The bell had rung on Tuesday morning starting the first class of the day. The announcements came on shortly after the bell had sounded. "Morning students. Seeing as today is the second of May, we have a birthday to celebrate. Wish the eleventh grader- Rose Greener- a very happy seventh birthday." Some classmates cheered for her, Shawn planted a small kiss on her lips. Ava continued on with the announcements and then the teacher began teaching the class another boring topic.

When Shawn and Rose had gotten home from school they were alone. Gigi was with Maddie and had offered to take Shane. Tony had to run some errands and then he would meet up with Gigi. Robert and Tommy were also at Maddie's house hanging out with Melanie as usual. Shawn led his girlfriend up to his room and tossed aside the sweater he had been taking off on the way. "Ready for your birthday present," Shawn whispered in her ear. "How is this different than any other day," Rose replied teasingly as they did have sex every day before going to bed. "Since it's your birthday, we're going to do it twice today, right now," Shawn said pulling of the shirt she had just unbuttoned off her shoulders, "and then again tonight." "I like that idea." Rose giggled again and then turned around and wrapped her hands around his neck and leaning in her face letting their lips connected in a kiss. She pulled up his shirt removing it from his body and threw it to the side on the floor. He untied her bra letting it fall off onto the floor, Rose kicked it to the side. They stood there kissing for a few seconds and then removed the rest of their clothing. Shawn laid on the bed letting Rose climb on top of him. They did nothing but kiss for a moment and then Shawn rolled them over so he was now on-top of her. The process of making love continued on from there.

Ruby- who would be six months pregnant officially in a week- and Cameron were in the basement of their house with their children. In the basement is where they kept their cauldron- a typical household object found in the homes of witches wizards either full or powerless. The cauldron was boiling a gray potion that was going to tell them the gender of the twins on the way. Ruby hoped it was on of each since she already had a set of twin girls and a set of twin boys. Cameron wanted at least one if not both of them to be boys. Isabella didn't care as she didn't want the babies at all, and it was same with Noah. Anabella wanted two little sisters, Mason wanted two little brothers. Ruby pricked her finger with a safety pin and allowed one drop of her blood to drip down into the potion. She and Cameron each took two of their children into their arms so they could see the results as well. A second passed them and then half the potion turned pink and the other half turned blue. “What does that mean,” Mason asked. “That means you four are getting a baby sister and a baby brother,” Ruby informed. Anabella screamed happily making Isabella cover her ears with her hands. Mason- and Noah two even though he tried to hide it- smiled at the news. Ruby and Cameron placed down their kids and then shared a hug and loving kiss.

It was around six in the evening. Ethan sat on the couch with Emily's head rested on his lap as they watched a movie with their children who sat on the ground in front of them. Ethan was stroking Emily's soft rosy cheek making her feel completely loved. "We haven't talked names yet," Ethan said. "Huh, you're right," Emily replied. "Did you have a name in mind?" "Actually, I really like your middle name so I was thinking you could pass it down to our son as his first name," Emily suggested. Ethan thought about it for a moment. "I didn't know you were so fond of my middle name, but of course I will be honored to have it passed down." "Hope's middle name is Mandie which is a combination of my mother's name and your mother's name. Phillip's middle name is Duke which is a combination of our fathers' names. So, I was thinking we stick with that tradition we created and combine the names of our sisters for this baby's middle name," Emily shared her thoughts. "Kira would love that so much. So, what do Melanie and Kira combine into?" "Well I've been playing around with them, I don't want something too girly as this is a boy, but combining two girl names you have to accept something a little girly. I thought Melkira was ok." "How would you pronounce it?" "Mel-Kai-ra." "But my sister's name is pronounced Keer-ra," Ethan pointed out. "Yeah but Mel-Kai-ra seemed easier to get used to then Mel-Keer-ra." Ethan thought it over. "Yeah, you're right when I play the two in my head." "So those are the names then?" "Yep. Our second son's name is Chance Melkira Archer." "You know what, let's just say it can be pronounced both ways, people can use whichever pronunciation they want," Emily suggested. "Deal, I don't think Kira will be able to get that her part of it isn't pronounced the same way her name is." Emily nodded in agreement.

