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Shawn Cannon Ryland

Basic information

Birthdate: April thirteenth, 2006

Magical species: Full-Wizard

Life status: Alive

Relationship status: engaged

Nicknames and other names

Shawn Rueda- birth name

Young man- once by Gigi


Ava Rueda- paternal grandma

Drew Rueda- paternal grandpa

Unnamed paternal great-grandparents

Unnamed paternal grandparents


Gigi Rueda

Peter Caster

Amy Johnson+ stepmother- formerly

Aunts and Uncles

Ruby Fletcher- aunt

Diego Rueda- uncle

Madelyn Rueda- (by marriage)


Robert Ryland- older adopted brother

Tommy Ryland- younger half-brother

Pageant Ryland- younger half-sister


Melanie Rueda- first cousin by adoption

Emily Rueda- first cousin

Isabella Masters- first cousin

Anabella Masters- first cousin

Noah Masters- first cousin

Mason- first cousin

Gage Masters- first cousin

Gabriella Masters- first cousin

Hope Archer- first cousin once removed

Phillip Archer- first cousin once removed

Chance Archer first cousin once removed.


Shane Rueda


Jessica Novoa- accidental first kiss at age 7

Gracie Rice- kiss on her cheek at age 10

Rose Greener- fiancee


Ethan Archer

Jessica Novoa

Emily Rueda

Gracie Rice

Ben Sanders 


Iridium elementary school 2010- 2016

W.I.T.S Academy 2016- 2020

Iridium high school 2020- 2024

High school team

Swim team


Employee at the Seven

Mortal Realm


His birth

Shawn was born into the series in the last chapter of the first book. Shawn was born on the thirteenth of April in the year 2006 around half past one in the afternoon. He weighed eight pounds and was 20.6 inches tall.

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Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

"Duh, who else do I have to share random gossip with?" Shawn- Gigi