Sienna Dale

Age- 15

Born- 2005

Species- full witch

Relationship status- single

Life Status- Alive

Not missing


Unnamed parents

Elizabeth Dale- older sister

Claire Dale- older sister+

Mike Dale- younger brother

Hayley Dale- younger sister

Progam- Witch in training

Year- 4

Academy Guardian- Kim Sander


Magic Realm 

W.I.T.S academy- 2016- 2020


Sienna was a recurring character in the second part of the series- every witch student. Sienna did have her own storyline in these four books as she was a young girl ignored by her parents and bullied by her older sisters, always trying to prove herself to her family.

Every witch student: Welcome to the Academy

Sienna Dale first joined the series in the first chapter of the second book. In the second book she was eleven-twelve years old and the first year witch in training of Kim Sanders. She was a kind girl who felt like she was the black sheep of the family. She was often teased by her older sisters and her parents barely paid attention to her. She had to start her magic training and education a year late because she had developed her powers late.

Being a witch in training

Sienna started her magic training and education a year late in September 2016. On her first day, she was given her Academy guardian- Kim- and teammate- Harris. She also appeared earlier in the first chapter when she introduced herself to Jessie Emily and Gracie. She then appeared later on during the magic duel in the girl's dorm room.

In chapter five Sienna was having trouble with her homework and got help from her eldest sister which surprised her. Sienna was very pleased when she got a good mark on that assignment and ran to her sister to tell her. Her other sister Claire wasn't happy about it slamming a door in her face. Though Elizabeth had been quite proud of her and had even hugged her.

Every witch student: Remember me

I tried being like you, my personality didn't like it.” Sienna- Claire

Sienna was known for spending all of her time helping her younger brother Mike with his homework and training. When she was helping Mike, she was focusing on her own education and magic training. In the third book, Sienna was a second year witch in training.

Every witch teen: secrets, crushes, struggles  In the third chapter, Sienna went to visit Emily on the day she gave birth to Hope.