Shawn Cannon Rueda

Age- 10

Born - April 13th, 2006

Species- full wizard

Life status- Alive


Ava Rueda- maternal grandmother

Drew Rueda- maternal grandfather

Diego Rueda- uncle

Gigi Rueda- mother

Pete Caster- father

Emily Rueda- cousin


Gracie Rice

Ethan Cruz

Emily Rueda

Shawn Rueda


Gigi- temp


Program- wizard in training

Year: one


Mortal Realm



Shawn was born in the last chapter of the first book and was a semi main- main character. Shawn ends up repeating his family curse of teen parenting after getting his girlfriend Rose pregnant in their early teens though proves that not all teenage fathers abandon their children.

His birth

Shawn was born in the last chapter of every witch pregnancy. He was born on April 13th 2006 at a hospital in Miami around half past one in the afternoon. He was the fourth of the babies to be born. He warmly greeted by his mother and maternal grandparents as well as his uncle and newborn cousin.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Duh, who else do I have to share random gossip with?" Shawn- Gigi

Being a wizard in training

In chapter one Shawn started his magic training and education at the Academy. He was given his guardian- Luke Archer- and his teammate- Gracie Rice.