Tony Ryland

Born- 1990

Age- 31


. Unknown parents


. Gigi Rueda- girlfriend


. Diego Rueda

. Daniel Miller

. Jax Novoa

. Pete Caster

. Andi Cruz


. Iridium high school- 2004-2008

Species- mortal


Tony was Gigi's best friend in high school. Shortly before Christmas break in 2005, Tony was unexpectedly kissed by Gigi and realized he had feelings for her. He told Gigi a month later but decided to wait to date her because she was pregnant with another guy's child. In 2016, it was revealed he had been dating Gigi until he was hit by a car in 2012 trying to save her young son Shawn. He went into a coma and it didn't seem like he was going to wake up from it. 

In terms of magic

Tony is a mortal that comes from a mortal family which means he didn't know about magic. In June 2008 he learned about magic when Gigi told him she was a powerless witch. He was schocked as expected but told Gigi he accepted her for who she was. Not long after he got to see Ava and Emma use magic.

Every witch teen: Secrets, Crushes, Struggles

I bet Shawn turned out handsome.” Tony- Gigi about her son

Waking up from a nine year coma

In the last chapter, Tony was woken up from his magic by Kira's Superior magic. He was informed of how long he had been asleep and was greeted by Gigi. Gigi told him how she now had three sons and a teenage girl as well as a baby living with her. Yet, Tony didn't care because he still wanted to be with her.