The next day during lunch at the high school, Melanie and Robert were sitting together at a table enjoying their cafeteria food. "I want you to bring our feelings back," Robert stated so randomly that it caught Melanie completely off guard. Melanie looked around, her grandmother wasn't in the cafeteria and her sister and sister's friends were all on the other side. "I can't do that and you know it, why do you even want me too?" "I can't feel anything for anyone and I've tried, Mel." "You know we can't be together, I was adopted by Diego Rueda, you were adopted by his twin sister, that makes us cousins," Melanie reminded him. "Cousins who share no blood nor any blood relatives, we're also eighteen now which makes us legal adults," Robert pointed out. "We still live with our parents though, we already know they don't want us being in a relationship." "A sexual relationship, we never did talk to them about just dating each other. Also, we'll be done with school next month and then we can move out." "They won't be able to stop us but it could still ruin our relationships with the family," Melanie stated still unconvinced even though she hadn't been able to feel anything romantic or even sexual towards anyone since using her magic to erase the romantic feelings between her and Robert. "What if we didn't tell them? What if, we move out of town to open up our business as there is no place in Miami anyway. When we're not around our family we can be a couple, then when we are around them we act like just the average typical cousin's everyone wants us to be." Melanie had to think about it. "Ok. But if we get caught, I will choose my family over you." "Deal." "And, I'll only bring our feelings for each other back after we graduate and move out." "Deal."

Jessie opened her front door and called for her parents. No answer. Good. She opened the door all the way and walked in followed by a guy from school named Jarred. She didn't say a word to him and instead took his hand and lead him up to her room. She closed her door. "I've never hung out with a rich girl before, do your parents leave you home alone a-lot?" "Yeah, all the time. "Mom's job takes her away from home a ton, dad runs a daycare and pre-school here during school hours but he and my mom's cousin brought them on a trip today," Jessie informed. "Oh, are they going to come back here?" "No, they're going to drop the kids off at their houses and then hang out at her house with her husband." "So, what did you want to do," the guy asked. "I had an idea." Jessie grinned as approached him. She wrapped her hands around his neck and bluntly started making out with him. He was definitely surprised but didn't stop her. She pulled her lips away and startled him even more by taking her shirt off. "Have you done this before," He asked nervously. "Yeah actually, once, a couple of years ago with someone I've known since I was a child." "Someone who goes to school with us?" "Doesn't matter, just shut up and don't overthink anything." He nodded as Jessie started pulling up his shirt. He took over and tossed it to the side. Jessie started kissing him again so he wouldn't notice her using her magic to lock her bedroom door. He was mortal and didn't know about magic. He kind of just stood there nervous letting her undress them both. Though he did take care of getting her bra and underwear off of her body. Jessie laid down on her bed and he knew enough about having sex to know the basics.

Isabella and her brothers along with their sister were playing dress up in their mother and father's clothing in their parent's bedroom. Ruby and Cameron were downstairs watching a movie thinking their kids were playing with their toys in their room. The two four-year-olds and the two two-year-olds started jumping on the bed wearing the oversized clothing. The long pantlegs caused Mason to trip and he fell off of the bed landing into an unsteady TV tray that was holding a lamp. The lamp fell off and smashed into several pieces. The other three kids got off the bed and looked at it scared shitless of their parents. "No worries, I can fix it," Isabella stated after studying the lamp. She waved her hand around the pieces and her magic did the rest. Now back in one piece, the lamp was placed back on the tv standby, Anabella. "You're not going to tell mommy and daddy are you," Mason asked his siblings. "No, your secret is safe with us," Isabella stated. She looked at Anabella and Noah who both nodded in agreement. "Thanks, guys, mommy and daddy would be mad at me." Noah went around giving his two sisters and brother a hug each.

