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Tony Ryland

Born- 1990

Age- 18-19


. Unkown parents


. Gigi Rueda- girlfriend


. Diego Rueda

. Daniel Miller

. Jax Novoa

. Pete Caster

. Andi Cruz


. Iridium high school- 2004-2008

Species- mortal

"That's who you are and I accept it" Tony to Gigi

Tony as a step father figure

When Tony started dating Gigi he became a father figure to Gigi's toddler son Shawn. Tony has a good relationship with Shawn. In June 2008 Tony was schocked and unsure what to do when Shawn called him daddy. After talking about it to Gigi he agreed Shawn shouldn't know him as dad until he and Gigi were married. So  from then on he always corrected Shawn if he called him dad. In June 2009 Tony babysat Shawn on his own for the first time while Gigi was at work. He was nervous at first but ended up having a great day with the toddler. He even managed to get Shawn the kitty pool, Shawn hated water.

In terms of magic

Tony is a mortal that comes from a mortal family which means he didn't know about magic. In June 2008 he learned about magic when Gigi told him she was a powerless witch. He was schocked as expected but told Gigi he accepted her for who she was. Not long after he got to see Ava and Emma use magic.