel like I'm already failing at being a mother.” Ruby- Cameron

“Emily if you did something, I swear I am going to...I'm going to...allow the twins to do something to you!” Ruby- Emily

“I'm not asking you for parenting advice. I'm asking you what you do to keep Keria behaved?” Ruby- Andi

“Alright fine! I'm asking you for parenting advice.” Ruby- Andi.

“Wow, you two are really bad at this.” Ruby- Emily

“I'm sorry you did what?” Ruby- Cameron

“You are the biggest pain in my ass you know that?” Ruby- Emily

“After everything that has happened I may have grown to like you and It's possible I'll miss having you around.” Ruby- Ethan

“I never sleep anymore, my relationship with Cameron is somewhere between complicated and non existent, and I have family members missing! So excuse me if I don't feel like celebrating my damn birthday!” Ruby-Emily

“Stop dead in your tracks Cameron Brian Masters or I swear to god you will spend eternity as a steaming pile of shit!”

“Have you lost your mind! Were you seriously about to hand over our baby daughters to the flipping council!”

“No, that is it! You are banned from being anywhere near our daughters!” Ruby-Cameron

“What the hell, like seriously what the hell?” Ruby- Emily

“You know, I really didn't think you would do something this crazy but you keep on surprising me.” Ruby- Cameron

“I'm starting to think you have a death wish!” Ruby- Cameron

“Right now the best thing for us and our daughters is for you to stay away from us!” Ruby- Cameron

“Can I forgive you? Are you serious? You compelled my fourteen-year-old niece to sleep with Ethan and now she's pregnant, you're a psycho Cameron!” Ruby- Cameron

Secrets, crushes, struggles

“My dad took it well. Mom is still pissed about the first two.” Ruby- her biological family about her pregnancy

“Seriously though, thanks for looking after them you really helped me out because I hate Cameron's parents and I hate my adoptive mother even more.” Ruby- Jax

“No need really, doctors in the magic realm are pretty shit anyways.” Ruby- her family

“You're seriously going to leave me alone with the devil toddler twins for an entire week?” Ruby- Cameron

“Ok! What the hell did you two break now!” Ruby- Isabella, and Anabella

“That is it you little brats! Get your little asses out of the nursery and find something to do that won't break, kill, or destroy anyone or anything!” Ruby- Isy and Ana

“Oh so now you get that all the work is done.” Ruby- Cameron