Jessie and Jarred had made love for an entire half of an hour. Now they were quickly getting themselves dressed. "So do you like me or something," Jarred asked. He realized this was something he should have asked before sleeping with her. "Not really, I'm just looking to have some grown-up fun," Jessie replied. "Tired of being mom and dad's little girl? I get it, I'm still the little boy of my parents." "Yeah sure let's go with that." Really, Jessie really wanted to experience being sexually active after having heard all of her friends talk about sex the greatness of it for years. "So, how often do you want to do this?" Jessie turned to face him, they were both fully clothed now. "How about every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at four. Pre-school will be over by then, my dad will be out with the guys and my mom will be working." "That's good with me." "Of course the exception is my cheerleading, I'm filling in for my second cousin, Emily." "Oh right, the pregnant blonde from eleventh grade." "Right, let's just make it a rule to not talk about my friends, I'm really protective of them." "Ok deal." Jessie nodded and led him out of her room to sneak him out.

Sophie and Beau were in Sophie's apartment to talk. "It wasn't awful," Beau said in an attempt to ease the situation. "No it was enjoyable, too much so, that's the problem." "Would it be so terrible if we went on a date," Beau asked. "I just don't want Sara to get her hopes up that we'll get back together," Sophie explained. "She doesn't even need to know if we go on a date." Sophie didn't respond. "There's something else, tell me." "I don't think I'm attracted to you romantically, I think I'm just attracted to you sexually," Sophie admitted. "Oh." "I'm sorry. You're such a great guy and I shouldn't have led you on." "Sophie, we were both wasted, we both said things that weren't true." "So, you're not in love with me?" "I'm not in love with you. I'm in love with the idea of us being a couple and getting Sara through the rest of her teen years together." Beau paused and then continued with, "I had a baby with you when we were fourteen and I think that's what's causing this want for us to be a couple." "Maybe so. I do know that I just want to do it right now and if Sara wasn't home with the baby..." Sophie stopped herself from finishing that thought. "You know, I wouldn't be totally opposed to having a sexual relationship with you," Beau admitted. "Really?" "Well, as long as Sara doesn't find out." "Hey, I'll take it," Sophie stated a little too enthusiastically. "Alright, we'll settle this later when our daughter isn't home."

It had become silent and then Sara came barging into the living room holding her almost six-month-old. "She did it, she did it!" "What, what did she do," Sophie asked. "Sami, she crawled!" "Well come on let us see," Beau stated. Sara placed her daughter on the ground and then got down on her knees in front of her. "Sami come to mommy." Sami giggled and then crawled to her mother. "That's my little girl," Sara stated all proud of her baby as she took her into her arms and hugged her gently. Sara looked up at her parents who were smiling.

Thursday right after lunch at the elementary school. Tommy stood in the storage closet in the school's gym with Robert and Melanie. Tommy knew he was in big trouble this time, the other two had no words. There was blue gunk dripping from the ceiling and it was all over the place covering every object. "Ok, I have to ask. What is this," Melanie asked. "Bubblegum machine had a little malfunction," Tommy replied. "By that you mean..." Robert asked. "It exploded." Melanie looked around again. "I could try to clean this up with my magic but I'm not sure it's powerful enough to fix this," Melanie stated. "Can't we get Kira's help?" "She'd tell, so would Ruby, I could ask Jessie but she'd tell all of her friends and then my sister would tell Hope who would tell everyone else." "Just do what you can," Tommy stated sounding discouraged now. "Tommy was dumb, clean up all this gum," Melanie chanted having her index finger in a circular motion which was the most common way of channeling her powers. Some of the mess was cleaned up but some it remained very permanent. "What am I going to do," Tommy asked all worried and panicked now. "They don't know it was you who did this," Robert pointed out. "Yet, I'm sure there's a way they'll be able to figure it out. You two have to help me cover this up until my graduation next month or I'll be expelled and forced to repeat the eighth grade in a different school." "That I can do, no problem. I'll just cast a little spell that will make this mess invisible to mortals. Just hope that none of the teachers and staff here have magical blood," Melanie stated. "I can't think of anyone here who has magical blood," Tommy said. "Good." Melanie used her magic to cast the spell.

