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Ursula Van-Pelt

Basic information

Birthdate: January 1966

Gender: female

Species: Powerless-Witch 

Relationship status- divorced

Life status- Alive

Nicknames and other names

Ursula Alonso- maiden name


Anita Alonso

Walter Alonso


Francisco Alonso

Maria Alonso+ (Sister-in-law)

Nieces and Nephews

Emma Novoa- niece

Jessica Nova- great niece 


Madelyn Rueda

Sophie Van-Pelt

Diego Rueda (Son-in-law)


Melanie Rueda (adopted granddaughter)

Emily Rueda

Sara Van-Pelt


Hope Archer 

Phillip Archer

Sami Van-Pelt

Chance Archer


Alex Van-Pelt (Ex-husband.)


Fashion designer 


Mortal realm, Miami, Florida

Background information

Not much information on Ursula's background history is known. Since Ursula was a Powerless-Witch, she was allowed to marry a mortal named Alex Van-Pelt as long as she kept magic a secret from him. With Alex, she had her two daughters named Maddie and Sophie.

Ursula didn't expect their daughters to have magic, however, Maddie came into her magic during a tantrum when she had been four. Alex freaked out after witnessing the complete Witch meltdown from his daughter. Ursula panicked and came clean about the magical world she belonged to. Alex was afraid of magic after seeing what his daughter had done and abandoned the family. Ursula believed it was her fault her daughters had lost their father and dealt with it by spoiling the crap out of them. 

Every witch pregnancy

"Damn right I called our parents to straighten out your ass!" Ursula- Francisco.


In general, Ursula was a caring family-oriented person with good intentions. She did tend to come off as bossy with her younger brother and showed her stubbornness as well. She was also a pushover as her daughters pretty much ruled her. She could also lose her temper though would never hurt anyone.

Personal life

Ursula's personal life wasn't very much shown. Her birthrate nor her age were known. We do know she is an adult woman and it was mentioned that her occupation was a fashion designer, though her work life was never actually included. We also know that she has been divorced for about eleven-twelve years. In the last chapter, she attended Maddie and Emma's birthday party.

Ursula's family life

Ursula didn't seem to have much of a relationship with her parents: Walter and Anita Alonso. Her relationship with her younger brother Francisco was strained as she was often on his case about how he was handling his daughter's teen pregnancy. Ursula did not have a good or even stable relationship with her daughter, Maddie, though seemed to be on good terms with her daughter Sophie. She also appeared to have a good relationship with her niece Emma, though it was mentioned that hadn't visited each other much in the past couple of years.

In the first chapter, it was shown that Ursula accepted disrespect from her daughter Maddie. In the second chapter, Ursula decided to not make her daughter's breakfast believing that if they were old enough to become mothers, they were old enough to feed themselves. Maddie replied by using her magic to conjure up a good meal for her and her sister which had annoyed Ursula. In the fifth chapter, Ursula was caught off guard when Maddie paid her a compliment. Ursula re-paid the compliment and at first, Maddie said, “I know,” but she quickly changed her response to “thank you.”

Whenever Sophie was upset or hurting, it was usually Maddie who comforted her and dealt with it, however, sometimes Ursula proved to us again how much she did care about Sophie. In the fifth chapter, Ursula called the rude couple looking to adopt whom Sophie had interviewed. She gave them a piece of her mind for how they had treated her daughter.

It was mentioned that Maddie had been telling her mother for years to get Sophie help for her mental issues, but Ursula had refused to believe there was anything wrong with her daughter and therefore Sophie continued to suffer. In the eighth chapter, Ursula came home from her brother's house just in time to save both of her daughters from a large amount of smoke in the kitchen that been caused by an oven fire. She got them both out and called the fire department. She then learned Sophie had started the fire thinking she was camping with her father in the woods because she had been once again living in the world in her mind that was referred to as Sophie's world. This made Ursula come to the realization that something was wrong with Sophie and she finally decided to get her help. She wasn't mentioned to get her help but we know she did because she told Maddie she would and Sophie mentioned to Maddie that her counselor had advised her to get of town for a while.

In the first chapter, Ursula called her brother who told her it was funny that she'd called since he had been about to call her to invite her and the girls over for supper. Ursula told her brother the news that Maddie and Sophie were both pregnant and went on to say the girls were happy about it and had lost their minds. Francisco jokingly suggested it might be best to reschedule that supper. He told Ursula to give the girls a good scolding for him. Ursula ensured that her daughters had plenty of scoldings coming their way.

