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Ursula (Alonso) Van-Pelt

Basic information

Age- unknown

Birthday- Unknown

Species- Powerless witch

Relationship status- divorced 

Life status- Alive 


Mother- Anita Alonso

Father- Walter Alonso

Younger brother- Francisco Alonso 

Daughter- Maddie Van-Pelt

Daughter- Sophie Van-Pelt 

Niece- Emma Alonso 

Granddaughter- Emily Rueda

Granddaughter- Sara Lauren 

Great niece- Jessie Novoa


Alex Van-Pelt- X Husband


. Mortal realm, Miami, Florida

Other things

. Declared a powerless witch at age thirteen

. Must have done her four years of guardian training 

. Must be a guardian 


First appearing in Every witch pregnancy, Ursula Van-Pelt is a character who likes to control situations and doesn't always deal with them in the right way. She has gone back and forth from being a main character, extra character, and recurring character.

Background information

Not much information on Ursula's background history is known as not eve her birth date was mentioned. Since Ursula is a powerless-witch she was allowed to marry a mortal named Alex Van-Pelt as long as she kept magic a secret from him. With Alex she had her two daughters Maddie and Sophie. Ursula didn't expect their daughters to have magic, however when Maddie was four she came into her powers. Alex freaked out after witnessing a complete witch meltdown from his daughter. Ursula panicked and came clean about the magical world she belonged to. Alex was afraid of magic after seeing what his daughter had done and abandoned the family. Ursula believed it was her fault her daughters had lost their father and dealt with it by spoiling the crap out of them.

Every witch pregnancy

"Damn right I called our parents to straighten out your ass!" Ursula- Francisco.


Overall Ursula was a good person with good intentions and she deeply cared about her daughters. She was also a pushover as her daughters pretty much ruled her. She could also lose her temper though would never hurt anyone.


As soon as Ursula was introduced it was clear that she had spoiled her daughters senseless and no longer had any control over her oldest daughter. Ursula ignored her daughter's rudeness when offering her a ride to school and then again when she had reminded her to make sure she had everything she needed for school. Maddie didn't obey her mother or listen to her. In chapters one and two, Maddie had often tel-transported out of the house to have sex with her boyfriend and Ursula wasn't aware of this.

In chapter two, Ursula told Maddie and Sophie to make their own breakfast stating that if they were old enough to be mothers they were also old enough to feed themselves. Her daughters didn't like this and Maddie stated she didn't care and then conjured up some food for her and her sister. Her youngest daughter Sophie was mentioned to have mental issues and it didn't seem as though Ursula was getting her any help. This was later confirmed.

In chapter three Ursula caught Maddie in her bedroom on her bed kissing her boyfriend and flipped out on her. Ursula ordered them to go down into the living-room and Maddie argued with her. In the end, Maddie used her magic to tel-transport her mother out of the room and messed with her memory. Later on the chapter, Ursula had talked with Diego and realized he truly loved Maddie and their baby. This talk had convinced Ursula to give Diego and her daughter her blessing.

In chapter four, Ursula said nothing when an upset Sophie told her and Maddie that Beau wanted the baby to be given up for adoption and that she agreed with him. She allowed Maddie to handle it while she sat at the table with them. This actually happened a lot throughout the first book. However, in chapter five, Ursula called a rude couple who had hurt Sophie during an adoption interview and gave the a piece of her mind. She later asked Sophie if she was doing and better and then asked Maddie how she was doing. Also in chapter five, Ursula was getting Sophie ready for school as though she was a little kid and then decided she wasn't mentality capable of being in school that day and called the school to dismiss her from her classes for that day.

Chapter five was the start of the improvement in Ursula's relationship with Maddie. It started when Maddie realized she wouldn't want her baby treating her the same way she treated her mother. Prior to that, Maddie caught her mother off guard by paying her a compliment during an evening meal. Ursula was shocked yet replied by thanking and complimenting her. However, also in this chapter, Maddie cast a spell on her mother to make her obsessed with a desperate need to look at kittens, the reason Maddie had done this was to get her mother out of the house so she could have sex with her boyfriend. Ursula never found out nor remembered.

In chapter six when Maddie broke curfew she was confronted by her mother. Instead of acting like a brat, Maddie apologized and explained that she and Emma had just gotten talking and had lost track of time. Ursula accepted her reason and chose not to punish her.