Emma was called by Ava who said she was required to attend a parent-teacher conference at the school. Emma arrived and entered Ava's office closing the door behind her. "Where's Jessie, she's usually called in for these meetings," Emma said as she sat down across from Ava at her desk. "I lied to you in case your father in law was over," Ava informed. "Well, that doesn't sound good." "Have you given Jake chosen one permission to arrange for Liana's release from limbo five and a half years early?" "No, I did not, in fact, I told Jake that Liana has to serve her full sentence," Emma replied. "Well, he's attempting to get Ruby and I to sign her release papers," Ava informed. "Ava, Liana can't be released even a second too early if there's any hope of her coming back into the light," Emma stated. "Yes I know and I agree with you. I thought you would want to know what your father-in-law has been doing behind your back." "I appreciate you letting me know." "I've already told my daughter to not sign the papers and I won't be signing them either. I'll also keep a close eye on him to ensure he doesn't attempt to release her illegally." "Thank you, Ava. Call me if there's anything," Emma said rising from her chair. "Of course." They shook hands and then Emma left the office to head back to work. Diego was waiting for her out in the parking lot.

Friday evening. Emma and Jax were having supper with Jessie and Francisco. Francisco came over for supper on Fridays, and Jake on Saturdays. "So Jessie, what did you do today after school," Francisco asked his granddaughter. Jessie dropped her fork. "Why do you ask?" "I was just wondering." Jessie nodded and picked up her fork. "Jessie, is there something you're hiding from us," Emma asked. "No. I was hanging out with Hex after school," Jessie replied. "Right Hex?" Jessie looked at the magic book who flashed his pages yellow to say, "yes." He was covering for her but he didn't know what he was covering up. As it was Friday, Jessie had been having sex with Jarred after school while her parents had been out- Diego hanging with the guys longer this time as it was Luke's thirty-third birthday, and Emma meeting with the council. Emma only half believed her daughter as did Jax but she dropped the conversation and decided to take her word for it.

Gigi and Tony were seated at their table having supper with their three sons and Rose along with baby Shane. "Robert, Tommy, I wanted to apologize to you," Gigi stated. "Tommy, I shouldn't have called you out at the table about sleeping with Jamie, and Robert I shouldn't have called you out at the airport about sleeping with Melanie. I'm sorry." Robert and Tommy exchanged a look and then Tommy said, "it's ok mom, we forgive you." "Thanks. I also think we need to establish some rules. I won't call you out anymore, and Tommy you need to stop blurting out the first thing that pops into your head." "That's fair, I'm sorry for reading your journal Rose, and I'm sorry to you and Shawn for making comments about you being teen parents," Tommy apologized. "We forgive you, Tommy," Rose and Shawn said together. "Gigi, perhaps there's something else you should say," Tony stated looking at his wife. "Right. I realized that you were right Tommy, I do give Shawn more privileges then you and Robert. That's going to change. Robert I don't want you sleeping with Melanie but you're allowed to have sex now that you're eighteen, Tommy when you reach sixteen you can as well as long as the girl uses the same method of birth control as Rose, I'm sure she'll explain it to you." Rose nodded. "Alright then settled." "I don't want to have sex though, not until I'm in a serious relationship at least," Tommy stated. Gigi and Tony both nodded to him.

