Sami Faith Van-Pelt

Basic information

Age: 4 months

Birthdate: November eighth, 2022

Species: Witchling

LIfe status- Alive


Walter and Anita Alonso


Ursula Van-Pelt- maternal grandma

Alex Van-Pelt- maternal grandpa


Sophie Van-Pelt

Beau Lizzard


Sara Van-Pelt

Biological father unknown

Aunts and Uncles

Francisco Alonso- Maternal great-great-uncle

Maddie Van-Pelt- Maternal great-aunt


Melanie Rueda- first cousin once removed

Emily Rueda- first cousin once removed

Emma Novoa- First cousin twice removed

Hope Archer- Second cousin

Philip Archer- second cousin

Unborn second cousin

Jessie Novoa- Second cousin once removed


Mortal Realm, Miami

Introduction: Sami- who was born in the last chapter of the seventh book, hadn't ever really been an important character. She was mostly known for being the first witch to mate with a werewolf and give birth to the first Were-Witch to exist. 

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Throughout the book

Sami's only appearances were in the last chapter. Sami's first appearance was right after her birth On November eighth 2022, as she was asleep in her mother's arms and was held by her visiting family members. In her second appearance, she was a week old and crying as her mother unsuccessfully attempted to sooth her, she was then soothed by her cousin Emily. During her last appearance she was a week or two over a month old and was asleep in her mother's arms at her great-grandmother Ursula's Christmas Eve party.

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Being a difficult baby

Sami appeared to be a relatively difficult baby. When she had been four-months-old she was screaming and rolling over while her mother attempted to change her diaper. Sara got so frustrated with her that she snapped at her to “shut the hell up.” This, of course, solved nothing and Sami just continued to scream and fight off her mother. ​​​​​​​