In chapter eight Ursula came home to a fire and quickly rushed her daughters out of the house and called the fire department. After learning that Sophie had started the fire believing she was camping and roasting marshmallows, Ursula finally agreed with Maddie that Sophie needed help. It was later mentioned by Sophie that Ursula had gotten her help when Sophie told Maddie about the advice her therapist had given her.

Dealing with Maddie and Sophie's pregnancies

In chapter one, Maddie and Sophie happily announced to their mother that they were both pregnant- Maddie had been just fifteen and Sophie only fourteen. She did not take the news yell. She scolded her daughters and yelled at them only to be ignored by both of them. She stormed off to her room and screamed in frustration. She then made herself cry when looking at pictures of her daughters while being mad at herself for not seeing the pregnancies coming.

In chapter two, Ursula finally started dealing with the pregnancies. She started by talking to Sophie to figure out how much she understood about being pregnant. She then tried to force Maddie into breaking up with her boyfriend but Maddie refused. It wasn't known at first of why Ursula wanted Maddie to break up with him but later on Maddie figured out it was because Ursula was scared that Diego would dump her once the baby was born.

In chapter three Ursula brought up the fact that Maddie had still not broken up with Diego. Maddie again refused to do so. Ursula had then asked Sophie if she and Beau had talked about the baby and the answer had her worried. She told Sophie to break up with Beau before he could break up with her but Maddie told Sophie not to listen to her. When Beau did break up with Sophie a few months later, Ursula had been furious and wanted to call him and tell him off but was stopped by Maddie.

Being a sister

When Ursula found out about Maddie and Sophie's pregnancies she called her brother to rant. Funny enough, Francisco had just been about to call her. Ursula's conversation with Francisco wasn't long. In chapter two, Ursula wasn't happy when she found out how her brother had been treating Emma while giving her a ride home from school. She marched into his house and told him off making it clear that she didn't agree with him. Ursula spent most of the first book trying to convince Francisco to forgive Emma.

At the end of the second chapter, Ursula entrusted her brother with looking after her daughter for the weekend while she went out of town. When she came back she had brought her parents with her and told them about how Francisco was treating Emma so that they would tell him off- which they did. Francisco seemed to have been a little caught off guard that Ursula would have their parents come yell at him.

In chapter five Ursula offered to help Francisco financially after he used money as an excuse for not going back on his plan to kick out Emma if she kept the baby. Francisco replied that Ursula had enough to expenses to deal with already as her two daughters were also pregnant. Ursula could sense Francisco had just used money as an excuse to defend his actions and strictly warned him to not let Emma lose her father.

Being an aunt

In the first book Ursula's niece Emma was fifteen. In chapter two, Ursula gave Emma a ride home from school and learned that Emma was pregnant and that her father was ignoring her and refusing to drive her to and from school. After telling off her brother for his mistreatment towards Emma, Ursula went to comfort Emma. She told Emma that her father would come around and that if she ever needed her all she had to do was call. Throughout the book, Ursula had invited Emma over for supper several times, the first time was in chapter two but during this supper her father had also come.

The gender reveals and the births

In chapter six, Ursula attended Maddie and Diego's gender reveal party and learned she was getting a granddaughter. However she didn't learn the gender of Sophie's baby until the baby was born. Later that day she also attended Emma's and Jax's gender reveal party and learned she was getting a great niece. Despite the fact that Andi had been Ursula's foster niece during her childhood, Ursula didn't appear to have attended Andi's gender reveal party.

Other relationships

The first time Ursula had a social interaction with Ava and Gigi was when Ava had invited Ursula and her two daughters over for supper. Ava believed it was best for the two families to get to know each other and be on good terms since there was a baby on the way that would soon connect the two families together. It had been mentioned to have gone well. In chapter nine, Ursula had a hard time saying goodbye to her granddaughter Sara when she was taken away by her new family and then got to meet her other granddaughter Emily. She also met her great niece Jessie that same day.

Quotes (Every witch pregnancy.) 

"I've known you your entire life, you've never been this stupid!" Ursula to her brother

"What the hell are you doing. This is Emma, you're fifteen-year-old daughter, she is not some random kid you found on the street!" Ursula- Francisco.

"People make mistakes, things go wrong, shit happens, that's life, so get over it and move on" Ursula to her brother.

"I am your mother and I say you will" Ursula to Maddie

"I hate you because you got my fifteen-year-old daughter pregnant!" Ursula to Diego