Andi and Luke were having supper with not only both of their children but also with Emily and the grandchildren. Since it was Friday Ethan was over to have supper with his parents and siblings and brought along one of his children. However, since it also happened to be Luke's birthday, Emily decided to come along with her other child instead of joining her parents and sister as she did with one of her children every Friday. "Thanks for coming too, Emily, it's nice to have the whole family here," Luke stated. "No problem, You guys are almost my in-laws after all," Emily replied with a smile. She then added, "plus, I've known you, Andi, my whole life, and Luke I was there when regained your zombie life memories and were reunited with your family, and Kira, I was there the day you were born." "I know, photographic memory, remember," Kira replied. Emily nodded. "When I was born you told me that I was lucky to have my family, you told me I have a mother who never gives up on my family, a father who is nothing but good a kind, and brother I can always talk to, and because of them I will make it in this world," Kira recalled Emily's words exactly. "You know, it's kind of creepy when a child can remember everything," Ethan stated. "Even more so when they grow up and can not only still remember everything but fully understand it too," Andi added. She could already see the moment when Kira would realize that the "grown-up stuff," she had witnessed as a toddler was "sex," and then blurt it out at the worst time possible.

Katie and Gracie were in their apartment having a silent supper until Katie decided to speak. "I'm sorry Gracie. I told you that I trusted you and then I snapped at you on the worst possible day." Gracie put down her spoon and looked at her mother. She could tell that her mom was truly sorry. "I'm sorry too about what I said," Gracie apologized. "I forgive you." "Why did you yell at me like that mom?" "When you told me you were still my little girl, all I could see was my daughter in bed with a guy and it just made me realize that you grew up. I wasn't ready to have that reality hit me yet." Gracie didn't know what to say. "I knew that you wouldn't be my little Gracie forever, I was just not expecting you to grow up so quickly. But you were right Gracie, you're seventeen now and have proven yourself to be mature enough to make your own decisions and run your life." "If you're worried that I'll stop needing you don't be. No matter how old I get I'll still need you. Maybe not to solve my problems or remind me to brush my teeth before bed, but to love me and take my side and just be there supporting me." "Well that, I could never stop doing," Katie replied. They then exchanged a smile.

"We never really talk anymore," Kim stated to her son as they had supper together. "I miss that," Ben replied. "Yeah? So do I." "Hows everything going at the vet," Ben asked. "Good, I save a kitten's life yesterday." "Cool, what was wrong with it?" "He was found on the side of the road, had been hit by some sort of vehicle pretty bad." "well, I'm glad you were able to save his life." "Me too. So how has school been going?" "Well Jessie's been helping me with math, turns out she inherited her grandfather and mother's math abilities although she would never admit it. English is going great. I'm doing so well in Science but Emily's been helping me with that, and then I've got gym. For some reason, our teacher divides the girls and guys. Shawn, Ethan and I are put on a separate side of the gym with the other guys that Jessie, Emily and Grace, and Sara along with the other girls." "That's kind of stupid. I mean, I get that guy are rougher but seriously? I wonder if Ava knows about this?" "I don't know, I didn't ask."

Sara was at her father's kitchen table feeding her daughter while enjoying her meal with her father. She would give Sami a spoon full of baby food and then take a bite of her meal. "Sami's been in a much better mood this month, how old is she again," Beau asked. "Almost six months, not counting today- since the day's over- she'll be six months in two days." Beau nodded and it fell silent. Beau knew that Sara didn't know that he was sleeping with her mother and that made him feel a little more awkward having Sara around.

The next day right after lunch, Emily and Ethan decided to go baby shopping for clothes which was all they needed now. Andi and Luke had agreed to babysit Phillip as they wanted some quality time with their grandson. Emily had asked her parents to look after Hope but Maddie was going out with Gigi and Diego had to meet up with Emma. Emily was then surprised when her sister offered to look after Hope. Thinking this would be amusing, Emily agreed to let Melanie babysit the two-year-old for the entire afternoon.

