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Thomas Ryland

Basic information

Age: 14

Birthdate: March tenth, 2009

Original species: Mortal

Magical species: Powerless-Wizard

LIfe status: Alive

Relationship status: single

Nicknames and other names

Thomas Caster- birth name

Thomas Miller- adoptive name formerly

Thomas Rueda- adoptive name formerly

Tommy- by everyone


Amy Johnson+ (real mother)

Pete Caster (real father) 

Daniel Miller (adoptive father- formerly)

Gigi Rueda (adoptive mother) 


Robert Rueda (Half-brother, shares mother.)

Shawn Rueda (Half-brother, shares father.)

Nieces and Nephews

Shane Rueda


Tammy- Ex girlfriend

Jamie- Ex girlfriend


Melanie Rueda

Robert Rueda


Unknown other schools

Iridium elementary school: Feb 2017-  


Mortal Realm


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Every witch student- Welcome to the Academy


Tommy seemed kind and was very smart. He loved making crazy inventions with his friend Melanie and older brother Robert.

Tommy was first introduced in the series later in the second book. He was a foster brother of Melanie who was about to move in with his new adopted family alongside his older brother Robert. Not only was he Melanie's foster brother, but he was also her friend though younger than her. Tommy only appeared in the one chapter in the second book, and he was 7-8 years old.

Every witch student: Remember me

Returning to the series in the third book, Tommy was eight years old and only appeared once. His only appearance was in the third chapter. He was with his brother, Emily, and Melanie, in the basement of his house working on the blueprints for a laundry sorter, his latest invention. He disagreed with his brother that this was their best invention yet since he believed that title belonged to their homework destroyer.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

I could really use a bedroom cleaner. Gigi is really strict about keeping our rooms clean.” Tommy- Melanie


Tommy was a high spirited kid who just went with the flow. Though at home he didn't appear to have any issues coping with everything that was going on, at school he was a totally different kid. It was mentioned he was aggressive with the other children and possessed other behavioral issues.

Throughout the book

In the sixth chapter, Tommy moved in with his biological father. Though at home it seemed like Tommy was coping well his father leaving, Gigi learned from his teacher that at school he was aggressive with other children and had other behavioral issues. In the tenth chapter, Tommy was adopted by Gigi, and in the eleventh chapter, he had his twelfth birthday.

Every witch teen: Decisions

I couldn't let you leave without saying goodbye,” Tommy- Tammy

Throughout the book

In the first chapter, Tommy was helpful when Tony came home from the hospital. In the third chapter, Tommy was the first to give Tony permission to ask Gigi to marry him. He was also present when Tony and Gigi got engaged.

In the second chapter, Tommy moved in with Shawn but only shared a room with him for a short time. He was soon put in with Robert and he wasn't given the real reason. He was told that he was roommates with Robert now instead of Shawn so Shawn could take Shane during some nights to give Rose a break. He didn't find out for years that his oldest brother and oldest first cousin (by adoption) were in a romantic and sexual relationship. Tommy and Robert's age difference did seem to be the cause of a fight they had. Tommy wanted to sleep at eight P.M. but Robert was keeping him up because he needed the light on to read. Tommy had a bedtime but Robert didn't.

In the third chapter, Tommy asked out a girl from class named Tammy to the Valentine's day dance taking place at their elementary school. Not only did she say yes, but she also wanted to spend time with him on the day he asked her, to which Tommy agreed. During the dance, Tommy became unable to see or hear anything but Tammy and kissed her. This had been his very first kiss and he had gotten a feeling he had never experienced before. In the fifth chapter, he was upset to find out Tammy would be moving away that summer to another country.

In the ninth chapter, Tommy was feeling left out and wished he attended high school with his brother and cousin. He also got hurt by Tammy when she told him to leave her alone for the rest of the school year to make the upcoming move easier on her.

In the tenth chapter, Tommy enlisted Emily's help to buy Tammy a goodbye present. Also in the tenth chapter, Tommy was still feeling left out and this time told his brother. Robert promised him that he and Melanie would spending much more time with him over the summer. It was clear one of the reasons Tommy felt left out was because of the fun Melanie and Robert had at school since Tommy was in late elementary school and the other two were late high school.

Every witch Teen: Family

Oh, so it's just a sex life you're after.” Tommy- Sophie

Tommy's love life

In the first chapter, Tommy developed a crush on a new girl in his class named Jamie. He got some advice from his brother Shawn about how to build up a relationship with her after he was caught staring at her in his family's all ages club.

In the second chapter, Tommy began dating Jamie and not long after, Tommy slept with Jamie despite not wanting to because he was worried she'd break up with him. In the third chapter, Tommy ended up breaking up with Jamie on his birthday because she couldn't respect his want to wait until after high school to have a sexual relationship.

Tommy's impulsive comments

In the ninth book, Tommy got into the habit of saying uncalled for comments to people without thinking of whether or not it was appropriate to say it. This started in the third chapter when Tommy was hanging out with Melanie, Robert, and Sara. Sara said she wasn't good at being social. Tommy snorted and replied with, “I beg to differ Miss. clothless bar dancer, example on is downstairs.” He was referring to when Sara had been caught by Emily dancing on tables for older guys in a bar wearing just a crop-top and mini skirt, and was also referring to Sara's baby that was downstairs with Maddie. It is unknown how Tommy found out about Sara's bar dancing though it was most likely Melanie who told him after most likely hearing it from her sister Emily.

Later on in the third chapter, Tommy was having his evening meal with his adoptive parents, brothers, Rose, and nephew. Rose stormed out with Shann after he threw a fit and Shawn seemed quite irritated by his son. Tommy said to him, “Well, if you had kept your clothes on you wouldn't have to deal with this.” He was then called out by his mother for having not kept his clothes on- referring to when he had slept with Jamie- and this embarrassed him. Though Gigi apologized, Tommy was hurt and went to his room.

Tommy's personal life

In the fourth chapter, Tommy participated in the wedding of his adoptive parents and after took Tony's last name. ​​​​​​​