Ursula was always on Francisco's case about how he was treating his daughter Emma. In the second chapter, Ursula wasn't happy to find out how her brother had been treating his daughter. Ursula had been told by Emma how Francisco had been dealing with her pregnancy while giving Emma a ride home from school. Ursula scolded her brother and didn't take any of his excuses. Francisco didn't care what his sister had to say so it seemed. Later in the chapter, Ursula went as far as having their parents come give him a good scolding. In the fifth chapter, Ursula pointed out to Francisco that Emma had already lost her mother and warned him to not let her lose her father too. In the last chapter, Ursula told Fransisco that he'd regret not meeting his granddaughter at the hospital when she was born. This was the first time Francisco had listened to his sister in this book as he did go to the hospital and even held his granddaughter.

Ursula and Francisco did have times where they just got along and hung out. In the eighth chapter, it was mentioned that Ursula was at her brother's house watching a movie with him. It was said that these two spending time together was not common but also not rare.

In the second chapter, Ursula was more than willing to give Emma a ride home from school. After scolding Emma's father about his treatment towards Emma, Ursula went to Emma's room to comfort her and told her to call her if she ever needed her. Emma thanked her for her support. After this, Ursula did invite Emma over to her house for supper a few times to allow Emma to escape awkward suppers with her father.

Maddie and Sophie's underage pregnancies

Ursula was told at the same time by her fifteen-year-old daughter Maddie and her fourteen-year-old daughter Sophie that they were pregnant. She immediately began ranting and yelling at them only to be blown off by Maddie who teleported out with Sophie. She stormed off to her bedroom and cried while looking at pictures of her daughters in their childhood. She believed she should have seen this coming. Later in the first chapter, Ursula stormed out of the kitchen when hearing her daughters happily talk about their pregnancies.

In the second chapter, Ursula talked to Sophie to figure out how much she understood about being pregnant and about being a mother. She learned that Sophie was aware of what being pregnant meant but didn't seem to have any expectations or idea of what motherhood would be like. From the fourth chapter on, Ursula seemed to accept Sophie's plan of putting the baby up for adoption but didn't actually say anything about it.

In the second chapter, Ursula attempted to force Maddie into breaking up Diego but she downright refused to do so. Ursula continued trying to have them break up in the third chapter, scared Diego would dump Maddie, but finally gave them her blessing after Diego talked to her in the third chapter. Also in the third chapter, Ursula told Sophie she wanted her to break up with Beau after hearing Sophie say that Beau always changed the conversation when Sophie brought up the baby. This caused Sophie to run to her room in tears and Maddie yelled at her. In the fourth chapter, when she found out Beau had broken up with Sophie, she had been about to call Beau and give him a piece of her mind but Maddie convinced her not to, saying this wasn't the best way to deal.

The births of Sara, Emily, and Jessie

In the final chapter, Ursula was by Sophie's side through the birth of Sara. Ursula didn't get to hold Sara before the adoptive family picked her up, but like Sophie learned her name. She was just as emotional as Sophie when Sara was taken away by her new parents. She stayed with Sophie until she was informed by a nurse that her granddaughter Emily (her daughter Maddie's daughter) had been born. Ursula went to meet Emily and did hold her. Despite having not liked that fact that her daughter was a teenage mother, Ursula seemed very happy to meet her new granddaughter. Ursula also went to meet her great-niece Jessie (her niece Emma's daughter) on the same day as the birth of her two granddaughters. While holding Jessie in her arms, she told her “I have a feeling you will do great things.”

Ursula's Quotes

Every witch pregnancy

“I've known you your entire life, you've never been this stupid!” Ursula-Francisco

“What the hell are you doing! This is Emma we're talking about! Your fifteen-year-old daughter! She's not some random kid you found on the street!” Ursula-Francisco

“People make mistakes, things go wrong, shit happens. That's life, so get over it and move on!” Ursula-Francisco

“I am your mother and I say you will” Ursula- Maddie

“Damn right I called our parents to straighten out your ass!” Ursula-Francisco

“I hate you because you got my fifteen-year-old daughter pregnant!” Ursula- Diego.