Melanie looked at her niece after Emily had dropped her off and left. "Ok so what do you want to do little one," Melanie asked. "Can we go to the moon?" "No." "What kind of babysitter doesn't take the kid to the moon?" "The kind of babysitter who doesn't want her ass kicked by the kid's mother." Hope let out a laugh. "You're funny auntie Melanie." "Really? You think I'm funny?" "Yes, I do." "Ok, what do you call an animal like likes to punch you?" "I don't know." "a boxing Kangaroo." Hope laughed again. "Can we have a firework show," Hope asked. "Not this early in the day and I wouldn't know where to go to see one." "Let me show you." Hope took her aunt's hand and lead her into the living room. She laid on the ground and used her powers to create some fireworks in the air. "Oh that's right, you don't have any witch powers yet but you do have your kanay powers," Melanie recalled. Melanie laid down on the floor next to her little niece, which wasn't something you'd think Melanie would do. Hope created some more fireworks that spelled out her aunt's name. "How do you even know how to spell it you can't write yet." "It's the magic, the magic knows how." "Oh, ok." Hope then made some more fireworks that spelled out her own name.

Around three, Emily and Ethan were done shopping but wanted to move all of the baby furniture into Phillip's room before picking up their kids. At the moment the furniture for the new baby was in the garage. Emily and Ethan entered Phillip's room and started by using telekinesis to moved around Phillip's crib from directly under the window to the left side of the window. Emily used her magic to teleport the new baby's crib in on the right side of the window. Ethan teleported in the new dresser next to Phillip's dresser, and the second changing table next to Phillip's changing table. Everything else remained the same. Emily and Ethan finished up by putting the new baby clothes away. Then, in Hope's room, finally removed the crib and put in the toddler bed. They had been meaning to switch her from the crib for nine months but hadn't gotten around to it. Now that Hope would be three in another three months, it was time to get this switch done.

Emily arrived at her parent's house to pick up Hope at almost four. "How did it go today," Emily asked excepting her sister to be exhausted and ramble on about how horrible having toddler was. "We had so much fun, Hope is so funny and so smart. Anytime you need a babysitter just ask." Emily was so surprised she almost didn't believe her sister was telling the truth. Then, Hope went into detail about how much she and Melanie had had that afternoon. "Wow Melanie, I was wrong about you. I'm sorry. anyways, thanks for babysitting today." "Yeah well, anytime." Melanie got down on her knees and hugged her niece, and the gave her sister a hug. After Emily and Hope were away from the house Emily asked, "Ok so how did it really go?" "Like I said mom, it was so much fun. She told me jokes, we watched fireworks, we made pretty pictures and played with Lego, she let me try out her new bubble machine that wouldn't stop blowing bubbles." Emily was downright shocked, as was Ethan when she later told him.

Gigi had sent all of the teenagers and the baby out to pick up a pizza. The reason was, she and Tony had something they needed to do that they didn't want their children or Rose to know about. Gigi called Tony into the bathroom after flushing the toilet and placing the just taken pregnancy test on the counter. Tony came in and they stood there waiting. Gigi was two weeks late getting her period, she had also thrown up the before, and she couldn't shake off the feeling that she was pregnant. They had still been planning to wait until the following year to start trying but that plan went down the toilet when the pregnancy test had another plan in mind. "You're pregnant, ok then. A little sooner than we wanted but this is what we wanted so ok," Tony stated a little surprised. Gigi couldn't fight the smile off of her face. "Should we tell the boys and Rose," she asked. "Well, it is a good idea to wait until you're out of the first trimester in case of a miscarriage. I say for telling the ones who live with us, we wait a month, and for the others, we wait a little longer." "Ok." Tony looked into the mirror above the sink where they were standing and smiled seeing her smile. "You are happy about this right? This is what we wanted," Gigi asked. "Of course I'm happy, just let the shock settle." Gigi chuckled and then turned to kiss her husband. Finally, she was getting a kid she knew right away she wanted to keep and didn't have to be afraid of what keeping the baby would bring. This time she was an adult, she was married, she knew her husband wanted the baby, and she wasn't adopting it from her ex because of a blood relation with her biological son.