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Sophie Van-Pelt

Age- 14

Born- June 20th, 1991

Species- powerless witch

Status- single

Life status- Alive


Maternal grandfather- Walter Alonso

Maternal grandmother- Anita Alonso

Father- Alex Van-Pelt

Mother- Ursula Van-Pelt 

Maternal uncle- Francisco Alonso

Maternal aunt- Maria Alonso+

Big sister- Maddie Van-Pelt

First cousin- Emma Alonso 

Daughter- Sara Lauren

Niece- Emily Rueda

First cousin once removed- Jessie Novoa


Beau- X boyfriend


Katie Rice

Diego Rueda

Guardian of




Iridium high school (2005-2006)

W.I.T.S academy (2006- 2019)


. Mortal Realm

. Miami

Basic information Sara Lauren was born to a teenage mentally challenged powerless witch named Sophie Van-Pelt, and a teenage mute mortal named Beau. The day she was born she was given to her adoptive parents Mr. and Mrs. Lauren.

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Her birth

Sara was born in the last chapter of every witch pregnancy. She was born on April 13th 2006 at a hospital in Miami around noon. She was the second of the babies to be born. She greeted by her birth mother and birth maternal grandmother, and then was given to her adoptive parents who brought her home.

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